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#Covid19 : Kogi State Chief Judge #NasirAjanah dies at Abuja Isolation Centre


Where are the people still saying that the Government is using the Covid19 cases to collect and squander funds. People are now identifying individuals they know on a one on one relationship, who have either caught the virus or dead from it. Stay safe and don’t be a statistics. This is real.

The government of the world are torn between safe guarding lives and upholding the economy. These things are paramount to every country. So what is being done is to let people go about their daily hustle and work, hoping they will be responsible enough to look after their own safety. But with the rate of doubting Thomases on the streets of Lagos State, it is clear that the virus has more than enough people to come in contact with, because no one is bothered about masks any longer and it is scary to witness. These people are submitting themselves voluntarily due to doubt, to be used by Coronavirus as vessels to transfer. Be wise and be safe.

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Nigerians react to the death of former beauty Queen and wife to Pastor Ituah Ighodalo, Ibidunni Ighodalo


So much can happen in seconds. May God console the family, friends, fans and we’ll wishes of the late beauty Queen Ibidunni Ajayi Ighodalo.

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Another one : Lady calls out Dr. Anu after a N1.6m breast Surgery epic fail


Yet another lady is calling out this same Dr Anu who is said to be having multiple calls out on people who have lost their lives and who are botched from her surgery.

The Lagos State body doctor is just hopping from one botched surgery case to the next. With the last one involving a dead lady, another lady with a disturbingly ruined and botched breast is yet again calling her out for blocking her and refusing to help her out.

Even though these ladies may have a non compatible body for these surgeries, it doesn’t stop the fact that the botched coming from previously done surgeries of Doctor Anu, is certain growing in number and disturbing to watch. This lady is clearly in pain and being scared as this might just cost her more than more and pain.

The same Doctor Anu is well linked to the law enforcement and gets her way out whenever she is arrested. Boldly playing and ruining people’s lives and getting away with it is such a scary play to know that someone occupies. I hope this lady gets the help she needs before it is too late.

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allegedly performed by Dr Anu cries out.

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Time flies : Charly Boy counts his blessings as he set to mark his 70th birthday and 40th wedding anniversary

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Join us tomorrow @6pm

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Start Now!!!!! Oya!!

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Nigeria’s VP Osinbajo emerges from lockdown with a significant weight gain


It is obvious that this Country issues are weighing down on the heads that wear the hat. If the months of lockdown is said to have given this much rest to the climate, the environment and even to our Dear Vice President Osinbajo, then it is such a good thing for everyone even if it is in disguise. Peep the pound of flesh added to the famously skinny vice president. He looks happier to be honest.

If he gained this much weight then I wonder how much weight his wife must have gained during this period. I can’t wait to see her.

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Lagos State discharges 31 Covid19 patients


from @jidesanwoolu Dear Lagosians,

Today, 31 COVID-19 patients; 12 Females and 19 Males, all Nigerians have fully recovered and have been discharged having tested negative twice to the virus.

The patients; 1 from the Mainland Infectious Disease Hospital, Yaba, 13 from Onikan, 11 from Gbagada, 5 from Agidingbi and 1 from Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) Isolation centers have been released to go home to their loved ones.

With this, the number of patients successfully managed and discharged from our Isolation facilities has risen to 738.

The recovery of COVID-19 patients is encouraging, and we thank our front line health workers for the remarkable progress we have made so far in our battle against this pandemic.

I urge us all not to relent in the battle against the this global pandemic, we must continue to practice hand hygiene, wear our face masks and observe the social distancing protocol.

If we continue to do the right things and obey the stipulated public health safety guidelines, the chain of COVID-19 transmission can be broken in our state.
Thank you. – #regrann

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Lagos health workers deliver 3rd baby through Caesarian Operation from Covid19 positive Mums


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Dear Lagosians, It specially warms my heart to bring you this great news. Today, a pregnant COVID19 positive patient was delivered of a baby boy through caesarean section at the Gbagada Isolation Centre. Both Mother and baby are doing well. Also, 67 fully recovered patients; 22 Females and 45 Males including 3 Foreign Nationals – 2 Indians and a Chinese were discharged to join the society. The patients; 24 from the Mainland Infectious Disease Hospital, Yaba, 22 from Onikan, 11 from Agidingbi, 2 from Lekki and 8 from Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) Isolation Centres were discharged having tested negative to COVID-19 in two consecutive readings. With the latest development, the number of patients successfully managed and discharged from our Isolation facilities has risen to 608. This great news is a pointer that our strategies are working and yielding the desired results. It is also a sign of victory and motivation for us as we push ahead in the battle against the Coronavirus pandemic. As our front line health workers record successes in this battle against COVID-19, we urge citizens to adhere strictly to our public advisories and directives as this is the only way we can break the chain of transmission of the infection and hoist the flag of victory at the end of it all. As we look forward to more great news in the coming days, I urge you all to take responsibility and play your part for a COVID-19 free Lagos Thank you

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Gov. Sanwolu contemplates another lockdown due to non-compliance seen amongst Lagosians


Due to the bank, market and general videos that emerged from Lagos State the first day of lockdown ease on Monday 4th May 2020, the Governor noticed most of the individuals out didn’t have their nose masks on, and they were at close proximity to each other, overlooking the need to social distance and protect themselves. He is now revealing his intentions of such behaviours persists amongst his people.

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Dear Lagosians, This week has been unprecedented in terms of the numbers of newly confirmed cases in Lagos State. As at Friday, we had 1,683 confirmed cases. 448 have been treated and discharged, while we have sadly lost 33 persons. The trend of recoveries is encouraging, and we believe it will continue at this rate. It gives us the much-needed confidence to face the difficult days ahead. Clearly, we are in the community transmission stage, and the only way to be sure we are making all the right decisions is ensuring that we continue to scale up testing. The controlled and gradual easing of the lockdown was to strike a balance between the protection of lives and the sustenance of livelihoods. However, I was taken aback, watching residents going about their businesses in the last five days without complying with the public health guidelines despite massive advocacy. The crowd observed at various banks and markets across the state flouted the public gathering directive. We would not watch people violate the state’s guidelines towards combating the pandemic. As a Government elected to uphold security of its citizens, which include health security, we will not hesitate to review the terms of the ease of lockdown if we do not see improvements in adherence to our public health guidelines in the next couple of days. We will be forced to take a painful decision of bringing the entire system under lockdown if we continue to see evidence that Lagosians are determined to flout the rules. In order to hasten treatment processes, we will be introducing community management of cases, by accrediting and incorporating primary healthcare facilities and private healthcare facilities for the management of mild-to-moderate cases of COVID-19 patients. We are at a critical point in the management of the COVID-19 pandemic where every citizen of the state needs to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing. As citizens, we have a great burden upon us to behave responsibly. These times demand a lot from us, in terms of actions and behaviours that may not be comfortable. To stay alive and well, we have to abandon old habits and customs, and adopt new ones.

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo returns to studio after making a full recovery from #Covid19


It is so beautiful when a positive news emerges from this deadly virus. it is so normal for us all to count all the loses that have come from this incident and ignore the positive side of things. But it feels good to know that brother to the Newyork Governor Andrew Cuomo, Chris Cuomo has made a full recovery back to life and work. He invited everyone into his Covid19 journey, that we all felt it personally with him as he made his quick recovery. welcome back Chris, and I know we are about to have more of those funny moments he holds with his elder brother on CNN.

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Anxiety level surge high over rent payment as over 30 million #Americans file for #unemployment


The ripple effect and side effect of the lockdown is coming down on Americans like a villain. With the government doing all they can to help out in ways that must be paid back, the residents and citizens of the US are not having it any easy at this time, as they having to sleep with one eye open, waiting for the next action from the landlords and ladies.

We have seen letters from some house owners who have been considerate enough to suspend rent for a few months, we have seen individuals and groups asisiting with a certain percentage of bills for people they know out of empathy, and we have equally seen those who have put their foot down on their complete payments at the right time.

We were told that the government will collect back his palliative money when the time comes. Such a political move.

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Lagos State discharges 60 recovered #Covid19 patients


from @jidesanwoolu

Today, we discharged 60 COVID-19 Lagos patients; 40 males and 20 females, from our Yaba, Eti-Osa and Ibeju-Lekki isolation facilities to reunite with their families and society.

The patients, 31 from the Infectious Disease Hospital, Yaba, 19 from the Ibeju-Lekki and 10 from Eti-Osa Isolation Centres were discharged having fully recovered and tested negative in two consecutive readings.

With this, the number of COVID-19 confirmed cases that have been successfully managed and discharged in Lagos is now 321.

The high number of discharged patients should not be an avenue for us to shun all precautionary measures to avoiding the transmission and spread of the virus.

It is important that we do the right things and act responsibly at this time.

Easing the lockdown is not a reason for us to rush out and eschew all safety guidelines.
Social distancing should be strictly adhered to.

If you have no reason to be out, please stay home, stay safe and save lives.

And if you must go out, please Mask Up. – #regrann

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Gombe state #Covid19 patients break out of isolation to protest on the street


Who did we offend in this Country? This is. clear case of Government will disgrace you. But my question here is; Is this the safe practise? I wonder how bad the treatment are that they had to let it get to this stage. Where is the Governor and his health officials? what exactly was done so badly that this incident had to take place? I am trying hard to understand where both parties are coming from.

These guys are so many that Government in the north as usual will either neglect them, or simply get overwhelmed. But all things, this number is nothing compared to the number Lagos is handling. I hope this protest will get them what and where they want.

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Coronavirus patients at an isolation centre in Kwadon community in Yamaltu Deba local government area of Gombe State broke out of the facility to protest on Tuesday, May 5, 2020. . The protesters barricaded the Gombe-Biu road, a highway linking Gombe State with neighbouring Borno, to express their dissatisfaction with the quality of care on offer. . An estimated 20 patients complained on the highway that the government has not been taking proper care of them. . One of them told Channels TV that it took four days after he arrived at the centre before a doctor attended to him. . The patients' protest attracted the attention of locals in the community who crowded around them, raising fears of further community spread of the highly infectious disease. . The state's Commissioner for Information and Culture, Alhassan Ibrahim Kwami, said medical care for the patients has been limited because they're asymptomatic. . He said the protest happened only because they didn't properly understand the nature of their infection. . "They are asymptomatic and there is no way anybody can be giving drug without showing any symptoms," he said. . He appealed to the patients to be calm while the state government addresses their concerns. . As of May 4, Gombe has recorded a total of 96 coronavirus cases, with all of them currently under medical care. . . #PulseNigeria #PulseNews #Covid19 #Gombe

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To mark the 2020 Worker’s Day, Wives of State Governors, VP and President applaud the Nigerian Frontline health workers #Covid19


To mark the 2020 Worker’s Day, Wives of State Governors, VP and President applaud the Nigerian Frontline health workers who have been waging war against an unfamiliar enemy of humanity #Covid19

We can never thank these heroes in scrubs enough for what they have been putting up with in the bid to eradicate Coronavirus from Nigeria. Despite working without a known vaccine, these guys have been doing good in enduring recoveries are made to a great extent. What better day to appreciate their effort than today, where Nigeria is marking her 2020 worker’s Day in their honour.

Some first ladies of state, the first lady of the Country and her husband, and the VP and his wife, made a video applauding the effort made so far, to serve as an incentive for more. God bless the health workers, God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and May God heal the world.

P.S… Don’t talk about the President and his wife’s clapping style.

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#Covid19 : Atiku Abubakar’s son reportedly moved to ICU as condition intensifies


For the Muslim faithfuls and Christian ones too, your prayers are needed for the recovery of the son whose condition has worsened. Hoping you have cleansed your ways with the Almighty God as you start this month of Ramadan, then use your now unsining life to intercede on behalf of Abubakar junior for a quick recovery. May God heal you Mr Atiku Abubakar Junior.

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Kaduna state Governor finally tests Negative to #Covid19


The Kaduna state Governor Nasiru El Rufai, has announced the good news of his recovery from the deadly Coronavirus. Governor ElRufai who has been battling the pandemic for weeks now, while still carrying on with his leadership duties, was active till his full recovery.

On his Instagram, the Governor Twitter:

“I am delighted to report today ,that after nearly four weeks of observing a strict medical regime , I have now received the all clear after two consecutive negative test results “.

We are indeed glad to get this news, due to the consistent death news coming from the Northern Nigeria. Thank God for his recover.

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