Breaking : Suspected Port Harcourt Serial Killer apprehended by the Nigerian police


Barely three days after a girl was strangled to death inside a hotel room in Rivers State, another has been killed in the same manner.

The latest incident happened on Monday night and the body of the victim was discovered on Tuesday morning, inside the room of the hotel located along Stadium Rd, Rumuomasi, Port Harcourt. .
This time around, the man suspected to be the killer was captured by the hotel’s CCTV. According to the video, currently being analyzed by the police, the duo checked in around 11:30pm on Monday.
However, the alleged suspect left alone the following day. The lady was later found tied up and strangled after the suspected serial killer had already left. The Rivers State police are currently handling the situation.

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Breaking: Zimbabwe’s One and Only Robert Mugabe dies at 95


Before we continue, I would like to state that that man lived a ripe old age because 95 is such a beautiful age.

The very first post independence President of the one and only Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe dies at 95

He was aged 95. He died after battling ill health. Mugabe was ousted from power in a military coup in November 2017, ending his three-decade reign and then seeing into power very first president since the reign of Mugabe.

Just like most other Afican Presidents his extravagant and illegitimate possessions were listed which includes his gold interior home that had all kinds of golden items in it.

May his soul rest in peace with the Lord, and as far as we know, he has lived a good life on earth.

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Bella Hadid Mourns her Grandma


Reposted from @bellahadid- Forever

from @bellahadid  – Our beautiful Oma has been laid to rest peacefully. Finally able to be without pain…My spirit animal, idol, twin. I am so grateful for the backbone that was built by her, and for giving birth to my best friend and my everything @yolanda.hadid She taught me so much about strength, humor, grace, attitude, love…I Can’t think about never being able to hug her again. But I do like to think that she is flying high with our Opa, happy, in heaven.. We feel you all around us … Rest In Peace Queen VDH. ❤️ – #regrann

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Most Dangerous Country: West Texas Gunman kills 5 and injures at least 21others


from @cnn  – At least five people were killed and 21 others injured Saturday when a gunman in West Texas drove around shooting from his vehicle, authorities said. The shooter was later killed by law enforcement officers.

from @abcworldnewstonight  – DEVELOPING: At least 5 people are dead, 21 injured in a shooting attack in Midland and Odessa, Texas, with a police officer among the injured. Authorities say at one point the suspect, who has been shot and killed, hijacked a mail truck. The White House is monitoring the situation. @dianermacedo reports. #developing #texas #odessa #midland #shooting #massshooting #gun #gunman #police #atf #fbi #specialreport #worldnewstonight

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The world remembers Princes Diana on the 22nd Anniversary of her death


from @voguemagazine  – On the anniversary of the world losing the “queen of hearts,” we remember one of the many marks Princess Diana left on a world that continues to adore her. Her singular style lives on, on the cover of Vogue and in many of today’s ongoing trends; Some of our favorite photos capture Princess Di at her most casual. Tap the link in our bio for more of our favorite effortless looks.

from @comiclonilove  – It’s been 22 years since Princess Di’s death. On the evening of June 29 1994, Prince Charles publicly confessed his affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles for the first time in a television interview. Meanwhile, the Princess of Wales made a last-minute decision to attend a ball and wear this dress.

Diana had originally feared that the designer dress by Christina Stambolian may have been “too daring”, but the late royal made fashion history when she donned the “revenge dress” in the wake of her split from Prince Charles. It would be one of her most iconic moments, the queen that never was. #princessdiana

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#rip: The Hadid Family loses its grandmother Oma..


Reposted from @gigihadid  – REST IN PARADISE – #regrann

The Hadid have lost their Matriarch of the family to cancer battek of 5 years. The family is in its mourning period and our heart are out for them all. The Hadid Family are a the stage in life where they are saying goodbye to the one they have known for years.

Gigi Hadid has posted her memories on Instagram where they opens up about the death in a family.

She posted “Our Queen Angel fought cancer six twins in her life with courage, strength, and grace while being the greatest mother and grandmother. She is an mother and grandmother. She is a honorable guide we will carry with us forever. We love you more than words, our beautiful wonderful Oma. May they be greatly consoled.

from @gigihadid – OUR QUEEN ANGEL fought cancer six times in her life with courage, strength, and grace while being the greatest mother and grandmother. She is an honorable guide we will carry with us forever. We love you more than words, our beautiful wonderful Oma.

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F1 News : Anthoine Hubert passes #f1


Reposted from @f1  – We are devastated by the news of Anthoine Hubert’s tragic passing⁣

All our thoughts are with his family and friends⁣

He will never be forgotten.

F1 announces the passing of one of its sport men Anthoine Hubert. May his family (biological and professional) be consoled by the good Lord.


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On what would have been his 34th birthday, the world remembers late #Nipseyhussle


Happy 34th to the late Nipseyhussle” a phrase that has taken the internet today, as the world marks his 34th birthday. Some stars remembered to wish him a happy post humor birthday, while others just ignored the heart breaking day. Happy 34th Slauson Boy.. 

Credit to from @natausha_a (@get_regrann) – As we prepare to celebrate your first heavenly birthday I pray that you as well as your family know that the example that you set has gotten CONTAGIOUS ‼ YOU’VE MOTIVATED AND INSPIRED us all to look beyond our faults and our past transgressions and move forward with a since of clarity. You were definitely a cut from a different cloth… your drive, love, respect, and loyalty is one of a kind. We all hate the fact that it took your death for so many of us including myself to open our eyes and see what the enemy is doing to try to divide and conquer such a POWERFUL race… as I prepare myself to head over to a place where you shed BLOOD, SWEAT, AND TEARS at I’m reminded to stay strong, stay focused and keep going‼ ™️©️🏁💙 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A REAL ONE‼ YOU SHARE THE SAME DAY AS MY BABY BROTHER CHRISTOPHER‼ #STAYFOCUSED #NIPSEYHUSSLE #VICTORYLAP #THEMARATHONCLOTHING #SLAUSONBOY #BLACCSAM #MARATHON #MAILBOXMONEY #CRENSHAW #LAURENLONDON #RESPECT #THEMARATHONCONTINUES #LONGLIVENIPSEY #ONENIPPOSTADAYTILIFADEAWAY – #regrann

Credit to from @quincy (@get_regrann) – Happy Birthday Nip! 💙 #themarathoncontinues forever. 🙏🏽 – #regrann

Credit to from @natausha_a (@get_regrann) – Morning Marathoner’s, today is the day that I step out my comfort zone and travel to pay my respects to a young man who has inspired me in more ways than one to follow my heart and do something I love and want to do, EMPOWER people. I don’t know what to expect from this trip but I pray I am able to enjoy myself and allow myself to take in the ambiance of a man that is loved and respected by so many ppl. The person that I am today I owe a little of that to him, because of him I’m reading more, looking into myself more spiritually, looking to own my own (any and everything), and teach my kids to follow their dreams. Tomorrow is his birthday and I refuse to let a fence stop me from seeing where it all started and eneded for him… prayers for safe travels as I fly out this afternoon.. Hope to meet some amazing ppl ™️©️🏁💙 #StayFocused #nipseyhussle #VictoryLap #themarathonclothing #slausonboy #blaccsam #marathon #mailboxmoney #crenshaw #laurenlondon #respect #themarathoncontinues #longlivenipsey #onenippostadaytilifadeaway – #regrann

Credit to from @troubleman31 (@get_regrann) – Happy C-day Lil Bro…. We’ve all faced trauma and dealt wit death our whole lives but for some reason yours hit different… Even still we stand solid.
You left an undeniable legacy behind
for all of us to use as a blueprint to success. With love and respect we represent & salute you daily!!! #TMC🏁👑💙🙏🏽 – #regrann

Credit to from @beyonce (@get_regrann) – – #regrann

Credit to from @losangelesconfidential (@get_regrann) – Up early thinkin bout you…. Happy 34th Birthday bro. The world misses you 🏁 #TheMarathonContinues – #regrann

Credit to from @laurenlondon (@get_regrann) – Today We celebrate You my beloved
Today we honor you King
We are to live in our highest vibrations today because that is how Nip lived his life.
We should encourage and inspire today because that is how Hussle lived his life .
Today we should love and give truth because that is how He lived his life .
His Purpose still lives on with us all.
Ermias wasn’t a sad soul.
He was a powerful strong magical soul.
Today is the day we lift up

Long Live My other half
My beloved King
Nip Hussle The Great!
I miss you
I love you
Still here holding it UP! – #regrann

Credit to from @teyanataylor – Woke up with a heavy heart this morning…. 😢💔We missing you bro, we love you…L Boogie I love you sis we are all here for you 💙💙 Happy bday Nip. Ain’t a show or a moment that go by that we don’t continue the marathon. 🏁 #LongLiveNip #TMC 📸: @shootmadonna @malcolmxmcneil

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JLo grieves hard after losing a Dear Family Member



Credit to from @jlo (@get_regrann) – Today we lay to rest my Titi Rose… we will lay her next to our beloved uncle, as was her wish, who were married their whole lives and had three beautiful daughters @tdrios215, @drios818 and @trios22, my closest cousins who I grew up with who were so close we always seemed like sisters… I have so many emotions as I write this. About how fierce, tough and unapologetically herself she was… she taught me what it was to be a hard working woman…she, like the other women I was fortunate enough to be raised by taught me to be independent and unafraid of life and what it would bring! To laugh, dance, and stay close to family. And I am grateful for all she ever did for me. But I think I will remember her most like the video above laughing with her sisters and family on every Christmas birthday and random day on the set… I love you Titi, I am glad you and Tio are together again! Say hi to grandma and Titi Myrza. I love you all forever. I carry your strength and love with me always. We will make all of you proud. 🌹❤️#familia #myguardianangels #nevergonealwayswithme – #regrann

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Jeffrey Epstein’s jail death: Corruption thickens in the Great America.


Reposted from @balleralert  – #Trump retweets post promoting conspiracy theory about #JeffreyEpstein’s death #BillClinton #dangerous #irresponsible

The things you can categorically describe, predict and see it happen, but don’t have any prove for it. America is not looking any greater from this angle.

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UPDATE: Mob kills policeman, injures two


According to punchnews, The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Bala Elkana, has said a policeman has been killed and two others injured in the Ijegun incident.

The PUNCH had earlier reported that some operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad have gunned down a shop owner, identified as Biliki, in the Ijegun area of Lagos following which a mob seized one of the policemen and insisted that he must be lynched.

The operatives reportedly opened fire on the suspect and one of the bullets hitBiliki, who was in her shop.

I hope they find the it in their heart to compensate or even investigate. Rip to the person who is losing the most.

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Photo of couple with a new born who died at the Walmart shooting surfaces


from @shaunking – I need you to know these names and know these stories. I need you to internalize the true cost of white supremacist terrorism in this country. On the left is Jordan Anchondo and on the right is her husband Andre Anchondo. Say those names out loud. This is them with two of their children. Jordan had just had a baby, Paul, their first son, this past June. Andre had just finished building their new home and the couple went out to Wal Mart with their newborn baby Paul to grab some school supplies and food for a big party they were throwing that afternoon. The party was celebrating their new home, their wedding anniversary, and the birthday for their 6 year old daughter, who is pictured here with them. It was a routine Saturday morning. Then a white supremacist armed with a weapon of war walked right into the Wal Mart. Andre died shielding his wife from the bullets. Jordan then died shielding baby Paul from the bullets, breaking multiple bones in his new body. The baby survived but his parents have been slaughtered. Their other two young children no longer have a mom and a dad. Today I’m going to tell their story all day long. Jordan and Andre Anchondo should be alive and well. Shame shame SHAME on this nation, on Donald Trump, on the NRA, on conservatives and Republicans, and on all people who advance white supremacy and bigotry in this nation. – #regrann

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Viewers Discretion: Man killed while defending his sister who slept with her in-law


A man is currently on the run after shooting his brother-in-law to death over his wife’s infidelity in Amukpe, Sapele, Delta state.

The wife had earlier confessed to having sexual intercourse with her husband’s elder brother, Pius.

Furious, the husband stormed his wife’s family house with a gun and a confrontation led to the shooting to death of the wife’s brother .

Members of the wife’s family then marched down to Pius’ residence and set it ablaze. However, the fleeing husband’s family retaliated by also razing down the family house of the unfaithful wife.

Via and PC: Instablog9ja

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The heavily armed El-Paso Walmart shooter 21 year old Patrick Crusius gets pampered by the US Police right after killing 20 .


Reposted from @shaunking  – ‪Earlier this year in Vallejo, California Police there fired a staggering 55 shots in 3.5 seconds at #WillieMcCoy as he SLEPT in his car. ‬Guess the race of Willie McCoy. Bingo. He was Black.

America has officially become her own problem, with its earlier migrants nowing telling the later migrants not to migrate. A country that has a president constantly in sighting hate in the mind of all of its listeners, making it normal to help the president in anyway or form that you can to prevent or reduce the number of Hispanics coming in, and that includes shooting down the ones already in?

The gentle way a very armed whiteman was arrested can never be compared to the way blacks are killed for very little things that include refusing to stop talking.

Just take a look at the way he was having a chat with the police that arrested him right after he had killed 20 people in a mall.

They are trying to say it was a mass shooting,other Islamic Countries who have not had any  mass shooting this year but the US troops bullying them to a fight and invasion, watch on as the US destroys itself with its own citizens killing other citizens to death. Karma came hard for the US this time around, the God of the Middle East seems to have taken off his overlooking glasses. The US is rolling down on the list of Countries that are attractive.


Reposted from @iamcardib (@get_regrann) – !

from @shaunking  – ‪Congress,‬ ‪Impeach @realDonaldTrump.‬ ‪Here are the words of the terrorist: ‬ ‪“This attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas…I am simply defending my country from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by an invasion.”‬ ‪And where Trump said the SAME THING. ‬Trump was a direct inspiration of this. Intervene. Impeach this man. It’s a national security matter.

from @shaunking – One man was falsely accused of selling cigarettes. The other man just murdered 20 people with an AK47 assault rifle. This is America.

from @theperezhilton  – If you want to know where the hatred comes from towards “Hispanics” – as the El Paso shooter calls us – look at the racist in the White House. Donald Trump is radicalizing white nationalists. Openly. Proudly. This is a real tweet he sent. It’s still up HERE:

Reposted from @time (@get_regrann) – At least twenty people have been killed and 26 were wounded in a mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas on Saturday, according to the Associated Press. A 21-year-old man is in custody and police said there is no longer an imminent threat to the city. #ElPaso police said they received reports of an active shooter about 10 a.m. local time at the Walmart at Cielo Vista Mall. El Paso police spokesperson Sgt. Robert Gomez said that the Walmart was “at capacity” at the time of the shooting and that between 1,000 and 3,000 people were believed to be inside. Beto O’Rourke, a former U.S. Congressman from El Paso who is running for president, said that he plans to return home to support his city and his family. “It’s very hard to think about this, but I will tell you that El Paso is the strongest place in the world,” he said on social media. “This community’s going to come together. I’m going back there right now to be with my family and to be with my hometown.” Read updates at the link in bio. Photographs by Ivan Pierre Aguirre—EPA-EFE/Shutterstock, Mark Lambie—@elpasotimes/@apnews, Joel Angel Jufarez—AFP/@gettyimages

from @tyrese  – @nra @realdonaldtrump who’s on your payroll f**k you…. for NOT doing something about what’s really going on…. You’re so focused on immigrants and racism, Muslim bans and attacking men and women in congress and you’re fu king quiet when it comes to REAL SHIT…. Go ahead and give your boring ass insincere speech reading someone else’s words from a TelePrompTer…. You refuse to DO SOMETHING MORE AGGRESSIVE WHEN IT COMES TO MASS SHOOTINGS IN AMERICA…… Those innocent Latino kids and that fucking WALL IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU FOCUSSING ON THESE RACIST WHITE PEOPLE WHO ARE MASSIVELY KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE….. I’m almost sure your dumb ass son and daughter will do nothing either…….. @berniesanders please get in there and really DRAIN THE SWAMP…….. the swamp is bigger than it’s ever been…….. #WhiteNationalist racist bull shit……. I’m so fucking hurt and pissed about this all….. Rest In Peace to these innocent people who just woke up on a Saturday and went shopping and had to lose their life to this fucking coward….. ERIC Garner gets choked and killed for selling cigarettes and this racist piece of kills 20 innocent people and he’s in handcuffs….. Yeah im pissed

from @troubleman31 – I don’t think this makes US “Great Again”…

from @shaunking  – This man drove 600 miles over the course of 9+ hours to “kill Mexicans” and to “stop the invasion” that Donald Trump keeps speaking of.

Reposted from @washingtonpost (@get_regrann) – A gunman wielding an assault-style rifle killed at least 20 people and wounded 26 more Saturday at a busy Walmart and shopping mall not far from the Mexican border, authorities said, in the latest mass shooting to shatter a community and shake the country.⁠

The attack, just before 10 a.m. on a scorching Texas summer day, sent shoppers racing for cover in a chaotic but all-too-familiar scene of carnage that prompted a massive police and medical response.⁠

One official said the specific number of people killed and injured was subject to change, noting that some of the victims were in critical condition. It was not known how many of the injured were shot or were hurt trying to escape the scene.⁠

Two law enforcement officials familiar with the inquiry, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation, identified the suspect as a 21-year-old man from a suburb near Dallas.⁠

Read the full story, link in bio.⁠

(Photo by Ivan Pierre Aguirre/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock) – #regrann

from @shaunking  – CONFIRMED: The El-Paso shooter is 21 year old Patrick Crusius. A white nationalist. After slaughtering everybody in sight at a Wal-Mart, in spite of being heavily armed, police magically found a way to take him into custody ALIVE AND WELL. He doesn’t have a single scratch. I’ve said this over and over again, but I’m not asking police to murder men like this, I’m demanding that police give our men, women, and children who are Black, Latino, and Native THIS TYPE OF TREATMENT. Our unarmed, non-violent people don’t get this treatment. Dear American Police – treat our best like you treat the worst, most violent, most armed white men in this nation.

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