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#Nigeriancruise : #INEC announces date for the 2023 general #elections 🙄


There will always be one thing that won’t go away in this country, and that is being a Big cruise with the highest eye service. It’s good to know that they recall the process and are carrying on with it.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Chairman, Prof Mahmood Yakubu, made the announcement during a one-day public hearing on the National Electoral Offences Commission (Establishment) Bill 2021, organised by the Senate Committee on INEC on Wednesday April 28. According to Yakubu, the 2023 general elections will hold on Saturday, February 18, 2023.
“By the principle established by the Commission, the 2023 General Elections will hold on Saturday, 18th February, 2023, which is exactly one year, nine months, two weeks and six days or 660 days from today.We hope to release the timetable and schedule of activities for the general elections immediately after the Anambra Governorship election scheduled to hold on 6th November, 2021.In order to do so, there should be clarity and certainty about the electoral legal framework to govern the election. We are confident that the National Assembly will do the needful in earnest.”he said

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With so much #political backings received, the #LagosState #transport union shock #Nigerians with their abilities


You would think the Government will send out soldiers like they did to the end Sars guys, since these transport guy had guns of all kinds, but then again you see that government is the one giving these guys the guts and backings they never had. After using them during elections to either rig or win, you realise that after election they don’t get to enjoy the priveledge they once did, because the moment election ends, government will ignore these guys. Hunger will definitely bring these guys out and have them disturb the peace of everyone.

Reposted from @alibabagcfr There is a bloody union fight going on at Obalende. People please be careful.
And the police headquarters is right there at Obalende. So who do we call now?

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#USelection2020: The Electoral #College affirms President-elect #JoeBiden ‘s #election #Victory


from @cnn The Electoral College affirms President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory. Electors for all 50 states and the District of Columbia gathered in their respective capitols on Monday to cast ballots. It’s a constitutionally mandated ritual that’s typically no more than a curious afterthought following a presidential election, but the Electoral College vote has taken on newfound significance this year as President Trump and his GOP allies have made unprecedented efforts to subvert the popular will of the voters and overturn Biden’s November victory.

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A happy Speaker #pelosi congratulates #Biden #Harris on their #uselection2020


Reposted from @speakerpelosi Today marks the dawning of a new day of hope for America. A record-shattering 75 million Americans cast their ballots to elect Joe Biden President of the United States – a historic victory that has handed Democrats a mandate for action.

In President-elect Joe Biden, Americans elected a leader ready on Day One to finally begin to crush the coronavirus so we can safely reopen our economy and schools. In President-Elect Biden, the American people delivered a mandate for lower health costs, a mandate for creating bigger paychecks by rebuilding America’s infrastructure, and a mandate for cleaner government that works for the people, not the special interests. And in President-Elect Biden, they have elected a unifier who values faith, family and community, and who will work tirelessly to heal our nation.

President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris won with a strong margin, and they will have a strong Democratic House Majority by their side. Working together, we have the opportunity to deliver extraordinary progress For The People.

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President #Buhari congratulates #Biden #Harris on their #USelection2020 #Victory


Reposted from @muhammadubuhari Congratulations to US President-Elect Joe Biden on his election at a time of uncertainty and fear in world affairs. His election is a reminder that democracy is the best form of government because it offers the people the opportunity to change their government by peaceful means.

In a democracy, the most powerful group are not the politicians, but voters who can decide the fate of the politicians at the polling booth. The main fascination of democracy is the freedom of choice and the supremacy of the will of the people.

Respect for the will of the people is the very reason why democracy remains the best form of government, despite its limitations from one polity to another, and from one society to another.

President-Elect Biden’s remarkable track record gives us hope that he will add value to the presidency and world affairs. We look forward to greater cooperation between Nigeria and the United States, especially at economic, diplomatic, political and security levels.

I urge Mr. Biden to deploy his vast experience in tackling the negative consequences of nationalist politics on world affairs—which have created divisions and uncertainties—and to introduce greater engagement with Africa on the basis of reciprocal respect and shared interests.

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