#positivevibes : SELMA BLAIR living positively through MS. #selmablair


When you are faced with all of this as a human being, you are forced to go tinto depression, you are expected to cry and hide form the society, but no one rwlaly expects you to be so happy, so positively minded, so hopeful and so loving. So why don’t you surprise the world by doing what they don’t expect of you? This is the exact thing happening to Salma Blair. Despite it all, she is living her life to the fullest and she refuses to be let down by multiple sclerosis. You go girl..

Reposted from @selmablair  – Sunday. Rest. Gratitude. I write this with helping someone else in mind… Since chemotherapy and high doses of prednisone I have lost any ability to focus with my eyes.(I find it difficult to be on phone so I am not on social media or communicating w friends through writing very much). Panic sets in. Will this be permanent? How do I get to one more doctor appointment? How will I work and write when I can’t see and it’s so painful? And then a simmering of knowing. Underneath all the doubt. It will be ok. Take it smaller to each moment. Let the body heal. Nourish. Walk slowly. Burst into laughter. Give my nervous system a chance. I see how wonderful and kind people can be. I see how frightening it can be. Uncertainty. I am choosing to say this too shall pass. And my word… it’s so beautiful today. Still cool in the shade and the whole day before us… we can do it. Breathe . 💛 ps. My left leg is feeling the ground!!! #hsct Also… I have found much relief in settling my system with @montelbyselect #relax #hempextractcapsules . Thank you @montel_williams 🧡 – #regrann

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Shocking: #Toyawright finds daughter Reign taking a happy swim in a toilet


You never know what a package each day brings to you as a mother. Toya Wright got a gross one today, when she walked in on her baby girl taking a swim in a toilet. How she got in there is still a mystery to a really grossed out Toya. Is she tall enough to gain access into that toilet? Well kids will always be kids, and this one says a lot of “No.” to her mother, so she sure will be a hand full.

Toya was able to give a video update of her soaking her child in the bath tub to take away the germs that she must have taken while swimming in the toilet and letting her know that what she had down was bad. But wait a minute, if she cleaned that toilet the way she should have, would there be this much grossed out situation iom to deal with? #thoughts.. Good luck with that Toya.

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Twitter user realistically explains why men are responsible for 60% vagina infection in women.

They say the most painful insults are the ones done realistically.  A very concerned Twitter user who is known by the name gentle_minic is now revealing a very concerning issue about the situation in the toilet of men with big members.


She is coming out clearly and consicely without mincing words to reveal that the penis of men drop inside the toilet bowl when they poop. She was concerned enough to have given them tips on how to prevent this happening.

while recognizing the expected reaction from men all over the world, she gave some good tips to men.

Try as much as you can to wash both your anus and your penis after pooping or unirinating. Men are the cause of 60%of Vagina infections in women.

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Nigerian-born German Woman Calls For Help In Cancer Fight –


Astrid, a 42-year-old woman with Nigerian and German parents suffering from leukemia or blood cancer, may die any moment from now over her inability to get a stem-cell donor for her treatment.

Only three per cent of stem-cell donors globally are mixed race and only 23 per cent are black, making it difficult for leukemia sufferers to access stem-cell donors in comparison to their Caucasian counterparts.


Please help this Nigerian woman if you think you can. She is our blood and blood will always stick up for blood when required. Contact

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Muslim #SineadOConnor a.k.a Shuhada performs at #TheLateLateShow in Ireland rocking her #hijab




Reposted from @1omaresa (@get_regrann) – Alhamdullilah blessed news regarding famous Irish singer Sinead O’Connor converting to Islam! I remember my older sister used to play her songs when I was younger, I’m really happy for our sister Sinead, to be honest I just get super happy when anyone comes to this beautiful religion of Islam. I pray that Almighty ALLAH (subhanahu wa ta’ala) keeps sister Sinead steadfast and makes her imaan grow from strength to strength ameen. As you can imagine lots of people are angry unfortunately but our sister Sinead O’Connor said it best “This is to announce that I’m proud to have become a Muslim. This is natural conclusion of any intelligent theologian’s journey. All scripture study leads to Islam which makes all other scriptures redundant” SubhanAllah her words are very powerful. #allah #islam #muslim #sineadoconnor – #regrann

Reposted from @imeldaofficial – I am so proud of my dearest friend @sineadoconnorofficial. ❤️ Last night she performed on #thelatelate with @irishchamberorchestra Her performance is soulful, beautiful, raw, pure, powerful, heartfelt magic. She is one of the most honest performers and people I’ve ever known. This is an iconic and most beautiful moment I urge you to seek out and watch. #goddess #sineadoconnor #rte #friendshiplove #rocksahijab #ladyinred. (I couldn’t post it here but it’s on my twitter account)

Reposted from @theperezhilton  – #SineadOConnor still sounds amazing singing this #Prince classic!! Timeless! And happy to see her performing and looking healthy! On #TheLateLateShow in #Ireland. – #regrann

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Breaking: Kevin Hart suffers major back injuries in auto crash .


Comedian Kevin Hart and two others are lucky to be alive following a ghastly car accident on Malibu’s Mulholland Highway, early Sunday morning in California. .

Friend, Jared Black, was behind the wheel of Hart’s recently acquired birthday gift – a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda – when he lost control and the vehicle veered off the road and into a ditch. .

According to TMZ, the car crashed through a wooden fence and the roof was crushed on impact. Black and the third passenger, Rebecca Broxterman, who was not injured, were originally trapped inside.

Police later determined that Black was not under the influence of alcohol at the time of the collision. Both Hart and the driver sustained major back injuries and were taken to nearby hospitals. We wish him a quick recovery.

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AdorableClimate changeHealthreals

Shailene Woodley shows support for the #Hawaii protests


from @shailenewoodley – #Repost @malialia

tell me.

where did all the koa trees go?

where did the groves of warriors run to?

were they burned and cut down

were they sold and turned into paper?

were they written on and disguised as law?

tell me where did the kanaka go?

did they retreat into the mountains to reside on slopes?

did they get pushed away, forced to travel on foot when they only knew how to float?

did they get pushed down into the dirt where the koa trees once stood?

and did the koa and the kanaka melt together to hold each other through remembering how to be a warrior and a human and a poem.


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We send out a little prayer and love for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg #Washingtonpost


Reposted from @washingtonpost – Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said Saturday that her work on the Supreme Court has “kept me going” through four bouts of cancer and that she is “on my way to being very well.”⁠

It was the second treatment for cancer in nine months for the court’s oldest member and leader of its liberal wing. Ginsburg had a lobe of her left lung removed in December, and in past decades was treated for colon and pancreatic cancer. She broke ribs in a fall last November.⁠

But before a worshipful crowd of what organizers said was more than 4,000 at the National Book Festival, she declared: “This audience can see that I am alive.”⁠

Read the full story on

(Photo by Erik S Lesser/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

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Breaking : Shan George reveals her medical condition


from @shangeorgefilms  – I’ve been battling a spine disease for so many months now, in and out of hospital since January 2019, finally I was told d only solution is a spine surgery, a very delicate surgery that can render me permanently paralysed for d rest of my life if not properly done, I was so scared, the bill for such surgery runs into millions of naira. Long story short, I finally did the surgery In a clinic in abuja called Brain and Spine Surgery Consotium, successfully. I want to say a very big thank u to some good friends and family who went out of their way to support with d huge surgery bill, I will never forget u for supporting instead of looking for lame heartless reasons and excuses not to help. God bless u all immensely. Who says Brain, Spine and other delicate Surgeries can’t be done in Nigeria? I’m recuperating fine. Help me thank God.
I survived!!

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Good News: Alex Trebek announces his completion of chemotherapy treatments for cancer


Reposted from @usatoday

What is excellent news?⁠

Legendary “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek announced he’s completed chemotherapy treatments for cancer and is hard at work on Season 36 of the syndicated quiz show.⁠

“I’ve gone through a lot of chemotherapy and thankfully that is now over. I’m on the mend and that’s all I can hope for right now,” Trebek, 79, said.⁠

📸: @cbstv⁠

#alextrebek #jeopardy⁠ #usatoday

According to Theshaderoominc

Alex Trebek is in good health, and is back to the grind! Five months ago, he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, and has been making strides to remission since.

According to @CNN, Alex is finally done with his chemotherapy treatments. A spokeswoman for the show confirmed that Alex is back at work taping the new season of ‘Jeopardy’, which will begin airing on September 9th.

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Confidence 150%: Peter Psquare got the bag and fixed his teeth.


Reposted from @peterpsquare – This is A Life Changing Experience🤗💯 I had always been a tad self conscious of smiling because of a protrusion in my dentition, it also affected my confidence a bit. This made me consider options of getting braces (imagine at my age!) I’m in a business where looks count and I was turning down opportunities because I wasn’t confident enough to explore them.
When my friends at @atteliadent invited me over, talked me through the process and assured me that I was in the best hands, I trusted them and believe me they were right.
They gave me first class treatment and hospitality. Made sure I was comfortable and delivered on the Hollywood Million Dollar smile they promised.
My confidence level is at 150% now and I’m ready to take on the world and all those opportunities now! So watch out now, me and my million dollar smile are coming! Thank you so much @atteliadent for this transformation🤗🙏🏽🙏🏽🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷 I swear! wahala Dey 🤣😁 I go dey Smile for Life No bi for only picture! Una go taya for me🤣😂🤣😂🤣 This is trouble in paradise!😁🤣😂 PLS SWIPE LEFT👈🏾. Posting videos soon!

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Widow of slain Abia motocyclist meets soldier who killed her husband


First if all, this man doesn’t look like he is comfortable enough to compensate that woman who he has so freely killed her husband. And the Nigerian Army can’t just simply relief him of his duty and think that is all it takes.

They should compensate this lady for their representative’s unbelievably homicide. So do something. According to the news from punchnews:

The Nigeria Police Force on Wednesday arraigned in court a former Army officer that reportedly killed a motorcyclist in Obingwa, Abia State.

The now dismissed former Corporal Johnson Ajayi is being arraigned for murder.

Ajayi had, on August 7, shot and killed one Chimaobi Nwaorgu, an Okada rider in Umuokereke Ngwa in Obingwa local government area over N100 bribe.

He was later dismissed by the Army after an orderly room trial and was subsequently handed over to the Police in Abia for prosecution.

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Fake Indian policemen rob Nigerian Brothers In India For Surgery of $1,800


There are criminals everywhere, and one thing the Nigerian men don’t like is a policeman. They probably wanted to keep to law and order of the place since they were in need of their sevices. But the poverty level in India is something that can give immoral ideas of anyone of them to carry out a robbery attack like this.  Considering their population, demand is clearly higher than supply in that part of the world. Sahara reporters  shared the story of two Nigerian brothers who may or may not have been rendered financially handicapped in a foreign land  by Indian thieves who were creative enough to pose as their policemen to rob patients.

The Indian police gave the statement which read that a 31 year old had come to Gurugram (probably a type of  Instagram for gurus 🤣) on thursday for his brother’s urological surgery at a hospital in sector 51.

Two days after two Nigerian nationals came to Gurugram city for a surgery at a private hospital, three persons, including a woman, allegedly duped them of $1,800 (about ₹1.28 lakh) near a guest house in Sector 52 on Saturday.

If they were robbed in an open place, then it seems clear that the robbers who were not masked, will be known by the people of that land. They haven’t even spent upto a week before getting robbed. This is standard structure of informant and gang related operation. has full story.


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Harvest Season: Oprah makes a bounty harvest from her farm


Credit to from @oprahmagazine  – It’s the most wonderful time of the week: Harvest Day! Tap the link in our bio for more from Oprah on how her garden helps her live a “bountiful life”—and let us know how you’re living your own best life by uploading a picture or video with the hashtag #SaturdaysWithOprah. We’ll be featuring some of our favorite ones 🥕🌽🥦🍅🍆

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Mexico Legalizes Cocaine Use For Only Two People In The Country 


A court in Mexico has made it legal for only two people to ingest cocaine.

The new ruling would allow the unnamed pair of people the ability to use small portions of cocaine, according to Mexico United Against Crime (MUCD), an NGO that filed legal papers in the case as part of its strategy to change the country’s drug policy.


This makes history as the first time the country has made cocaine use legal; however, the ruling will be forwarded to a higher court for ratification. Mexico is currently dealing with its drug policy under President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, whose official development plan for 2019-2024 pledges to reform a “prohibitionist approach” that it calls “unsustainable” due to the “violence and poor public health outcomes” it has generated, according to CNN.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

The organization said the ruling sets a new tone for judiciary’s understanding of drugs, as the org wants to tackle the current war on drugs and decide on the new ways to distribute public resources in order to fight crimes. “We have spent years working for a more secure, just and peaceful Mexico,” said Lisa Sánchez, MUCD’s director. “This case is about insisting on the need to stop criminalizing users of drugs… and design better public policies that explore all the available options, including regulation.”⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Mexico is a major traveling point for cocaine going to the U.S. and trafficking – both countries – have grown in numbers and power over the years since the 1980s. According to a 2018 US Congressional Research Service report, “many sources indicate” that about 150,000 intentional homicides in Mexico since 2006 were linked to organized crime.

Via: Balleralert

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