#Blackisking : #Adele sends #Beyonce a message,but her #transformation gets the #attention


It’s like every year Adele keeps transforming herself for the better. How went from a big girl to a fit and slender mother right after her marriage ended. They always preach for people to find the good in every bad situation and that is just what British singer Adele did.

Instead feeling sorry, eating her feelings, and hiding from the world, Adele found her voice, her strength and her health plan, and went for it like a Queen.

Always know to be a good friend of the Caters, Adele couldn’t let the Black is king album from Beyonce go online without a congratulatory message of encouragement.

While fans are elated to have Adele debut her new look, many are however worried if this new look will affect her deep, enjoyable and meaningful lyrics that brings her the awards. I’m not sure if looks have something to do with creativity, if anything I hope it makes her better. Fans are more interested in her looks than the message she actually sent to Beyonce.

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#Adele with a message to #Beyonce! ❤️

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#KenyaMoore #highlights the High of her life as she turns 49 years


Babies are so adorable. They bring in the blessing, the love, the light, the strength to keep that hustle going and the bag coming. Most people who don’t want them will only look at what they will cost you, but what about the good side of them?

With her first born coming in at 47, Kenya is revealing that she is just now finding out that she needs her child more than her child needs her. so a sweet thing to hear from someone who never thought they needed something only to find out that the baby is her whole life.

Reposted from @thekenyamoore Happy Birthday to Me! Whew this has been quite a year! Despite the turmoil there has been a constant positive force of love and light in my life.

God brought this Angel into my world who is the miracle known as Brooklyn and everyday is my birthday. How did she get here? Why did she choose me? She knew I needed her far more than she needed me.
You are my life Brooklyn, my happiness, my joy, and the unconditional love I waited my whole life for. You have my grandmother’s spirit. She left me so I could have you.

I live my whole life for you. You are everything that is good in me and you inspire me to be better everyday. You are my legacy.

My only birthday wish is may God continue to cover you and bless you forever and always.
I pray for these things Jehovah in the name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen. ❤️👶🏽 #miraclebaby #babybrooklyn #unconditionallove

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When technology helps you in unimaginable ways.

Medical miracle

This picture above shows a young man whose dental formulae was incredibly misplaced by nature, as a result of that, he got seriously bullied for it as a kid, teased by his peers and made mockery of. He fortunately got the help from a dentist using his braces, he corrected it.

Medical miracle
Medical miracle

Speaking of braces, these things are not as cheap as you think.

.N600 k : mental braces

.N800k : ceramic braces

.N1m : fast braces

So when next you see this on someone’s teeth, you better know that it is not cheap. This and IVF are the best thing ever to happen to humans.

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