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The #Nigerian #Government extends deadline for SIMs without National Identification Number (NIN) to be blocked

nigeria communications commission

The Federal Government of Nigeria has extended the deadline for registration of SIMs with National Identification Number, (NIN) as well as the cancellation of USSD and Verification Fees.

This announcement was made by the country’s National Task Force on National Identification Number (NIN) and SIM Registration in a meeting chaired by the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim (Pantami). Also in attendance were major stakeholders in the sector including Chairman-NCC, EVC-NCC, DG-NITDA, DG-NIMC, ECTS/ECSM-NCC, Chairman ALTON, CEOs of MTN, Airtel, Ntel, Glo, Smile, and 9Moble in attendance.

The meeting’s objective was for the stakeholders to hold discussions on the registration period and cancellation of USSD and verification fees.

The task force gave a three weeks extension for subscribers with NIN from 30th December 2020 to 19th January 2021. It also gave a six weeks extension for subscribers without NIN from 30th December 2020 to 9th February 2021.

The task force has provided strategies to enable citizens to attend the registration in full compliance with Covid-19 protocols – particularly the use of facemasks which remains mandatory and maintenance of social distancing.

”The President appreciates Nigerians for their patience and commitment to update their Identities; The Federal Government also thanked all stakeholders for their compliance with the directives,” it said in a statement.

The president also commended the efforts of the Task Force and urges all stakeholders to take advantage of the extension to link their SIM card with their NIN. USSD and verification charges remain suspended during these extensions.

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#America begins trial of its blast off to the #moon for 2024 in #Utah

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#KUWTK : #KhloeKardashian is yet again being called out for a certain use of #filter


I honestly don’t know what you people want from Khloe at this point. Clearly it is not juts about this filter, it is related to the Tristan Thompson issue, because I see no reason why anyone would think that the mother of one will automatically release this shiny, sparkly photo of herself and you fans will assume it is all natural. Of course it will be series of filters to it.

Now that the actual photo or video to the video has surfaced, fans are dragging Khloe for using so much filter to receive fans, when they (fans ) are constant users of that same filter. Let us tone down the judgmental lifestyle Abit for crying out loud. This whole Kardashian attack mob squad is getting out of hand though. Rest alittle you guys.

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Khloe 🔥 #khloékardashian @khloekvideo

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#USAirforce announces #ElonMusk ‘s Falcon rockets is to replace #Russian #Rocket #Technology

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#BMW identifies with #Lgbtq for #pridemonth

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#Bookpublishing: With a Successful space launch checked, #ElonMusk takes a strong jab at #Jeffbezos Amazon


The business boys are at it again. After an author Alex Berenson showed a screenshot evidence that Amazon’s Kindle refused to publish his book, Elon Musk buys over the fight and decides that it actually time to break up Amazon since Monopoly is giving it so much power and authority to make this significant decisions whenever it pleases. we are still waiting on Jeff to respond, but that is highly unlikely as the money man will rather keep securing his bags than have a non beneficial public fight with Elon.

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#Scary: World Leaders taking advantage of the lockdown to install 5G Cable

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5G network – Pastor Oyakhilome

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I'm yet to see any research linking 5G network with Coronavirus – Minister of Communication, Isa Pantami The Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Isa Ali Pantami has reacted to the controversy 5G network has ignited on Nigeria's social media space in the last few days. In an interview on Channels Television’s News At 10 on Sunday April 5, the Minister said he is yet to see any research linking 5G network with Coronavirus amid the discussion on the safety of the network. Pantami dismissed speculations about the network and its safety, and further stated that the government does not take decisions based on online speculations. He said; “Firstly, it is not what is said online that government will work with. We are always taking decisions based on the opinions of experts, based on research. “When it comes to health, we have (the) World Health Organisation and many health bodies. “I just want you to bring out any research which they have conducted and (in which they) made their position about 5G’s relationship with COVID-19. I am yet to see anyone from the World Health Organisation. “This is a body that accommodates our experts in health globally. We have ITU, the International Telecommunication Union. “I just challenge you to let me know one expert or ITU as a body or any other professional body that conducted research and also made it public that this is the position." The Minister who revealed that the trial of the 5G network was conducted in Nigeria in November 2019 after it was stalled for about two months, said the government is expecting the recommendations from the stakeholders before deciding whether or not to deploy the 5G network. Pantami added; “There is no approval for any operator to deploy 5G; this decision will be taken after research and we are taking our time. Many countries deployed 5g – the US, UK, Germany, South Korea, India, and many more. “We are not in any way rushing; we are more interested in doing an extensive investigation so that we will be able to come out with something tangible."

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Meet the first ever Korean American to become a #NASA #astronaut.


As revealed on CNN a 35 year old Harvard Medical school graduate named Jonny Kim, has been identified as the very first ever Korean American to head for the moon.

Know to be a former Navy seal, the eye candy Asian becomes a record breaker as he becomes NASA Astronaut. 🏅🥇👏

from @cnn Jonny Kim, a Harvard Medical School graduate and former Navy SEAL, is the first Korean American to become a NASA astronaut. The 35-year-old, whose parents emigrated from South Korea, was among 13 men and women to graduate earlier this month from the agency’s Artemis program, making him eligible for missions to the International Space Station, the moon, and even Mars. (📸: Robert Markowitz/NASA)

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The Ooni of Ife becomes a public victim of Elevator Malfunction in #Thelagoscontinental


The Ooni of Ife was said to have had such a long sucky day after spending upto 30!minutes in a malfunctioning elevator at Lagos Intercontinental, while his men ran Helter skelter to get help .

No one leaves their homes hoping to be a victim of elevator malfunction. He was aid to have been reasonably calm about it letting his men do the freak out. I’m glad he is fine and safe. But having to spend all that time in a locked elevator with all these people, can be so nerve wracking.

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entourage. . #OSG #Olorisupergal

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#Train headed for Abuja gets attacked by #Bandits in Kaduna State


Seems the new year is bringing in some form of desperation and lack of funds in the North part of Nigeria. Though with brokage being a very perculiar part of January, one would think the South will show more desperation than the North, since the North is considered a more content and less money driven side of the country. With Kaduna being a Northern Nigeria state, it was assumed that they will not exhibit such behaviour. But then again, they did.

Today Thursday the train was said to have been attacked at the northern state. As the train headed for Abuja was attacked near Katari village in Kagarto Local Government Area of Kaduna State .The bandits has guns in their possession as they were siad to have really destroyed part of the train.

With the south generating much income of the country, one would think trains and other mode of transport would be directed towards the South. But it was rather taken to the North where they are now being destroyed and attacked. This is what you get.

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#Worldpower : #China Launches Space Rocket ahead of planned mission to #Mars


News making its way to the headline of the world news, is that one of the world power China, has gone further ahead of its planned mission in 2020, to launch rocket in preparation for the mission this new year.

The heavy lift Long March 5 rocket carrying a test satellite payload blasted off from the Wenchang launch site on the southern island of Hainan at 8:45 pm (1245 GMT), a livestream from state broadcaster CCTV showed. “After more than 2,000 seconds, the Shijian 20 satellite was sent into its predetermined orbit,” the official Xinhua news agency reported.

The rocket launch “tests key technologies related to future space missions,” Xinhua said.

The successful launch is a key part of China’s ambitious plans for a mission to the Red Planet next year and hopes of having a crewed space station by 2022.

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25 year old #Manufacturer unveils Nigeria’s first Carbon fiber #sportsCar


Stop whatever you are doing and pay attention. A certain young man is making Nigerians proud in his little, yet very significant way. According to a LinkedIn used named Anthonia Orji, a digital marketer had shared a post about a very ambitious 25 year old manufacturer named Jerry Isaac Mallo, who has made a huge statement with the varouus machines he has fabricated.

He has single handedly produced Nigeria’s very first Carbon fiber sports car.The fabrication Engineer and CEO of Bennie Technologies LTD, on Thursday, launched his Nigerian made sports car which is known as Bennie Purrie.

The Launch was held at Transcorp Hilton in Abuja, and we are very happy for this news.

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#VP Osinbajo takes an interstate ride as Nigeria Launches her reformed #train transport


from @profosinbajo – Today I rode on the Lagos – Kano Standard Gauge Rail- (which has now reached Ibadan) from Iju in Lagos to Kajola, Ogun State, where I attended the Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Wagon Assembly Plant, which will service the modernized railway system.

This ceremony is not just another event, it is a historic turning point for us. The railway is not just an alternative and comfortable mode of travel, it holds the master key to transforming commerce in Nigeria and across the continent. – #regrann

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21 year old Bella Thorne takes a significant step into the ever busy world of #pornhub


Reposted from @bellathorne – Ahhh thank u for the glowing review ❤️❤️

”And indeed, the twenty-one-year-old Thorne brings a novel cinematic vocabulary to the XXX world, in which she envisions the sparingly depicted sex as an accessory to a grander thesis about connection and volatility that she’s developed across multiple platforms over a course of years.

Regardless of the format, regardless of platform, regardless of medium, a work by Bella Thorne can only ever be that — a work by Bella Thorne, nothing more and nothing less. What she might currently lack in discipline she more than makes up for with sheer creative assurance. She has an eye and she has ideas, and she’s learning how to express them at an angle through the mediating influence of narrative (as opposed to the directness of her unlocked-diary writing, or the bluntness of her songcraft). She’s growing into an identity as a true multimedia artist, all the more captivating for her intimate imperfections. #thelifeofawannabemogul

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Married at 16, woman delivers 57 years later at 73


A 73-year-old woman has given birth to twins girls. It was her first ever pregnancy and childbirth.


By this medical feat, the aged mother is being suspected to be the world’s oldest woman.


According to Asian News International, Erramatti Mangayamma was given in marriage to Yarramatti Rajarama Rao 57 years ago when she was a mere 16-year-old girl.


She was, however, unable to conceive naturally, a situation she said tried her patience and made her feel unwanted.


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