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#Nigerians Cringe as #DJCuppy announces yet another title for a food song


I won’t be surprised to one day see ‘Ewagoyi’ as a song title from Cuppy. Many are assuming she is being scarcastic, but one thing we have to know is that’s he is a go getter. And if the right reaction is given to her intended action, she goes for it.

Well, we have no option than to wait and see.

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How Nigerians found out #JohnLegend visited their #Country


while This day celebrated their 25 years of truth to power, celebrating people who have been their for this long, they made it a gala that had the who is who in Lagos attend.

Whiel we thought the guest list only had Nigerian names on it, we didn’t know that award winning singer John Legend 👏🙌 made it to the the guest list.

But how Nigerians found out was through Chrissy Teigen and her usual revealing posts. The organizers sure had a good low-key plan to prevent the media and Nigerians at large. This Day 2020.

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#Nollywood Actor MikeEzu reveals the health condition his choice of #career has brought upon him


from @mikeezu Forgive being Reluctant but just had to share..Many don’t know what we go through in the course of our work (FILM MAKING)..Had a growth encroaching the pupil of both eyes cos of over exposure to HARSH movie Production LIGHTS over the Years…

(Heard looking into your PHONE/COMPUTER for too long also puts one in Danger)..Advised to get Surgery done,I was Scared…After Surgery, for over 8 hrs ,i was without sight as my eyes were Demanded Tightly Closed,Tightly Shut by the Ophthalmologist Team of Doctors..Hmnnn..

These Made me Appreciate more the GIFT of Sight GOD gave me…Goshhhh that I can never ever take for Granted..Scary experience…But GOD is always Faithful..Glad Surgery was SUCCESSFUL and i will be back real soon to my work and Passion…

Thanks to my FANS and TRUE SUPPORTERS..(NOTE Pls :Dont adhere to any IMPOSTOR who would want to take advantage to defraud anyone of his or her money…Pls I am Fine and Healing) I love you all always❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️..God Bless 🙏🏼❤️

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#Teary Moment #MissyElliot broke down on stage and reveals #health journey


They will always be a war everyone is waging. Never trader aggression on people, they are going through the horror that has befallen them. Missy has been in our screen these past few years and many were happy for her.

She has been through alot, but fans choose to celebrate her achievement in order to send love, light and encouragement her way.

But being a real one, Missy broke down on stage during her award. Being a woman who has held it down for decades and still is as relevant as ever, she deserves everything and more for her role in the industry, and in the lives of the singers who got inspired and into the trade all because she existed.

Everyday we Missy is s blessing we don’t take for granted. But that multiple blink show from her consoling sisters especially Kim though. We love you Missy..

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#Gabunion sets aside her #WCW to honour the industry #blackwomen who have earned her respect


With her number of years in Hollywood, she has seen it all and knows where everyone will end up based on their persistence and attitude towards their trade and others. So when Gabrielle Union, Mrs Dwayne Wade, Mummy to Savage baby Kavia Wade, tells you that she is impressed by you, then you are doing something good.

For her WCW, she is shining the light on those who have not gotten enough light on them, but yet are doing so good that the light has no option than to find them and shine on them. For the part three wednesdays, here are the first three sets of people who have made the 47 year old woman proud.

from @gabunion This week’s #WCW goes out to a mother-daughter power duo — @zoeisabellakravitz and Lilakoi Moon. I wanted to highlight the bond between mothers and daughters as I try to make my way as a new mom with babygirl.

I’ve always admired the obvious love, respect and nurturing village Zoe’s parents created and how beautiful it has been to witness as a mom just trying to figure it all out. Talk about two strong and talented women.

Zoe is the daughter of beautiful Lilakoi and is truly making a name for herself. From being the lead of her band Lolawolf to landing meaningful roles on the big screen she has been a legend in the making for the past few years now.

Let me also point out she is a flat-out fashion goddess and got it from her mama 😉. Lilakoi has inspired me for years with her class, effortlessly cool style, and kindness. Leave it to this mother daughter duo to steal your heart…@kaaviajames look forward to these type of moments! Let us lift them up in the light of goodness and hold them there.

Reposted from @gabunion This week’s #WCW is the stunning and dynamic South Sudanese-Australian model, Adut Akech Bior. She spent her early years in a refugee camp in Kenya, and she attributes this life of violence and fear to what taught her the power of gratitude .

In school she was bullied for her skin tone and her gap, and now she has owned those aspects of herself and  made  it into a brand of self love!  She started her modeling career at 16 years old, and just three years later has graced the cover of countless magazines and has garnered awards and honors like: , 2019 BFA – Model of The Year, 2019 Industry vote – Model of The Year, 2019 Time – 100 NEXT List… just to name a few.

Beyond her beauty, she is set to work with the U.N. to help refugees at her former camp, and one day she wants to build a school, a hospital, or a modeling agency in South Sudan. Keep on shining. Let us lift her up in the light of goodness and hold her there. – #regrann

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Legendary #Countrygirl #Dollyparton sets off a #Socialmedia #meme trend


Let me tell you something. One of the people on Earth who I respond “How high” when they say “jump”, is the one and only Dollyparton. so when she innocently posts a social media collage of Twitter, LinkedIn, tinder and instagram, all I did was smile at the speed of responses she got from the people who consider her an icon.

Dolly is a whole mood when it comes to her skills and composure in Hollywood. She is my favourite girl. The Zac Efron one is Soo E..

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Inspired by @dollyparton, of course!

A post shared by Kerry Washington (@kerrywashington) on

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A post shared by Tamra Judge 🍊 (@tamrajudge) on

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Yes ma’am, @dollyparton, whatever you say. ♥️

A post shared by Jennifer Garner (@jennifer.garner) on

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This was fun @dollyparton. 💜💜💜

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Get you a woman who can do it all 😉

A post shared by Dolly Parton (@dollyparton) on

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Singer #koffee becomes the youngest #Raggae artist to be nominated for a #Grammy


Teenage singer and low key conservative girl koffee, has finally been nominated for a Grammy, after her song ‘Rapture’ became the national anthem back in 2019.

She is now revealing that she is the very known youngest Raggae singer to be nominated a Grammy.

Congratulations are in order for the young singer who thinks and acts maturely, and we hope she wins. She made the announcement from Los Angeles and we are here for it.

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#JohnBoyega buys his Mom and Dad a house and the #internet is buzzing


Seems the son of the year award is headed for the one and only starwars papi John Boyega. The UK based Nigerian boy is appreciating his parents for all they have done for him through entire time he has been building his career and making them proud for their understanding tolerance.

While everyone was referring their reaction to the gift, I think his parents were alittle apprehensive due to the camera that was in their face waiting for them to shout and cry and probably give the internet the reaction it craves. But they kept a simple face while soaking in the shocking information.

I still think that he would have gotten the wanted reaction if only they simply hid the camera and allowed this Nigerian parents express themselves in true appreciation. So here is the reaction we ended up getting. Even though the father cried, the mother was still petrified and left in confusion since she wasn’t ready to let them catch her crying brought the lens of a camera.

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#Rihanna reportedly asked #Shaggy to #audition before putting him on her 9th #Album


According to story making headline from #entnewsflow, the legendary shaggy revealed that he asked by Rihanna to audition before he is out on her Album.

According to the post, Shaggy explained why he had to turn down her invite. She reportedly asked him to audition for a role, and sounding absurd to the singer he felt insulted and refused to carry on with the deal.

The Jamaican reggae legend Shaggy, revealed he turned down Rihanna’s invitation to collaborate on a song for her long-awaited ninth album.

According to the two-time Grammy Award winner, he refused because she asked him to “audition.” “They approached me for the Rihanna project, yeah,” the musician reportedly told Britain’s Daily Star. “There’s a lot of great people involved, but for me, I didn’t need to audition to be on the record. I’ll leave that to younger guys. But from what I hear, it should be good.” Despite turning the chance to be on the album, Shaggy still had some positive comments about Rihanna’s ‘Caribbean dancehall-inspired album.’ …

Via: @thelucipost

I hope this isn’t what she meant because this just goes to show that Riri is being very very professional, or not working with anyone’s past glory. Should we then go right ahead and assume that everyone who is a musical legend on her album was made to audition? Damn Riri…

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“Life is Good” #future captions lovely pool photo with everyone’s fave #Loriharvey


Do you consider yourself a Savage young lady ? Do you think you really don’t get moved by what anyone especially the media says about you? Do you say you want and will date whoever you want and go right ahead and do just that? Have you read all that is said about you and still you are too calm to utter any damn word? If all answers to these questions are “YES”. Then Congratulations.. Cos you are officially a Lori Harvey.

She is a girl that doesn’t care about her family image or name, family talks and family dissatisfactions over her decisions.

She is the only girl who will never ever respond to a call out from any media outlet. Could it be that a guy hurt that lady and she is on a girly mission, or she is simply impressively thinking like her man, which by the way, I like.

She was recently seen with a significant rapper and everyone thought they were together, but that was after she was linked with that same rapper’s son before then.

Now, the king of #BMamas is seen with her in a pool captioning the photo #LifeisGood. Clues: He doesn’t shoot blank, he loves kids, and he is not afraid to increase their numbers.

Dear Readers, Do the maths..😊🤔🤦🏾‍♀️🏃

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Life is Good ❤️🦅

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#Kimkardashian celebrates bestfriend Allison as she turns #40.


from @kimkardashian – Happy 40th Birthday to my best friend in the entire world Allison!!! We’ve been through everything together and I’m the luckiest girl to have the same best friend my whole life! My family! I’m so proud of you for being the best mom, wife and friend and run your own business while making it all look so easy. You are the most loyal friend to the end! I love you so much Ali! Omg this pic is from the summer of 1996 when we were in Paris on tour with your dad and The Eagles. We kept a diary this trip and I just read it 😂. So many amazing memories ✨

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#Timeflies: #TiwaSavage ‘s Son Jamjam is no longer a baby.


That little Jamjam who did the diaper advert is still not a baby. That young man has been his mother’s bestfriend and happy place for a while, but that will be when Uncle Wizkid is not in sight.

She is showing off their people who are making her go hard in the hustle. She is, and will always be a force to reckon with, due to her resilience and ability to bounce right back when the worse punches are thrown at her in this life. She is a brilliant businesswoman, a savvy creator, a smart saver, a incredible absorber, and a mother to the one and only Jamil. He is such a lucky baby and she always will be a lucky mother to this cutie.

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Full look ✨✨✨

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Love Mine 🖤

A post shared by Tiwa Savage (@tiwasavage) on

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#TheRock begins training for his new upcoming role as BLACK ADAM


from @therock – So it begins.
Kickin’ off 2020 training extremely hard for my upcoming role as BLACK ADAM.
This one’s in my blood.
Thanks to my guys @bosslogic @veliokulan for this bad ass animation.
The hierarchy of power in the #DCUniverse is about to change.

NewEra #BlackAdam⚡️

Shooting begins this summer. – #regrann

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#Nicoleariparker living it up in #Ghana with husband


Since all roads Led to Ghana it is nice to see that so many people are having fun out there in our sister country Ghana. Such a beauty to see that the Americans are home in Africa having all fun this year has to give to him. You go girl.

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Fans Marvel at the length of #Michellewilliams natural hair


Can you believe this is Michelle’s natural hair? never knew she had this much folic in her. My girl is basically folically advantaged.

I kept look to see the wig side if this who hair brush, and to be honest she has such luscious hair. My favourite hair girl used to Eva Mandes, but Michelle is about to take that title away from Eva.

Ofcourse I could be wrong, because I have a very low cut that I Rock like not man’s business. So for those of you who are more experienced in that area, can help a sister decide if that is her natural hair length, or just a well inserted procedure.

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The #Extra award for season goes to #Teyanataylor


I know Rihanna, and I know Teyana. I know how extra Robyn can be, but do you have any idea how far and wide TEYANA goes in the extra world of today?

Lately the 29 year old mother of one and wife to Imam Shumpert has been seen in the most comfortable outfits of her life. With and so toned it shines bright for the world to see, you can tell that she isn’t wearing comfortable clothes to hide a bulgy belly or a hanging fupa.

She carefully workouts in ways that sort her for the longest of time even though she is a mother. Now she still wears comfortable clothes where necessary, and gets all kinds of sexy when the need arises.

But for This Christmas, let’s just say Teyana doesn’t wanna join the usual look for the season. She went all out with the concealing look that many are here again to learn from.

Where can someone wear this to? 🙄
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