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Distraught #Widow of Alfred Olufade the #NAF #Pilot whose #Aircraft #Crashlanded in Kaduna, reveals he had a bad dream about that trip


Distraught Widow of Alfred Olufade the Pilot whose Aircraft Crash landed in Kaduna killing everyone on board, reveals he had a bad dream about the trip.

Reposted from @joba_star its only you that can comfort me and your mum and Dad and everyone. It only you. My Ayodeji my double joy I don’t think my joy can ever be complete without you , my Sparkle that lights up my life. My hype active,super jovial husband always active, I saw them lay you to rest all I could say was GOD. my God never sleeps nor slumber but at this point I don’t know what to think again o my God. I wish you are hear now. Oh oh oh oh my heart sings, oh oh oh oh my heart sings oh oh oh…. am pained my whole wide World is crumbled… where do I picked my pieces from God? I don’t even know what to think. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t think straight Only you God.
Letter to my Husband, my Sparkle ✨ Late flt lt AAO. You went to soon, you had bigger dreams all the dream scattered ah ah ah my inseparable they’ve finally separated us.

Reposted from @joba_star Letter to Sparkle

Oh sparkle you left me so early, oh my best friend where do i start from? Am broken and pieced, my heartaches this wasn’t what you promised me,you said you will always be der for me where are you now, oh 20th of May you took away my rare gem 💎 we where inseparable oh God am scattered and incomplete. Same 20th of May at about 4am you woke me up with fear and said baby baby I had a bad dream, I dream that I crashed on your way to kaduna you said it looked real very real..I prayed for you seriously that morning and asked you not to worry asked you your mission order and who you where flying with you told me flt lt Asaniyi I said don’t worry you will go you will go and come back oh my World you did, you went to Enugu, Owerri and back to Abuja we did video call, we spoke at length and you where just smiling and laughing little did i know that was ur last smile and laugh I would see. And next message I received was you where going to Kaduna my heart shattered, I smelled danger I quickly message you, saying wow seriously, started calling you, you didn’t pick, I called and called my sparkle didn’t pick, why didn’t you pick up, why? I wanted begging you not to go. My heart panic. You told me you coming home to eat pouneded yam and egusi I waited for you how do I imagine myself eating without you? Is that even possible. This 3month has been heaven to me. We eat together in desame plate we prayed together, we laughed together and cried together I never imagined loosing you or typing R.I.P, this wasn’t the plan you had for me. We promised to tour the world together, you said you will always be by myside its still like a dream that I can’t see you. I know you are coming back to me. All I see i condolences message, how to I stand them. Reading them pierces my heart the more. Our Zain, Zion and Zoe didn’t come ah AAO you left me too soon my all in all , Aboy its too much for me to take, our bond was super strong. I feel like a failure I couldn’t stop you I could stop Asaniyi oh my God, oh my God you saw this. Emmanuel Emmanuel Emmanuel Emmanuel Emmanuel Emmanuel Emmanuel Emmanuel Emmanuel Emmanuel your name be praised.

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#Pregnant #Neyo ‘s Wife #CrystalSmith begs for #prayer warriors due to #health scare


Reposted from @itscrystalsmith I will be strong for the both of us cause heaven is just going to have to wait for you. I’m not ready and I won’t be for many years to come. If I could split my heart in half to share with you then it would be done already. Mommy loves you and has enough faith to move mountains. My angel on earth. Stay baking in Gods oven because it’s not time just yet. Simply Asking for my prayer warriors right now🤍🙏🏽

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#Horror : #Mother and 4 #children die in fire caused by #candlelight in Kwara state


A mother and her four children were burnt to death on Wednesday night, March 17, when a candlelight started a massive fire that burnt their house in Kwara state.
The mother, named Titilayo Adigun, and her five children were sleeping at their home at Ifesowapo community, Tanke, Ilorin, Kwara State, with a candle lighting one of the rooms, following days of power outage.

Aftermath of the Burnt Home with Victims

The husband and father of the deceased was out to get some things when the incident happened.
Sources close to the family said only one out of the five children survived the inferno.

The child is now receiving treatment at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital (UITH), Ilorin.
The landlord of the house, Mr Ibrahim Gana, was the one who rescued the child who survived. He sustained an injury on his hand while rescuing the child.

Speaking on the incident, the chairman of the Ifesowapo community, Mr Awodun Yinka, said that members of the community heard the agonising cries from the room-and-parlour self-contained apartment and quickly rushed down to help, but they were unable to rescue the children.

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No #arrest no #Consequence : With utmost #impunity #Trumprioters storm the #UScapitol to the bewilderment of the whole #world


Reposted from @balleralert TRIGGER WARNING

14-year Air Force veteran and MAGA rioter #AshliBabbitt, of #SanDiego attempting to breach a barricaded section inside the Capitol. She died with a #Trump flag wrapped around her neck.

Reposted from @shaunking Not only did Josiah Colt from Boise, Idaho break into the US Capitol, then break into the House Chambers, and stand up in Nancy Pelosi’s podium…he then got online and admitted it all.

Reposted from @shaunking Powerful 60 seconds of truth from Joe Scarborough on MSNBC this morning.

Reposted from @shaunking There she is. This is what I saw yesterday. She just stormed the US Capitol…and was given a sweet walk down the stairs by the police. I’m assuming she went home and was not arrested.

Reposted from @shaunking That man right there is an ELECTED OFFICIAL. ⁣

That’s Derrick Evans- a State Representative of West Virginia – literally breaking into the US Capitol.

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N2bn #Pension #Fraud: #Corruption #Creativity : Following the #successful footsteps of others #Maina slumps in #court


Alleged #Pension N2bn Fraud: Following the successful footsteps of others Maina slumps in #court
The former Chairman of the defunct Pension Reform Taskforce Team, Abulrasheed Maina, who is facing money laundering charges, on Thursday, collapsed before trial Justice Okon Abang of the Federal High Court in Abuja.
Maina slumped down shortly after the court resumed proceedings in the 12-count charge the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, preferred against him and his firm, Common Input Property and Investment Limited.
He had on Wednesday, after the EFCC closed its case with nine witnesses, secured permission of the court to enter a no-case-submission to the charge against him. However, when the case was called on Thursday, Maina’s lawyer, Mr. Anayo Adibe, told the court that his client would not be able to proceed with his application.
Adibe said he was unable to prepare the no-case-submission owing to the fact that he was not availed with records of proceedings of the court in the matter. The defence lawyer was about to make further submission when his client, Maina, slumped beside the dock where the court permitted him to sit.
Some lawyers and officials of the Nigerian Correctional Service quickly rushed to his aid, a development that forced trial Justice Abang to suspend sitting.

Reposted from @lindaikejiblogofficial Maina extradited to Nigeria after arrest in Niger Republic

The embattled Chairman of the defunct Pension Reform Task Team, Abdulrasheed Maina, has been extradited to Nigeria to face his ongoing money laundering trial after he was rearrested in Niger Republic on Monday, November 30.

He was received by men of the Nigeria Police Force at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport this afternoon, Thursday, December 3. The aircraft carrying the former Chairman of the defunct Pension Reform Task Team landed at the airport at 2.15 pm.

Maina is facing a 12-count money laundering charges filed against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC. Part of the allegation against him is that he used his firm to launder N2 billion from the coffers of the pension scheme and also used some of the money to purchase in Abuja.

Justice Okon Akpan of the Federal High Court Abuja ordered his trial to begin in absentia after he had jumped the bail granted him by the judge,

Reposted from @lindaikejiblogofficial Photos of embattled pension task force boss, Abdulrasheed Maina, arriving Nigeria after he was extradited from Niger Republic today December 3.

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couple wahalaHorror

#Divorce : Non Controversial #Actress #ChachaEkeFaani announces split from #husband of 7 years


Well 2020 brought all shades of surprises and this has to be one of it. With the fine Nollywood Actress, Ex wife to Austin Faani and mother of three very well known to be private and family oriented, it is coming as a surprise as Nigerians woke up to an announcement from the star stating that she is done with the marriage, and she is leaving with her life. A statement that insinuates a possible case of domestic violence.

Though she has since deleted the announcement video from her Instagram, fans and friends alike are worried. She is not responding to comments and many including a psychologist are saying that they had suspected abuse in the marriage since last year when the Actress stopped using makeup and cut her hair.

After seven years and three children, many are wondering what the next step is for the star. Whatever the case maybe, we wish them well. Divorce is never as easy path especially when children are involved.

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#US residing Ghanaian Pastor #SylvesterOfori arrested after fatally #shooting his wife Barbara to #death


A Ghanaian pastor who is said to have a significant following and authority on social media especially Facebook where his followers are proudly staged, has added another feather to his cap by simply hunting down his supposed estranged wife and shooting her seven times to death.

In a video making rounds the couple who got married in 2015 where beginning to have problems that hot out of hand while they reside in the United States.

She dropped by the house the couple shared to pick up her important documents and other vitals along with her brother and sister in-law. But right in the presence of her escorts, she was brutally attacked by her so called prophet husband who was vividly heard in the video promising to kill her, and the deceased wife could be heard also downplaying the depth of their matrimonial demons when she was begging her brother to stop attacking the pastor/husband who attacked her, and later on promised to kill her. Advise to report the threat to the police must have fallen on deaf ears as the so called wife was reluctant to dent the image of her dear husband.

Calling his bluff on the other hand, the pastor was said to have gone on with his threat by hunting down the estranged wife at her work place and fatally shooting her seven times to death as promised.

You have to fear the meanness of religious people. Some spirit must have justified his action in his head before he carried it out. I wish her brother (The one who literally fought her battle) the fortitude to bear this loss after all his effort he still lost her to domestic violence.

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Update on previous post. Thoughts?

A post shared by Ife • Writer• Community (@diaryofanaijagirl) on

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HorrorNatural disasterNATUREreals

#Wildfire : A firenado spotted in #California


California is burning down like Babylon. That state is now an annual host of the natural disasters most wouldn’t consider a part of their life. Imagine the fright and thought of the fire fighters in California every year.

This event has given a new meaning to summer in the hot California. Knowing that your city is prone to this sort of natural disaster, how is it normal or appropriate again to carryout activities that involve fire being encouraged into the bush that never stops burning and then a very prominent round of wild fire is then again triggered by the couple that held their baby’s gender reveal party.

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#Horrible : Blackman gets disturbingly rough handled during an arrest by the police in #Georgia


The video making waves shows a black man being rough handled during an arrest right in front of his children in Georgia. With one out of the two officers claiming he was bitten by the semi clad Blackman being arrested. Its hard to watch this, but the back story is yet unknown.

it took another black cop to have the situation under control. while the white guys simply struggled unprofessionally for a significant length of time, The black cop came in and handled the issue way better than his white counterparts.

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Lizzy John Black shares details of her Scary ‘Hit and run’ #Accident

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#TennisStar #NovakDjokovic disqualified after mistakingly hitting a line #judge in the throat with a ball

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#Megantheestallion ‘s hunky #Bodyguard Justin is doubling up as her #BigBrother for her own good


Since the shooting of Megan’s foot by her friend turn weird frenemy Tony Lanez, it is becoming pretty necessary to have a trusted fellow by her side, and since Megan has revealed that she has no family to look out for her since her Dad and Mother are both late, and we have not heard of any siblings anywhere.

She has now gotten herself a hunky bodyguard who will not only protect her from others, he will protect her from herself.

From the video posted, where Megan was seen taking a swim with her pile of friends as usual, Justin was in control of Megan’s action even while having fun, from the activities she was involving herself from her famous alcohol intake straight from the bottle, a habit that may be an underneath source of some Mishaps that have been denied or not acknowledged. Justin was seen trying to take away her bottle and she was being very reluctant since she is Savage and needs to uphold her badge status even though she has been scarred and startled by the gun incident from Tory Lanez.

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#domesticviolence#StopRapeChild sexual abuseDisturbingHomicideHorror

#London police discovers bodies of two missing women in the refrigerator of #sexoffender #ZahidYounis

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COPS LOOKING FOR SEX OFFENDER ZAHID YOUNIS FOUND WOMEN'S BODIES IN HIS FREEZER Police looking for convicted sex offender Zahid Younis found the bodies of two women hidden in a chest freezer in his flat. Younis, 36, of Vandome Close, E16, was convicted at Southwark Crown Court today of murdering Mihrican ‘Jan’ Mustafa, 38, and Henriett Szucs, 34. Their bodies were found in a freezer at Younis’ home in Canning Town on Saturday, 27 April 2019. Younis had previously pleaded guilty to two counts of preventing a lawful burial. Detective Chief Inspector Simon Harding, Specialist Crime, said: “This has undoubtedly been a complex case – the conditions in which both women were found were extremely challenging and I commend the extraordinary work of the forensic experts who helped us piece together the injuries they suffered and retrieve as much evidence as possible. “I also have the highest praise for the officers who went to Younis’ flat that day – it was a good old-fashioned police hunch that made them force open the freezer, intuition that something just wasn’t right. “I pay tribute to the victim’s families for their bravery, it must seem incomprehensible that their loved ones have lost their lives and then been found in such awful circumstances. “Younis is a violent, manipulative man with a history of abusing and controlling vulnerable women, often with transient and chaotic lifestyles like Mihrican and Henriett. However they lived their lives, these women had families, friends, people who cared about them and they died in a truly awful manner. “Younis’ actions are repugnant to us all. He lied throughout the trial, fabricating a story about how others had been responsible for both deaths; something he only came up with once he had heard the prosecution case against him. I am thankful the jury carefully considered the weight of the evidence against him and have convicted him today.” Follow us #globalnetpictures #GlobalNet_Pics #ZahidYounis #murder #guilty #mihricanmustafa #henriettszucs

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Gov. #Sanwoolu sends his #condolence to the Lagos #HelicopterCrash Victims

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