Uninvited Guest Problem : Linda Ikeji changes venue from Nigeria to Dubai for her Son’s 1st birthday


Linda has revealed that she has already made very impressive party plans in Nigeria for her Son’s first  birthday, but changed her mind and took her family and friends to Dubai instead since she is always having uninvited guests when ever she throws a party. Seems she is now beginning to dislike the very people who played a key role in her successful hustle.

If the invited guests eat your baby’s party rice on his birthday then he won’t turn one again 🙄? Haba Linda. I don’t like this kind of reasoning at all. You Don pass this kind lie. Are you sure it is the uninvited Guest issue or you don’t want people boldly asking you for the baby’s daddy. We know that’s the issue, but u hays fine. Let’s all play along that the guest list was the reason.

Reposted from @officiallindaikeji (@get_regrann) – Hello Dubai! See who I brought to come meet you! 🥰. Jayce is here! 💃💃. And of course, mama, papa and the whole crew. Hehe…life is great! – #regrann

Reposted from @officiallindaikeji  – My heart beat is turning 1 in a few days and I can’t contain myself 💃.I was going to throw him a big party in Lagos but decided to take it to Dubai with my family and close friends for a more intimate and memorable birthday! This little man has given my life a whole new meaning since he came into it! #blessed #imoneoftheluckyones #inDubaiforJayce

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Simplicity: #arianagrande rocks a cute white crox


The beautiful Ari is now just going to stand their and act like she is tired of the elegant and glam life she is always having, while she is now rocking this beautifully simply foot wear that isn’t so elegant and classy. You go Ari, I love that level of not giving a f**k. She is comfortable simple and rocking.


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Having had enough, Nigeria pulls out of WEF in S.A, advises citizens to boycott SA, prepares to recall her high commissioner


Nigeria has pulled out of the ongoing World Economic Forum in Cape Town, South Africa, over fresh xenophobic attacks.

The country is also making plans to recall Kabiru Bala, its high commissioner to South Africa, according to a presidential source.

The Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also issued a travel advisory due to the tension created by the attacks. .

In it, the Nigerian Government wished to advice Nigerians to avoid travelling to high risk and volatile areas until the situation is brought under control.

The decisions were taken at a meeting between Pres. Buhari, Vice-Pres. Osinbajo and Geoffrey Onyeama, minister of foreign affairs, at the presidential villa in Abuja, on Tuesday.

Via: Instablog

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Gruesome: Driver stuck in between metals after two BRT buses collided at Ikorodu


Two buses belonging to the Bus Rapid Transport scheme on Monday collided at Asolo area of Ikorodu, Lagos State.


According to the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency, which shared photos from the accident scene on its official Twitter handle,  the collision happened around 7:45 a.m. on Monday.


LASTMA revealed that the accident led to the build-up of traffic around the area. However, efforts were on to remove the vehicles from the road.

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Tables turned : Naomi Osaka consoles a crying Coco after her defeat at the #USOpen


The fact that tables can turn in a year, is something so beautiful. Last year it was Naomi Osaka who was being consoled by her role model Serena Williams, and this year it is Miss Osaka who is doing the consoling for a new Comer Coco. But the tennis world is now becoming a teary show lately.

You never know when you will be in a position to give or receive consolation from a colleague. This is just beautiful.

Reposted from @oprahmagazine – Sisterhood 👯‍♀️ After @naomiosaka won today’s match against @cocogauff, she consoled her and asked the 15-year-old to join her for the post game interview. This is what the future of tennis looks like 🎾👯‍♀️💚 #regram: @usopen

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F1 News : Anthoine Hubert passes #f1


Reposted from @f1  – We are devastated by the news of Anthoine Hubert’s tragic passing⁣

All our thoughts are with his family and friends⁣

He will never be forgotten.

F1 announces the passing of one of its sport men Anthoine Hubert. May his family (biological and professional) be consoled by the good Lord.


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Broke Up ahead: An Irish firm wins a $9.6bn arbitration fine against the Federal Government of Nigeria 😱😱


Is Nigeria about to face a very significant fear? Dear Bubu, are we in trouble Daddy? Will the Irish people  take our houses and  land? This is scary daddy Buhari we need answers. We are scared 😱😱

A post made by punch is now revealing that a firm that felt uneasy with the way a business went down with Nigeria  has been trying to  take their pound of flesh but just now got it in the whopping sum of $9.6bn.

An Irish firm, which won a world record $9.6bn arbitration fine against the Federal Government, has instructed its lawyers to identify Nigeria’s assets that can be targeted to recover the money.

The company confirmed in an electronic mail to our correspondent that it was focussed on identifying Nigeria’s assets that could be seized in the process of enforcing the decision of an arbitration tribunal which was recently converted to a court judgment.


In the email response to The PUNCH on Sunday, the company hinted at the possibility of seizing Nigerian naval vessels or oil cargoes, citing the Argentinean and Venezuelan experiences as precedents.

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#LGBTQ : Attention Black people this is not OK — Maliky Oba calls out homophobics


Credit to  @malikyoba– ATTENTION BLACK AND ALL MEN!!!


This video is another heartbreaking example of the homophobia, transphobia hatred and hypocrisy WE as black folks, BLACK MEN in particular have to NAME , FACE and CALL OUT and do the work to heal!!! THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I WILL BE AT @transmarchondc 🏳️‍🌈hosting a workshop called LOVE + TRAUMA: The Trans Experience on Sept 27 2019 ( details TBD )

His name was Maurice “Reese” Willoughby, a 20 yr old baby who killed himself from an apparent drug overdose after his girlfriend left him due to abuse. Clearly as evidenced in this video this young man was confident in his choice to love who he loved but the uninformed young men around him haven’t been taught BY US that love is love and acceptance of Trans love is ok and bullying has nothing to do with masculinity or HETEROSEXUAL behavior. Ultimately his mental and emotional health was not intact enough and the fragility of his life as he saw it was too much to bear. Often times this type of shame and ridicule can lead to the murders of women of the trans experience . NOT OK!! Clearly he didn’t get the support of his peers who think that toxicity = masculinity and humanity. That being a “real man” means we must disrespect and demean those that FIND themselves attracted to women of the trans experience. The fact that he was trans attracted presumably meant that he had no safe space to go to find the support he needed to learn to navigate love of a woman of the trans experience in a world that constantly tells you you’re wrong. TRANS PEOPLE DESERVE LOVE AND RESPECT AS DO THOSE OF US THAT LOVE THEM!! I love ALL women AND count MYSELF among those that find themselves trans attracted and I too have felt the self imposed shame that comes with that truth but it’s time to speak up. It is NOT about GENITALIA OR SEX but about attraction to the soul and humanity of an individual and often the beauty that is in the courage and conviction to live ones truth! As a self identified cis heterosexual man I too am learning what it means to be trans attracted. Many of us famous and otherwise that have struggled with accepting our attraction so we do NOTHING. This MUST change 🙏🏾

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Racist insult are ignorance and only makes me stronger —- Paul Pogba


African French footballer Paul Pogba says he is ready to fight against racist abuse after the Manchester United star and his team-mate Marcus Rashford were subjected to social media taunts following their penalty misses.

Pogba was the target of racial slurs on Twitter when his penalty was saved by Wolves goalkeeper Rui Patricio in Monday’s 1-1 draw.

Then United striker Rashford suffered racist abuse online after hitting the post with a penalty in Saturday’s shock 2-1 defeat against Crystal Palace.

Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham and Reading’s Yakou Meite were also recently targeted by social media trolled and World Cup winner Pogba has had enough.

He is just going to ignore all that distraction and stay focus.

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Annual Ritual: President Obama reveals his and Michelle’s Playlist for 2019


We all know that every year before winter, President Obama shares his Playlist with the people of the world, giving reasons why he chose them, and this year is no different.

He had shared and done the one for this year 2019 and we are here for it. Now ladies snd gentlemen, take a look at the former president’s listen and get inspired or disappointed.

Credit to from @barackobama  – With summer winding down, here’s a sampling of what Michelle and I have been listening to — some new, some old, some fast, some slow. Hope you enjoy.


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Breaking: The Four “Senate President attackers” of the IPOB members in Germany have been arrested


Credit to from @punchnewspapers  – Four of the members of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra who attacked a former Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, in Nuremberg, Germany, have been identified by the Bavaria police.


Ekweremadu, a serving senator from Enugu State, was beaten up by some members of IPOB in Nuremberg on Saturday at an event organised by the “Ndigbo Germany.”


Click link in our bio for full report



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The US Department of Justice announces indictments of many Nigerians  in a major fraud cases in U.S history


It’s about time the US began its own fight against fraudsters. There is only so much that EFCC can do to fight this heneius epidemic. Since the US has taken time to fight this, then we are indeed grateful to God for the intuition to go after them.

Credit to @pulsenigeria247 The United States Department of Justice has indicted a total of 80 people, many of them Nigerians, in connection to massive fraud and money laundering.
Thom Mrozek, a spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California, disclosed on Thursday, August 22, 2019, that 14 suspects were arrested in raids carried out across the U.S. Two defendants were already in federal custody on other charges, and one was arrested earlier this week. Many co-conspirators, Mrozek said, are still in Nigeria, with others also at large in the U.S. and other countries. In a 252-count federal grand jury indictment unsealed on Thursday, the defendants are accused of participating in a massive conspiracy to steal millions of dollars through a variety of fraud schemes and launder the funds through a Los Angeles-based money laundering network.
31-year-old Valentine Iro and 38-year-old Chukwudi Christogunus Igbokwe, both Nigerians, were used by the network for bank and money-service accounts that could receive funds fraudulently obtained from victims. Both defendants are accused of being involved in schemes resulting in the fraudulent transfer of at least $6 million in fraudulently-obtained funds, and the overall conspiracy was responsible for the attempted theft of at least an additional $40 million. “Once members of the conspiracy convinced victims to send money under false pretenses, Iro and Igbokwe coordinated the receipt of funds and oversaw an extensive money-laundering network, according to the 145-page indictment,” Mrozek said. The alleged fraudsters targeted victims in the US and across the globe, including individuals, small and large businesses, and law firms. Elderly victims were also reported to have lost thousands of dollars to their fraud schemes. “Today, we have taken a major step to disrupt criminal networks that use BEC schemes, romance scams and other frauds to fleece victims. This indictment sends a message that we will identify perpetrators – no matter where they reside – and we will cut off the flow of ill-gotten gains,” United States

📹: ABC and Instablog9js~r34

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Omotola reveals daughter’s shocking childhood incident


Credit to from @realomosexy – #wcw

She was barely a year,she started running a temperature,can’t remember how many hours anymore… she is our first child and we had not much experience.

Gave her some medication didn’t seem to get better…suddenly,she slipped into what seemed to be a COMA.

I panicked,we all did… neighbors everyone screaming and suggesting all sorts…. she was clenching her teeth fiercely, an Old woman we knew in the neighborhood suggested to put a spoon and pour SALT into her mouth (Totally wrong move)”Pls cold shower”…

We rushed her to the hospital and at first, the doctors were a bit reluctant ( I guess they thought it was a lost case) however, almost without much hurry she was worked on and miraculously,she came back!

She had prior turned cold and was not responsive… hmm

We were told , it was “High fever” it had affected her brain and she could probably not develop normally or be able to catch up with her peers. Short of saying a vegetable…. As people of faith, we called on God, used proper medication and most importantly, applied extra lessons and treated her Normal as others.

At first it was challenging, as she grew, she struggled, mostly with her sight. She couldn’t see things right in front of her! Even in school , she would be put in front and still not see. A few changed schools,glasses,extra lessons …we kept pushing.

At every level Princess Worked Extremely hard,harder than others . Always trying to prove everyone wrong and pass.

Every time we feared or doubted, she passed with flying colors and moved to the Next phase! Miracles before our eyes… Today she not only finished well from Uni, she insists on going for her Masters and is conquering all her fears.

Yesterday, she drove with her dad without instructions back and forth in traffic all around v.i.

You might not really understand this but anyone who’s been told they can’t achieve or do something especially for health reasons will understand.

This is the first time I am saying this in public and Many will be shocked,some might go,oh… now I understand… Princess, you’ve been an inspiration to Me without even knowing. May you inspire others too. God Continue to Bless you my #WCE

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Nigerian Ladies lose their Composure over the looks of Super Eagles new goal keeper


According to the hunk radar news  of the MOTHERLAND, it is sunny in this part of the country as Nigerian Ladies set their ambitious eyes of the super eagles new goal keeper.

The teenager who has clearly set up camp the hearts of Aunties in the country, is said to go by the name Maduka Okoye.

Mr Okoye is said to be born to a Nigerian father and German mother Maduka keeps for Fortuna Dusseldorf in the second division in Germany.

Do like this. 🖐️ If you are not in anyway 19 (less than and more than)

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Russell and Ciara become Team Owners of the #Soundersfc



Credit to from @dangerusswilson (@get_regrann) – Football. Fútbol. We Love them both! @Ciara and I are fired up to announce we are Team Owners of the @Soundersfc one of the best franchises in the world! We can’t wait for our kids to grow up loving Soccer! Family is everything! We Love You Seattle! #SoundersIsFamily ⚽💚💙 – #regrann

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