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#Timeflies: #TiwaSavage ‘s Son Jamjam is no longer a baby.


That little Jamjam who did the diaper advert is still not a baby. That young man has been his mother’s bestfriend and happy place for a while, but that will be when Uncle Wizkid is not in sight.

She is showing off their people who are making her go hard in the hustle. She is, and will always be a force to reckon with, due to her resilience and ability to bounce right back when the worse punches are thrown at her in this life. She is a brilliant businesswoman, a savvy creator, a smart saver, a incredible absorber, and a mother to the one and only Jamil. He is such a lucky baby and she always will be a lucky mother to this cutie.

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Full look ✨✨✨

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Love Mine 🖤

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#TheRock begins training for his new upcoming role as BLACK ADAM


from @therock – So it begins.
Kickin’ off 2020 training extremely hard for my upcoming role as BLACK ADAM.
This one’s in my blood.
Thanks to my guys @bosslogic @veliokulan for this bad ass animation.
The hierarchy of power in the #DCUniverse is about to change.

NewEra #BlackAdam⚡️

Shooting begins this summer. – #regrann

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#Nicoleariparker living it up in #Ghana with husband


Since all roads Led to Ghana it is nice to see that so many people are having fun out there in our sister country Ghana. Such a beauty to see that the Americans are home in Africa having all fun this year has to give to him. You go girl.

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Fans Marvel at the length of #Michellewilliams natural hair


Can you believe this is Michelle’s natural hair? never knew she had this much folic in her. My girl is basically folically advantaged.

I kept look to see the wig side if this who hair brush, and to be honest she has such luscious hair. My favourite hair girl used to Eva Mandes, but Michelle is about to take that title away from Eva.

Ofcourse I could be wrong, because I have a very low cut that I Rock like not man’s business. So for those of you who are more experienced in that area, can help a sister decide if that is her natural hair length, or just a well inserted procedure.

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The #Extra award for season goes to #Teyanataylor


I know Rihanna, and I know Teyana. I know how extra Robyn can be, but do you have any idea how far and wide TEYANA goes in the extra world of today?

Lately the 29 year old mother of one and wife to Imam Shumpert has been seen in the most comfortable outfits of her life. With and so toned it shines bright for the world to see, you can tell that she isn’t wearing comfortable clothes to hide a bulgy belly or a hanging fupa.

She carefully workouts in ways that sort her for the longest of time even though she is a mother. Now she still wears comfortable clothes where necessary, and gets all kinds of sexy when the need arises.

But for This Christmas, let’s just say Teyana doesn’t wanna join the usual look for the season. She went all out with the concealing look that many are here again to learn from.

Where can someone wear this to? 🙄
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The #MarkAngelComedy lands its biggest Award so far


According to a certain Instagram news handle page has announced that the famous Mark Angel Comedy has won the Best International show award.

It was said that the said international award presentation which runs through Europe, Middle East and Africa was at the Streamy Awards in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles in California.

Put together the comedy is said to have 5milliom YouTube subscribers and 1.1 billion YouTube views.

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In a Cozy wedding ceremony #HillaryDuff ties the knot with baby daddy #Matthewkoma


Reposted from @justjared (@get_regrann) – Congrats to @hilaryduff and @matthewkoma on their wedding! The pair shared their first wedding photo, giving a look at her @jennypackham gown and his @celine tux.



Photo: @harpersmithphoto – #regrann

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#Cardib buys sister #Hennessycarolina Gwagon for her 24th birthday


The bond between both sisters is not going wither anytime soon. With Cardib’s sister turning 24 today December 22nd, she was awoken to a brand new Mercedes Gwagon sent her way by her 27 year older sister Cardib.

With the decorated car parked in front of the house, Hennessy was seen in her robe trying to fix herself up before walking out of the house to the new car screaming “Oh My God” as her girlfriend was making a video get the surprising moment. Happy 24th birthday Carolina. May the new year bring you so many things which I am not particularly sure of.


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If you cheat on me and think I will be ashamed , you haven’t met me — Toke Makinwa


That girl is not about to dim her shine because you couldn’t keep yourself in a simply place. Don’t come here and try it with Mr TM. She is not about to be bothered.

She posted this without referring to someone publicly, and we know this is bout a relationship and we are not about to pretend it is not. She is clearly sending some guy a message and she knows it.

“If you cheat on me and think I will be ashamed,you haven’t met me, you will carry your cross on your own, you will be the one to shrink and go into hiding or feel ashamed, my glow up will leave you wondering if I ever had a bad day in my life.

You can’t break me self esteem,you did not help me build it. Your selfish actions won’t cost me my peace of mind.”

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#Badgyalriri once again becomes an #Aunty to another cutie newborn


Rihannah has so many times given us a reason to think she is going to be a good mum to who ever be is lucky enough to call her mum. The 31 year old is more of an ‘Aunty O na nah’ than a mum for now, but she is definitely going to make a great mum.

She show off the cutest baby ever when in October when she declared yet again that she is an Aunty.

Look how cute her hair is, yet look how cute that baby is. Fans have congratulated her and that means it just might be the baby from her brother, since she is already obsessed with majesty.

She is the cutest, most successful business woman and a Aunty. Look how cute what she wrote in October is:

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Aunty Oh NaNa x JJ

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Breaking: Rapper #JuiceWrld passes away at just 21 years old


According to #balleralert, America rapper with a bidding carrer, who literally just turned 21 last Monday, is said to have passed away. The singer had indeed been battling a medical condition on the low while pushing his career behind the scenes, and many didn’t really know about it.

The incident reportedly happened in Chicago Midway airport according to #Tmz_tv and #balleralert. According to them, his flight was from California and he landed early this sunday morning. After he got off the plane, witnesses say he suffered a seizure while walking through the airport while exiting.

Authorities report Juice Wrld was still conscious when he was taken to the hospital but passed away a short time later. His cause of death was not immediately reported.

Such a sad thing to see a young man’s life and career end so abruptly in the slightest way. May God grant his family the fortitude to bear this heart ache. 🙏🏿

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Intel reveal #CARDIB was paid N1.8 BILLION naira to PERFORMS IN #LAGOS AND #ACCRA


While Nigerians are in such a good mood partying and with their i-stan with cardib mood, we are just now finding out that the singer is not just in Nigeria to reach out to residents and people of the largest African country, or just to show love (even though that is part of her plan), we are just now realizing the incentives behind the love and hype of the island girl.

Apparently the beauty was paid over 6millions American dollars, which is like 1.8 billion naira /over 6million dollars in 363naira per dollar. How did Nigeria and Ghana afford that pay? in a country with so much poverty and hunger and at the end of the year their goal wasn’t to give to the numerous poor in their midst, but to make the rich richer by adding over 6 million to the account already filled with millions?

According Goldmytv and the breaking news they along side other sites are letting everyone read on their Instagram page, they are revealing that a reliable source went ahead to investigate the whole charade and found out that the singer is so much richer with her short visit to the land. Apart from her fellow country men who are equally interested in the wealth of the land, the hustling singer equally came to fetch her share of the national cake that many and fetching and not accounting for. After all she didn’t steal it, she was whole heartedly given by those we don’t know.

With a kick off, the black Nations of Nigeria and Ghana on Saturday and Sunday, December 7 and 8, 2019 will have a fun filled turnup of Cardi B.

Last night there was a ‘Conversation with Cardi B’ that held at the Eko Hotel, Ademola Adetokunbo, Victoria Island, Lagos and from what we gathered, you would have thought that Cardi was familiar with everyone before that day. So disarmingly sweet was she, that she held all spellbound and they all fell in love with her effortlessly. She has since spoken about her love for Nigeria.

We can tell you all matter of fact that bringing the reigning music star to Lagos, Nigeria and then to Accra, Ghana didn’t come cheap at all. From what we could gather, the 2 African countries trip on paper was for about $5m dollars which translates to N1.8billion Naira at N360 to a dollar. 5 what????? ? We are too sure you must be asking. We meant it when we said $5,000,000 (Five million dollars only). That’s about a staggering N1.8billion Naira which some people have asked us for what? And if there’s ever the possibility of the organizers making back such a staggering amount of money? .

Touch Down Nigeria

@punchnewspapers – Singer and actress, Belcalis Almánzar, aka Cardi B, is apparently having the time of her life in Nigeria. She arrived in the country during the week to perform at a concert.

The 27-year-old mother of one who is recognised by Forbes as one of the most influential female rappers performed at the Livespot X Festival yesterday (Saturday) in Lagos, and will be heading to Ghana today (Sunday).

Cardi B was undoubtedly excited to be in Africa’s most populous nation and interesting photos and videos of her adventures in Lagos have been making the rounds on the Internet.

The Bodak Yellow rapper has been flooding her Instagram page with raunchy pictures and videos to the delight of her over 55.2million followers.

One of the highlights of her brief stay in Lagos was her visit to a strip club. The songwriter, who is also a former stripper, was in the company of Nigerian-American singer, Jidenna.

Not only did the strippers entertain her, Cardi B also sprayed them with wads of cash.

While in the club, the DJ repeatedly played Cardi’s songs as her fans jostled to get a ‘selfie’ with the acclaimed rap queen.

Before she left the country, the television personality was given a Nigerian name– Chioma B. Her visit will, no doubt, leave indelible memories in the minds of her numerous fans.

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End of year #crime rate has officially overwhelmed the #Nigerianpolice


While we are happy to be doing things and being grateful for all that we are given despite not being up to whatever it is that we planned, and we are finally closing in on the end of 2019, then let us look at the pros and cons of the festivity. The horses are closed so importation is seized so that Nigerian made foods can be bought, promoted, consumed and improved upon. But then again a hand full of individuals are fighting this plans and setting markets all over the country ablaze.

The Nigerian rice that we were asked to patronise are now as unbelievably expensive. As expensive as the imported would have been if they’re were allowed into the country. This is how you know that economic sabotage is such a huge thing is this country. I mean who are we kidding? No one monitors the prices of goods and services, no one stops these misbehaviours and unnecessary price hikes. People are islands and they do whatever the heck they want with prices and services and we have no option than to patronise them nevertheless.

As we draw to the end of the year in Nigeria, so many people especially the youths are without any source of income, and those who do, have little or nothing to show for it because so many family members are relying on them and asking endlessly for assistance due to the rate of poverty the country people are dealing with.

The high number of people without jobs are confidently going into crime and they are doing it with so much lacknof fear of the police.

A friend of mine was robbed amid so many other people I know that have equally been robbed in a space of one month. She went to the police to officially report and get an assistance with tracking her phone but they were more interested in extorting her with things so unbelievably stupid as making her pay for police report, charging her double for affidavit and constantly telling her she is a big girl to have been using such an expensive missing phone. This friend of mine was constantly reaching the criminals through her missing line, but the police man started avoiding her phone calls.

There are so many Nigerians turning to all sorts of crimes to survive, or even make ends meet so desperately. They are attacking, killing, robbing and ruining the already stressed out workers in the society. People are robbed at every single time of the day and at every single place possible even at their homes. The police are overwhelmed and thereby avoiding victims. Don’t think you are not robbable dear readers, so while we can’t rely on the police of our country to protect us, then here are some things that we can do to help keep ourselves safe while we survive this season, governement and time.

  • Drop your ATM with plenty money at home and carry the one with only small for your day
  • Delete Bank transaction messages from your phone
  • Drop your expensive phone at home if you must go out at night
  • While in traffic at night, control your urge to go on social media so you don’t attract criminals with your phone light
  • Resist making money calls in public to avoid giving ideas to criminals
  • If you go to work in the early hours of the day, then avoid dark and scanty places and stand at the a well lit places
  • Be very vigilant at all times.
  • Limit the show of affluence in public
  • Try to go back home before night fall as many of these crimes at done in the dark
  • Becareful with entering private vehicles and letting strangers enter yours
  • Letting strangers into your home at night is a no.no.
  • While driving , always look into your rare view mirror to know when you are being followed.
  • Avoid the bank and have all transactions done fast
  • Do not have phone apps in your phone since you can do transactions with bank USSD code. This is because you will be forced to make transactions.
  • Don’t go arguing, challenging, threatening and fighting with an armed robber. Don’t be stupid.
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#KhloeKardashian looks away as #LamarOdom engages his girlfriend, Sabrina Parr


Seems someone is out to get the last laugh in Hollywood California (in my opinion 👏) Lamar who has has sat through and complained about the various athletes and Celebrities who Khloe had dated in the past, just like she had watched as well through out his own ordeal with various women and baby mamas.

While many thought Khloe was finally exercising her freedom when she separated and eventually divorced her Estranged husband Lamar. Lamar who fought to take back his wife and change his drug and alcohol behaviors, moved on to Sabrina when he was unsuccessful with winning Khloe back.

One thing is sure, all three characters share a common factor, which is their love for fitness. While Khloe took her to the next stage where she is making some money form hers, Lamar and Sabrina just bond through theirs while they invite the rest of the world into their healthy live affair (so it seems for now).

Many have commended the basket baller for assisting his addiction and staying focused on his recovery, they hope he stays that way since Sabrina seems like a positive light in his life.

While the whole world thought Lamar was going to be the “saving yes factor” for Khloe during her public break up moment, and probably uplift her spirit, when his Ex wife Khloe was emotionally tormented by the man she has a child with. She had suffered through the devastating break ups and downs with her family by her side to show massive support while Tristan was still Tristaning and untrustworthy to her, memes were made of how Lamar was going to run back into khloe’s open arms and love her like he did before, we found out that he had actually moved on and out of her life and way.

Lamar who been seen all over Instagram putting his new relationship out there for the world to see and stop assuming that he wants Khloe back. Now he has popped the question and a willing Sabrina said “Yes”. Now the hopeful ones and like 😒😒 as That slashes the hopes for a reunion for the former couple. Congratulations to whom it is due.

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Toke Makinwa calls out #snoopdogg for giving the notion that women are expected to prove themselves before they can find love


While women go through hustle, child birth, fashion, snap back, fashion on point, and then the very new one which is the “torture for love” coming from uncle snopp and his busy body to support the marriage and love story of Guccimane and Keshakoair. According to the unending story that comes up every time this couple is involved, where koair had to hold on and not cheat on Guccimane when he was incarcerated for years. According to the story, she held on to the money he gave her before going away and invested it, then doubled it before he made it out. Now uncle snopp thought it wise to give his 2cent on the issue and Toke and Sisi Makinwa is not having it. Read what she wrote about it:

from @tokemakinwa- Talk Tuesday!!!!!! I am deeply tired of this narrative though, this post pissed me off soooo much, why do we like to make women look like huge jokes? why is this the way to happiness? Why must you sell the “I suffer pass” mentality? This promotes low self esteem. I know for the most part of my life I believed that for love to be real, it has to hurt, I believed there has to be pain and real humiliation before you find peace and that mentality is BS. That mentality made me stay in crazy situations and do the most for the wrong reasons. Let’s stop pls. This is trash. Pls show me examples of men who stayed with a cheating woman, drug addict, jail bird, publicity with other men etc. show me a man who knew what he signed up for and even after she slept with his brothers and friends held her down till she became refined. If we can’t pick 10 men pls stop raising your daughters to hold down situations that might eventually break them, stop selling the narrative that women have to suffer before they find love. This is ruining lives for real and it should stop.

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#KimK joins forces with #sisters to roll out a new and exciting #kkwfrangrance


Despite all the public and show enhancing altercations, misunderstandings, fights and competitions the Kardashian sisters are not one to let go of a business opportunity due to a bad relationship with a sibling.

They have proven for over a decade now, that they have what it takes to be the most interesting family in the world. Even the wealthy middle eastern families have got nothing on these girls and they are definitely not showing any signs of stopping.

Business Woman

Now, that’s what I call the strong woman trait. They came from something small, and now they are here. Despite the beauty and class, they have converted the hate and mockery thrown at them into something everyone wishes to emulate. Just take a look and Kim juggling Motherhood and business like a pro.

Mistresses of the Trade

To me, in my opinion here is never going to be another family of our generation with such collective strength and tenacity to stay so on point consistently for just a long time. Kim, now a mother of four herself is a household of businesses all to her name and still counting.

This is only a prove that you can actually do everything you want in this life to be honest. Kim is an inspiration despite all said and done over the years, because this family will teach you the good, the bad and the ugly, and only you can decide on which of these lessons to take home.

Look at the beautiful choice of hair… 👌💣🙆‍♀️

One advice I have for every girl out there today, is to just monitor the business minds and ways of these family and leave the other aspects that is not exactly admirable.

Mimick the business ways of the Kardashians/Jenners and see if this won’t work for you — Oby Oriji

From your favourite blogger

The way they are constantly releasing same things in different ways and still having fans rush at it is admirable and this is down to prevent seeming boring and uninteresting to their young hearted fans.

Come onnnnn Girls… 😋😋😋

With that being said, Kim is changing up the bottle of her perfumes with new contents and making a big announcement to get fans back on her site buying it like a hot cake. But do you think it can work? The answer is “Absolutely” . The same thing Kylie does for her cosmetic lines and same goes for other things they produce in that family. You go and check it out. They have something to teach everyone entrepreneur and I am Learning. Believe me.

from @kimkardashian – Beyond excited to announce the new @kkwfragrance Diamonds Collection by Kourtney x Kim x ME! Creating the KKW Fragrance Diamonds Collection with Kim and Kourtney was so inspiring. I wanted to create a fragrance that feels feminine, sexy and strong when I wear it. It’s such a dreamy scent with a mix of sweet florals and musk that can be worn from day to night. I’ve been wearing this non-stop and love it more and more every day. Launching on 11.08 at 12PM PST at KKWFRAGRANCE.COM #DiamondsCollection

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