FG supposedly disburses $103.64m Abacha loot to poor Nigerians


Do like this 🤚🤚 if you are poor and received a token/something from the federal government of Nigeria. Gone are the days when claims are laid and we just run with it. Now the world is a global village and many are very fast to sieve through a story that is seemingly  not exactly true. So I will like for everyone or even someone  who has received something to speak up. Because as far as I am concerned, this might not have gone round the country otherwise we would have heard of it. Since we haven’t heard a thing about it, I am very much worried thag this might just be one of those stories that you can never confirm becauae there isn’t and will never be a concrete evidence to hold on to. So it basically your word against theirs. Read  their intentionally non specific speech through punchnews.


The Special Adviser to the President on Social Investments, Mrs Maryam Uwais, has said that the Federal Government has been channelling the recovered Abacha loot and the International Development Association /World Bank credit towards programmes and policies designed to address the plight of poor and vulnerable Nigerians.


Delivering an address on Monday at the training on illicit funds, the Presidential aide said from the August 2018 to the October payment cycle, the total amount disbursed from the Abacha loot was $76,538,530 and $27,099,028 from the IDA credit.

Uwais, who said the funds, which were specifically being disbursed to beneficiaries of the National Cash Transfer Programme, a component of the National Social Investment Programme, noted that the gesture was positively changing the fortune of many Nigerians.


She said the decision to distribute the Abacha loot and the IDA funds to poor and vulnerable Nigerians, who were mined from a National Social Register, collated by the National Social Safety Net Coordinating Office, was reached by the Swiss government, the World Bank and the Federal Government.

This, she said, would help to ensure that the funds were well utilised and not diverted to private pockets, as was the case in the past.

Well this confirms my suspicion. Nothing can be held against the government if we go by this unconfirmed story above. 🙄

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Adorablecouple wahalareals

Breaking: Nicki Minaj is officially married to Kenneth


Stand down all you Nicki Minja fans who called Nicki out for her choice of man. A non famous, non successful hustler, an ex convict and a man who is simply known as Nicki’s man.

After all said and done, Nicki explained that it was never about his non existing fame status, or his lack of impressive  financial status or the size of his equipment (actually she didn’t say that) . She has known and liked her when she was broke, not famous an din the hood. She was back then just a neighbor and a friend. Now that he is back in her life, it feels like home to her and she is happy and content. That’s about it. She is happy and that’s what matters. They tied the knot yesterday 21.10.2019 as seen below and we couldn’t be happier for them.

Reposted from @nickiminaj  – 👰🏽🤵🏽😢🙏🏽🎀 Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty 10•21•19 –

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EFCC Arraigns Man, DNFI’s for Non Compliance to Money Laundering Prohibition Act


The Abuja Zonal Office of the EFCC, on October 21, 2019 arraigned one James Richard Nolan, Goidel Resources Limited and Icil Limited before Justice Abang O.E of the Federal High Court, sitting in Abuja on a sixteen-count charge bordering on Non compliance to the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act 2011.

For details of this and other stories, visit our

#EFCC#TheFightAgainstCorruption #FightingForYou – #regrann

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Depts pile up: World Bank approves $3bn loan for Nigeria


There have been reactions from all around the country as Man are wondering what way the future generations along side the current ones  are going pay back these Depts that are so freely given to Nigeria. A country that has done so much for the old leaders when they were youths, who are still leaders up till now, still collecting from the same country that hasn’t done a thing for the current youths. One generation has held this country hostage for almost 60years and there are still no signs that they will be passing/handing over the power to a much younger generation. The fact that we were talking about the dept that is hanging over the country, and now a very new dept has now been approved for the country. Phew!!! We are not getting out of this in a long while are we?

According to news, The World Bank has agreed to give Nigeria a $3 billion loan for the expansion of the transmission and distribution facilities of the power sector, Minister of Finance, Zainab Ahmed, has revealed.

According to her, the loan would be disbursed in four tranches of $750m each beginning from next year and it would cover the funding gap as well as the current tariff which investors in the sector had described as very low compared to what is obtainable in other countries.

“It will also enhance our ability to pay previous obligations in the sector that has crystallised so that investors in the sector can go on with expanding investments in the sector,” she added.

She noted that some portion of the loan will be for the transmission network, adding that if the government can expand the facility to $4bn, then the additional $1bn will be used for the distribution network.

“The distribution sector will be at the backend when the other reforms have been carried out. It will be a loan to the distribution companies because they are owned by the private sector,” she concluded.

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#domesticviolencecouple wahalareals

 I’m leaving my marriage because my husband rapes me ― Actress Bose Oladimeji


This sj just a crazy revelation. People are always showing off their relationship and you just wonder what really goes down behind closed doors. A yet again revelation is coming out as Bose Oladimeji from the yoruba speaking side of Nollywood has revealed that she is about to leave her husband reasons being that he abuses her sexually and physically. According to her, he rapes and beats her up when he comes home drunk.

During a recent interview with Vanguardngr, she revealed that after two years, she has decided to leave her husband who she claims beats and rapes her regularly. She said the brutal violence and domestic abuse has become life-threatening and she has had enough.

“Yes I’m ready to go, in fact, I’m not with him right now. I just have to run for my life, my life is very precious to me. I can’t just allow someone to kill me like that and I want to address some ladies out there that they should not love a guy because of what he gives them. .

They should be sure the love is genuine and not be fooled by money and comfort. I’m leaving right now, I need to run away for my life. I need to save myself. My life will be in danger if I continue to stay with him, so I’m leaving right now,” she said. .

Recounting her experience, she said; “Whenever he’s drunk he’s out of his senses and starts misbehaving, beating me. He acts very crazy. .

Any weapon he sees around he uses it on me but when he is sober he starts to regret whatever he has done. What I’m saying is that in the process of beating me what if I collapse and die or get injured, what will people say?”

So she was ready to conitune with this until it became life threatening? That’s just scary to believe. God have mercy in his children. After two years she is finding out that he is a perpetual drunk and sex offender. They say a man will definitely show signs of his real self even before marriage. Does it mean that he didn’t do all of these things before marriage? 😒😕

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#India: To prevent Exam Malpractice, School makes students wear perforated cartons during exams


We believe schools were always doing their best to prevent exam malpractice but apparently they weren’t doing enough to the stop it. This is what doing your best looks like. Who would have thought this would look so possible? Only getting a few cartons enough to go around and have them put it on. I wonder if head sizes were considered before the cartons were handed out.

According to the beautiful educational news Indian school located at Haveri in Karnataka is in hot water for making students wear corrugated box to stop them from cheating during exams.

On October 16, students of the Bhagat PU College were handed specially modified cartons to cover their heads. .

The cartons were the school’s solution to prevent examination malpractice. However, Deputy Director of Pre-University Education, S.C. Peerzade, visited the college to stop the practice after he was notified.

I seriously don’t see anything wrong in that act. Not like the school had them wear it without the cut outs. The school shouldn’t be call out for that. I think it is the samething that has been the source of man peoples problems that has befallen them. If this school simply did this on a low without all those photos being taken and they had their students have their exams and finish their exams peacefully, then we would have not been seeing this act in n this view. Just saying.

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#Secondchance: Many rejoice as D’banj becomes a Dad again.


After the tragic incident that took the life of little Daniel last which ended up in him drowning in a family pool unattended to, the nation mourned the passing of the little boy while others recall warning D’banj on the danger of having a inside pool in a family house where you have a toddler.

While no one wished anyone would learn a lesson that way, many were hurt by such A sad news. Dbanj helped his wife heal while he tried to heal.

Revealing that it is a sad thing that he wouldn’t wish upon his enemy.

Fast forward to this month October, when he welcomed yet another child. Not celebrating like he did the first one, but simply announcing that he has resumed his daddy duties while he posted a video of him pushing a baby stroller with a concealed baby and a happy face. But one thing Nigerians are wondering is:

Has he either moved from that home, sold it, or dried and sealed off that dangerous pool before welcoming this beautiful bundle of joy?

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Minister of Communication roars loud as #MTN sends Nigerians a message concerning #USSD charges



Dear Nigerians do like this 🤚👋👆☝️🤚🤚if MTN sent you a message that looked like this today 20th October 2019?

Yello, Please note that from Oct 21, we will charge N4 per 20 seconds for USSD access to banking services. Thank you. 

The Minister of Communication, Dr. Isa Ibrahim Pantami who received the message as well as every other MTN sim using Nigerian, has quickly said that he was not aware of an alleged plan by MTN Nigeria to start charging four Kobo for USSD service beginning from Monday, October 21.

Some telecoms subscribers alleged that, on Sunday, they received text messages from their service providers informing them that those who use unstructured supplementary service data (USSD) channels to access banking services would have to pay new charges as from October 21.

I bet with this raise dflag, MTN will not be commencing that charge plan anymore tomorrow. You should go through the right channel, and you should grease the right palm before greasing yours with our hard earned  4 Naira.

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How much “Sorry” is too much sorry in a relationship?


As kids, we have been urged to always be sorry for our wrong doings, and that is when we are wrong, and that other kind of sorry that  comes when you know you are right, but wants to end the tension by being sorry. That type of sorry definitely reduces the tension during a fight or quarell don’t get me wrong, but how often is it valued?

When a couple argue, it’s being known to have a very significant effect in their relationship. But when this happens often, then there is a problem. It is know that people disagree to agree. Two different humans will always have their differences. Even twins don’t always agree, how much  more two different Homan beings from different families with different DNA.

But what of a cae where a man/woman is always sorry in a relationship? . We have had a case where a relationship losess it taste due to the inability of one person to be sorry, a case where someone is with the “I am always right” mentality, or just being too proud to be sorry.

While we have a problem with scarcity or shortage, we ladies equally have a problem with abundance. Don’t always be so fast to apologize in every case, it loses its value and it is no longer giving the impression it was meant for.

Now when you are always so used to singing with the word “Sorry” at every occasion, no one believes it, and no one likes it. Explain yourself sometimes, argue with it sometimes and then drop the “S” word sometimes. Don’t misuse and mis send that word. Bring it out when it is absolutely needed. It will help you  retain  the respect you should have in a relationship and the word is valued even more.

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Davido acknowledges the strength of a woman after his trip to the delivery room to welcome 3rd child.


Many are saying that a man needs to amke it to the delivery room atleast once in a life time, to see first hand what a woman goes through to bring forth the very next generation and to give you an offspring that will bear your name. Alot of men intentionally avoid that part of the deal when they are asked to make it to the delivery room, just so they are not scarred for life and having to always reflect back to that time whenever they are dealing with someone’s daughter they call a wife.

Every woman should insist that their husband makes it to the delivery room for a quick sober reflection on his part. One of those men is David. First of all, his 2 other baby mamas were not happy with him when he said this child is the Special one, knowing how much weight that  speech has. Davido is not one to have a smart saying. He would have had millions of ways to say this child is special to him without outrightly saying that this child is the special one. Now that he has finally offended the mothers of his other children who had to redeem their daughters by calling them special on the same day the unpleasant speech was dished to the world.

Weeks after proposing and Going for introduction at her family home, Davido and Chioma welcome their baby boy David Adedeji  Ifeanyi Adeleke.

from @davidoofficial  – OMOBA TI DE!!! DAVID ADEDEJI IFEANYI ADELEKE Jr I !! D PRINCE IS HERE!!!! 20 – 10 – 2019 !!! Love you my STRONG WIFE!!! @thechefchi I LOVE YOU!!!!! ❤️💕

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Learning the Simple act of detaching yourself from someone you care about


Before we proceed with our chitchat on this matter, I will like to say that as a lady,  young or old, if your whole life is about taking care of your man and your children then there is something wrong. Many will say I am just saying it because I don’t feel fulfilled like they do having to take care of their family.

If as a woman your parents, mentor, role models and friends don’t teach you that you can do/be so much more than a mother and a wife in this life, then the Hollywood and Nollyowod women must have thought that. As a mother you can have a proper family and still run a successful business and career.

Being at the Beck and gall of another human being will most definitely leaving being taken for granted and insulted (it must happen). Setting out a time for all the things, including human beings, that need your attention in life is just the best thing for you. Find that job, craft, activity and interest thag you love almost as much as you love your life and start/continue in it hard. For a woman to balance her life, you have to have a life and work balance for the betterment of your mental health. With Oct 10th being the mental health awareness month, I know for sure that this is now a major problem with out society. As a girlfriend and wide you should know thag with the happenings in the world right now, no marriage or relationship is save from the possible rock from the explosion of a divorce or Breakup.

Not all breakups have stayed broken and not all separations have led to a divorce. They all are reversible and mendable. But Somethings need time, and when a relationship is at thag time when it needs this break, the only thing that will let you give the expected time and still retain your dignity enough to them miss you, is when you channel all your time and effort to the work/career/entrepreneur activity you have been building.

The difference between having the career running even before the Breakup and strating it after the Breakup is that, you must have gone through the difficult starting stage when your mind was right and not broken and you were so happy with your life , which makes it even alot easier to go through the hard stages of starting a business or a job. This might not be so easy for someone starting after a divorce or Breakup, but thag does not make it impossible to do.

Always have your “me time” even when in a beautiful relationship and family with kids, so you don’t end up in life feeling like your whole life is centrered around taking care of children and a husband who don’t appreciate you. This will make you feel unfulfilled with a supposedly beautiful life.

When a relationship needs a break without any decision as to what it might turn out to be then give it the break it needs.

Begging and asking to be forgiven is a hood move, but doing it at the wrong time will make you extremely repulsive to someone who is already tired of you. Maintain your composure. You might send someone to find out what is Going  on in the low, but never present yourself as desperate to a man who is done being with you. Ladies supporting ladies is what we encourage on this blog.

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And Another one: #Lion escapes from Kano #Zoological garden


I don’t speak lion, but I have an idea that as a human, if you are in a place that you are not treated with the respect and and appreciation thag you long for, especially lacking something as simple as  comfort, then your very next plan is to exit that place by executing an escape plan. Often times we hide when we read news like these, of wild animals in captivity escaping and making it into the society.

If these wild animals were receiving the right amount of meals and care they were promised, then most won’t being escaping, and we humans won’t be as scared as we are when they escape.

This is because a hungry lion will always fight to make it out of captivity so as to hunt for their meals, Since survival instinct kicks when they are about to die from hunger. A lion cannot sit there and die from hunger when they have other options. Tearing down their barricade and go hunting is a very normal thing to expect in this situation.

If is it well fed and catered for, then you will have it sleeping, breeding and just having a time of its life in captivity. Every year in Nigeria this news will always be the main topic. Wold animals escaping to be is the best thing. I hope no one gets attacked by it, but I equally hope it doesn’t get found, because you can only properly  look after an animal in your care when you have first of all looked after yourself. A hungry man can’t feed any hungry lion.

With the soaring rate of hunger and poverty in the land, it is only normal that these animals are left to go take care of themselves alike the good Lord intended.

The fright got fast and deep into Kano residents on Saturday when they were informed of the escape from a zoological garden of a lion. Punchnews reported that the news happened at about 9:00pm when the lion was being put back into its cage after they returned national agricultural show in Nassarawa state.

A source at the zoological garden told NAN that effort was being made to recapture the animal which was still within the zoo premises. We hope and pray that it isn’t still in the premises.  Cos to be honest these animals are not treated well. All these zoos need to be checked regularly by an authority.

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Love Doctor #Joro profiles #TundeEdnut after he accused him of being the one making up the stories he claims were sent in by followers


When you let the line between respecting others and speaking your mind merge, then you have issues like this. Many people are self urged to speak their mind despite knowing that there isn’t any obligation to do so. When you are a blogger and a you have this need to call out people for the sake of views, then I very much understand what relevance that may have to your blog. Now tunde calling out Joro is something that many may have wanted to do, but with no evidence of truth to the issue, they left it alone. The extent of revelation his readers and followers do to him on his email is something too good to believe, because as Nigerians we were not trained to be that publicly candid about sex and relationship to friends and family, talk more of a stranger who claims to be an expert, but you can still look at the afact that they are anonymously doing it, so it conceals their identity there by giving them the liberty to do so. But you now saying it with no clue is definitely going to create somewhat enmity between you which is now happening between the two bloggers. He definitely is desperately looking to stay in there for sure.






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Fan horribly falls off stage after lifting #LadyGaGa during a performance


It is every fans dream to be called up onstage by their big star. Lady gaga has been know to have a very large fan base since she is the monster mother to the Queer and LGBTQ.

Known to represent everyone who has seen called different or weird or simply abnormal. Having been a victim herself, she is doing a very good Job in creating the confidence well needed by everyone who has passed through the same with her.

Now, imagine being called by a star so good and famous like Lady gaga, and you make it to the stage only for you to take a huge fall with the gaga right in your palm. I hope she is not injured and I hope his body and ego is not brushed by the incident. Well look at it form the good side. He can be the only one who fell the star down from stage while she hung on to his body. I think the stage is dangerously curved in my opinion.

She was seen taking a ice bath hours after the incident. She will be just fine.

from @theperezhilton – #LadyGaGa invited a fan up on stage with her at her Vegas show on Thursday night and… OOPS!!

Reposted from @ladygaga (@get_regrann) – Post show routine: ice bath for 5-10 min, hot bath for 20, then compression suit packed with ice packs for 20. #rocknroll #enigma #gaga #gagavegas #vegas


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Breaking: Protest erupts in Lebanon after government plans to tax Whatsapp calls


The government needs to understand that just because this generation is so neck deep into social media and its affiliates, using it for fun, creativity, publicity and business doesn’t make  them less hard working than their predecessor generations.

What we know today is the older generations in governance have run out of wealth creation means for their ever growing populations. So for that reason,they get desperate with any and everything that can fetch them some money. Billing people for what apps calls thst you didn’t create, and the


from @time (@get_regrann) – A tire is (onto a fire to block a highway during a #protest in #Beirut on Oct. 18. The largest protests since 2015 have broken out for a second day across #Lebanon over how its government is handling the economic crisis, @apnews reports. Tension had simmered for months but on Thursday, protesters learned about the government’s plan to tax Whatsapp calls. As the streets swelled, the Associated Press adds, that plan was withdrawn. Photograph by Wael Hamzeh—@epaphotos-@efefotos/@shutterstock

from @bbcnews  – Thousands of people have taken to the streets in Lebanon, amid an economic crisis many blame on the government. Dozens have been reported injured during the protests. Many have taken to the street and burned tyres, while security forces have fired tear gas. Plans for a new tax on WhatsApp calls have since been scrapped. Tap the link in our bio for more on the protests and what is happening in Lebanon. #lebanon #bbcnews (This post was updated at 21:40 BST) –


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#Adorable #Moana: Liverpool FC star Mo Salah dressed up in a leaf skirt for daughter’s birthday


Fathers can do the absolutely most for their little girls. The events that they cant in anyway endure from someone else’s daughter, they don’t blink an eye in beofe jumping into anything their daughters asks of them.

Just hours ago, rapper T.I daughter asked him to change the diaper of her little doll baby before her bedtime, a father seen in a baller dance with his little daughter, The Rock was seen on a tea party with his daughter. So these trails mean just one thing. Men spoil their daughters for ever. Just like this same case. The football star dressed up as MAUI, one of  the main characters on the famously loved Hawaiian movie #Moana.

The proud father shared the news on his Instagram account, with a caption, “I, Maui, bring to you Moana! Happy birthday my princess. #Birthday #AmazingFather.”

The Dad proudly wore a leaf skirt with a green Hawaiian flower neck garland. The birthday girl was also handed a birthday cake with balloons in the background.  Happy Birthday Princess..

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