Sen. Dino Melaye clears things up after a fake account bearing his name promised Tacha N30m


These fake accounts have no chills whatsoever. These guys have the persistence of 10 lionesses directed to the very wrong thing. Just imagine if this same energy was given to their career and hustle. What will someone gain from promising someone money using a person’s fake account? Rubbish  behaviour. Dino is now clearing his name after they dragged him into it, when he found out that a fkae account has used his name to promise big Brother’s newly  disqualified housemate Tacha.

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Cyber-crime: EFCC Enugu Zonal Office Arrests 28 Suspects.


I am a big fan of EFCC and the rate at which they go after these guys, but how come these guys they are catching are basicly form the South? Aren’t there yahoo boys and girl in the North again thing? Shouldn’t the process be a general thing? Abi Abuja yahoo people are repenting or doing a good settlement job, or perhaps covering up better than others. Well I belive in people working for their money.

The Enugu Zonal office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC,in its resolve to completely wipe out the menace of internet crimes popularly known as ‘Yahoo-yahoo’ on Thursday, September 26, 2019, raided two residential buildings at Maryland, Enugu where twenty Eight (28) suspected fraudsters were arrested.


The arrests followed some intelligence obtained by the Commission regarding activities of some people living ostentatiously  without any known means of livelihood. They were alleged to havespecialized in defrauding many unsuspecting victims (within and outside the country) of huge sums of money through their nefarious operations.


In the course of executing search at the residences of the suspects, many of them, including a female suspect, attempted  destroying some phones found on them, as the female suspect was caught flushing a broken Iphone down the toilet. The phone was, however, recovered.

Some items which were confiscated during the raid include: four (4) apple macbook, Two (2) Iphone, Xmax and other HP laptop computers. .

Other items include: Two (2) Toyota Camry, four (4) Toyota Corolla and one (1) Mercedez Benz GL450 car.


The suspects who have volunteered statements under words of caution will be charged to court as soon as investigations into the matter are concluded.

The Enugu Zonal Head of the Commission, Usman Imam, said the prevalence of  cyber-crime in the zone and involvement of very young Nigerians was not only alarming but has become a national catastrophe.

He said; “We have a problem in our hands and we have to face it squarely. Personally, it is disheartening seeing young men and women being caught, prosecuted and convicted of crimes which could be avoided. But, they also have a role to play by consciously changing their mindset and shunning greed and peer pressure to commit crime.”

#InternetFraudsters #YahooBoys #Scam #Fraud #Corruption #EFCC #TheFightAgainstCorruption #FightingForYou

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EFCC arrests 4 suspected yahoo boys


In its war against internet fraud, operatives of the Cyber Crime Section at the Abuja Zonal office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC on Tuesday September 24, 2019 raided the residence of suspected yahoo-yahoo fraudsters and arrested four of them at Plot 1202 News Engineering Estate, Dawaki, Abuja.


The raid followed covert intelligence gathering and surveillance.


The suspects arrested are Osasu Fred Akioyamem, Ehis Ehizoghie Egheomwan, Chukwuemeka Chanimuya and Oris Karim


In the course of the operation, some of the items recovered include mobile phones, laptop computers, and a Mercedes C350. They will be charged to court as soon as investigations are complete.


#InternetFraudsters #YahooBoys #YahooYahoo #Scam #Fraud #Corruption #EFCC #TheFightAgainstCorruption #FightingForYou

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FraudulentMoney launderingreals

EFCC apprehends 6 in possession of a scanned logo of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and that of the U.S. Navy


The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has caught six undergraduates who were in possession of a scanned logo of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and that of the U.S. Navy.


The anti-graft agency also said the convicts were caught with documents issued by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces purportedly signed by Lt.- Gen. T.T Luis Rodulf and U.S Army Judge, Fort Knox, among others.


The News Agency of Nigeria reported that the EFCC prosecution counsel, George Chia-Yakua, informed the court that suspected were rounded up in June.


Yakua, said the offence contravened the provisions of Sections 33 of the Cybercrime Prohibition & Prevention Act, 2015 and section 6 of the Advance Fee Fraud and Other Fraud Related Offences Act, 2006.


However, due to the plea bargain agreements separately entered between the convicts and the EFCC, the original charges were replaced with the amended charges as presented before the court on Friday.


A Federal High Court judge sitting in Abuja, on Friday convicted the six undergraduates for internet-related offences.


The vacation judge, Justice Nkeonye Maha, sentenced, Quarshie Nnamdi, Emmanuel Ogbole, Charles Iwu, Nuhu Usman, Ademoyegu Samson, and Adunmo Sesan.


Maha convicted and sentenced them to varying terms ranging from three to six months imprisonment, with option of fines N300,000, after they pleaded guilty to all the charges preferred against them by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

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Osun to sack 422 workers over forged certificates



The Osun State Government has directed its ministries, departments and agencies to immediately implement the report of the panel that recommended sacking of the workers who secured employment with forged certificates.


The Chairman of the Nigeria Labour Congress in the state,  Jacob Adekomi,  confirmed that 422 workers would be affected.


He said the NLC’s intervention helped to reduce the number of those listed for the exit door from 5,000 recommended to 422.


The statement read, “The panel submitted its report and it was adopted for implementation by the immediate past administration. “However, when the new administration came on board in November 2018, the leadership of  Organised Labour Movement in the state appealed passionately to the state government to have a rethink on the implementation of the report.”

Via: Punchnewpaper

If this number of people in one state are said to have used a forged certificate to gain an employment in the government sector, then I can only imagine how many more have not yet been caught, and then I equally imagine how many other actually have a proper certificate.

Why are they just finding out at this time? How long have these guys been using this said certificates and pointing to others who has lesser qualifications at events  and meetings. This is a disturbing turn of events. Many will say that the President is also in the same category, but I’m not many.

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EFCC Arrests 11 Suspected Internet Fraudsters In Sapele, Delta State



It was end of the road for 11 suspected internet fraudsters as they were arrested at thier  hideout in an early morning raid in Sapele,  Delta State on Saturday 14, 2019 by operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC,  Benin Zonal Office

The surprise raid in the wee hours of the day which was based on intelligence took the suspects by surprise and later led to a mild protest by their sympathizes several hours after the EFCC team had left the city.

The suspects arrested are Omomua Victor, Demi Johnson,  Agufure Godstime, Agboroko Precious,  Anthony Omonomo, Onskharoma Julius and Freeborn Efe. Others are Akama Precious, Tagbajiemi Promise George Raphael and Stanley Agabiri

Items recovered from the suspects at the point of arrest include a lap top computer, a Mercedes-Benz car, computers, mobile Phones,  flash drives and internet modems.

The suspects have made useful statements and will be charged to court as soon investigations are completed.

#InternetFraudsters #YahooBoys #YahooYahoo #Scam #Fraud #Corruption #EFCC #TheFightAgainstCorruption #FightingForYou

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EFCC Arrests 12 Suspected Internet Fraudsters in Lagos


The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has arrested 12 suspected Internet fraudsters in Lagos.

The suspects-Oluwaseun Ogunbunmi, Haruna Yusuf , Olubori Hassan, Wasiu Idowu, Basit  Adeniran, Aina Olajuwon, Okafor Joseph, David Ado, Olamide Ogunseye, Opeyemi Ahmed , Monsuru Amao, Taiwo Rasak- were arrested on Thursday, August 29, 2019  in a rented three-bedroom apartment in the Ikotun  area of Lagos, where they used as a Yahoo Yahoo school.

The arrest followed intelligence reports received from concerned members of the public about their alleged criminal activities.

During the raid,  some of the suspects attempted to flee by hiding on the roof of their apartment.

Items recovered from the suspects include laptops and mobile phones.

The suspect will soon be charged to court. As part of efforts to curb the menace of computer-based frauds, the EFCC is calling on members of the public to report any suspicious activities of internet fraudsters in their neighbourhood through the Commission’s email address: or the hotline: +2348093322644 (0809EFCCNIG)

#InternetFraudsters #Scam #Fraud #Corruption #EFCC #TheFightAgainstCorruption #FightingForYou

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Operatives of  the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC,  Port Harcourt’s Zonal Office have arrested  19 staff of a fake investment company floating an alleged Ponzi Scheme that have defrauded members of the public to the tune of N2,000,000,000( Two Billion Naira only).

The  company,  Bluekey Investment Club, operating from Sonia Mall, 42 Woji Road, YKC Junction, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission( CAC) as a Software Development and General Contracting Firm,  but allegedly  veered into an interest-yielding  Ponzi Scheme with  ten percent (10%) weekly returns on investment over (6) Months.  The Scheme also promised total returns of invested capital after six (6) Months.

Nineteen( 19) staff of the company were rounded up on Friday,  August 30, 2019  in Port Harcourt.  Among them are five Principal Officers:  Princess Tsaroigbara( Public Relations Officer) ; Onwusa Frances Chineze( Accountant); Naabe Gunugu( Payment Confirmation Staff), Tambari Success( Customer Service) and Anorue Maureen( Receptionist). The Chairman of the company: Neenwi Swanu was at large as at the time of arrest.

Princess Tsaroigbara, Public Relations Officer ( PRO) of the Company  told  interrogators that her company  was  into “Digital Financial and other Technological Services” and was not sure if the company was  fully registered with the  Security and Exchange Commission, SEC, and the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN.  Scores of defrauded customers thronged the premises of the Company seeking the intervention of the EFCC.

Items recovered from the company are computer units and a sum of N459, 300(  Four Hundred and Fifty Nine Thousand,  Three Hundred Naira only). The suspects would be charged to court as soon as investigations are concluded. .

#EFCC #TheFightAgainstCorruption #FightingForYou – #regrann

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The internet digs up Photo of Festus Keyamo with suspected Internet scammer, Jerry Elo Ikogho


Let me start by using a very simple Africa proverb for this post. ” when one finger gets a plam oil stain, it spreads it all the way to the very fifth one in no time” The fact that everyone is calling out the these men  that the FBI has arrested based on their financial fraud, is the height of hypocrisy in the country called Nigeria.

You are not guilty in the world until you have been caught. You are not sorry until you are caught, and this is what the case is right now.

Everyone is calling out the igbos as a tribe and Nigeria as a nation for the arrested men, like this is not a norm in this country.

Fraudulent men and women go unpunished in this country after stealing from it, the President says all he wants do dusk to dawn but never does everything he should be doing to being fraudsters to book like the FBI is currently doing . The difference is that in the US, the law enforcement  is a lot more active and functional than the Nigerian police.

The Country Nigeria was amalgamated and is still tan on corruption and that is a fact that every adult Nigerian is aware of. This is the reason why if it is hard to combat, because if you muct fight and end the existence of corruption, then you will have to demolish and rebuild the nation as a whole. Corruption is now a structure the society follows, it is now a map presented to the Nation. From the President down to the baby born today use that God forsaken map.

But suddenly after the news broke, everyone is acting like this is a new thing that they are just learning about and should be seen as an abomination, all because a foreign law enforcement as significant as the FBI of the almighty US,  has said something about it.

Lemme tell you all why Nigerians are reacting this way to the news they way they are doing:

This reactions are  mostly coming from people (Nigerians) living in the diaspora. They are desperately reacting in social media because they don’t want to be smeared in the bad oil image, they don’t want to be deprived of opportunities the US holds for them by being silent in the matter, so they desperately speak not as innocent people themselves, but to dettach themselves from the stigma placed on Nigerians so much so that they forget that the US is only but  a freaking corrupt Country on its own.

The USA is a country that hates to be played. They don’t want to be made a bitch to any other country, especially by a good for nothing land like thsi one, and for it to  now come from a country as shitty as Nigeria, is a blow to the white face.

They would rather over look this fraud case if it was done by their very Own white Americans, and handle it inhouse. The world is a freaking joke, and only those who get caught can be made a scapegoat, and this is currently what Nigeria is going through in the hands of the US Department of Justice.

The citizens of the US have been played by a bunch of common freaking Nigerian fraudsters, and that is embarrassing for the US to handle. If Russia federation was the one doing this to the US, they will consider them a worthy opponent.

Nigeria is not even half way there yet, and for that reason they are completely going to go all out to mess them up. Now about this same matter of Barrister Festus Keyamo having taken a snap with this gentleman a long time ago, is a funny issue.

Is the man now so evil that he is now an outcast that anyone affiliated to him should be summoned and alive as well? How funny…

Enough of a these God forsaken hypocrisy Nigerians, if something is bad say it from the beginning to the end and Maintain a side. Otherwise, shut the fuck up and stop being major ass kissers.

If what this men has done is bad, then the Nigeria government and his predessesor are bad too because this is the same issue we know happening .

Overlooking one and holding one accountable  is honestly as bad as being the perpetuator of that crime yourself. We can never stop being Nigerians even after all this is done, and with all the decades of horror that this nation has endured you can simply never stop.

The men did bad and are fraudsters, but the world leaders are. They are always happy when smaller countries are humiliated by its stupid lawless citizens while they pay billions to hide theirs.

Let the FBI have the time of its life solving this case, but one thing is for sure. NIGERIA, The FBI, the USA, the World leaders, and the world itself is a fraud. You only get caught when you get caught.

Now In other news,  look what punch has to say about the harmless photograph Festus and the suspected fraudster took long time ago. Enjoy..

The Minister of State for Niger Delta Affairs, Festus Keyamo (SAN), has been linked with Jerry Elo Ikogho, one of the 78 Nigerians indicted in cases of massive financial fraud recently uncovered by the American agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

A photograph of the minister sharing happy times with FBI-indicted Jerry Elo Ikogho, aka J Man, surfaced on the social media on Sunday and it became an instant hit.

Mid last week, the American-owned domestic intelligence and security service had rounded up 80 indicted Internet scammers, out of which 78 are Nigerians.

While some of the indicted persons live in the United States, the FBI charge sheet said the majority of them live in Nigeria.

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Fraud: Dear Slay Thieves, as you display your ill gotten wealth on social media remember FBI is watching — Georgina Onuoha vents


Credit to from @georginaonuoha – Life on the fast lane.

Note to all the Slay Queens/Slay thieves: As you display your ill gotten wealth on social media, just remember that Uncle FBI is keeping a tab on you. So please continue 🙏🏻. As you fly around Europe and the globe, just remember they The the information of your grant grandma village is with the US government. Your next door neighbor even in your village might just be an under cover agent tracking you. So please continue and we pray they arrest you all and house clean our society.

To every hand working man or woman in Nigeria and diaspora, you labor is valid. Keep doing your best.. There is dignity in hard labor. You can go to bed at night and sleep well.

I weep for the moral depression consuming our society. The quest to show off, flaunt childish nonsense and impress miscreants leads you no where other than shame and pain.

To all the Slay Queens and Slay thieves living beyond tyour means and putting our impressionable youths under pressure, your day of reckoning is at hand. Interpol is watching. Continue your shameless thievery. We now live in a society where mothers don’t question their sons and daughters about their sudden wealth, a society where women don’t ask their spouses what they do? Children can’t speak to the conscience of their parents, pastors preach prosperity and not salvation from their pulpit, Politicians embezzle funds meant to develop their communities and uplift their next generation, a society where teenage girls marry their ancestors because of riches. The moral decadence ravaging our country is palpable. If your joy is to take a clandestine approach to defraud innocent people, so shall clandestine measures be used to apprehend you. God bless all giving their utmost best to live a decent life. Integrity over money any day.

Credit to from @georginaonuoha – This is truly shameful as a Nigerian living in diaspora. Our society is morally bankrupt and corrupt. The glorification of questionable wealth beats my imagination. The quest for instant gratification and lack of conscience coupled with greed is the reason our society will forever be doomed.
Nigerians glorify wealth, no body is willing to ask the basic questions “ hey how are you making your money , is it legitimate? “. Rather you glorify stupidity and crime. You run to Dubai and display the most expensive exotic cars, and you see the shameless celebrities and ignorant youths hailing plain criminals. I pray more raids like this continue to the highest levels of our society home and abroad.
You can not be working 8 to 12 hours and be spending money like this? It is not possible. Most Nigerian politicians of today were once into money laundry, cyber crime and 419s. Enjoy it now, but you will never escape the law. Run , they will find you in your great grandma village. Useless human beings.
To the Slay Queens and fashionistas, Instagram slay thieves continue. 95 percent of you all have no credible job, yet you buy the latest designer bags meanwhile you’ve not done a movie in years, no investments or credible job yet people give you accolades. You fly first class, Private Jets, mansions, please who are you fooling? What most of you forget is that, the watchful eyes of Interpol, FBI , etc are watching you. Ok continue. Until you begin to live according to your means, you will forever be a slave to quick money and your Waterloo is near. Just as they are dragging these thieves, your day is coming.
I’m ashamed as a Nigerian and shame on our leaders.. the good news now is that Nigerian politicians are no longer immune from the watchful eyes of the US authorities. Every day is for the thief, one day is for FBI and Interpol. Shame on the women who marry such men knowing fully well that their husbands are committing crimes as businessmen and causing innocent families tears and suicides. I hope they arrest you all. Ndi ara. If you know all the olosho Slay Queens with zero jobs yet flaunting fake asses, bags and travel. please feel free to tag them.

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BREAKING: EFCC raids Ambode’s home in Epe and get attacked by residents


The war against crime and fraud has taken a new direction towards the home of the former governor of Lagos State Mr Akinwunmi Ambode.

The officers now operatives of the EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) is said to have targeted and raided the home of the former governor in Epe Lagos State.

A top aide of the former governor, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, confirmed that EFCC  operatives did infact raid Ambode’s home.

A video showing the operatives being attacked by the residents of the area, who were said to have been summoned to protect the former governor who might be a big suspect of money laundering.

Why are they attacking the EFCC to be honest? If this man is innocent shouldn’t he be the one to walk into the office when summoned and defend himself. This is the reason we Nigerians will always have issues.

If he has indeed stolen from the masses, an act that have unfortunately come to stay in this country of ours, then he should face the law. The poor are always going to fight for the rich due to their mental slavery.

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Drug War: N5billion worth of tramadol gets confiscated in Lagos


The war against drugs has offically made its way to all strata of the functional Nigerian society, from consumption back up to the importation/infiltration point, and I am here for it.

Contrary to what many have  been saying about the government agency turning a blind eyes when these drugs are being imported, they are however making the biggest drug burst for our society.

A truck-load of the banned drug, tramadol and others illicit drugs worth N5 billion have been intercepted by the Nigerian Customs Service in Lagos.

If a N5million drug is confiscated, that simple means that this is a very big business for a group of people. And if they can buy a quantity this much, then they can convince the government  to release this one too.

The spokesman for the service, Joseph Attah, said the smugglers believed that festive period was a time of merriment and less vigilance, “but our officers intercepted the illicit drugs as the smugglers attempted to move it from Lagos to other parts of the country’’.

It is always going to be an easy dispersion whenever the goods find their way into the country. And this no exception.

On Aug. 13, at about 2 a.m, operatives of the Headquarters Strike Force Zone A intercepted a truck laden with dreaded codeine, tramadol and other controlled pain killers along Maryland, Ikeja road.

The shocking number of people who have lost their minds to these illicit drugs, will only make you understand the extent  this fight will have to go.

The team leader of the force, Assist. Comptroller of Customs Usman Yahya, deepened preliminary investigation that led to the discovery of a warehouse along Oshodi-Mile 2 road.

Of course it is a huge business. The information on the endless supply and use will give you the height of solid structure this business has.

The warehouse was stocked with tramadol, codeine and other unregistered pharmaceutical products without the National Agency for Foods Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) number,” Attah said.

Attah said the Comptroller-General of Customs (CGC), Col. Hameed Ali (rtd), had already directed a thorough investigation with a view to bringing all those connected to the drugs to justice.

Good Job gentle men.

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EFCC Arraigns Atiku’s Son-in-law, Lawyer for $2, 140, 000 Fraud


Credit to from @officialefcc EFCC Arraigns Atiku’s Son-in-law, Lawyer for $2, 140, 000 Fraud

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Lagos Zonal office on Wednesday, August 14, 2019, arraigned one Abdullahi Babalele before Justice Iniekenimi Nicholas Oweibo of the Federal High Court, sitting in Ikoyi, Lagos on a two-count charge, bordering on money laundering to the tune of $140, 000.

In a similar development, the EFCC, Lagos Zonal Office, same day, arraigned one Uyiekpen Giwa-Osagie, a lawyer to Atiku, before Justice Oweibo on a three-count charge, bordering on money laundering to the tune of $2,000,000 (Two Million United State Dollars).

Babalele, who is son-in-law to Atiku Abubakar, former vice president and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential candidate in the 2019 election, allegedly persuaded one Bashir Mohammed to make a cash payment of $140,000 without going through any financial institution-an offence that runs contrary to Section 18(c) of the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act, 2100-as amended and punishable under Section 16(2)(b) of the same Act.

One of the charges against Babale reads: “That you, Abdullahi Babalele, on or about the 20th day of February, 2019 in Nigeria, within the jurisdiction of this honourable court,  procured Basir Mohammed to make a cash payment of the sum of $140,000.00 (One Hundred and Forty Thousand United States Dollars) without going through a financial institution, which sum exceeded the amount authorized by the Law and you thereby committed an offence contrary to Section 18(C) of the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act, 2011 as amended and punishable under Section 16(2)(b) of the same Act.”

The defendant pleaded not guilty to the two charges. In view of his plea, prosecution counsel, Rotimi Oyedepo, asked for a trial date and prayed the court to remand the defendant in prison custody pending trial.


#MoneyLaundering #Fraud #Corruption #Crime #EFCC #TheFightAgainstCorruption #FightingForYou – #regrann

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FraudulentMoney launderingreals

EFCC Arraigns Ex-INEC Chair, Maurice Iwu for Alleged N1.2bn Fraud


from @officia lefc

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on Thursday, August 8, 2019, arraigned a former Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Prof. Maurice Iwu, before Justice Chuka Obiozor of the Federal High Court sitting in Ikoyi, Lagos on a four-count charge bordering on money laundering to the tune of N1, 203,000,000 (One Billion, Two Hundred and Three Million Naira).

Iwu, between December 2014 and March 2015, allegedly aided the concealment of the sum of N1, 203, 00,000.00(One Billion, Two Hundred and Three Million Naira) in Bioresources Institute of Nigeria (BION) Limited’s account number 1018603119 domiciled in the United Bank for Africa( UBA) Plc.

Count one of the charge reads: “ That you, Professor Maurice Maduakolam Iwu,  between December 2014 and March 27, 2015, in Nigeria within the jurisdiction of this honourable court aided the concealment of the total sum of N1, 203,00,000.00( One Billion, Two Hundred and Three Million Naira)  in Bioresources Institute of Nigeria, BION, Limited’s Account No. 1018603119 domiciled in the United Bank for Africa Plc, which sum you reasonably ought to have known forms part of proceeds of unlawful act to wit: fraud and you thereby committed an offence contrary to Sections 18(a), 15(2) (a) of the Money Laundering Prohibition Act, 2011 as amended and punishable under Section 15 ( 3) of the same Act.”

He pleaded not guilty to the charge preferred against him.

In view of his plea, the prosecution counsel, Rotimi Oyedepo, asked the court for a trial date and also prayed that the defendant be remanded in prison custody.

The defence counsel, Ahmed Raji, SAN, however, informed the court of a bail application as well as another one challenging the territorial jurisdiction filed on behalf of the defendant.


Iwu’s lawyer, therefore, prayed the court to hear the bail application in view of the age and pedigree of the defendant.



#MoneyLaundering #Crime #Fraud #Corruption #EFCC #TheFightAgainstCorruption #FightingForYou – #regrann

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EFCC Foils Suspect’s Attempt to Flush Away Phone, Arrests 15 ‘Yahoo Boys’ in Ibadan


Operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibadan zonal office on Tuesday, July 30, 2019 botched an attempt by a suspected internet fraudster to flush his phone through a water closet in order to deny access to potentially incriminating data about him.

The 20-year-old suspect, Fisayo Falade, was among the 15 young men arrested in Ibadan on Tuesday for internet-related crimes when the Commission’s operatives conducted a raid on two locations in the ancient city.

Ten of the suspects were arrested at Akatanpa Powerline, while the other five were nabbed at Kushenla area of the Oyo State capital.

Ranging between the ages of 20 and 28 years, the suspects were allegedly hiding behind fake names and identities to perpetrate fraud, dispossessing their unsuspecting victims of their hard-earned money.

Their alleged involvement in internet-related frauds were reported to the Commission by members of their neighbourhood who noticed their expensive ways of life even though they are supposedly undergraduates, and without any known source of income.

Items recovered from them include two exotic cars, laptops, mobile phones and several documents containing false pretences.

The suspects will be charged to court as soon as investigations are concluded.

#InternetFraudsters #YahooBoys #Scam #Fraud #Corruption #EFCC #TheFightAgainstCorruption #FightingForYou – #regrann

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Over N1.3trn Stolen in Four Years by 32 Entities-Magu


The Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, #EFCC, Ibrahim Magu has disclosed that the money stolen by 32 entities (human and corporate) between 2011 and 2015, is well over N1.3 trillion.

Magu disclosed this in his keynote address at the opening ceremony of the 2019 First Batch Conversion Training Programme to Procurement Cadre for Federal Parastatal and Agencies, organised by the Bureau of Public Procurement, BPP, in Lagos on Monday, March 25, 2019.


Magu, in a paper delivered on his behalf by the Commission’s Secretary, Ola Olukoyede decried this huge financial loss on the country, and noted that “one third of this money, using world bank rates and cost, could have comfortably been used to construct well over 500km of roads; build close to 200 schools; educate about 4000 children from primary to tertiary levels at N25million per child; build 20,000 units of two-bedroom houses across the country and do even more.

“The cost of this grand theft, therefore, is that these roads, schools and houses will never be built and these children will never have access to quality education because a few rapacious individuals had cornered for themselves what would have helped secure the lives of the future generations, thereby depriving them of quality education and healthcare, among others.”

He stated that the poor state of procurement process in Nigeria was one of the major reasons why corruption has continued to thrive in government agencies and parastatals.

The EFCC boss further noted that the training, organised by the BPP was aimed at giving the participants the tools, knowledge and understanding they would need to carry out their duties in their respective places of primary assignments in an efficient and transparent manner.

“I sincerely hope that at the end of this training, we will see a few cases of financial propriety in our procurement processes in government agencies and parastatal. Indeed, corruption could kill Nigeria, if we do not scale up our proficiency in contract and procurement management process,” Magu said.

Read more at – #regrann

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