Breaking : Suspected Port Harcourt Serial Killer apprehended by the Nigerian police


Barely three days after a girl was strangled to death inside a hotel room in Rivers State, another has been killed in the same manner.

The latest incident happened on Monday night and the body of the victim was discovered on Tuesday morning, inside the room of the hotel located along Stadium Rd, Rumuomasi, Port Harcourt. .
This time around, the man suspected to be the killer was captured by the hotel’s CCTV. According to the video, currently being analyzed by the police, the duo checked in around 11:30pm on Monday.
However, the alleged suspect left alone the following day. The lady was later found tied up and strangled after the suspected serial killer had already left. The Rivers State police are currently handling the situation.

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21 year old Bella Thorne takes a significant step into the ever busy world of #pornhub


Reposted from @bellathorne – Ahhh thank u for the glowing review ❤️❤️

”And indeed, the twenty-one-year-old Thorne brings a novel cinematic vocabulary to the XXX world, in which she envisions the sparingly depicted sex as an accessory to a grander thesis about connection and volatility that she’s developed across multiple platforms over a course of years.

Regardless of the format, regardless of platform, regardless of medium, a work by Bella Thorne can only ever be that — a work by Bella Thorne, nothing more and nothing less. What she might currently lack in discipline she more than makes up for with sheer creative assurance. She has an eye and she has ideas, and she’s learning how to express them at an angle through the mediating influence of narrative (as opposed to the directness of her unlocked-diary writing, or the bluntness of her songcraft). She’s growing into an identity as a true multimedia artist, all the more captivating for her intimate imperfections. #thelifeofawannabemogul

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#xenophobia : Second batch of Nigerians  from South Africa arrive home


#xenophobia:  After all the intentional delays and hindrances Nigeria faced from the south African authorities who didn’t want to Nigerians to Carry on with the evacuation of her stranded citizens who are counting on the big bird, to get back home and be safe from the shaky mindset of South Africans.

For this reason, the Second batch of Nigerians who have been evacuated  from South Africa to move back home tm Nigeria.

They arrived at the international airport in Lagos on Wednesday night.

The plane landed at 7:22 p.m., our correspondent confirmed.

Welcome home guys, now find you a job or trade to go straight into. That whole money and gifts gotten from the government should be seen as a means to grow you life through business, and working.. So please do not be as lazy as the people you ahvw lived with for years. Here in Nigeria people are working too hard to make a living.

Via: punchnewspaper

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Emir Sanusi’s fourth wife moves in after College in the #UK 


After the Sultan of sokoto promised Nigerians that he would not have any intimacy with his young teenage wife until after she must have finished school and old enough. The Emir Sanusi’s fourth wife moves back home  after her education in the UK.

Kano State Emir, Mohammad Sanusi II,  received his fourth wife, four years after the traditional wedding ceremony was held in Adamawa State.


The new bride to the Emir of Kano, Sai’datu Mohammed Barkindo, returned home after the successful completion of her degree programme in the United Kingdom and the Quranic graduation ceremony.

It was learnt that Sai’datu went to the UK to complete her university degree after the wedding at the age of 18, as she had earlier completed her secondary school at that point in time.

She is now educated and still interested in being his wife, and this means she very much agrees to it. Now she will make some babies and be an educated house wife who knows a lot  more that she can teach her kids. This is a beautiful idea.

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