Savage: Man gets 6 years added to his sentences for callig judge a racist

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I guess “Your Honour” wasn’t having it. He wasn’t going to have a man under his mercy call him out on what he thinks shouldn’t be.

A Ohio black man named  Alyssa Brook had six years added to his sentences after he called the judge a racist.

The incident occurred March 4 2019 while inside Judge Eugene A. Lucci’s courtroom in the Lake County Court of Common Pleas.

According to Hollywood Unlocked,  TV reports that the defendant, identified as Manson M. Bryant, was found guilty of aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery, kidnapping, abduction, having weapons under disability and carrying concealed weapons.

And rather than face his crimes humbly, he took to calling out the Judge who wasn’t having it,as that fetched him a whopping 6 years added to his sentence as his punishment on punishment for lacking remorse for his shortcomings.

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Kevin Hart Gives Fans a glimpse of the #Jumanji2


Kevin Hart has taken a video of himself on set the #jumanji2. I don’t know if you all are like I am, but I have always thought that these movies were always done in a studio that will mimick the exact behaviour of the natural environment and have the actors do things that are safer than when they do them in a real environment.

He is looking so jungle-ish and cute in that ranger looking clothig of his. God job Kevin, even though it is freezing cold from his layers of warm clothing. He is not a fan of real animals, but he will have to ride on a real camel to get the job done. #worklife

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Newly engaged Jlo and Arod release their glasses collaboration


Reposted from @jlo – You guys know that I’m ONLY about things that I really love, and if you know me you know that @quayaustralia has become one of those things. They have literally become part of my daily life and Alex’s too. 💕 I am SOO excited to share our collaboration that we’ve been working on. For men and women: #QuayxJLo #QuayxARod.

Sunglasses are my accessory of self-expression, I can wear them from the gym to the red carpet, and this line perfectly captures the sporty, but also sexy and glam vibe that I love!! 🌴💋☀️ Link in bio to explore the collection, available now!! 😎 – #obyorijiblog

Reposted from @arod – Shades on 🕶. Jennifer and I are so excited for our collaboration w/ @quayaustralia #QuayxARod #QuayxJlo. 😎 Link in bio to get the look. – #obyorijiblog

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Shocking Sabotage: Government defends the “We dont serve blacks” racist Chinese Restaurant.


The Lagos State Government, on Tuesday, cleared the Chinese restaurant accused by some Nigerians of racism even as yet another Nigerian, who was barred from entering the restaurant, spoke to PUNCH.

The government’s position which was made known via a press statement issued by the Commissioner for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Steve Ayorinde, said that investigations by its officers sent to “investigate the veracity of the claim” showed that the allegations were false.

“The two officers who went there on Monday did so incognito and found the allegations to be false. The officers were served without any questions or discrimination. They also took photographs without being noticed.

“Our officers also observed that the restaurant had a number of Nigerians working inside there and did similarly observe that pepper soup, a Nigerian delicacy is also on the menu. More, importantly, the restaurant has been registered with the Lagos State Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture since 2016 as required by law.”

The ministry which regulates eateries, restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality facilities in Lagos promised to conduct further investigations.

However, findings by our newspaper, which is standing by its report, showed that the restaurant relaxed its obnoxious racist policy after the initial outrage on social media on Sunday. After our report on Monday, the restaurant threw open its doors to the public.

One of the workers of the company who spoke to our reporter after he was turned back had admitted that the restaurant took notice of the outrage on social media on Sunday.

A director of the company, Niyi Adegbite, who spoke to our correspondent on Monday also refuted the allegations of discrimination but added that the restaurants had two sections. One of the sections is open to the general public while the other is strictly for Chinese.

According to Adegbite, “The restaurant is divided into two sections. There is one open to the public and there is one called Hot  Pot. The Hot Pot is where you enter and cook on your own. All the ingredients are made available. But it’s only for Chinese nationals. Maybe it’s this one that some people tried entering and were disallowed and is now causing the outcry.”

Joshua Jenom Gidin, who said he was denied entry along with five of his friends last Saturday, said it all seemed like a joke at first when he was told that blacks would not be let in.

Gidin, who is a journalist with Pulse TV in Lagos, said, “When we got to the gate, we saw some pretty Chinese girls going inside and we even laughed with them. When we attempted to go in, they refused to allow us in because we were black. I first thought it was a joke but when the guards repeated it almost five times, I knew they were serious.

“In order not to cause a scene, we left the place but I made sure that I scored them low on Google reviews and let the whole world know that they are racists.

“I am sure it was after the negative reviews online and the condemnation on social media that they quickly decided to change their racist policy.”

Obianuju Uba, whose experience was published in one of our earlier reports, found it strange that the government could rush to defend the restaurant.

She added, “We know what we witnessed. The government cannot tell us otherwise. Why would I be making spurious allegations against a restaurant? If the guards had told us that the restaurant was a members-only establishment, we would have understood and left. But we were told that we would not be allowed in because we are black. That is truly what happened.”

“So, I was confused because I had never experienced such in my life. I was shocked that a Nigerian and not a Chinese man was used as the guard. The guard even spoke with a Yoruba accent so I was sure that he was a Nigerian.

“I was pissed off and left, and I walked away while my friends continued to argue with him.”

Blessing Ukeje, the computer programmer who was part of a group turned back on Saturday, reiterated that she had visited the restaurant along with four other friends around 8pm on Saturday and that they were turned back because they were Africans.

Ukeje said, “When we were about to enter, a guard asked what we came for and we responded saying that we were there for Karaoke. He told us that they don’t have a karaoke bar but his colleague said they have but that anyone who wants to enter must enter with Chinese people.

“He said blacks are not allowed. He said the blacks that come must come with Chinese people. We were all shocked because even when we travel, we never see such. So, I asked him again if he was sure and he said that was the management policy. I actually thought I was dreaming. I asked him if he was ok with it as a black man and he said nothing.

“While we were standing there, we saw Chinese people going in. Two Chinese ladies and two Chinese guys went in. It was after our experience that we decided to expose these people.”

When asked if she was denied entry because of the way they were dressed, Ukeje said, “I was coming from a wedding and I was well dressed. Those people had no excuse for turning us back.

Also speaking with The PUNCH, Akpan Aniefiok, who was barred from entering the restaurant along with his friends, lambasted the state government for defending the restaurant.

Aniefiok, who is a student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, said he and his friends visited many fun spots on the same day without issue.

He said they had no reason to tell lies or unjustly malign anyone’s business.

The final year student said, “We visited three lounges on that fateful day. Why would we unjustly tell lies against the Chinese restaurant? What do we stand to benefit from such?

“What happened on that day was that the security guard told us that we would not be allowed inside because we are black and that he was following orders.”

YOU see, this site one of those times whenow our leaders decide to once again show that we are not the priority.

If any Country will show it’s level of racism to the people of the black community, they can do it in their country, but when you relocate to a black nation and then makes the deliberate  attempt of distance yourself from the owners of the country, then this site very much not ok. But then again, you know Nigerians have never been a people to rely on their government, so, despite what the government is or isn’t doing about this case, Nigerians will move ahead ahead to carry out their our investigation.

And if the restaurant is now admitting blacks out of fear, then they will be sorry to realise that they have automatically started serving blacks, because they will keep checking up on them to  waiting patiently for that disgusting non black rule to raise up its disgusting head again. The government is still the same. Boot licking, bribe receiving, boldly corrupt and stealing. This site disappointing and I can’t believe it is happening yet again.

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We don’t serve blacks – A scruffy, racist Chinese restaurant in  Lagos says.

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‘Criminals Cannot Be Lucky Always,’ Buhari Condemns Sokoto, Kaduna Attacks.


President Muhammadu Buhari condemned the recent attacks by bandits which claimed the lives of innocent Nigerians in Sokoto and Kaduna states.

He said this in a statement on Wednesday by his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Mr Garba Shehu.

The President commiserated with the families of the victims of the attacks, warning that mass murder of innocent people by criminals would be met with full force.

The death of one innocent Nigerian is no less important than the death of a hundred,” he was quoted as saying in the statement.

For more visit – #obyorijiblog

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Breaking: Hailey Baldwin reportedly reaches out to a Divorce lawyer on their 6 months old rocky marriage.


According to  #pulsenigeria247 the wishes and expectations of the general public are about to come to reality as Hailey Baldwin is said to have reached out to a divorce lawyer, on their rocky 6 months old marriage.

– There are reports that the six months marriage between Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin might be heading for the rocks after her decision to call in divorce lawyers.

According to MIRROR, Hailey has gone as far as consulting divorce lawyers as she struggles to deal with husband Justin’s ‘erratic’ behaviour.
“Hailey’s been nothing but supportive of Justin since they got married, but she says he keeps going AWOL on her and saying he needs space. She doesn’t understand why they can’t just enjoy their life together. Now she feels like she’s running out of options, so she’s sounding out divorce lawyers, just to be prepared,” sources close to MIRROR revealed.

Via: pulsenigeria247

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I have no interest in dressing a glorified Escort — Tom Ford takes a shot at Melania Trump


Yet another well known human has taken another shot at the for at lady of the United States of America.

The designer who has no intention for mincing his words when it came to the immigrant first lady and Wife to the immigrants hater Donald Trump .

Tom ford has not only refused to dress the first lady, he decided to give reasons from his choice, and believe when I say the reasons weren’t adorable at all.

In a photo that made rounds in the Internet and posted by Rapper and producer 50 Cent yesterday; in his own words, Tom ford said he had no interest in dressing Melania Trump because she is a glorified escorts who steals other people speeches and has bad tassels in men.

This was happily considered savage by 50 Cent who immediately decided to start patronising Tomford instead of his usual Gucci.

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Yul Edochie Sums up all Enugu is known for.


The politician, actor, husband and son has given an idea to strangers and friends his on instagram,  the essence of the Eastern capital state.

The actor who posted himself practising what he is preaching. Announced to fans that the beautiful City of Enugu has just a thig it is known for, and that is the legendary eastern delicacy known as Okpa and a humble bottle of coke.

Reposted from @yuledochie – Enugu (042) is a beautiful city.
Can’t come here without eating okpa, with coke.
Wetin you gain??
😁😁😁 – #obyorijiblog – #regrann

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Haunting Scene of #Newzealand mosque after 51 of its users were shot.


A haunting scene of the New Zealand mosque where many of it users were shot dead by a white superemist during a Friday prayer.

The scenery still had all of the victims’ cars parked like they left them before walking into the mosque.

The fact that these guys have all left this earth, and this whole possessions are still intact like they have not left.

Despite all that is being down and said, it is sad to know that nothing can bring these guys back.

Reposted from @shaunking  A haunting scene at the mosque in New Zealand as the cars of the victims are all still parked there as if it’s Friday prayer. – #obyorijiblog

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Louisiana Mother arrested for beating up her boys after they burglarised a home.

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This is a confusing situation. A louisiana woman who would rather have her sons be disciplined by the pain of her very own belt, than by the guns of the policemen who would jail or kill them.

She has instead  gotten arrested by the hypocritical police who have always wanted these black American  kids to act the right way, but will arrest the person who made them act better, have taken things the other end of the stick, by arresting the mother for beating up her own kids, rather than be grateful to her.

Im sure they Would have wanted the woman to report her kids to the police so they can be availed to be locked up and left to rot there.

I am just confused with these policemen men to be honest. You policemen will have over a hundred million people to be locked up when you being that attitude to Africa. We beat and discipline our babies.


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After quietly calling off her engagement and signing a new deal Beverly Naya preaches Self worth.


After sealing a mouth watering gig with NIVEA, 29-year-old ebony petite actress, Beverly Naya sees herself as more valuable and has drawn closer to God for it.
She shared a vision from God on her social space about her destiny and how she now prays instead of cursing all the men that rejected her.

For a while now, Beverly Naya has been replaced in siggnificane by the Osu Beverly . After rumoured to have quietly engaging and disengaging Pastor Ayo Adefarasin’s younger brother, Beverly has been super reserved and reluctant with the social things of the industry.

She is now preaching  God and self worth. Seems she is back in the usual circle. Hello Beverly.

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BBC demands probe of ‘PDP politician’ who slapped female journalist in Lagos


The British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC, has asked the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to probe the alleged assault on its correspondent, Ajoke Ulohotse, who was attacked during the just concluded governorship and House of Assembly elections in the Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State.

Recall that a popular Lagos-based, Segun Adewale, was caught on camera allegedly slapping a female reporter of the BBC during the March 9, elections. 

In the video clip, the politician was heard insisting that the female journalist should not record him.

He was also heard asking the reporter who she was trying to call.

Adewale was said to be sharing N1,000 to each voter, who voted for his party at the Pleasure Bus Stop along the Abeokuta-Lagos Expressway.

However, the BBC in a letter written to Prince Uche Secondus, the PDP’s national chairman and Dr. Adegbola Dominic, the Lagos state chairman, on Monday said Ulohotse was attacked by Adewale who forcefully took her phone away.

The BBC in the letter claimed it has video evidences of how Mr. Adewale assaulted Ulohotse.

It demanded that the national chairman and the Lagos state chairman use their offices to ensure that the incident was thoroughly investigated and findings shared.

The letter, signed by Adejuwon Soyinka, Editor, BBC News Pidgin Service reads thus: “We will like to draw your attention to an incident on Saturday March 9, 2019 in which a BBC reporter, Ajoke Ulohotse, was assaulted while carrying out her lawful duties by Mr. Segun Adewale, popularly known as Aeroland. Mr . Adewale is said to be a prominent member of your party in the Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State.

“The BBC reporter was assigned to cover the Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State during the Governorship and state House of Assembly elections and was monitoring voting proceedings at a polling unit located right in front of Pleasure Bus Stop, along the Lagos-Abeokuta expressway when she was attacked by Mr. Adewale.

“At the polling unit, she noticed that voters were encouraged to approach Mr. Adewale immediately after they voted to collect a cash reward of N1,000 that the politician was personally handing over to them. Sensing this was an apparent case of vote-buying, the reporter decided to film.

“Sadly, she was attacked by Mr. Adewale who slapped and forcefully took her phone away. In assaulting the BBC reporter, Mr. Adewale was assisted by some thugs who had accompanied him to the polling unit.

“We have video evidences of how Mr. Adewale assaulted the BBC reporter and are therefore demanding that you use your offices to ensure that this incident is thoroughly investigated and your findings shared with us.”

Via: Dailypost

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Desperate Dad invents fake breasts to feed reluctant new born in Mom’s absence

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I know a thousand and one Dads who will rather run to a  motherly neighbour to help them force their baby to eat. Some will call the lactating mom to abandoned whatever she was doing and come home to feed their baby.

But we have to give it to fathers of this generation. They are taking so much into cognisance as they are really stepping up to expectations. Rather than throw in the towel and quit, he went his far.

This Dad took all the time needed and thought of a way to do this. Punctured his beautifully yellow cardigan to invent a pair of fake  boobs for his baby girl to eat. God bless him and his thoughts,even though the little girl still suspects this particular type of boobs.

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Allblack4: North West takes over Kanye’s #allblackthemed Sunday Service

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The newly but consistent Sunday service songs introduced by the new Kanye, many are referring to “An old Kanye shit being reintroduced by the new Kanye” has been on for 4 Sundays now, as Kanye is putting up Choir and band for his only Sunday praise sessions, where his family have gotten use to.

While other 3  have been themed white, many wonder if it is due to the series of horrible events that involved blood shed and death, that inspired Kanye West’s all black outfit.

He and his choir had it hot this last Sunday, as Northwestern as said to be feeling herself more than the previous ones. She and her BFFs danced all year way to the Internet,where many have admired her love for the dance. She definitely is grown up.


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