Chilling experiences of motorists, travellers on kidnapper-prone highways


Kidnappings on some highways across the country have reached a crescendo. CHUKWUDI AKASIKE and SIMON UTEBOR capture the shocking stories of some victims of this vicious crime

Throughout the night of May 16, 2019, Angela Nkereuwem, a 21-year-old lady from Mbo Local Government of Akwa Ibom State, diligently studied her Economics textbook in preparation for the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination holding the following day.

The next day being May 17, she woke up as the cock in the neighbourhood crowed to prepare her trip to a secondary school in Ikorodu area of Lagos State–venue of the examination.

Having finished her paper around 2.30pm, she left for their home in an estate in Ikorodu. She mounted a commercial motorcycle. Not quite five minutes into their journey, a black tinted Sport Utility Vehicle with four occupants on the vehicle pulled through and overtook the bike she was on.

As soon as the vehicle stopped, two men and a woman came out of the vehicle, seized her and used a handkerchief to clean her face. She lost consciousness at that point.

The motorcyclist who carried her to the spot she was abducted was allowed to escape by the kidnappers who appeared not to be interested in doing anything to him.

Nkereuwem said after her abductors used the hanky on her, she did not know anything again, noting that she woke up the following day in the kidnappers’ hideout in a forest along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.


How to tackle the Fulani herdsmen attack on the highway.

This is how Fulani Bandits carry out their attacks

They open FIRE GUNSHOTS on oncoming vehicles from the front, pushing you to go back towards more GUNSHOTS from the BACK (rear).

By the time you face gunshots from the front and rear, the ones in front would have closed in on you, you would have stopped the vehicle or it can no longer move because the tires may have been shot, and you are trapped.

It is actually a Military style ambush and if my memory serves me right its called a “fire & movement” or “leap frogging”

Your chance of survival:

Don’t reverse. Drive through the ones in front instead. By doing this, you stand a slim chance of getting out of the trap.

Drastic situation needs drastic action , Stay safe.

Copied from Sam Ogunmusi

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Founder of African American history museum found dead in the trunk of a car


Activist Sadie Roberts-Joseph, who founded an African-American museum in Baton Rouge, U.S, has been found dead in the trunk of a car.

The body of the 75-year-old was found at roughly 3:45 p.m. on Friday, July 12, 2019 and investigators are working to find those responsible.

Via: Instablog


Our deepest condolences go out to the family and loved ones of #SadieRobertsJoseph. Sadie, the founder of an African American history museum in Baton Rouge was found dead in the trunk of a car, @CNN reports.
75-year-old Sadie’s body was found Friday, and the cause of her death is still unknown. The vehicle was found 3 miles from her home and there is no word on what exactly led officers to her car.
Sadie hosted Baton Rouge’s Juneteenth celebration for years at the Odell S. Williams Now and Then African American Museum that she founded in 2001.
“Ms. Sadie was a tireless advocate of peace in the community,” the police department said in a statement. “Ms. Sadie is a–click the link in our bio to read more!

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Bitter/Sweet Victory: Nigerians worry for fellow Compatriots in SA as SuperEagles defeat the heck out of Bafana Bafana of South Africa


Following the defeat almost certainly even before it began, served hot by the Eagles of Nigeria to their humble losing team Bafana Bafana of South Africa,  the sweet victory saw the reinstating of Nigeria as the head of kicks in this side of the world.

It would have been a perfect  evening for the sport loving Nigerians, not until the possibility of a cowardice attack from South Africans crept onto the head of smart thinking Nigerians who suddenly started contacting their relatives in SA.

If history will not fail us, it is very well known that the well known lazy South Africans have nothing on the hot blooded, extremely hard working Nigerians, who have been told that above all things, be ambitious in life.

Known for their extreme ambitiousNess and focus, Nigerians in South Africa,  have been a target of xenophobic attacks from the well known lazy fellow blocks in SA. Known for their swiftly looting skills and sudden deadly attacks on other black nations that have posed a threat to them in the past.  This is no doubt a tale that has been supported by the world famous comedian Trevor Noah and other Nigerians residing in South Africa.   who clearly stated, that his comedy came from real life experience. Other back countries were always in fear for their lives and property whenever there is a bafana match.

While Trevor stated that the bafana team was viewed as a special child who much wasn’t expected from, and anything was OKay to the Country,  equally stated that the Country saw the need to bully any country that dared to defeat their football team.

So with this defeat, Nigerians expected an attack, so they waited,but got nothing so far. It’s been over 24 hours and hopes of an unnecessary  attack isn’t yet gone. Wassup Bafana? Can my brothers go about their hard work routine now, you soar losers? Congratulations  to our guys.

Reposted from @bellanaijaonline (@get_regrann) – #Nigeria defeats #SouthAfrica 2 – 1 to proceed to Semi Final of #AFCON2019.

#BellaNaija #sports #football #africa

Reposted from @goldmynetv (@get_regrann) – Congratulations Nigeria…. Unto Semi Finals. Please share your thoughts about the game.

Chukwueze, Ekong power Nigeria into AFCON semi finals. .

The Super Eagles of Nigeria have qualified for the semi final stage of the ongoing African Cup of Nations, AFCON, in Egypt after beating South Africa 2-1.

Reposted from @vanguardnews (@get_regrann) – Breaking: #Nigeria beat South Africa 2-1, qualify for AFCON semi-final .

from @instablog9ja (@get_regrann) – #Nigeria defeats #SouthAfrica to qualify for #AFCON2019 semi final

The Super Eagles of Nigeria are through to the semi-finals of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations after defeating the Bafana Bafana of South Africa, 2-1, at the Cairo International Stadium.

Goals from Samuel Chukwueze and William Troost-Ekong were enough to seal Nigeria’s place in the last four.


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Over 240 guests suffer food posioning at Ex-Philippines First Lady’s 90th birthday party


We all know that the reason for most gatherings been for the food. But  if the food is poisonous? At events food helps you stay away from unnecessary chitchat, helps you stay away from excessive talking, and gives you the peace that is mostly hard to find.

Now you can have that suspicion at every street party and every low key party, but you  can’t expect that at a former first lady’s party.

According to News making rounds no  fewer than 240 people became sick before being rushed to hospital on Wednesday for alleged food poisoning at a birthday party for former Philippine First Lady, Imelda Marcos, authorities said.

The guests, who suffered from dizziness, vomiting and diarrhoea, were taken to 10 different hospitals in the city of Pasig near Manila, according to Bryan Wong, head of the city’s emergency response office.

The party, which held on Tuesday at a sports complex in Pasig to celebrate Marcos a day after she turned 90, was attended by 2,500 guests.

Marcos, the widow of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, was seen shaking hands with some of the guests at the party before the people became sick.

According to the Philippine National Red Cross, guests at her party got ill after eating from food packs which contained boiled egg, chicken adobo stew with potatoes and rice.

Former senator Ferdinand Marcos Junior, the son of Imelda, has issued a public apology, saying in his statement: “Organizers are determining the cause of the food poisoning and are prepared to cooperate with the authorities.

I apologize. We will help everyone until they are completely well.

Via: MayorNaijaBlog

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NAFDAC seals up warehouse manufacturing unsafe commercial honey in Abuja


The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has sealed a manufacturing and packaging warehouse where honey was  being  poorly and unhygienically packaged in  Nigeria’s federal capital city Abuja.

In a statement by Prof. Moji Adeyeye, NAFDAC’s Director-General, the action was based on information on social media which indicated that the product, produced in Durumi, Abuja was adulterated. “NAFDAC officials clamped down on the facility in Abuja where honey was being packaged. “We acted based on information (video) of honey purchased from a certain supermarket in Abuja, circulated on social media by a customer alleging that the product was adulterated. “The product was produced by Upon the Rock Church of God, Durumi, Abuja,’’ Adeyeye said.

She said that tests on the product, which was initially registered with NAFDAC, confirmed that the product had become unwholesome and unfit for consumption and for that reason, had his licensed revoked.

Despite the fact that NAFDAC registers business, it also revokes it if the business mangers is trying to deceive the general public and poison them for his own personal greed. We know Sars and EFCC are constantly on the look out for the indivisuals who are acting suspicious on social media, but who would have thought that NAFDAC equally looks out for these things on social media.

I’m social on pressed with them for going after this factory. Ladies and gentlemen, you can now freely report poisonous foods making rounds in the society. Good to know NAFDAC… 👏👏👏

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Nurse jailed for life over murder of 85 patients


A German nurse believed to be the most prolific serial killer in the country’s post-war history was handed a life sentence Thursday for killing 85 patients in his care.

Judge Sebastian Buehrmann called Niels Hoegel’s killing spree “incomprehensible”. The 42-year-old murdered patients selected at random with lethal injections between 2000 and 2005 until he was caught in the act.

For this reason, it is scary to realise that many completely innocent people have died as a result of his random selection during this time. You can imagine having this many people die by you. So heartbreaking for the victims and their families.

Read more>>>> – #obyorijiblog

Story Taken from punchng

Photo from gettyimage

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Police releases sketch of suspect in death of  Chris Attoh’s wife Bettie Jenifer 


Police have released a sketch of the suspected killer of Chris Attoh’s wife in a Greenbelt, Maryland parking lot.
44-year-old Bettie Jenifer was shot dead in front of about 10 witnesses on May 10 as she walked from the employment agency she owned. Greenbelt police said a gunman chased her down the parking lot, shot her in front of witnesses and ran off. .

Our investigators do not believe this was random,” police department spokesman George Mathews told The Associated Press at the time. “It was very brazen – it happened in broad daylight in front of multiple witnesses.” The police released the sketch on Friday, but they haven’t named a suspect or a motive yet.

After her murder, it was revealed that Jenifer was married to two men, Ghanaian actor Chris Attoh, 39, and Kedrick Jenifer, a drug lord in Baltimore.
Mr.Kedrick has been serving a 20-year sentence for distributing at least 450 kilograms of cocaine in Baltimore and Virginia. – #obyorijiblog

Talk about stories taking a turn and making a serious revelation just after a horrible thing happens. Was she married to two men at the same time? Wow..

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Motorists recall tales of pains, despair on federal highways across Nigeria


Many major highways in Nigeria are in a deplorable state, thus making users go through indescribable stress plying them. Motorists plying the routes share their disconcerting experiences.


Worsening frustration on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway
The Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, constructed in 1978 and said to be the busiest in Africa, has about 6,000 vehicles plying it daily according to the Federal Road Safety Corps.
Besides, the 127.6-kilometre-long road connects Oyo, Ogun and Lagos states, leading to the northern, southern and eastern regions of the country.


Julius Berger Nigeria and Reynolds Construction Company Nigeria were to take over the project after the Federal Government, on November 19, 2012, terminated its initial concession agreement with Wale Babalakin’s Bi-Courtney on the ground that it was unable make any substantial progress three years after it was granted the contract to rebuild and manage the road for 25 years.


Reconstruction is ongoing on the expressway. While Reynolds Construction Company is handling Section II of the road from Sagamu Interchange to Ibadan, Julius Berger Nigeria is handling the Section I, commencing from Ojodu Berger to Sagamu Interchange.

For more visit>>>> – #obyorijiblog – #regrann

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Graphic: Man’s nose broken over his online support for President Buhari


A staunch APC supporter is counting his losses after being allegedly attacked over his Facebook posts in support of Pres. Buhari and critical posts against the major opposition, PDP.

According to Babatunde Quadri, an estate surveyor, he was attacked, on Saturday, at Cele Bus Stop, Lagos, by one Kayode Abiola, a.k.a Kay Nana, who is a known PDP member.

His words: “I was with some friends when he approached me. He said he wasn’t happy with my activities online and he hit me in the nose with a sharp object. .

He threatened to deal with me and my family ruthlessly. I’ve already reported the case at Afonka Police station, Shasha, Lagos.”

Quadri added that Kayode has always been telling him he would get beaten because of Buhari and now he has achieved his aim. – #obyorijiblog

Via: instablog

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Music producer Tspize hospitalized after suffering paralysis .


Popular Nigerian music producer, Tspize, has been rushed to the Lapaz hospital in Ghana, after coming down with paralysis and losing the ability to move his lower limbs.

According to our source, Tspize, who has worked with many heavyweight musicians like Davido, Runtown, Phyno and others, was in Ghana to work with one of the country’s topmost musicians.

However, there was allegedly a bitter breakdown in their working relationship, with the artiste threatening to deal with the producer and barely 3 days later, he became paralyzed.

He was rushed to the hospital around 12 midnight and according to our source, all treatment is currently proving abortive. We pray for his recovery as fast as life can offer, and also we part his colleagues can come to his aid if need be. Hope he is rehabilitated back to health.

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No word can describe our grief –Parents of boys brigade teenagers killed.


No word can describe our grief –Parents of teenagers crushed to death by NSCDC official in Gombe on Easter Monday

If tears could bring back the dead, in Gombe, at least 10 teenagers would be back on their feet today. Since April 22, 2019 – Easter Monday – when they were crushed to death during a 12:00 religious procession by a murderous official of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps – Adamu Abubakar fondly known as Ushaka – in the Sabo Line area of the capital, their distraught parents and all those, who knew them closely have been drenched with tears. They have cried, prayed and constantly hoped for a miracle. But sadly, the victims are gone forever.

For example, the home of Mr Danjuma Paul, father of one of the teenagers killed – Joseph – has become a confluence of tears since Monday’s tragedy. Men, women and children could all be seen grieving at the place when one of our correspondents visited. According to family members, Paul was a promising boy whose rich ideas gave them hope for the future.


“He was a Junior Secondary School Two pupil of Universal Secondary School and dreamt of becoming a medical doctor when his life was cut short,” Paul’s distraught father said. “It was his younger brother who came to inform me and his mother that Paul had been hit by a vehicle. “We rushed down to the scene and saw the heartbreaking damage that had been done to the young boys and girls including my son.


Tears could not stop flowing down our cheeks. “The man who killed them threatened to cause them pains and he did that. In fact, he made attempts to clear more people and escape but his car got stuck as a result of the crushed bodies on the ground.

For more visit>>>>> – #obyorijiblog

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Just in: Trailer on fire along 7up road Ikeja



You tell these guys to have a can of extinguishers and they tag you troublesome. You let them know it is for their own good and they don’t process it. This tanker would have been saved before the closest Fire department arrive.

Just look at them staring at it while it burns down. At least no life was lost.

Video: goldmytv


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WTH!!!: Buhari donates $500,000 to G’Bissau for elections


President Muhammadu Buhari has donated $500,000  in  support  of  the legislative election  in Guinea Bissau.

He also approved five  Toyota Hilux, two trucks, 10 motorcycles and 350 units of electoral kits for Guinea Bissau.

The Presidency  said  Buhari made the donations  in response to an “urgent request” by Guinea Bissau to support the electoral process in the small West African country.

“In his capacity as Chairman of the ECOWAS Authority of Heads of State, President Muhammadu Buhari, this morning (Friday) directed the  Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama, to undertake an urgent mission as his Special Envoy to Guinea Bissau in  company  with  the  ECOWAS Commission President, Jean-Claude Brou.


“President Buhari had in response to an urgent request for assistance by the government of Guinea Bissau graciously approved support  for  the country’s election process, including 350 units of electoral kits, 10 motorcycles, five (Toyota)  Hilux, two  light trucks and $500,000,” the Presidency said in a  statement by Buhari’s Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Mr Garba Shehu.

What the hell is the meaning of this? Why will the president of the poorest country on earth be giving out money to any body,  for something as shitty and human-imposed as politics?

Mr President? You do know that the people of Nigeria will appreciate that money invested right here or used to make a company, more than the country you are trying to please right?

People are starving,  famine heightening,  and others feeding from hand to mouth  in hope that the country will get better in your regime, and you are there going to please people who don’t even care one bit for us.


This is bullshit Buhari. How much did this new Guinea Bissau friends of yours give to you when it was your own  Country’s elections just two months ago? Food for thought right there Mr President.

– #obyorijiblog

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Gunmen kill British tourist in Kaduna holiday resort


On Friday 19 April, 2019, Faye Mooney, a Mercy Corps team member working in Nigeria, was killed when gunmen stormed Kaduru castle, a vacation resort in Kaduna State, where she was visiting on holiday.

A Nigerian man was also killed in the incident, while three other tourists were abducted. Faye was working as a communications specialist for aid group, Mercy Corps, and was one of 12 tourists visiting Kaduru castle from Lagos.

Via: instablog#obyorijiblog

My Opinion

So this people won’t even thank God that someone all the way from Britain is supportive enough to recognise the existence of the resort and attend it.

Now they allowed these gunmen to kill her? Like even if as a Nigerian won’t go visiting that resort, and the people doing it are being killed?

I hope they will face reality by the time the resort dies a natural death due to fear from tourists. Just when you think the people of this country will be smart enough to help themselves when the government is not, and then this kind of shit happens. So heartbreaking. May her soul rest in peace with the Lord.




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Sudan: Over $351m cash found in ousted president’s house .

no thumb

Huge sums of cash have been discovered by anti-corruption investigators at ex President Omar al Bashir’s former residence, less than two weeks after he was kicked out of office in a military coup. .


Senior public prosecutor in Sudan, Mutasim Mahmoud, in a statement, announced the seizure of $351 million, €6,7 million, and SDG 5 billion ($105 million) at the residence.

He confirmed that the cash is secure within the vaults of the Bank of Sudan, and that charges will be filed against #Bashir under the foreign exchange and money laundering law. – #obyorijiblog

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Easter Tragedy: Bombing blasts kill over 156 in churches and hotels in Sri Lanka.


A coordinated bomb blasts at a number of high-end hotels and churches in Sri Lanka have left at least 156 dead and more than 400 injured

The blasts hit a number of high-end hotels and churches in Kochchikade, Negombo and Batticaloa, targeted worshippers as they attended Easter services. .

Additional blasts ripped through three hotels, The Shangri La, Cinnamon Grand and Kingsbury Hotel, all in the capital, Colombo. There have been “many casualties including foreigners,” tweeted Sri Lankan MP, Harsha de Silva. 📷: AP/EPA/GettyImages – #obyorijiblog

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