#Karrueche congratulates herself for staying focused thus far


Amidst our daily and hourly hustle in this life of give and take, we are never convinced by self appraisal, because compliments are best valued from a person other than ourselves, which to be is true. But how often do we really relax and appreciate how far we have come? Let me just say that it is not at all a normal human behaviour to appreciate our own effort and mention it coming from our own mouth, and when you find someone who beats the norms to do this, you just have to appreciate that one perosn who is beating the odds.

How often do you tap yourself in the back and say to yourself “you are doing your best and it is good”? How often do you do that? Give it all up for #Kerrueche for taking time out to give this special gesture to herself. I remember when Wendy called her out for not having anything doing while she was dating Chris Brown.

Reposted from @karrueche (@get_regrann) – I recently purchased a beautiful yet simple diamond necklace. When I wrapped filming @claws season 3, I wanted to congratulate myself on working hard and staying focused. So, I decided to reward myself in the most satisfying way possible. I knew for something as special as this moment in my career, only a natural diamond would do. Diamonds are the ultimate symbol of authenticity and life’s most precious moments. #ForMeFromMe #RealisRare @realisadiamond #sponsored TY @hauteliving @sethsemilof for the feature ❤️

Beauty and the Beast focused

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Sudden Repentance : A #Babyelephant 🐘 gets rescued In Nigeria


I never thought a day like this would come for me to be making a post about Nigerians having a change of heart and repenting from their incessant consumption of lost and scared animals of both aquatic and terrestrial.🐘🐘🐘🐘🚫🐘🐘🐘🐘🛑

This is what I have been talking about on this blog. Don’t get me wrong, Ofcourse I don’t expect for them to let go / free off every and any animal that they come across in this country, this is majorly due to the high level of Poverty that has left everyone riding on their last survival nerve. 🛑🐘🚫🐘🚫🐘🐘

At this stage people will want to survive before rescuing animals and helping to curb the rate of extinction. But not all eaten animals solves your problem. This baby elepnat might look larger than most other animal babies, but that doesn’t stop it form being a baby elephant.🐘🐘🐘🛑🐘🐘🚫

It is too young for consumption and not right in eyes of some religion. So while we try to always say it is infact hunger that supercedes everyother thing, this is Nigeria and we know that religion is very paramount to us here, so form now on, I will start battling the disturbing rate of animal concumotion in this country with one religious quote or the other.🛑🐘🐘🚫🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘❤️🐘🐘❤️🐘🐘❤️

With that being said, we will like to thank the Edo State people for deciding in unism to save this Abby elephant and take it to a safe haven I think.. 👏👏👏👏👏🐘🐘

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#VP Osinbajo takes an interstate ride as Nigeria Launches her reformed #train transport


from @profosinbajo – Today I rode on the Lagos – Kano Standard Gauge Rail- (which has now reached Ibadan) from Iju in Lagos to Kajola, Ogun State, where I attended the Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Wagon Assembly Plant, which will service the modernized railway system.

This ceremony is not just another event, it is a historic turning point for us. The railway is not just an alternative and comfortable mode of travel, it holds the master key to transforming commerce in Nigeria and across the continent. – #regrann

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#EFCC boss advises Nigerian youths against the desperation to “Blow”


Before we continue, let it be known that the blow being referred to here, is not the one everyone of you immoral minded humans are considering (if you are a Nigerian youth that is), it is the blow that is used to refer the accumulation of massive wealth. It is a very famous word used here in Nigeria. Thank me later if you are trying to learn the famous and widely adopted Nigerian pidgin.

The urgency, temptation, desperation, and plan to blow (get wealthy quick) amongst Nigerian youths has been deeply advised against as Nigerian EFCC boss who is now out to get and convict these internet fraudsters now flooding the Nigerian society.

The acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibrahim Magu, has charged Nigerian youth not to join the bandwagon of those seeking to ‘blow’ – the modern slang that depicts desperation for quick wealth, #Pmnews reports. ..“At the individual level, every youth must shun all temptation to be corrupt or be corrupted by any means. They must realise that the only way to success is hard work. ..The fast way only leads to destruction. GROW, don’t BLOW! An attempt to sacrifice steady growth on the alter of a ‘blowing success’ is an invitation to self-destruct,” he noted…Instead, he urged them to follow their dream through to success and always stay away from criminal acts in order not to fall into the raging hand of the law. ..He said joining the ‘blow’ gang could push youths into committing crimes which may in turn cut short their dreams.

I hope you all will harken to these words of advise and get wealthy legitimately through the numerous strings of income and wealth accumulation.

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24m #Nigerians will be lifted out of #poverty by 2030 — Gov and FG


The beauty of growing up in Nigeria is thag you will end up having no believe or faith in a leader, even when you learn not to say it. The politicians in Nigeria have a very beautiful way of keeping you busy analyzing irrelevant things while they take out time to do justice to the National fund. No body cares if you find out and how you react when you do. Just as Nigerians are constantly trying to adjust to one new development or the other, these leaders are not at all turning down their completely unrealiable promises to the nigeraj from one decade to the other.

According to punchnews, The Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) and the Federal Government have commenced a Human Capital Development (HCD) plan towards moving 24 million Nigerians out of poverty before 2030.
The NGF disclosed this in a statement by its Head of Media and Public Affairs, Mr Abdulrazaque Bello-Barkindo, on Friday in Abuja.
Bello-Barkindo said that the plan was jointly embarked on by the forum and the Office of the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo.

Out of over 200million Nigerians, the federal government following in the footsteps of his predecessors, is giving a promise of 10 years to over 200milliom people to lift only 24million of them out of poverty. Mind you, this 200 million will keep growing for the next 11 years so they will be more than 200 million by then.

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Eye Candy: #Lewishamilton on the cover of #GQgermany


from @lewishamilton – So excited to share with you my @gq_germany cover. I wanted to incorporate my Grenadian heritage with my new @tommyhilfiger Collection in this shoot and pay homage to my roots and Grandfather who passed last year.

Sizzling Hot Boy Man

I am so happy with how it turned out, big thank you to @gq_germany for making this possible and for the amazing award last night for Creativity and design. Feel so honoured. #grateful – #regrann

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BODY BODYrealssports

#Halleberry Celebrates smashing her ripped Abs goal for #BruisedTheMovie


from @halleberry – Happy #FitnessFriday, everyone! There’s no better feeling than setting a goal and smashing it. One of my goals for #BruisedTheMovie? Ripped Abs – and today? I finally got them, and it feels unbelievable! This #FitnessFriday, I encourage you guys to set your bar. What is your fitness goal? Set the BAR higher than you think, share your goal in the comments and HOLD yourself to it. The work won’t be easy, but that pay off? Worth every damn second. In the meantime, head to stories for my #BruisedTheMovie workout, courtesy of my performance coach @mubarakmalik, aka “Bar” and put that inner-warrior to the test! Happy Friday! ♥️

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#Munachiabii Launches Skin care products #BerryWorks to mark her birthday


from @munachiabii – Been years in the making, but it’s finally here! •
I made BerryWorks specifically for everyone who desires a blemish free & youthful glowing skin.

There were many sleepless nights, many fears 😅 and decisions that had to be made. However every process of BerryWorks has been passionately made with LOVE 💗 •

If God has inspired you to do something, don’t let it die inside of you.embrace it, walk fearlessly into the unknown.your footsteps will be guided.


I’ve been asked so many times what I use to keep my skin blemish free. Well, this is it. My gift to you. •
A very special thank you to my friends and family, the ones that inspired me and motivated me to move.( you know who you are & I thank you immensely 💐) Follow and order a piece of self love for yourself 😊💛💛💛💛

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Pregnant #ERICAMENA turns 32 in a #GreatGatsby style


from @iamerica_mena – November 8 2018 – My birthday message: You always imagined you’d have it so together, life would be all figured out and you’d go around saying, “Don’t worry, I’ve got this”. In these visions, I also imagined at 31 I would’ve had three kids by now and married.

In some areas I feel like I’ve got it sorted, but mostly I’m still figuring everything out. NOW NOVEMBER 2019 So much can happen in a year…… Last year around this exact same time I was questioning why my personal life wasn’t where I always wanted it to be at 31 years of age. Now I’m turning 32 tomorrow married with a smart perfect son and a baby on the way. ♥️🙏🏽 Gods timing! Trust in HIM. ( Thank you @mr_guerra x @blu_gem_ )

Hot Baby Mama

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#Happybirthday:#gabrielleunion and #dwaynewade celebrate daughter’s first birthday


Can you believe savage baby kaavia is already a year old? Can you believe she is walking and eating all kinds of things with those cute little set of teeth? Can you believe Gabrielle is a mother to a one year old? Time sure does fly.


Reposted from @gabunion – Scared to hold you. Scared to burp you. Scared to reveal I have no clue what I’m doing. Scared to go to work. Scared to stay home. Scared when you sleep. Scared when you wake up. Scared I’m not living up to some impossible standard of motherhood. Scared I’d lose myself. Scared I’d be exposed as a failure, as less than, not as good as, not as comfortable as, not as… anything. But there you were, everyday, looking up at me, like “gurl, you got this!” When I let go of my fears of judgement and just did my best and recognized that my best would and could change from day to day and life would magically go on… Man, I finally allowed myself to just enjoy you @kaaviajames and relax into the peace of imperfection. 1 year in and your whole village stays smiling. The family you know and all the cyber aunties and uncles you may never meet, we celebrate you.

from @gabunion – BABY TURNS 1!! 🥳🎊🎉 👼🏾 To say this lil nugget came into our lives and changed everything, would be an understatement. @kaaviajames has been such a gift and blessing to our family and literally everyone she meets. Yall, I’m still in shock she’s even here much less walking, talking, swimming and eating bacon! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ – #regrann

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What do you know about the ‘living funeral’ of #southKorea?


According to the #guardiannigeria, a huge nunber of South Koreans are going ahead to experience what it feels like to be dead while they are perfectly alive. The ease with which these curious fellows are experiencing the after death In strange way, has become the norm in the Asia state.

According to the photo seen above,

from @guardiannigeria – Participants sit inside coffins during a ‘living funeral’ event as part of a ‘dying well’ program, in Seoul, South Korea. ⁣⁣

⁣⁣More than 25,000 people have participated in mass “living funeral” services at Hyowon Healing Center since it opened in 2012, hoping to improve their lives by simulating their deaths.⁣⁣⁣⁣Dozens took part in the event, from teenagers to retirees, donning shrouds, taking funeral portraits, penning their last testaments, and lying in a closed coffin for around 10 minutes.⁣⁣⁣⁣Funeral company Hyowon began offering the living funerals to help people appreciate their lives, and seek forgiveness and reconciliation with family and friends, said Jeong Yong-mun, who heads the healing center.⁣⁣⁣⁣Jeong said he is heartened when people reconcile at a relative’s funeral, but is saddened they wait that long. “We don’t have forever,” he said. “That’s why I think this experience is so important – we can apologize and reconcile sooner and live the rest of our lives happily.”⁣⁣⁣⁣Photo credit: REUTERS/Heo Ran⁣⁣⁣⁣#DyingWell #SouthKorea #LivingFuneral #DyingWellAct #Funeral #HyowonHealingCentre #Reconciliation #TheGuardianNg ⁣
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#HowTimeflies: Kenya Moore Celebrates Daughter’s first birthday


Wait bu honestly can you guys bekuve it is already a year since Kenya Moore had this beautiful baby and still had that flat Tommy? I can’t even believe my little baby Muna is about to turn a year old. These babies grow up way too fast to be honest. Happy birthday baby Brooklyn Daly, your Mum is a hot woman and true to blood and hot genes, you will be just like her in the fitness arena.

from @thekenyamoore – Happy Birthday @thebrooklyndaly your mommy and daddy love you beyond any words. You are light of my life, my whole world and my future. God blessed my existence with you and daddy. Thank you for choosing us to be your parents. #Godisgood #1yearold #miraclebaby #babybrooklyn #love #family

Can’t be any cuter than this

Reposted from @thebrooklyndaly – @thebrooklyndaly celebrating her birthday with her cousin watching the clowns… 🤡

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Dr Nneka Abulokwe awarded OBE by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth in London


A Nigerian woman had been said to have represented the country in such a good light as she was said to have been honoured by Her Majesty the Queen. The beautiful woman who goes by the name @dr_nnekaabulokwe is said to have gotten an award by the Queen in London.

Digital Governance and Tech Entrepreneur, Dr Nneka Abulokwe has been awarded the distinction of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

The award, which is part of the 2019 Queens Birthday Honours List, was formalised today at an investiture ceremony Buckingham Palace. Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, presented medals to Abulokwe and other honorees on behalf of the Queen.

Abulokwe received her OBE for Services to Business. Founder and CEO of Micromax Consulting, she has introduced an innovative form of governance for the digital world. She has had an extensive career over the last 25years, driving innovative technology and business transformation initiatives for some of the largest multinational digital transformation organizations.

Credit: @taradurotoye
Dress: @deolasagoeofficial

Proud moment

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Reason you should read legal documents sitting on the toilet.

Woman signing a contract

Have you ever had a read a legal case, an investment or even just reading to through a legal document for the mere sake of understanding for yourself, your friend or even a family member who needs a break down for an easier message relay, then you will have no problem stating that you came across words or phrases too hard for you to comprehend at the every point, then this goes to show that you need to be in a Serene place since it is the document that you are not Conversant with, that will encourage your concentration while equally enable your sleepiness, which is a contradiction to the very reason for sitting in the toilet in the didst place. Reason being that the toilet is a place where we are most relaxed in our daily basis, because that is where most of our instagram cidoez(funny or not), and watched. We are on a total peace with ourselves when here, and for that, we tend to have the “All is well” mindset when we are in the toilet.

Google photo: legal documents.

So for a legal document, being one of the the most difficult documents to enjoy reading, will require a great deal of attention and interest to atleast  get what the message is trying to say. Known to always hide a huge meaning in a phrase, legal documents are by far the most thought provoking read. Now these two places will go hand in hand and end up on a good note for their reader.

I sat on the toilet just four days ago and read through a legal document that was coming from a good place. I remember trying to just rush through the document (which is highly not advisable) and realise that with everyone talking to me, and something things  needing my attention in between the short read, I realized that I was reading one line atleast 5times and not making any sense of what I was reading, until I made it to the toilet, sag down there and ready the shit out of that document. So when next you find yourself in that similar situation, do well to go straight to the toilet, or perhaps have a lawyer explain in details for your understanding. Why do you stress your self when you can just pay someone to read and understand then explain to you in a lame man’s language.

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Adorablecouple wahalareals

Cynthia Bailey announces her 2020 wedding date after getting engaged


I live the limitless mindset these women always have for life. They have gone through alot and have come out of the other wide of the tunnel in the best way possible. She is out to get love and she is gunning for it the way she wants.

Announcing her wedding is such a beautiful thing and she is indeed happy especaillynfor the picture.

from @cynthiabailey10  – SAVE THE DATE💍

this time & day next year 10/10/20, I will officially be Mrs. Cynthia Denise Bailey-Hill!

@itsmikehill #CHill #2020 #headoverhillswedding #letschill #godswillnotours #chillwedding2020

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Climate changereals

#Gretathunberg Visits the Marine Mammal Interpretation Centre in Tadoussac, Québec


The Climate change hero is still in and running for the course. The teenager is saying it like it is, and she is gaining access to every part of the world to push for the climate change awareness that she is so passionate about.

Right in this, she was see visiting the Marine Mammal Interpretation Centre in Québec, watching whales. She is doing just wnat she what’s and the good part of it all is that she is very good at what she does. Holding/joining each country every Friday for their climate change awareness protests. You go girl.

Reposted from @gretathunberg (@get_regrann) – Visiting the Marine Mammal Interpretation Centre in beautiful Tadoussac, Québec, and watching whales – especially belugas! Thank you for your hospitality and the work you do! – #regrann

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