Dwayne #The Rock Johnson fails to abide by rules as he attends daughter’s tea party


Who makes the rules at a tea party? Whoever is Making the rules should better be alot bigger than The Rock, because he is not abiding by thd rules. While he was to simply sip his invisible tea (sometimes an actual tea can make its appearance ) and talk about dulls and the best outfits for them, be was busy doing grown up things (or so we think).

from @therock – 🍵❤️ (daddy may have put a little nip of tequila in his tea, cos it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere)

#icherishthesemoments #andgodblessmychair


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Jeremy #Roloff and wife Audrey celebrate their 5th wedding #Anniversary


Reposted from @audreyroloff  – We celebrate today like it’s a national holiday every year😜 Because we believe anniversaries are important and worth celebrating big💗 Happy 5 year anniversary @jeremyroloff (swipe ➡️for some nostalgia😭) I love growing with you, working with you, playing with you, learning with you, dreaming with you, adventuring with you, and I love loving you. I’m so honored to live this life alongside you. I’m inspired by who you are and who you are becoming and so grateful that you’re my best friend. Thank you for cherishing and challenging me and loving me so patiently, creatively, intentionally and faithfully. I love you more and more each year Jeremy. “Locking it in” today😍 ‘If it’s half as good as the half we’ve known, here’s hail to the rest of the road.’ 🥂⁣

“Our big day was full of blessings, joy, celebration, and love. We didn’t want it to end, but we were encouraged that even though the day was ending, our marriage had just begun! Moments before we walked through a tunnel of sparklers to our getaway car, it caught my eye. That typewriter. The typewriter Jeremy used to write me love letters and poems. The typewriter that revealed the words, “Will you marry me?” The typewriter that made our relationship more meaningful and memorable than we ever imagined it could be. It will always carry such valiant symbolism in our marriage. To this day, it sits on the entryway table in our home, reminding us to continue writing our love letter life and reminding us of this truth: to find and still seek, now that is love.” #ALoveLetterLife #beating50percent #alwaysmore #stayingido – #regrann

Reposted from @jeremyroloff  – It’s been one of the wildest few weeks we’ve had in a while. Lots has happened. We’ve experienced the heights and depths of emotion, the joys of new beginnings and the sorrows of unexpected endings. Life tends to hit overdrive at times and we are left to react how we know best. Our reactions can teach us a lot about ourselves. They are truthful, unbiased indicators of our emotional and spiritual health. But that’s for another post.

This post is in honor of our five year wedding anniversary. Amidst the wild seas we were able to steal away for a night to celebrate, reflect, and rest. If you told me on our wedding day 5 years ago we’d do all we’ve done these last 5 years I’da laughed. But as the saying goes, people dramatically over estimate what they can do in one year and dramatically underestimate what they can do in five. And what a ride it’s been these last 5 years. I’m looking forward to the next five. “If the next half is half as good as the half we’ve known, here‘s Hail! To the rest of the road.” There’s no one else I’d rather have at the helm of life with me than you – happy 5 years Audrey.

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Blossom Chukwujekwu confuses Nigerians the more as he gives the advantage of a broken heart.


Just when we thought our fellow bloggers are blowing things out of proportion by rumouring that blossom and his beautiful wife #redvigor are done for good. The marriage which has been producing all kinds of pda on their individual Instagram account has rocked the hearts of fans when the news broke that the pair have called it quit.

While the marriage hasn’t yet yielded an offspring,  anominous individuals are saying that it isn’t about kids. But I am saying that it has a part to play in it as Africans. But then again #red has don’t responded to the rumours as expected, instead she is talking about her brand new business idea that suddenly came to light during this trying times. Another interview of blossom’s showed him saying that “The Lord doesn’t accept divorce, and that it is never an answer”. We were happy that he felt that way and hoped for a reconciliation sooner than later, only for him to shake us with a caption on his Instagram today.

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Recognizing that they will still cheat, Nigerian Lady shares explicit details on how to sexually please your man.


Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for this woman/lady. She has made it so easy to picture this detaisl happening, and not just that, she is giving you the very reaction you will get from doing what she has asked of you, and then reminding you to clean up afterwards. She is a genius in this aspect of life if I do say so myself. I will definitely try it, the question here is, will you ladies try it? And will you men avail yourself for a trial? Give the ladies a chance to perfect things.


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Breaking: Rihanna and her husband send each other a love-hate message


Ladies and gentlemen you are all welcome to the love circle we never knew existed between Riri and her trusted business husband. And your hearts will melt at the extent of love-hate they are both dislaying. The supposed business husband and close friend  goes by the name @illjahjah on Instagram. He made the post after Riri made hers first.

Reposted from @illjahjah  – Couldn’t ask for a better wifey!! Love and hate you more❣️

Riri was so expressive when she posted about him as her Gay+Husband =Gusband 👏❤️

Reposted from @badgalriri  – to my chocolate gusband!!! you are the most fucked up human being I have ever met! I’m so grateful that you hate everyone, including me. thank you for making sure that I stopped wearing sweats and UGGS in the airport. thank you for spending all my money on Bottega bags. thank you for being my ghost writer at @fenty Maison! thank you for being my spirit animal of edges. thank you for getting my first piece of “jade” from the Slauson Swap Meet. thank you for annoying me everyday. thank you for the 2 most important words of my life…TF & ASAP!!! phuck u @illjahjah 

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Catching the PH serial killer is a cover up story—- Twitter User alleges



Days after a video went viral  of a suspected 26year old serial killer hanging around a hotel before making an exit, an arrest has been made. The guy was arrested and he has revealed that he has been the one killing all the females. But this relief in the heart and mind of Nigerians has become something different after a Twitter user raised a point about the entire thing being staged by the Nigerian police, and how the same guy had the same shirt on when he was arrested, and he is tilting towards metal illness as the reason for this serial killing.

But while many are saying that the Killings are ritualistic due to the tying seen on the dead bodies, the suspected killer is saying he tears pillow cases to tie up the ladies so they don’t escape or msje a scene. But this is what a Twitter user is bolfly saying snout this whole situation.


“I think he is not the killer, he’s just a cover up… The police has the script and I guess lastly they will use him against a well known opposition party member in rivers state. He will confess that a high profile PDP member in river state is thd one sending him on the mission. Remember Offa bank robbery how it ended in witch hunting Saraki? If you watch that CCTV footage you will see that he stood so long at thd reception desk so the CCTV can get his face well, then days later he was caught wearing the same clothe. Lol using 200k to lure girls, with no flashy wear nor flashy car and you want to tell me a PH girl agreed to follow him to hotel in a taxi lol.. Its obvious he is not thd killer, we demand for the real killers not this clown. Mark my words..”

This is an intense topic and a new way to look at this issue, but what do you think of this guy’s theory…? Sense or no sense..

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Tonto rethinks her life as Son seats on her N5million worth enhancement to drink his soda


Seems King needs to be reminded of how expensive his seat is at this very point. Mummy paid a whopping sum for that seat of yours. Tonto is yet again reminding the world that her son King is not aware of the worth. She posted this..

Reposted from @tontolet (@get_regrann) – I need a new life…

See as this one balance drinking soda on my back…

This boy has absolutely no respect for me.. sitting on my 5million Naria Bum bum smh🥵🥵🥵

#If it’s another person I slap your eye there😥😥😥😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

I Don’t blame him nah, the day I saw him is the day he saw me so he thinks I am his mate that’s over grown..


#Son for sell… #KING SITTING ON A 5MILLION NARIA THRONE #THATS HIW STARS DO😂😂😂😂 #King is so lucky to have me, I can play for africa🧡🧡


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Extramanty: #Prettymike arrives friend’s wedding with 5 ladies in wedding gowns


Talk about the uncle that hates to take a seat quietly. Nigerians number one attention Seeker Pretty Mike, who is know for his unique appearance at events, has yet again represented himself well today, after he arrived a wedding reception venue walking behind five ladies putting on a very typical wedding gown while all holding a bouquet. I’m not sure how this comes off as, not sure why he did it, but I’m sure this can’t be done on everybody’s special day, because it takes away the Special attention given to the Couple. 🙄

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Nobody believed it was real — #Cardib Celebrates her second wedding anniversary


The Couple with the most, seem to be going just fine as they hit yet another miles time while the world awaits a split. The kiaras are celebrating a second year in the institution and they are going even stronger. Happy anniversary to Cardib and her husband a. K.a father of four Offset.

from @offsetyrn – Today is our anniversary nobody believed it was real. We got married without nobody knowing because it was only between us and God! Now we have beautiful Kulture and a big family. I love you 4ever and after life. ❤❤❤ 📷: @#1xcardib

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Sarah Hyland’s romantic comedy #theweddingyear which she Starred and produced is finally out


28 year old Modern family actress Sarah Hyland who was recently engaged to her boo and is now planning a wedding with him, has announced that  the very first movie she has starred and Executive produced is now out.

The actress who also revealed that movie happens to be the very first time she is playing such dual role on. Being the actress and the executive producer of a movie, is something that many have considered very challenging and tasking, and those who believe in the glass being half full, will always find a way to achieve their dreams and Sarah seems to have followed that route. She posted the photo of herself and the star of #Everybodyhateschris sitcom James Tyler Williams on her in stage am and made the announcement as but where featured on the movie.

She equally added  that the movie a romcom is now in select theatres and VOD..

from @sarahhyland- Smiling cause @theweddingyear is OUT NOW!!!!!! My first time starring and executive producer-ing a #romcom 😍 in select theatres and VOD!!!

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Commercial driver commits suicide at mechanic workshop


Such horror . According to punchnews, a  43-year-old man, identified as Kabiru Bello, has allegedly committed suicide by drinking a substance suspected to be Sniper. The same substance the government decided to ban months ago due to its rampant usage in suicide in the last couple of years in Lagos State. According to source it was gathered that Bello who is a residence of number 77 Owode Ibeshe in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State was said to have been found died in his parked Volkswagen commercial bus which carried a plate number that read AKD 724 XM.

Axcoridng to them the Volkswagen was still parked in the mechanic workshop when the man was found dead in it in Ladylak bus stop in Shomolu.

The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, DSP Bala Elkana, who said this in a statement added that the deceased was rushed to the Adesola Clinic, Shomolu, where he was confirmed dead.


According to him, homicide detectives have visited the scene, where one empty bottle of a liquid substance suspected to be Sniper was recovered. But we don’t know what exactly may have caused this man to take his life, and still wondering if he actually took his own life.


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Breaking : Suspected Port Harcourt Serial Killer apprehended by the Nigerian police


Barely three days after a girl was strangled to death inside a hotel room in Rivers State, another has been killed in the same manner.

The latest incident happened on Monday night and the body of the victim was discovered on Tuesday morning, inside the room of the hotel located along Stadium Rd, Rumuomasi, Port Harcourt. .
This time around, the man suspected to be the killer was captured by the hotel’s CCTV. According to the video, currently being analyzed by the police, the duo checked in around 11:30pm on Monday.
However, the alleged suspect left alone the following day. The lady was later found tied up and strangled after the suspected serial killer had already left. The Rivers State police are currently handling the situation.

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Tonto reacts as Youths protest against Bobrisky’s way of life


Amidst everything Going all wrong in the country, some Nigerian youths were said to have been summoned and organised to go ahead and protest against the one and only Bobrisky. According to punchnews, Nigerian youths said to be upto 500 (not sure who counted) on Wednesday took to the streets in Abuja to protest against what they described as moral decadence of Idris Okunneye popularly known as Bobrisky.


The protesters, under the aegis of National Youths Council of Nigeria, while disowning him, said they stood by the National Centre for Arts and Culture, National Council of Women Society, Christian Association of Nigeria and other organizations that had taken a stand against Bobrisky and his activities.

Now that they have matched against him, I hope that their lives have been made better by this and everything that have been wrong with it, is now all gone and life is rosey and cool. And his friend Tonto is insulting everyone even before they try to insult her.

Reposted from @tontolet (@get_regrann) – MAHN FUCK YOUR CULTURE….


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#modernfamily: Sarah Hyland appreciates her brother on his birthday for giving her his kidney


Newly engaged 28 years old  ‘Modern family’ actress Sarah Hyland is showing appreciation to her brother took love to a whole new level by considering it appropriate enough to shares his kidney with his sister. Two years have past and she still is being grateful for his kindest gesture.

from @sarahhyland – 2 years ago today my precious little brother gave me the gift of life. Thank you for not only giving me your fucking kidney but for everything else you do. I love you so much @thehotterhyland ❤️ happy Kidneyversary!!!!

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