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#Khaleesi : Wondering what Mother of Dragons #EmiliaClark has been up to?


Books, Food and beauty the mother of Dragons is said to be doing some activities know to have occupied her time throughout this period. Emilia is sure having a swell quiet time with all these beautiful activities and we sure would love to try them out. peep her engagements so far.

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The masterful, Uber talented @davidoyelowo reads ‘Praying’ by Mary oliver. He is dedicating this beauty of a poem to @childrenshungerfund a wonderful charity that has dedicated itself to feeding and aiding those children and families experiencing poverty around the world. 🙌🕊 Here’s the prescription as it reads in @thepoetrypharmacy @thepoetryremedy. Condition: Need for Mindfulness. Prayer, to many in our secular age, has become a dirty word. The concept is dismissed as fusty or naïve; the practice even more so. And yet, as the popularity of meditation and mindfulness soars, there seems to be a collective longing for a moment of quiet in our busy lives. A moment in which another voice- an internal whisper, all too easily drowned out behind the sirens and chatter of modern life- may speak. Mark Oakley, a former canon at St Paul’s Cathedral in London, wrote a wonderful book about how- to him- liturgy was poetry. Across religions, he says, the devotional words which we chant, memorise or sing are a king of poetry that links us to the divine. In the case of many religions, those words can be in a language that the worshippers themselves don’t even understand, and yet somehow their cadence is enough to transport us. It’s not only the religious who can gain from prayer, just as it’s not only the religious who can appreciate a spectacular cathedral, mosque or temple. Prayer is a constant that run through all human civilisations, and it’s there for a reason. In this poem, Mary Oliver reminds us that we are all in need of a doorway into thanks, and a way of relating to the world without our egos. Having found that, we can allow ourselves- even if only for a moment- to feel a quiet gratitude for all the small moments of grace that we encounter daily. We can thank the world around us for containing blue irises, and weeds, and small stones. Stop in the street, in the garden, on the train. Pay attention. Put together a few simple words that feel right. If you’re very quiet, and very lucky, you might just hear a voice whispering back to you. Thank you so much David for your beautiful reading!! 🙏🏻❤️👏❤️

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The ever glorious and wonderful Emma Thompson reads “Kindness” by Naomi Shihab Nye. Emma would like to dedicate this poem to our future selves, who we will be after this pandemic. What a glorious sentiment that is, filled to the brim with hope. What we need, what we always need, most. Here is the prescription as written in @thepoetrypharmacy @thepoetryremedy. Condition: Need for Kindness There are times in life when everything we thought we could rely on fails, and everything we have wanted for ourselves dissolves in front of us. There are times, also, when we are confronted with the same suffering in others. Faced with the sheer scale of the misery of the world, it can be agonizingly difficult to engage meaningfully- and all too tempting simply to harden our hearts against it. Yet, as Naomi Shihab Nye tells us in this inspiring poem, those moments- hard as they are- are also an opportunity, if we will only dare to open our hearts. For it is only by reckoning with true sorrow and desolation that we can come to understand exactly how necessary, how life-preserving, kindess really is, and then move towards it. First, however, we must learn true empathy. ‘Kindness’, after all, is just another word for love- and once we’ve acknowledged that the pain of others is exactly as searing as our own, what can we do but love them? What can we do but try to ease their burden? As Nye so wonderfully suggests, nothing else makes sense. This is a challenge. Even at our lowest points, we must not ignore the suffering of others: we must not allow the solipsism of personal misery to cut us off from the great cloth of human feeling. Yet it is also a consolation: if we reject that isolation, we can take comfort in knowing that whatever loss lays us bare will also bring us into the presence of kindness. By looking pain in the eye, we can find the kindness needed to reach out not only to others, but to ourselves, as well. It will tie our shoes for us; it will lead us back into the world when everything else has abandoned us. So gaze unflinchingly into the bright light of loss, and let kindness be unleashed from you like a soothing shadow. Big Thank you Big Em! 🥰🕊🙌

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It is with great honour I present to you my beautiful talented work wife and love @nathalieemmanuel reading the incredible words of Maya Angelou. This reading brought tears to my eyes. Nat would like to dedicate this reading to the global black community, to each and everyone who has been affected by anti-black racism, and the families of those who have lost their kin to the systemic hate that still governs and populates our communities. I am so proud to be able to share this with you all. Hear these words and applaud her now. The prescription as it reads in the book is this: For the condition of Oppression: To maintain one’s strength in the face of the erosive power of oppression can take unbelievable resilience. Maya Angelou’s wonderful poem ‘Still I Rise’ summons exactly that fortitude. As a black woman born in the United States of America in the 1920’s, Angelou knew more than her fair share of racism and it’s power to stifle hope. Yet her generation is the one that finally overcame the segregationist Jim Crow laws and brought civil rights to people of colour in the USA. The battle is far from over- people in every country on earth are battered by racism on a daily basis- but Angelou’s poem remains as a rallying call to maintain hope and stand tall. It is in the human spirit to overcome. You may be trampled into the dirt, but still, like dust, you’ll rise. Wherever you are, and whatever difficulties you face, remember that your internal world is always solely your own. Perhaps you have been robbed of your metaphorical, or even your literal, treasures; perhaps your ancestors were robbed of their very freedom. Still, as Angelou reminds us, dignity and determination in the face of oppression can become weapons; and pride and strength are a rebellion in themselves. Your gold mines survive in your laugh, and your diamonds in your dance. Nobody can take those from you. Thank you thank you @nathalieemmanuel for your magic! 🕊❤️🥰🙏🏻 @thepoetrypharmacy @thepoetryremedy

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I was lucky enough to have the best dad in the entire world, (sorry other dads but it’s true) and he was a Sound Desginer for the theatre, that gave me back stage access to a magical world of make believe that made me who I am today. I was also lucky enough to train for three years at drama school that gave me my ride or die friends for life. Then I was lucky enough to be a part of the best cast in the entire world (sorry other casts but it’s true) and perform the best play in the entire world (sorry other plays but it’s true) The Seagull by Anton Chekov. I was lucky enough to work with the best director in the world (sorry other directors but it’s true) @jamielloyd I was also lucky enough to be born optimistic, glass half full kinda gal. And I knew the night we waved each other goodbye (gin in hand) we would be seeing each other soon, the show would go on. The true spellbinding magic that is telling stories on stage has been my life’s blood passed down through my darling dad and I cannot fathom a world where this art form does not exist. #savethearts has never been more important, we need it, we need it, we need it, without stories to tell I don’t know how we can find our own places of safety and escapism, empathy and love. I know if my favourite human in the world, my dad, were alive today he would be telling me the exact same thing. For him, for all the creatives and crews it takes to tell an audience a story in whatever form they choose, let’s #savethearts #❤️

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#fashion #fragrance : The #Kardashian Sisters debut yet another #Collab

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Some #beauty #products and #tips from your #Celebrities

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there’s levels to this uno shit

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For the first time in forever, #Cardib rocks short manually nails


The fear of leaving the house has had to leave so many people improvising in their lives. When some are simply hitting the streets to get away from home for staying in doors for such a long time.

Cardib doesn’t seem to have left home for such a long time, because she was seen rocking long pink nails not long ago, but now cut it into two. Something we haven’t seen in a pretty long time, even when she had her baby girl kulture k.

The breaking grounds we have experienced from and through out this lock down is incredibly. The nails suit her until you zoom in.

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For the title of “Best Designer” at #amvca, Stylists drag each other side ways

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People don’t like the truth ,so when you speak it they hate you, most of y’all are cowards ,today I realized English is a big problem for some people, we all write differently,Nigerians y’all all love to twist things and hate , so if I state my opinion does it mean that mercy’s outfits or mikes outfits are not nice , y’all are jokers like I said and if you don’t know the meaning of joke go and check the dictionary hiss , I usually don’t reply your stupidity and betrayals , even when you stayed online to be mocking and trolling me with your formal bestie I didn’t reply you , I left you to God , but I will reply you this time , that I said the looks they chose are jokes don’t mean they are ugly, the same way everyone is saying my clothes are ugly , and they didn’t get the message some of my clients where trying to pass don’t mean it’s not artistic, did I fight to win best dressed with you people ? I don’t compete I do my work and bounce , stars don’t struggle to shine , pls free me let me air my opinion in peace regardless of who created what and what , does that mean I have a problem with mercy , you people just try to create enimity daily, Go sit down . Iya e lo tired . Alaemore oshi, afibisolore. Olorun onijekari eniti Oma jeun epo eti iyo e , to ma wa Fi ata sie loju #Amin The world is big enough for everyone to fly , I’m not holding anyone Biko .i do me ⭐️ #kingOfallQueens 👑 I SAID WHAT I SAID PERIOD HATE MY WORK ALL YOU LIKE , THE WORLD WHO HAVE BRAIN ARE NOT BLIND ⭐️

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#Witches Begone: #Bellahadid rocks a #Garlic neckpiece on the runway


Atleast they are going green and natural for their fashion, but I wonder the rhyme or reason why the choice to have this on the runway, but Atleast witches and wizard can’t come any closer. Yassss Gurl.. Rock that piece from the onion family and the spice it brings to edibles. YASSs..

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#Timeflies: #TiwaSavage ‘s Son Jamjam is no longer a baby.


That little Jamjam who did the diaper advert is still not a baby. That young man has been his mother’s bestfriend and happy place for a while, but that will be when Uncle Wizkid is not in sight.

She is showing off their people who are making her go hard in the hustle. She is, and will always be a force to reckon with, due to her resilience and ability to bounce right back when the worse punches are thrown at her in this life. She is a brilliant businesswoman, a savvy creator, a smart saver, a incredible absorber, and a mother to the one and only Jamil. He is such a lucky baby and she always will be a lucky mother to this cutie.

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Full look ✨✨✨

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Love Mine 🖤

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Fans Marvel at the length of #Michellewilliams natural hair


Can you believe this is Michelle’s natural hair? never knew she had this much folic in her. My girl is basically folically advantaged.

I kept look to see the wig side if this who hair brush, and to be honest she has such luscious hair. My favourite hair girl used to Eva Mandes, but Michelle is about to take that title away from Eva.

Ofcourse I could be wrong, because I have a very low cut that I Rock like not man’s business. So for those of you who are more experienced in that area, can help a sister decide if that is her natural hair length, or just a well inserted procedure.

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The #Extra award for season goes to #Teyanataylor


I know Rihanna, and I know Teyana. I know how extra Robyn can be, but do you have any idea how far and wide TEYANA goes in the extra world of today?

Lately the 29 year old mother of one and wife to Imam Shumpert has been seen in the most comfortable outfits of her life. With and so toned it shines bright for the world to see, you can tell that she isn’t wearing comfortable clothes to hide a bulgy belly or a hanging fupa.

She carefully workouts in ways that sort her for the longest of time even though she is a mother. Now she still wears comfortable clothes where necessary, and gets all kinds of sexy when the need arises.

But for This Christmas, let’s just say Teyana doesn’t wanna join the usual look for the season. She went all out with the concealing look that many are here again to learn from.

Where can someone wear this to? 🙄
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If you cheat on me and think I will be ashamed , you haven’t met me — Toke Makinwa


That girl is not about to dim her shine because you couldn’t keep yourself in a simply place. Don’t come here and try it with Mr TM. She is not about to be bothered.

She posted this without referring to someone publicly, and we know this is bout a relationship and we are not about to pretend it is not. She is clearly sending some guy a message and she knows it.

“If you cheat on me and think I will be ashamed,you haven’t met me, you will carry your cross on your own, you will be the one to shrink and go into hiding or feel ashamed, my glow up will leave you wondering if I ever had a bad day in my life.

You can’t break me self esteem,you did not help me build it. Your selfish actions won’t cost me my peace of mind.”

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Toke Makinwa calls out #snoopdogg for giving the notion that women are expected to prove themselves before they can find love


While women go through hustle, child birth, fashion, snap back, fashion on point, and then the very new one which is the “torture for love” coming from uncle snopp and his busy body to support the marriage and love story of Guccimane and Keshakoair. According to the unending story that comes up every time this couple is involved, where koair had to hold on and not cheat on Guccimane when he was incarcerated for years. According to the story, she held on to the money he gave her before going away and invested it, then doubled it before he made it out. Now uncle snopp thought it wise to give his 2cent on the issue and Toke and Sisi Makinwa is not having it. Read what she wrote about it:

from @tokemakinwa- Talk Tuesday!!!!!! I am deeply tired of this narrative though, this post pissed me off soooo much, why do we like to make women look like huge jokes? why is this the way to happiness? Why must you sell the “I suffer pass” mentality? This promotes low self esteem. I know for the most part of my life I believed that for love to be real, it has to hurt, I believed there has to be pain and real humiliation before you find peace and that mentality is BS. That mentality made me stay in crazy situations and do the most for the wrong reasons. Let’s stop pls. This is trash. Pls show me examples of men who stayed with a cheating woman, drug addict, jail bird, publicity with other men etc. show me a man who knew what he signed up for and even after she slept with his brothers and friends held her down till she became refined. If we can’t pick 10 men pls stop raising your daughters to hold down situations that might eventually break them, stop selling the narrative that women have to suffer before they find love. This is ruining lives for real and it should stop.

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The Black Community nods in agreement as #TylerPerry gets a star👑 on the Hollywood Walk of Fame


Reposted from @tylerperry  – Ok, let me explain this photo. So I got a star today on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Thank you chamber!! I’m so grateful, but onto this photo. @only1crystalfox spoke and moved me. @kerrywashington spoke, and we both were in tears. Then @idriselba came up to speak, and they all were so powerful. I was so moved. To look out and see all the cast from all the shows that I have created made my heart so full. To be able to give opportunities to so many was just so humbling to me. Anyway, the photogs were asking for photos so at that moment the BEAUTIFUL KERRY WASHINGTON was leaving, and they all started snapping pictures of her!! Look at my face. We had such a good laugh about this. Thank you everyone for your support and love all these years. My Mamma would be so proud.

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Tiwa Savage walks the runway at the #FashionForRelief2019


Reposted from @tiwasavage – Walking for a cause #FashionForRelief2019 thank you to the Queen @naomi for having me
Omo I salute these models o, e no easy jesuuuu 🙆🏽‍♀️😝😍❤️

Reposted from @tiwasavage – Love this piece from Matic Velar
This naija babe don dey enter international fashion world o 😝😝
Red carpet @ Fashion For Relief 2019

Reposted from @tiwasavage  – Walk that walk honey. @naomi taught me well, my price just went up 🤑😈 #FashionForRelief2019 – #regrann

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Fashion meet charity : #Cardib and #Badgalriri Unite on a common ground


Reposted from @iamcardib – Everybody want to look good ,everybody want to look sharp but to go where ? How genius is it to put fashion and charity together ?ITS FUCKING GENIUS ! And one more small little thing… @shaunking don’t get the credit he deserves.He go so hard for minorities ,communities and advocates so much for voting for @badgalriri to honor him and put that light on him that he deserves is a amazing and beautiful thing !

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Female Youth Corper Rejects Simplicity and Comfort to stand out in heels


I don’t know how much women love to wear heels in Nigeria and sincerely say that the act is what they love and would rather go through it all day than just wera a comfortable flat shoe. I Mean we can find this category of perosn in other 1st world countries because their roads are just right for heels year in, year out, and even at that, they still appreciate the flats.

Now in our country and our bad road network, our day to day hustle  itself, the simplicity of a very comfortable boot which is something craved by the whole residents.

Now, after the law guiding the NYSC, and the comfort generally craved by everyone, no one would think that the someone in their right frame of mind, would go out, search for a Heely white pair of boots, and put them on to CDS for NYSC. This Aunty is looking for attention or just trying to break the rules to show her level of uncomfortable rule breaking. But from this side of life, it is unnecessary to do that.

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