Evamarcille’s husband Miketsterling explains to world why he referred to God as “Her” in his wedding vows.


Reposted from @evamarcille – I love my husband💍 #rp

@miketsterling I love my wife and I hand-wrote my vows from a place of intentional love. It appears that some folks have questioned the fact that I referred to God as “her” in my vows and they have offered to pray for my ignorance. I do not speak much about these things, but I will have a few things to say over the next week or so. I am not a theologian, but I referred to God as “her,” because I believe, as many saints do, that God is a mother to the motherless and a father to the fatherless. I believe, as St. Augustine did, that God transcends time, space, existence, and life. I believe that God is God. Thus, if God is a mother to the motherless and a father to the fatherless; I think we err not to see God in each and every one of us. I think we err to limit God. And sometimes I use the pronoun “her” to refer to God because I see God as resembling all of us and as greater than all of us. And I see the divine in my mom and my grandmothers and my sisters. As for my vows, I referred to God as “her” intentionally because I see the God in my wife and God put it on my heart to make sure she heard and felt that. #sterlingsays – #obyorijiblog – #regrann

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Canadian Prime minister #justinpjtrudeau speaks against the #newzealandmosqueshooting


Reposted from @justinpjtrudeau – Islamophobia & hate have no place anywhere, and have a devastating impact. I visited the South Nepean Muslim Community Mosque tonight, to mourn for those killed in the New Zealand terrorist attack, and listen to young people about how we can keep building safe & inclusive communities.
L’islamophobie et la haine sont inadmissibles & dévastatrices. Ce soir, à la mosquée de la communauté musulmane du sud de Nepean, nous avons déploré les décès survenus dans l’attentat terroriste en NZ & écouté les jeunes nous parler des moyens d’assurer la sécurité & l’inclusion. – #obyorijiblog



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Lebanese Engineer Abducted In Kano State has been found dead


Sagir Ahmed, a Lebanese engineer who was kidnapped in Kano State, has been found dead.

He was abducted by unknown gunmen while inspecting an underpass bridge at Dangi roundabout, Zoo Road, in Kano on Tuesday. His driver was killed, while he was taken away.

However, the Police in Kano State, have confirmed his death. The late engineer was an official of Triacta Construction Company.

Abdullahi Haruna, spokesman of the Kano State Police Command, said he was found dead, on Thursday evening, in a bush in Yansango, Kano state.

The Lebanese expatriate and two other persons, one of who was the driver, were attacked around 7:00am as they were resuming work at Kano Zoo Road Underpass. – #obyorijiblog

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Why I rejected 2018 Range Rover birthday gift –Alex Unusual


When it was revealed on social media that a former Big Brother Naija contestant, Alexandra Amuche, aka Alex Unusual, rejected a gift of a 2018 Range Rover SUV on her birthday last month, it was hard to believe.

However, in a chat with Sunday Scoop, Alex said it was true she rejected the car gift. She stated, “I rejected the first car I received on my birthday. For me, it was not just about the gift but where it was coming from. The second car given to me was from love. Responsible fans put their money together to get me the car, while the former was from someone who liked me. It is okay to like me but I didn’t feel it was right to collect a car from an admirer. He could decide to collect the car from me anytime he felt like. If I collected the car and I told him I didn’t want a relationship later, what would happen?” For more visit>>> – #obyorijiblog – #regrann

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President Buhari’s son Yusuf, finally receives his NYSC Certificate


The song of the president of the federal Republic of Nigeria Yusuf, who was involved in a ghastly power bike accident couple of years back.

While many thought he  had lost his life at the accident, but he was however flown out of the Country to receive an emergency medical treatment,has recovered and allegedly served his fatherland.

He has received his National Youth Service Corps Certificate. A year long programe that has been made mandatory for all higher institution graduates by the federal government for decades.

While Nigerians have complained consistently that the children of the president and other promiment government workers have been exempted from the programe that has been made mandatory by the government himself.

The president has finally allowed his son Yusuf to serve his father land, even though he wouldn’t be let to go through it like other children of the Country.

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President Buhari condemns the killings in Kaduna


The President has decried the level of damage done by politics in securing the lives and properties of Nigerians across the country.

President Muhammadu Buhari said this while condemning Saturday’s attack by gunmen which left at least nine persons dead in Nandu Gbok community in Sanga Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

If the people resist government’s efforts to hold the perpetrators and their sponsors accountable, it would be very difficult to bring the violence to a permanent end, the President was quoted as saying in a statement by his spokesman, Garba Shehu.

For more visit – #obyorijiblog

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Climate changereals

Climatechange: Leonardo Dicaprio speaks on the destruction caused by plastic waste.


Reposted from @leonardodicaprio – #Regram #RG @everydayclimatechange:
This is Elisabetta Zavoli @elizavola taking over the @everydayclimatechange Instagram account this week and sharing my documentary work of the ‘Landfill midwife’ project. .
Some men, from Cikiwul village, catch up fishes in the highly polluted muddy waters that percolate from Bantar Gebang biggest dump zone. Banter Gebang landfill receives the waste of about 15 millions people living in Jakarta. Trash pickers need the litter to make a living and the Indonesian society needs trash pickers to recycle all possible materials that otherwise would be just discarded. .
Indonesia, is ranked the second largest plastic polluter in the world behind only China with reports showing that the country produces 187.2 million tonnes of plastic waste each year of which more than 1 million tons leaks into the ocean.
Recent studies discovered that as plastics decay, they emit traces of methane and ethylene, two powerful greenhouse gases, and the rate of emission increases with time. The emissions occur when plastic materials are exposed to ambient solar radiation, whether in water or in the air, but in air, emission rates are much higher. Results show that plastics represent a heretofore unrecognized source of climate-relevant trace gases that are expected to increase as more plastic is produced and accumulated in the environment. Polyethylene, used in shopping bags, is the most produced and discarded synthetic polymer globally and was found to be the most prolific emitter of methane and ethylene.
It’s estimated that over 8 billion tons of virgin plastic have been produced since 1950, making plastic one of the largest man-made materials on the planet, behind steel and cement. Of that volume, more than half was produced in the last 16 years, amid a global boom in single-use, disposable plastic. Current annual production levels are expected to double in the next 20 years.
#everydayclimatechange #climatechange #globalwarming #climatechangeisreal #environment #waste #plasticwaste #plastics #dumpsite #midwife #health #garbage #trash #plasticpollution #Indonesia #Jakarta #childbirth #children #mothers #pregnantwomen – #obyorijiblog – #regrann

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Disturbing moment a 3 storey building collapses in Ibadan

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A 3 storey building has collapsed at Saka-Pena, Bode, Ibadan, Oyo state, leaving many people trapped.

The incident happened around 5:50pm last weekend,  when victims were  awaiting to be rescued. – #obyorijiblog

While many tried to manually dig the victims out, others concluded that it won’t be as easy as that of Lagos where a bulldozer was immediately provided to help with the rubbles were victims were trapped under.

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Leaving Neverland: 20 year old Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris, allegedly attempts suicide.


According to #tmz_tv – Paris Jackson attempted suicide due to the sexual scandal portrayed by the revealing documentary “leaving neverland” which shows her late father Michael Jackson to be a habitual homophobic paedophile.

UPDATE: Paris has been released and is under the care of her team. Paris Jackson was hospitalized Saturday after she attempted suicide and family sources tell us it’s due in large to the fallout from “Leaving Neverland.” Law enforcement sources say police and EMS responded to Paris’ LA home at 7:30 AM. We’re told Michael Jackson’s only daughter slit her wrists. Visit TMZ for more. #tmz #parisjackson #michaeljackson – #obyorijiblog – #regrann

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No nation can grow on rigged elections —Peter Obi


The vice presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in the February 23, 2019 presidential election, Mr. Peter Obi, has said that no nation can grow on rigged elections.
He said that the process through which people come into office is far more important than what they do thereafter.
The process of election, he said, forms the basis of integrity of every politician.
The former governor of Anambra State said in a statement in Abuja on Sunday that election rigging “is the root of corruption, as it goes to impact negatively on the political and economic growth of the country.”
Obi alleged that “the fraud” that characterised this year’s election has greatly undermined the country’s democracy and its future, saying it has also significantly damaged the ongoing fight against corruption and tainted the integrity of those behind the rigging.
He added that Nigeria cannot quantify the enormity of damage the electoral fraud had done to the psyche of the country. – #obyorijiblog


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New Zealand Massacre: Nigerian Imam Who Saved Countless Lives, Speaks


Alabi Lateef, a Nigerian Imam who saved several lives during the New Zealand terror attack, has broken his silence about the massacre.

Lateef was at the Linwood mosque in Christchurch on March 15, when gunman, Brenton Tarrant, opened fire on worshippers killing at least 7 people, after already killing 42 people at the Al Noor mosque.

At the Linwood mosque, worshippers were about to drop to the floor for the second part of the prayer service, when Lateef spotted the gunman.

Hearing gunfire outside, the Imam shouted ‘go down’, warning the worshippers to take cover.

In a chat with The New Zealand Herald, he said: “When I saw those Muslims shot dead, I just told our brothers, ‘Go down! Go down! Somebody has just shot our brothers outside the masjid.

Fo one listened to me until unfortunately he came from behind and he shot one of our brothers in the head through the window. He saw him standing and shot him through the window. .
When glass got broken and the brother fell down, everyone realised to go down.”
The Imam rushed outside with fellow worshipper, Abdul Aziz, who picked up a credit card machine on his way.

Aziz told NZ Herald that he threw the machine at the gunman, who was running back to his car to get another weapon. The terrorist responded by firing at Aziz, who ran through a sea of parked cars to escape the bullets, picking up a discarded gun.
Squeezing the trigger, Aziz realised it was empty, so he hurled it at the gunman’s car.
Jumping into his vehicle, the terrorist made a u-turn and sped away.
Lateef, who had locked the main door of the mosque to keep those inside safe, then called the emergency services, also doing his best to help those wounded. He added he had been prepared to die to save his people:
“I can’t believe… I thought I’d be gone. I was ready to die because I felt for the brothers,” he added. 📷: Stuff, NZ Herald – #obyorijiblog – #regrann

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T.I wishes son Domani Harris, a happy 18th birthday


Reposted from @troubleman31 – I can’t say enough how proud I am of the man you’re becoming @domaniharris1 .
I’m always impressed by your “young wisdom” and your selfless (borderline insane) generosity. Your talent has always been undeniable and now your passion,focus and awareness are catching up to it all at once. It’s truly an honor to be a part of your journey up to here. Even doper to see you shape and mold future generations. You’ve accepted all the challenges the universe put in front of you (well…except football 🤣😂😉)& made the adjustments necessary that grew you all the way here to this moment… That’s Fye🔥!!! Pipe Up and Go Claim what’s rightfully yours out there!!! Wit you for LIFE!!!! Happy Birthday My Boi!!! #GameWePlay #OUTNOW – #obyorijiblog – #regrann

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Buhari poorer than in 2015 – Osinbajo .


Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has revealed that President Muhammadu Buhari is “perhaps” poorer now than when he was elected in 2015.

He stated this during a dinner in honour of volunteer supporters of APC for the 2019 general election, held at the Presidential Villa, Abuja on Thursday night.

He said: “When I looked at his assets declaration form; I was checking it in 2015, I said to him, ‘Mr President, I am so much richer than you, it is an embarrassment.’

He said, ‘I am only a soldier, you are a big lawyer so you should have more money than me.’ I can tell you that he is perhaps, even poorer than he was in 2015 when I saw his declaration of assets form.” – #obyorijiblog – #regrann


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