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#TeyanaTaylor Flashes a solid #Sixpacks just a week after daughter’s birth


You people know this girl is all about the packs. She bears children and gets back to business. Just a week after welcoming her second daughter all natural at home, Teyana is back in the gym with this solid packs and her husband Iman Shumpert letting the doctors knows that the 6weeks break given to her before physical activities, is only a myth when it comes to Teyana.

On that note Ladies and gentlemen, please peep the very solid packs on a lady who just gave birth to a week ago.

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A look at the strong #core #Abs on #RitaOra


It is no news that singer Rita Ora has this naturally constructed abs that may or may not require a very simple work out before it shows itself off. Rita is known to have this flat chiseled core that she loves to obviously show off whenever they are popping (who wouldn’t?).

So today Sunday, I am taking time off to show you guys what the Abs look like these days. With all the Covid19 lockdown, she is still finding time to work it out because they are popping per usual, and that mid line is getting even deeper.. #stronggirls

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Can’t find my bikini. 🥴

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When she think she cute but her nose is burnt 🥵

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#Americaferrera shares her 1st Trimester #workout challenges


from @americaferrera Soooooooo hard to workout through the nausea & exhaustion of my first trimester!!! I would walk into the gym and nap for 10 minutes on the massage table before I started. Some weeks I’d only muster 1 workout or I’d miss the week entirely, but I refused to feel like I had failed.

Through this pregnancy I’m equally committed to feeling strong AND being kind to myself. As you start your 2020 workout resolutions, be kind to yourself.

Celebrate your intentions and meet yourself where you’re at with compassion for everything you’re asking of yourself. Go get it! Thanks @grantrobertsfit for letting me nap between sets. #firsttrimester – #regrann

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#KenyaMoore #highlights the High of her life as she turns 49 years


Babies are so adorable. They bring in the blessing, the love, the light, the strength to keep that hustle going and the bag coming. Most people who don’t want them will only look at what they will cost you, but what about the good side of them?

With her first born coming in at 47, Kenya is revealing that she is just now finding out that she needs her child more than her child needs her. so a sweet thing to hear from someone who never thought they needed something only to find out that the baby is her whole life.

Reposted from @thekenyamoore Happy Birthday to Me! Whew this has been quite a year! Despite the turmoil there has been a constant positive force of love and light in my life.

God brought this Angel into my world who is the miracle known as Brooklyn and everyday is my birthday. How did she get here? Why did she choose me? She knew I needed her far more than she needed me.
You are my life Brooklyn, my happiness, my joy, and the unconditional love I waited my whole life for. You have my grandmother’s spirit. She left me so I could have you.

I live my whole life for you. You are everything that is good in me and you inspire me to be better everyday. You are my legacy.

My only birthday wish is may God continue to cover you and bless you forever and always.
I pray for these things Jehovah in the name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen. ❤️👶🏽 #miraclebaby #babybrooklyn #unconditionallove

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Fans perplexed by #Adele ‘s #Sirtfood diet result


What do you know about the sirtfood diet that Adele and made very famous. She has lost so much weight, and we are not at all in a haste to end this sight we all love.

while some have expressed their dissatisfaction, stating that they love their Adele on the big side, and that a skinny Adele will need some getting use to. She decided after her divorce filing last September to go healthy and clean right up.

Reposted from @nude_nutritionist – Oh, the Sirtfood diet is the latest celebrity fad diet trend… I went on @channel9’s @thetodayshow to provide the low down on this diet! Check out the link in my profile if you want to watch the full video (available in Australia only – sorry!) If you can’t watch the video, here are my thoughts. Diets don’t work! Especially not calorie counting. Best thing to do is just focus on eating plenty of healthy plant foods instead of drinking weird smoothies/juices and eating foods you don’t like. When it comes to healthy eating, it’s all about enjoyment…. You MUST enjoy everything you eat otherwise you’ll get bored really quickly. When you ask yourself the question, “Can I do this for the rest of my life?” you should be able to respond “YES!!!” – #regrann

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Happy #52nd birthday to Niki murphy #fitness #beauty #nikimurphy


Niki is something else in this beautiful world. She is my motivation in this fitness game. I love Niki like she were my very own Aunty or mother. I love how she takes all these life punches and throw them back into her motivation. She recently lost her mother and automatically becoming an Orphan.

Reposted from @nikimurphy – I just want to say thank you for all the bday wishes. Embracing my age and loving it. 52 and feeling great! 😘 I love every moment that I’m blessed with. 💕 – #regrann

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friends family and Fans perplexed as Tamela #Mann drops a whopping #50pounds #weight


The decision to go, to continue and to push through, can only come from you. when you decide something is worth your time and energy including your money, then only then will you decide to push through. The cast and matriarch of the #Mannsworld reality show Tamela is now announcing how seriously she has taken her weight loss journey and even went ahead to conquer her fear and meeting up even exceeding her expectations. She has lost 50 pound. Congratulations 🎉🎉 are in order for the mum and grandmum.

from @davidandtamela – My @WW journey wouldn’t have been the same without all of you, so I’m really excited to share my big news with everyone! I’ve lost 50 pounds with WW! All of the support I’ve received from my family and friends and the WW coaches, has made this possible. But I’m still going and the new myWW program is helping me continue this healthy lifestyle. The new myWW program was designed to take your eating habits & daily life into account to match you with a plan suited best for you! I took the assessment and I’m #TeamBlue 💙! I know the Blue plan will help me reach my next goal. Have you taken the assessment? What color are you? Join me at and let me know your color in the comments below! #ad #wellnessthatworks #wwambassador

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Breaking: #Channingtatum and #Jessiej end their year old relationship


Just weeks after channing’s Ex wife Jenna Lee Dewan (About) revealed that she hadn’t the slightest idea that her then soon to be estranged husband Channing Tatum, was seeing someone at that time, let alone it being a celebrity like Jessie J. The couple have a daughter Everly Tatum together. With their marriage ending in 2018 Jenna revealed she was kept in the dark the whole time the low key relationship started it’s foundation. With both couples 39 years old, they are said to have moved on with their lives after the break.

jessie j

Fast forward to this December 2019, and the news has now broke that Channing and Jessie have equally gone their desperate ways. The former wife of the actor had made it known that she was surprised at how fast he moved on to the very next available lady, or how much time it didn’t take him to get over her.

Channing Tatum and his Ex wife Jenna

Being in love and not caring what people are saying about them especially the signs that they started it from a special place of affection. A certain trait of character is likely to be overlooked when you love someone. You just look at it and hope that it is one of those things that might be there, but won’t be much of a problem in the long run it the relationship.

Over a month ago, it was said that the two had been making plans to move in together. Now nothing reveals two people as fast as moving in the other. They went from being completely in love, to being unbearable to each other, and moving out was the only option they had.

Meanwhile Jessie J is having a good time of her life after 😉 the break

Now that it has been confirmed that there won’t be any more showing of their lovey dovey due to their breakup especially the part where Channing is naked in the shower, and Jessie shared the photo with the world, then we have to make do with what they have generously offered us for now. we will miss them both being together even though we didn’t see much of it anyway. It was low key until it ended.

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Sherrie Shepherd takes fans through her weight loss journey


Credit to from @sherrieshepherd – I was overweight, always feeling a brain fog, took me hours to find things to wear that would cover what I didn’t want you to see, breathing hard when I walked up the stairs, type II diabetic, addicted to sugar, cheesecake, doughnuts, Popeye’s Chicken, McDonalds… and tired all the time. I was on the certain path to a stroke, heart attack and early death (my mom died at 41 of diabetic complications) It was only when I decided to put on my big girl panties and take control of my health by kicking sugar out of my life that things changed for me. It was a hard journey letting go of something that gave me so much comfort but left me feeling shame, guilt, a failure & depressed. I was too sleepy to get out to do standup but when I kicked the sugar to the curb and started eating to live the fog left my brain. I had so much energy. My creative juices started to flow and I was on the comedy club stages EIGHT times a week and three-four clubs on the weekend. God’s voice was so much clearer (he sounds like Barry White🙏🏾) and blessings in every area of my life started to flow. Opportunities that had previously eluded me presented themselves out of the blue – I booked my first dramatic lead in a major film. I had a game show, and a Netflix Comedy at the same time. Got to fulfill a dream of hosting @wendyshow & ran around a beach in Anguilla in a swimsuit photoshoot w @ashleygraham. It’s not easy staying away from sugar but I love my life and don’t want to ever go back to this girl in the first pic who was sleeping her way to an early death… just want to encourage those who may be fearful of letting go… on the other side of the fear there are so many blessings. Love you!♥️. #sugarfree since 3/18 … size 16-18 pants to a size 6-8… size 18 dress to a 12… 47” waist to a 35”… 187lbs to 151lbs (now up to 161) #sherrishepherd #teamhealthy #iwanttolive #feelinggood

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Gov. Yahaya Bello of Kogi State seen burning fat impressively


While others in the government pay roll drink up and eat out everything available on the menu because they have the cash availed to them at all times. But they develop an illness early on in life due to all that consumption, live their whole life in and out of the hospital.

Rather than follow the trail, a certain Governor has decided to take the healthier route. Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State seen doing it just like the professionals do.

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Fans Curious as Mercy Johnson throws them into uncertainty with her brand of body positive photo.


Reposted from @mercyjohnsonokojie – And for everything we do, we must sprinkle seeds of joy! 💃🏾Don’t worry sweets, my announcement comes soon. 😘😘 No surgery, just all natural products

Are you ready?
You can be the first to get the details.
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(Don’t add your email or phone number to the comment sections please 😘) Don’t worry when the announcement comes you’ll get it first via your email and @mercymagiconline – #obyorijiblog – #regrann

Reposted from @mercyjohnsonokojie – 10,000 amazing women following @mercymagiconline in 6 hours!❤️🙏🏽😘😫 I know the struggle, I’ve been there, one day you wake up with a thousand stretchmarks across your tummy. You don’t recognize your body, you try everything that used to work and it doesn’t anymore. 🥺

If you don’t like it, you can do something about it! If I can do it, my sister you can- NO surgery. Just commitment
Something exciting is coming soon!
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Reposted from @mercyjohnsonokojie – She believed she could so she did! 💪🏾❤️ Be the first to get the details 😘😘 1. Send an email to with -Your name – Your email and -Your phone number
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Reposted from @mercyjohnsonokojie – Let’s go! 😘Are you ready to commit to working on your best body without surgery?

Something exciting is coming soon! Tag your girls 💚💜 Be the first to get the details. Here’s what you need to do
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Reposted from @mercyjohnsonokojie – Hi Friends!! Are you ready to commit to working on your best body WITHOUT SURGERY?

I told you guys – something exciting is coming soon! 😘😘 Be the first to get the details. Here’s what you need to do:

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Reposted from @mercyjohnsonokojie – I am the sum total of all my experiences. If you zoom in, you’ll see my battle scars (stretchmarks) I carry them with pride, they’re a testimony of my journey 💪🏾 I’ve learnt how to work on the body I want naturally with full commitment and without surgery. (I have nothing against surgery by the way)
Be the first to get the details.
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3 Months after having 3rd child, Naeto C’s wife Nicole Chikwe resumes modeling


Reposted from @nicolechikwe – Strong enough to bear the children⁣⁣
And get back to business. 💁🏽‍♀️⁣⁣
When I was first approached to do this campaign, I was SOOO nervous because I hadn’t done any modeling in a bit. And to be asked to do a FITNESS shoot THREE MONTHS POSTPARTUM? How?! I don’t understand. 😩😩⁣⁣
But once it was explained to me that their campaign is to showcase a strong woman in order to encourage others to be the best they can be, live healthy and active lives, to strive for greatness, embrace their flaws (hello stretchmarks, I see you), and remind people WHO RUN THE WORLD (Answer: Girls!), I knew I had to do it. ⁣⁣
The DOS Team were so supportive and encouraging on set, the photographer @lasalvy made me feel super confident, and after 7 or so hours of sucking belle for my life, this is what we came up with. ⁣⁣
My body has changed a lot since I first started modeling as a sweet baby girl. Now I’m a grown woman, and I love who I’m becoming. ⁣⁣
Happy International Women’s Day! Okay Ladies, Now lets get in Formation 🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️⁣
#ThisBody ⁣⁣
Apparel: @dosclothingstore⁣⁣
Hair: @peramptiousdoll⁣⁣
Makeup: @fisolami_⁣⁣
Style Direction: @derinfromisaleeko ⁣⁣
⁣⁣ ⁣ – #obyorijiblog

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2019 Access Bank Lagos City Marathon : All you need to know


According  to Vanguard news,  Some significant names in the athleticsame world, will surprising be making their presence known in the 2019 Access Bank Lagos City Marathon, which will hold this Saturday, February 2nd, starting at 7am.

Among many other big names, David Barmasai Tumo from Kenya who won the 2011 Dubai Marathon will be competing at the 2019 Access Bank Lagos City Marathon.

Also, his compatriots, Jacob Kibet Chulyo, Moses Kigen Kipkosgei are in the mix for action as well as Samuel Gebremichael who now does his thing for Australia.

The female field also boasts of some of the top runners in the world including the likes of Agnes Jeruto Kiptocich who finished as runners up in the 2017 Paris Marathon.

Caroline Cheptanui Kilel winner of the 2011 Boston Marathon, as well as Georgina Rono and Risper Jemeli Kimayo, are all pencilled down to run at the Lagos Marathon.

As much as 35 Gold, 13 Silver and 12 Bronze labelled runners have already registered to be part of the event.

Also being expected is The IAAF Road Races Manager, Alessio Punzi and Norrie Williamson, an IAAF/AIMS Grade A measurer.

Williamson who helped secure certification for the Lagos marathon route is a course measurer for over three decades.

The event which will take place this Saturday, February 2, 2019, and will last for roughly 12 hours, will lead to heavy traffic congestion in the megacity.

The race is divided into two categories – the 10km race and the 15km race. The latter is for professional athletes registered and those also registered with the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN).

Similarly, the 10km is for amateur runners with Kenyans and Eastern African being the major winners of the Lagos City Marathon.

The 2018 Lagos City Marathon was won by a Kenyan-born French athlete Abraham Kiprotich.

For winning the Lagos City Marathon, Kiprotich went home with the $50,000  cash prize.

Lagos City Marathon Routes: Alternative For Road Users

In view of that, you would find a list of alternative routes to ease your movement and that of millions of Lagosians during the Lagos City Marathon below:

*All vehicles from Ikeja and environs headed to Victoria Island MUST go through Ikorodu Road.

*All vehicles from Badagry, Mile 2 and environs going to Victoria Island MUST go through Apapa and Orile to link the Eko Bridge to Victoria Island.

*Residents of Lagos Mainland, Surulere and environs MUST avoid Masha Area and National Stadium but can link Victoria Island through Iponri/Iganmu, Eko Bridge then unto Victoria Island.

*Vehicles coming from Ibadan, Mowe, and environs can link Victoria Island through Ojota, Ikorodu Road, Eko Bridge to Victoria Island.

·*Vechicles from Okota MUST go through Mile 2 to Orile, Eko Bridge to Victoria Island.

·*Vehicle from Sango-Otta going to Victoria Island MUST go through Mushin, Funso Williams Avenue (Western Avenue), Eko Bridge to Victoria Island.

*Vehicles Coming from Epe, Ajah, Lekki, and environs must use the Alternative Route to Victoria Island

*Ikoyi residents going to the mainland can use the Alfred Rewane (Kingsway Road) link to Osborne then to the Mainland

Lagos City Marathon: Roads To Be Closed

However, the following routes will be closed as the Lagos City Marathon holds:

A. Total closure of the Third Mainland Bridge from 6.45am to 2 pm

B. Alaka Road Service lane will be closed from 5.00am to 7.30am

C. National Stadium to Ojuelegba, Dormanlong Bridge. Onipanu Obanikoro and Anthony will be closed from 6.00am to 8.00am

D. From Anthony, Charley Boy Bus Stop to Oworoshoki Will be closed from 6.30am to 8.30am

E. From Adekunle Junction linking the Third Mainland Bridge will be closed from 7.00am to 2 pm.

*Note that this is coming from the organizers of the 2018 Lagos City Marathon organizers.

We wish all athletes in the Access Bank Lagos Marathon all the best!

News gathered from :

#Vanguard news and Concisenews

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47 years old Kenya Moore shares snap back photo 3 weeks after welcoming first child.


@thekenyamoore – #3weekspostpartum


The SnapBack is real! 🙈👀😝😊LOL
I still can’t work out yet but I feel much better. I was cut twice during my 3 hr Csection but I made it! I’ve always been healthy and worked out my entire life…whatever my body will do I’m not rushing it. It feels good to start to feel myself again.
#brooklyndaly is worth every battlescar! #myangel #miraclebaby #motherhood #love #family


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(18+): The Reason why Nigerian women assume their belly is part of their private part.


According to the definition of a private part, it is the body part that is meant to be kept from the eyes of the public. This is the as a result of Adam and Eve’s hunger or cravings for the forbidden fruit, which they accrued to be the result of the snakes convincing power(Talk about not taking the blame for your actions). The fact that we all go about our daily lives with a piece or two and some itty bitty under garment, is very comforting to my wellbeing. I have been opportune do to see some humans naked, and believe me when I say, not being naked is the best option for us.

My sister and I, believe that nakedness is not as cute as you would expect, until you are a gym rat. Now what are the actual body parts that should be considered private. This question might have similarities and differences, based on your country of residence. I am going to give the reason for my conclusion.

The actual nakedness as we known it, is always the sexual organs. While some believe that you are to only cover the exact spot of the sexual organ, others believe you are suppos to include the body parts that are close to the sexual organ. For example, in the U.S or first world Countries, , most Youths have a different idea of covering their nakedness. The young and popping ENGLISH girls and boys, will tell you that they can only cover up the vagina, the anus, and the nipple. But Even while they cover these, we mostly get to clearly see them through a light clothing. Which to them, is being covered, so you are basically allowed to see the buttock, the entire breast just without the nipple, the thighs, and every other thing.  In that same country, the conservative elderly, will yell at their child for wearing a really short shirt, a really short shorts that lets their butty hang, and a clothe that reveals the belly. This same country has the people called the Amish, that will not have you show your ankles, upper arms, or even you collar bone, and some others live in a community where everyone walks around naked (The nudists). All this cultures can be found right there in one country. The melting pot called America, has people from all over the world living there, and in with their own cultures, and some others formed in the country.

In the Muslim world, a woman is not suppose to show anythin at all, not her face (for the sake of not taken away by another man), not her ankles, not even their hair.

Now, in Nigeria, the majority of the South, believe in covering the body parts that are close to the actual sexual organ. In fact, they involve the belly in Nigeria. For no reason , the Nigerian mother is considered inappropriate when she allows her daughter dresses in a form that reveals her belly. The belly is not a private part. This is the part that carries the baby, it is not the a sexual organ it self. Most women who have given birth, will rather just hide their belly and its fat so well from the public, because she doesn’t want anyone looking at it. The Nigeria mother who exercises, will freely let anyone see her belly from time to time, even without giving it any thought, but the ones who never exercise, will mentally conclude on their own, that the belly is now part of their private part.

So, the reason why Nigerian women decide that their belly is part of their private part, is because of the fact that is accumulated their. They don’t like it, and they don’t know how to get ride of it, so they just hide it. But for the women who know how to get rid of it, they hit the gym, workout the fat, and get relief. Hiding your tummy is fat clothing, is a big burden. But for a person who has done it for so long, it becomes a way of life, sort of a habit, until He/she get rid of it, and then they have something to compare it to, and they realize how reliving it actually is to have a normal stomach. It is so lay a wife who has seen the light, that will call her child and husband to it. If a woman doesn’t know hat to do about her big tummy, she can’t teach her husband how to get rid of his, or how her kids can get rid of theirs. This simply means that there isn’t any age limit for the people who go to the gym. An elderly grandma and grandpa can go to the gym to outlive their peers. A pregnant woman can go to the gym, and have the instructor tell you what to do. A husband and wife can have a gym date. It doesn’t have to be food all the time, you can work out togther and have fun with it. You belly us not a curse, it is a blessing. It is growing big, because of the things you have eaten. It is never permanent, it is just your mind telling you not to do something about it. Find a gym today, and sweat out the wahala. God Bless the Women of Nigeria.

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