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Meanwhile #Cardib and the #Neongreen #nails rock


Cardib and those beautiful neon green nails would make one think they are nails that you only see for photoshoot, but not on Cardinal, which makes it different to do literally anything for themselves. You are going to have to employ all kinds of maids to be normal.

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First it was #Twitter, now #Hyundai and #Kia is to establish assembly plants in #Ghana


Reposted from @lindaikejiblogofficial Automobile giants, Hyundai and Kia to establish assembly plants in Ghana

 Ghana’s Minister of Trade and Industry, Alan John Kyerematen who made the announcement, said Hyundai and KIA will be establishing the assembly plants in the West African country by the end of 2022.  They will be joining Toyota-Suzuki, Nissan, Kantanka, Volkswagen & Sinotruck as automobile companies which have assembly plants in Ghana.  Alan John Kyerematen tweeted;  
Pleased to announce that Hyundai & KIA are set to establish assembly plants in Ghana by the end of 2022 to join Toyota-Suzuki, Nissan, Kantanka, Volkswagen & Sinotruck. The Ghana Auto Development programme = 3,600 assembly & 6,600 manufacturing parts jobs in Ghana. #InvestforJobs

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With all kinds of “Yes” stories on #socialmedia these days, #Man dares to make a difference with his rejected #proposal


Even though it is not the story ending I will want for anyone, I sure appreciate the different storyline. People always feel the need to project only good things happening in their lives that they forge or even construct it to meet up to standard. Now even though the transparency of this story can’t be proven, it is even a fresh and more appreciated branch of story for me.

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Amid prolonged #illness, controversy, epileptic healthcare system and Poverty, #Comedienne #AdaJesus dies


Reposted from @punchnewspapers Nigerian Twitter users have taken to the microblogging site to air their opinion about the death of popular comedienne, Ada Jesus. According to the users of the online platform, the comedienne died due to the country’s poor healthcare system.

.So far, tweets about the comedienne’s death have generated a lot of engagements on Twitter and it has garnered over 12,000 tweets. The late skit maker trends at number two on the microblogging site..The comedienne died two days after celebrating her birthday. The young lady had been battling kidney disease and eventually stroke which left her incapacitated before her death..Her demise was announced by Harrison Gwamnishu, a man who had been taking care of the ailing comedienne. Gwamnishu led a group of Nigerians that took the comedienne to the hospital for medical treatment when reports of her illness went viral..During an exclusive chat with The Punch Gwamnishu said the comedienne died this morning at 7:15 am..He said, “Yes, she is dead. She died this morning at about 7:15 am I was at the hospital at the time she died. Yesterday evening she was strong, happy and laughing with us. She celebrated her birthday two days ago. We bought cake and drinks for her and she was happy. Everybody was happy with her as well. Yesterday evening she was still happy and when I was about to leave the hospital she did not want me to go but I had to lie to her that I was going to call the doctor, and then I left the hospital. At about 11 pm, her husband called me that they wanted to give her an injection and it cost N50,000 but they did not have the money so I had to transfer it to them..“After she received the injection, they said that her breathing was very bad, I had to leave where I was at about 12:15 am to rush down to the hospital. At the time the doctors gave her oxygen to ensure that she was breathing fine. At about 1:30 am they moved her to the intensive care unit ward where they kept her. It was this morning that they confirmed that she had died.”–Follow us for breaking news and videos.–Click on the link in our bio for more.–#adajesus #comedian #entertainment #punchnewspapers

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#AmericanSinger #SZA narrates what it felt like growing up a #muslim and wearing #hijab post #9/11


Reposted from @balleralert SZA Opens Up About Growing Up Muslim And Being Scared To Wear A Hijab Post 9/11⁠

⁠Blogged by: @ErinBoogie⁠⁠In a recent #TikTok Live with #Muslim Girl, #SZA opened up about her experiences growing up Muslim and revealed that after 9/11, she was too scared to wear a #hijab. ⁠⁠When SZA was asked about growing up with a Muslim father, she didn’t start to see hate until after the 9/11 terror attacks on New York City. Before that, her father attended mosque, and she went to a Muslim prep school in Newark, New Jersey. SZA felt insulated inside her bubble.⁠⁠“The experience was very microcosmic, very insulated, very much like you don’t know that no one else is practicing the same thing if you’re Black and in the suburbs because you’re kind of in your bubble,” she told the outlet. “I guess I didn’t realize that things were weird and awkward until I got a lot older.”⁠⁠The singer also revealed that up until 9/11, or when she was about 11-years-old, she wore a hijab. Due to the increased Islamaphobia following the terrorist attacks, SZA said she was too afraid to cover up…to read the rest log on to (clickable link on profile)

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#CNN ‘s #AndersonCooper reveals he has become the host on #Jeopardy after the death of #AlexTrebek


from @andersoncooper Tonight is the first night I guest host on Jeopardy! I rarely get nervous, but I definitely was the first moment I stood behind Alex Trebek’s podium. It was a great honor and very moving for me. I have watched @Jeopardy since I was in high school (back when i had brown hair.) I am such a fan of the show and miss watching Alex, who was the perfect host, and conducted himself with such intelligence, humor and grace. I will be on for the next two weeks, April 19-30th. I hope I do ok. #Jeopardy #AlexTrebek

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Anonymous caller of #Nigerianinfo radio program narrates how his illicit affair with married #Mother-in-law produced a #Son


The Nigerian man who shared details of his affair with his mother-in-law in a call-in show on Nigeria Info, said he got introduced to his mother-in-law while still engaged to his wife.

According to him, they had sex after they met at an “entertainment spot” with other friends. The man who disclosed that he was drunk at that time, said he was shocked after he learnt that his mother-in-law went ahead to have the baby which she (mother-in-law) pinned on her husband.

The distraught man also revealed that when he asked his mother-in-law why she had the baby, she said she took the decision because her husband had always resented her because she had only female children.

The man also expressed how sad he is knowing that his son is now his brother-in-law.

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The world stays analyzing the #mood, #colours and #fashion of the #royalfamily #attendees at #PrincePhilip ‘s #funeral


The funeral of the Prince of Edinburgh, Prince Philip was attended by family and pushy well wishers, paparazzi and news crew of the royal home,if not for anything for the mere fact that they will like to see a reaction to the scandal oprah helped Meghan and Harry ignite.

While it may seem like the royal family is all mourning hurt by the passing of it patriarch, it doesn’t stop the fact that there is indeed tension between the family members as to why their boy Harry the son of charles, the grandson of Philip would nail the much respected family.

The Queen is indeed a Queen 🐝, and why will anyone be saddened by the passing of the Prince when all the anthems they sing is about God saving blessing the Queen. not once did it occur to them that the Prince just might need that same song for blessing. Phew .. talk about when you are in the second place of a race, all attention goes to the first place.

And Meghan didn’t attend that funeral, because Sis is not about to let herself be trapped into a corner of a room filled with the Royals in the name of grieve and mourning. Harry however is the tru son of the soil, and had to do the needful by attending.

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“They are not Humans, they are #Muslims”- #AmericanWoman gets arrested for attacking and spitting on #muslim couple


These days there is always one white American having a Supposed Bad day and goes off on anyone one who isn’t white. For some reason their mood swings always have color sensitivity. There is not a white American who goes off on his fellow white American, they look for a black 🖤 or a Hispanic and in this case a muslim to release their anger upon.

And how they always think it is simply easy to kill the tension by saying they have a black or hispanic or Muslim friend is still a sign of cunny medicine after death to me.

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With absolutely no #history of a #romantic relationship for over a decade, MI shares the secret to a #happy #relationship 🙄


Sheybi there is nothing we won’t see and hear on this streets of social media. If Dolly Parton who has been married for over 50 years is talking about relationships we listen. How is MI a good example of a relationship expert when over a decade of his reign and we have never seen him linked with a other. The only time we heard anything close enough was when he had an altercation with a Talkative OAP who called him “Gay” on social media.

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#Nigerians drown in confusion after #PresidentBuhari tells them to expect “continuity” on arrival


This one of those things you would have preferred wasn’t said, because it deepens your shallow understanding of the matter. With how put together the arrival of the president of the federal republic of Nigeria was, you wouldn’t expect that he would drop this hit pot of ponder on the anticipating minds of Nigerians. When he gave the welcome speech and asked Nigerians to expect “continuity”, that was when I know baba is infact a smart politician unlike Daddy trump whim we have deeply missed since February.

Continuity of what exactly Sir? What are up the remaining part of that speech? what isn’t their a verb after that word “continuity”? Well I hope with this few points of mine, you too can see that Baba is a smart man.

from @channelstelevision President Muhammadu Buhari has told Nigerians to expect continuity from his government after he returned from a medical trip to London, the United Kingdom.

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