Mexicans Needed: Plant gift to President Trump by President Macron dies in the White House..


Reposted from @coveringpotus – A sapling given to President Trump by French President Emmanuel Macron to great fanfare has died, according to French news reports. The roots of the story go back to April 2018, when the Macron-Trump friendship was being described as a “bromance,” and the French president and his wife, Brigitte, were feted at the only state dinner the Trumps have hosted. The Macrons presented the Trumps with a tree meant to embody the close ties between their respective countries, and the foursome planted it on the White House lawn with gold-toned shovels in a photo op designed to highlight Franco-American unity. Things seemed amiss shortly afterward when reporters noticed that it had been removed from its spot. But then-French Ambassador Gerard Araud assured people there was no message behind the uprooting. He tweeted that the young oak had simply been put in a standard-issue quarantine. It seems that the sapling didn’t survive its exile. Le Monde reported the demise, confirmed to the Agence France-Presse by a “diplomatic source.” (Photo by @jabinbotsford/The Washington Post) – #obyorijiblog

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Breaking: Muddy Flood water occupies GTBank

no thumb

Seeing this video, I only just now realised how uncommon it is to see a bank get flooded. The normal  bank flood scenes are the premises and entrance of the bank being flooded. The bank Hall itself getting flooded is a scene only from the village people’s package.

This is serious. Watch the depth. And for those wondering,;it is on Ghana and not in Nigeria. Did I hear you say thank God? The rain’t season is just starting,  but please be nice.

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The Duchess of Cambridge welcomed Her Majesty The Queen to her #RHSChelsea Back to Nature Garden.


from @kensingtonroyal – 🍃 Today The Duchess of Cambridge welcomed Her Majesty The Queen to her #RHSChelsea Back to Nature Garden.

The Duke and Duchess showed Her Majesty some of the features of @The_RHS Garden, and introduced her to some of the activities that those experiencing the Garden can enjoy, including Reed Boat making ⛵ – #obyorijiblog

from @theroyalfamily – Today, The Queen, accompanied by members of The Royal Family, attended The Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show.
The Queen has attended many Chelsea Flower Shows including this visit in 1952, alongside The Duke of Edinburgh (Picture 2). This year The Duchess of Cambridge has designed a garden on the theme of “Back to Nature”. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge accompanied The Queen on a visit to the garden today.
The Duke of York, Princess Beatrice, The Earl and Countess of Wessex, The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, Prince and Princess Michael of Kent and Princess Alexandra also attended the annual show. – #obyorijiblog – #regrann

from @theroyalfamily – The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to share some new photographs of their family as they visited the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) ‘Back to Nature’ Garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show this afternoon. The photographs were taken by @mattporteous.

@the_rhs Back to Nature Garden, designed by The Duchess and award-winning landscape architects Andrée Davies and Adam White of Davies White Landscape Architects, is a woodland setting for families and communities to come together and connect with nature.

Her Royal Highness is a strong advocate for the proven benefits the outdoors has on physical and mental health, and the positive impact that nature and the environment can have on childhood development in particular.

Over the past months, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have helped The Duchess gather moss, leaves and twigs to help decorate the garden. Hazel sticks collected by the family were also used to make the garden’s den.

Tomorrow Her Majesty The Queen, accompanied by other Members of the Royal Family, will attend the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. – #obyorijiblog – #regrann

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A rather fit Pres. Buhari seen running while performing Umrah In Makkah 


The photo above is that of  President Buhari and wife Aisha, perform Umrah at the Masjid Haram in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.


While still in the  fasting and spiritual season, the president of the federal Republic of Nigeria President Buhari, was seen preforming the the umrah.

A practice among the Muslims faithfuls who converge in Mecca, where they are said to throw stone at the devil (hypothetically) and curssing him out for his significant job on earth, and afterwards they make a run for it.


While the people of Nigeria knowing at the back of their mind that the president is and will always be a soldier boy, they have however never seen him partake in anything physical since he attained the slow age.


Now seeing him flashing a rich thick skin while praying, and now running during the rituals, it is incredible to know the extent of recovery he has made so far. Where are the people saying he is dying and weak? Come and see what we are seeing oh.

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Letter to humans: Here is what a Bee goes through to ensure you get Honey.


A little Bee education brought to you from  @plantbasednews Read and value the Bee community.

Bees play a vital role in the workings of our ecosystem!⠀

A worker bee lives 40 days, and makes a teaspoon of honey, each bee visits around 1000 flowers to make the honey for their hive⠀

When people say we have a right to take their honey, why do you think it’s so difficult for them to understand that we have no right to steal this honey from the hive of a creature that works so hard to produce something for its own community? “But it’s just honey… they may just be bees.”⠀

They may just be a humble bee, it may be “just honey…” but in that tiny decision to take what is not ours comes an attitude about who we are as people. –⠀
From the day we are born, to the day we die human beings are taught that we are ‘above’ every other creature on this planet. That we are special, that our species has the right to do as it chooses, take as much as it wants without question⠀

But this is a delusion. A house of cards built on arrogance and ego. A falsehood propagated by our own stupidity. We are not above anything else on this planet, not above the trees, the tiny oxygen producing plankton in the sea, the birds nor the insects⠀

If we removed all the trees on the planet, what would happen? What lifeform is really the most precious? What lifeform is the most special?⠀

Our bodies process honey like any other forms of sugar, but manufactures have used honey as a tool to encourage shoppers to buy their products under the guise of it being ‘more natural’. Sure, honey may have antibiotic and antiseptic properties, but then so do many plant based alternatives like ginger, garlic, tumeric and more⠀

The reason many continue to eat honey is taste and the promise of its ‘mystical magical properties’. Anything honey can do, a plant-based alternative can do better⠀

So when you eat honey it may seem insignificant in your journey to reduce harm to animals, and to you that may be true. But just like the honey bee, a small but vital part to our ecosystem. We must protect and respect them⠀

Small things add up to the most important biological systems in our world today⠀

And it can all start by leaving their hard work off our plates⠀ – #obyorijiblog

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In honour of #earthday, The Duke and Duchess share photos to celebrate the planet


from @sussexroyal – Today is #earthday – an opportunity to learn about, celebrate and continue to safeguard our planet, our home.

The above, Their Royal Highnesses in Rotorua, New Zealand. Of the 170 different species originally planted in the early 1900’s, only a handful of species, including these majestic Redwoods, remain today.

Next, we invite you to scroll through a series of 8 photos taken by The Duke of Sussex©️DOS sharing his environmental POV including:

Africa’s Unicorn, the rhino. These magnificent animals have survived ice ages and giant crocodiles, amongst other things! They have adapted to earth’s changing climate continually for over 30 million years. Yet here we are in 2019 where their biggest threat is us.

A critical ecosystem, Botswana’s Okavango Delta sustains millions of people and an abundance of wildlife. Huge bush fires, predominantly started by humans, are altering the entire river system; the ash kills the fish as the flood comes in and the trees that don’t burn become next year’s kindling.

Desert lions are critically endangered due partly to human wildlife conflict, habitat encroachment and climate change. 96% of mammals on our 🌍 are either livestock or humans, meaning only 4% remaining are wild animals.

Orca and Humpback whale populations are recovering in Norway thanks to the protection of their fisheries. Proof that fishing sustainably can benefit us all.

Roughly 3/4 of Guyana is forested, its forests are highly diverse with 1,263 known species of wildlife and 6,409 species of plants. Many countries continue to try and deforest there for the global demand for timber.

We all now know the damage plastics are causing to our oceans. Micro plastics are also ending up in our food source, creating not just environmental problems for our planet but medical problems for ourselves too.

When a fenced area passes its carrying capacity for elephants, they start to encroach into farmland causing havoc for communities. Here @AfricanParksNetwork relocated 500 Elephants to another park within Malawi to reduce the pressure on human wildlife conflict and create more dispersed tourism.

Every one of us can make a difference, not just today but everyday #earthday – #obyorijiblog

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For the very first time, A jellyfish-like creature has been spotted in the Indian Ocean


from @cnn – This jellyfish-like creature has been spotted in the Indian Ocean, potentially for the first time. Diver Victor Vescovo was on a trip to the bottom of the Java Trench — believed to be the deepest point in the Indian Ocean — and his team spotted what they think is a previously unseen species of jellyfish. They described it as an “extraordinary gelatinous animal.” “We came to a conclusion it’s called a tunicate, which is a sea squirt,” says Alan Jamieson, the expedition’s chief scientist. “This particular one is called, we think, an ascidian.” (📸: Courtesy Discovery/Five Deep Exploration) – #obyorijiblog

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Unbelievable: Man survives after being impaled in the head with a rod


While the indians believe so much in rhd spirit, just might be the explanation to this miraculous stoy you are about to read.

A 21-year-old Indian man has undergone a successful operation to remove an iron rod that pierced through his skull

On Wednesday, Sanjay Bahe was recorded calmly talking to medics with the iron rod sticking out of both sides of his head before it was safely removed.

He was building a well at his family farm at Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh, when he fell onto the metal rods, with one piercing the right side of his skull, passing through his brain and coming out of left side of his head. .

Surprisingly, Bahe remained conscious as he was taken to Neuron Hospital for treatment. .

Neurosurgeon Dr Pramod Giri said the rod entered the right temporal region of the brain and passed through the left frontal region across the midline. .

The rod did damage brain tissue but luckily the portion affected may only cause problems like seizures and behavioural changes, like irritability, in later part of his life. None of the injuries is life threatening.

This one is a fighter and a miraculous young man. I pray makes it out of this alive.

Story and photo from Instablog9ja

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Safety Tips on how to Commute In a Lagos rain.


The rainy season is upon us again, and despite our love and gratitude for it, we still face some constant challenges in it, and as Lagosians, it is considered worse than most, since it is a riverine state with water logged streets on it’s Island. Let’s take a litthe but significant look into the safety tips for rainy season.

  • IF YOU DON’T FEEL COMFORTABLE enough to drive in the rain, then wuthout shame or push, freely postpone the trip to someother time.
  • Keep a greater distance between your car and vehicle in front of you to help yourself divert or halt when need be.
  • Adhere to the posted speed limit when driving in the rain.
  • While you ride your bike/bicycle under the rain, try to make yourself and the bicycle reflective with bright coloured clothing and lights to tell other road users that you are present.
  • Do not drive through an extreme flood, it may pull the car away.
  • Avoid driving on the last two lanes of the road while it’s raining, because you just might underestiamate the proximity due to water level, especially if you are not conversant with  the road before the rain.
  • Do not drink and drive, and if you require a pair of glasses to drive,use them.
  • Don’t bike on busy streets going against the direction of traffic.
  • While driving in do not compete with yellow buses and keke, no matter how tempting it may be.
  • Be kind to pedestrians, but be careful who you let in.
  • Wath out for standing water. Drinking through standing water can cause your car to hydroplane or skid across the road.
  • Wind down, or pill over in a safe place when increase in humidity has caused the window to become foggy.
  • Do not be in a haste to get to your destination. So leave your home early enough.
  • Ensure you strap on the kids at the back seat and not the front seat of the car for their safety, and to avoid distractions.
  • Going in social media or texting whole driving is a big No.. No..
  • Get the airconditioner, lights and windshield wipers of your car in a working condition before driving in  the rain.
  • Ensure you advertising enough fuel in the tank of your car, before you set out in the rain.
  • Listen to traffic radio or Google map for warnings of roads to avoid.
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As soon as I announced my separation from Offset, males celebrities flooded my DM — CardiB


Male Celebrities Stormed My DM When I Broke Up with Offset – Cardi B

US rapper #CardiB has revealed how different male celebrities flooded her DM when she announced that she was no longer with her husband and the Father of her child, Offset.

Cardi B also revealed that now that she is back together with Offset, a lot of people are bothered as to why she would return to such a man.

She shared: “A lot of people always telling me, like, ‘You could date, you could find another man, blah blah blah, And it’s like, I can. I can find anybody I want.

You don’t know nowadays who wants you for you.

Sometimes, I’m feeling, people want me for Cardi B.”

“Soon as I said I did a video that I’m not with this guy anymore I got all these male celebs in my DMs, like, ‘Yeah, let’s go to dinner. I’m in LA.

You wanna go to dinner with me? Cardi B?”
“I just feel like, it’s not as easy as people think.”

Cardi B concluded by stating that she and her man are currently taking things slowly.

“I think we’re going to be alright. You know, you gotta take it slow,” she said. “When I was 13, my parents separated, right? So I always feel like it’s important to have like, a two-parents household.”

Via: Mezieblog

My Opinion 

Something tells me Chris Brown was one of them. Just saying.


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2019 Access Bank Lagos City Marathon : All you need to know


According  to Vanguard news,  Some significant names in the athleticsame world, will surprising be making their presence known in the 2019 Access Bank Lagos City Marathon, which will hold this Saturday, February 2nd, starting at 7am.

Among many other big names, David Barmasai Tumo from Kenya who won the 2011 Dubai Marathon will be competing at the 2019 Access Bank Lagos City Marathon.

Also, his compatriots, Jacob Kibet Chulyo, Moses Kigen Kipkosgei are in the mix for action as well as Samuel Gebremichael who now does his thing for Australia.

The female field also boasts of some of the top runners in the world including the likes of Agnes Jeruto Kiptocich who finished as runners up in the 2017 Paris Marathon.

Caroline Cheptanui Kilel winner of the 2011 Boston Marathon, as well as Georgina Rono and Risper Jemeli Kimayo, are all pencilled down to run at the Lagos Marathon.

As much as 35 Gold, 13 Silver and 12 Bronze labelled runners have already registered to be part of the event.

Also being expected is The IAAF Road Races Manager, Alessio Punzi and Norrie Williamson, an IAAF/AIMS Grade A measurer.

Williamson who helped secure certification for the Lagos marathon route is a course measurer for over three decades.

The event which will take place this Saturday, February 2, 2019, and will last for roughly 12 hours, will lead to heavy traffic congestion in the megacity.

The race is divided into two categories – the 10km race and the 15km race. The latter is for professional athletes registered and those also registered with the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN).

Similarly, the 10km is for amateur runners with Kenyans and Eastern African being the major winners of the Lagos City Marathon.

The 2018 Lagos City Marathon was won by a Kenyan-born French athlete Abraham Kiprotich.

For winning the Lagos City Marathon, Kiprotich went home with the $50,000  cash prize.

Lagos City Marathon Routes: Alternative For Road Users

In view of that, you would find a list of alternative routes to ease your movement and that of millions of Lagosians during the Lagos City Marathon below:

*All vehicles from Ikeja and environs headed to Victoria Island MUST go through Ikorodu Road.

*All vehicles from Badagry, Mile 2 and environs going to Victoria Island MUST go through Apapa and Orile to link the Eko Bridge to Victoria Island.

*Residents of Lagos Mainland, Surulere and environs MUST avoid Masha Area and National Stadium but can link Victoria Island through Iponri/Iganmu, Eko Bridge then unto Victoria Island.

*Vehicles coming from Ibadan, Mowe, and environs can link Victoria Island through Ojota, Ikorodu Road, Eko Bridge to Victoria Island.

·*Vechicles from Okota MUST go through Mile 2 to Orile, Eko Bridge to Victoria Island.

·*Vehicle from Sango-Otta going to Victoria Island MUST go through Mushin, Funso Williams Avenue (Western Avenue), Eko Bridge to Victoria Island.

*Vehicles Coming from Epe, Ajah, Lekki, and environs must use the Alternative Route to Victoria Island

*Ikoyi residents going to the mainland can use the Alfred Rewane (Kingsway Road) link to Osborne then to the Mainland

Lagos City Marathon: Roads To Be Closed

However, the following routes will be closed as the Lagos City Marathon holds:

A. Total closure of the Third Mainland Bridge from 6.45am to 2 pm

B. Alaka Road Service lane will be closed from 5.00am to 7.30am

C. National Stadium to Ojuelegba, Dormanlong Bridge. Onipanu Obanikoro and Anthony will be closed from 6.00am to 8.00am

D. From Anthony, Charley Boy Bus Stop to Oworoshoki Will be closed from 6.30am to 8.30am

E. From Adekunle Junction linking the Third Mainland Bridge will be closed from 7.00am to 2 pm.

*Note that this is coming from the organizers of the 2018 Lagos City Marathon organizers.

We wish all athletes in the Access Bank Lagos Marathon all the best!

News gathered from :

#Vanguard news and Concisenews

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Kate Beckinsale suffers a ruptured ovarian cyst.


Beautiful actress Kate, seems to have found out a couple for things while suffering a slight medical condition.

Kate has suffered a raptured ovarian cyst, realising it is painful, and then realising that Morphine makes her cry. She posted the update of photos and a caption that read.

from @katebeckinsale – Turns out a ruptured ovarian cyst really hurts and morphine makes me cry. So thankful to everyone who looked after me #wobbly❤️

She equally assured fans that she is receiving treatment, after thanking fans for their care, and for everyone who has looked after her.

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Tonto Dike reveals the horrific effect harmattan has on her feet.


from @tontolet – This gaddam feet!!! I am one of the cleanest folks on planet earth but this shit still happens to me.. I FEEL horrible and dont knlw what to do asides from pedicure every week until the harmattan is over here!!!

from @tontolet – I will be back in 2dzys to show yall my feet again..

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WakaFlocka ties the knot with his Girl Tammy Rivera .


Reposted from @charliesangelll – Don’t get more gangsta than this…. @wakaflocka at this moment I knew I was a beautiful bride 👰🏽

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To mark her 89th birthday, Tippi Hedren’s iconic 1971 photo with pet lion, surfaces.


from @life – Happy Birthday to Tippi Hedren! Born on January 19, 1930, she turns 89 years old today. She is pictured here in an iconic photograph by LIFE photographer Michael Rougier in 1971 with her pet lion, Neil. (Michael Rougier—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images) #LIFElegends #TippiHedren #caturday


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NASRDA reveals total lunar eclipse will happen on Monday


The National Space Research and Development Agency on Friday says Nigeria will join other countries of the world to experience a total lunar eclipse on Monday.

The information was in a statement issued by Dr Felix Alle, the Head, Media and Public Communications of the agency in Abuja.

According to Alle, a lunar eclipse is a celestial incident where the moon appears darkened as it passes into the earth’s shadow.

He stated that “lunar eclipse occurs only when the sun, earth and moon are exactly aligned with the earth between the two.

“There will be a lunar eclipse over Nigeria on Monday, Jan. 21, 2019.

“The eclipse, expected to be total, will begin in the evening of Sunday and end on Monday.

“The eclipse will start across Nigeria in the early hours of Monday at approximately 3:36 am to reach its maximum

at 6:12am and end at about 6:43am.

“The total duration of the occurrence over Nigeria will be three hours and 15 minutes.”

The media head said that the lunar eclipse would by 4.33am become a partial eclipse, where the moon would start getting red.

He added that “at exactly 5.41am, a maximum eclipse of the moon which may be visible to human sight will be

witnessed, while the moon eclipse is expected to end at 6.43am”

The communications officer stated that the eclipse is expected to take place across North, South America, Western

Europe, North and West Africa and Asia.

He said that the year’s total lunar eclipse would be the last eclipse to be experienced until 2021.

Via: Punchnews


That creeps me out every single time. Eclipse seem to have a biblical and spiritual meaning to it and that leads to a whole other world in my head.

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