Nigerian Federal University lecturers dislike/Victimize exceptional students — Victim


The victims of this University lecturers  event have been speaking up after finding their voices. It is very clear that most people are insecure about their jobs, and are afraid that a younger person or a better person may take their jobs.

While this is not just perculiar to only the universities, it is however very obvious and boldly displayed in Nigerian institutions, when they know that they have the power to make your certificate acceptable of not.

But according to the narration from this Twitter user, it is clear that whatever the lecturer did, has been on the back of his mind through out life.

Dear Lecturers, please taje it easy with victimising your students. We all are facing our own horror and hurdles. Please be better with these students.

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Linda Ikeji announces mouth watering Prize for her new project ‘African Indie Literature writing’.


Are you ready for a big win this year?

from @officiallindaikeji – I’m also happy to be giving N1million to the winner of the 2019 Linda Ikeji Prize for Literature. This is open to writers across Africa and will be an annual event. Subsequent years will have bigger prizes. Read the details below…

The African Indie Writers Review (AFIRE) ejournal is happy to announce The 2019 Linda Ikeji Prize for Literature.

This is going to be an annual event.
The Prize: N1,000,000 .
The Need:
African Indie-Writers Review (AFIRE) is an ejournal strategically positioned to hold out a hand to new, contemporary and audacious African writers most interested in taking their work to a wider world.
Call for submission:
We are now receiving submissions for the 2019 Linda Ikeji Prize for Literature. All entries should be forwarded .
Deadline for submission: June 30 2019. .
There are six categories for material to be submitted to AFIRE:

Fiction, Prose – full length novels: published, self-published or unpublished

Fiction, Prose – short stories: published, self-published or unpublished

Non Fiction – published, self-published or unpublished

Poetry – collections: published, self-published or unpublished

Drama – published, self-published or unpublished

Social media essays – collections: published, self-published or unpublished .
All materials should be submitted in Microsoft Word file format. Pdf files are allowed for only poetry submissions where original format is considered a critical part of the aesthetic presentation.
Materials could be of any topic and theme, as long as it demonstrates a clear and undisputable motion for growth and development, enlightenment and humanity on the continent. New African writers in diaspora holding valid passports of any African country are eligible to participate.
The decisions of the judging panel are final.

Welcome to the new literary drum on the continent – #obyorijiblog

Well what you you waiting for? Go ahead and enter..

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Primary education: Teacher scarcity hits public schools, 28 states fail to recruit personnel


According to punchnews, Many state governments have refused to employ teachers since 2015 despite an acute shortage of teaching personnel in public primary schools across the country, aa investigated by The PUNCH have shown.

Findings showed that some schools, particularly the ones in the rural areas, had as few as three teachers, who on many occasions absent themselves from work.

Teachers, who spoke with The PUNCH, bemoaned poor remuneration and non-payment of their salaries and allowances.
They said due to poor pay and unpaid wages, they had developed survival strategies including engagement in petty trading and other businesses to augment their incomes.

28 states haven’t employed teachers since 2015 –NUT

The Nigeria Union of Teachers on Monday confirmed The PUNCH’s findings, saying only eight states had employed primary school teachers since 2015.

The union’s National Publicity Secretary, Audu Amba, said apart from Gombe, Kaduna, Imo, Katsina, Kano, Lagos, Plateau and Sokoto states, other 28 states had not employed teachers in the last four years.

This, he said, had been affecting the quality of public primary education in the country.

He also said only 11 states namely Akwa Ibom, Ekiti, Enugu, Gombe, Imo, Kaduna, Lagos, Plateau, Sokoto, Katsina, Yobe and the Federal Capital Territory had recruited secondary school teachers in the last four years.

Besides the non-recruitment of teachers, the NUT national publicity secretary said Abia State owed primary school teachers, five months’ salaries, while their counterparts in secondary schools were being owed 10 months’ salaries.

My Opinion

In a country where you hear the unimaginable amount of money being diverted and stolen by individuals so often that it is beginning to sound like a song, you see the thieves getting more preferential treatment than a royal, you see a weird ass politician proudly showing off his fleet of cars, houses and luxury life when he is only but a  politician with no other means of income snd business. Then things that are in need of these moneys like public schools and amenities , are constantly given excuses (which they never lack) why it isn’t going to ever happen.

Why won’t they abandon the public schools when they open up expensive  private schools for the sake of their kids,and when the kids are old enough for the university, these politicians go right ahead to open up a university?  Children of the poor will always be at the receiving end. This is Nigeria, you are welcome.

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FG approves additional N25bn to meet ASUU demands


The Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu, has said that the Federal Government has just approved an additional N25billion for public universities to meet the demands set by the Academic Staff Union of Universities.

Adamu said on Tuesday that the Federal Government had approved the release of additional N25billion to universities.

He said, “Funding has been one of the major challenges of tertiary education in this country. At the inception of this administration, we inherited an unimplementable agreement between the Federal Government and ASUU whose total value was put at N1.3trillion which payment was to be spread over six years.

“Between 2014 to 2017, the nation witnessed an economic downturn and consequently, there were no releases in the N1.3trillion. However, last year, the Federal Government released N20billion directly to universities and all of them have got their share. The Federal Government has just approved an additional N25billion to be shared to beneficiary institutions directly.

On the out-of-school children, the minister said the government had failed to reduce the 13.2million kids it met by half, as it had promised.

Adamu noted that despite all interventions and efforts, the population of out-of-school children stood at 10.2million kids. – #obyorijiblog

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College Girl Life:  Ciara gets admission to Havard Business School


American singer, Ciara has been accepted into the prestigious Harvard Business School.

The 33-year-old pop star took to Instagram, wearing a Harvard sweater, to announce the news. “I always dreamt of going to college, but by God’s grace, my music career took me on a path that I’m so thankful for,” she captioned the post. “This week I got accepted into Harvard! Words cannot describe my excitement!”

Clara who is the mother of two beautiful children is set to follow in Kimk’s foot step with going through school, being a full time time mum, plus holding down a career. Her now $140m wealthier husband is able and capable to get them a nanny of their choice. You go girl.

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Buhari Signs Bill Stopping NYSC from Posting Engineering Graduates to Schools.


The Engineers (Registration etc) Amendment Bill, 2019, which among others, bars NYSC from henceforth, posting graduates of engineering to secondary schools to teach, was today, signed into law by Pres. Buhari.

The bill which has now become the Act of the National Assembly seeks to promote technological development in Nigeria by ensuring that trained engineers are well positioned to deploy the knowledge acquired in their various fields to the development of technology in the country.

Senator Ita Enang, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on National Assembly Matters, said as against the tradition of posting a large number of engineering graduates to schools by NYSC, youth corps members who are graduates of engineering must henceforth be posted only to engineering firms and other institutions that are relevant to their professional fields.

Aside prohibiting such firms from rejecting engineering graduates posted to them, the Act mandates NYSC to immediately communicate the name of any institution where an engineering graduate is posted to, for his/her primary assignment, to the Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN).

Furthermore, the Act prohibits any foreign engineering firm from operating in Nigeria without being duly registered in the country by COREN. It also mandates such a foreign firm to ensure the introduction of local content into the operations of the company by employing Nigerian engineers.

Enang also said the new Act grants “compulsory attestation to all expatriate quota for engineering practitioners, including turnkey project, that there are no qualified and competent Nigerians for the job in question at the time of application and that granting of the expatriate quota shall be contingent on training of such number of persons as may be required for the execution of the job, and; ensuring that, before being allowed to practice in Nigeria, such foreign engineering practitioners granted work permit, register with the council and obtain such licenses as may be required from time to time; investigating engineering failures.’’ – #obyorijiblog

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JAMB Realeases the 2019 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) results.


According to  #guardiannigeria –

The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board has released the 2019 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) results.
“Today, we are releasing the results of 1,792,719 candidates,” JAMB registrar Ishaq Oloyede said in Abuja on Saturday.
“Some 34,120 results are being withheld including the results of 15,145 candidates being further clarified as identical twins and siblings,” he added.

Oloyede further noted that 1,886,508 candidates registered for the exams across the country which includes candidates who registered at foreign centres.

“Out of this number, which excludes the Direct Entry candidates, 59,667 were absent. A total of 1,826,839 sat the UTME,” he added.
He, therefore, advised candidates to use the phone number used for registration and text it to 55019 to get their results instantly.

He said this would ensure that fraudsters who are bent at exploiting candidates do not have access to their results.
For more, please click the link in our bio.
#Nigeria #JAMB #UTME #News #ExaminationResult #JambResults #Examination #TheGuardianNg – #obyorijiblog

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Arnold Schwarzenegger so proud as second son Joseph graduates from Pepperdine.


The Second Son, and the one who resembles him the most Joseph Baena just graduated from college … and his dad is beaming with pride as he made the announcement on his instagram page.

Arnold Schwarzenegger shared the news along with this happy photo of the 2, saying … “Congratulations Joseph! Four years of hard work studying business at Pepperdine and today is your big day!”

In case you didn’t know about Joseph, he was the child of Arnold’s Latino maid that he impregnated right about the same time as his wife. The personal and marriage life of Arnold suffered a scandal around this time. It was unpleasant. We are glad he is being such an awesome Dad to Joseph. How adorable are they?

from @schwarzenegger – Congratulations Joseph! Four years of hard work studying business at Pepperdine and today is your big day! You have earned all of the celebration and I’m so proud of you. I love you! – #obyorijiblog

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Fuel Scarcity: DPR begins Sealing up Fuel Stations For Hoarding Product.


Following the obvious developmemt in the Country, Nigerians are beginnig to notice the scarcity and expensive hike in the price of petrol even as Easter celebrations are drawing closer. Many are saying this is done in a bid to get more money from the product once scarcity is introduced.

Now the Department of Petroleum Resources is sweeping in to remedy the situation. They are going from one station to the order to punish the dubious acts developing between the Petroleum distributors in Nigeria.

The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), has sealed up some fuel stations in Abeokuta metropolis for hoarding, creating artificial scarcity and under dispensing of products.

Leading the exercise in Abeokuta, the state capital, the head of operations in the Ogun office of the Department of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Muinat Bello -Zagi admonished consumers to avoid panic buying and hoarding of products at home, as she also frowned at the diversion of products by marketers.

For more visit – #obyorijiblog

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AdorableBEAUTIFULBODY BODYEducationreals

Khloe Kardashian shares a repost from 2016 that vividly describes her current predicament.


Reposted from @khloekardashian – RP from a 2016 post “Letting go doesn’t mean that you don’t care about someone anymore. It’s just realizing that the only person you really have control over is yourself.” Letting go with love takes great strength.

We have to learn to stop taking on peoples problems as if they are our own. Loving people does not mean we have to carry their burdens and confusions on our back.

Sadly, You can only express your opinion on a situation. You can’t want their life more than they do. This is in fact their life to figure out on their own and in their own time.

I do believe in timing. I do believe timing is everything. You forcing your beliefs and dreams down ones throat is only going to cause resentment and possibly manifest deeper issues.

Possibly to the point of no return. “People say time heals all wounds… I say time heals wounds but scars are left to remind you what you have been through and what you survived.”

Stop shattering your own heart by trying to make a relationship (friend, family, partner) work that clearly isn’t meant to work. We have to stop trying to repaint people’s colors. We have to learn to believe the love we AREN’T given.

You can’t love someone into loving you. (God I wish it were that easy) You can’t force someone to be loyal, kind, understanding. You can’t force someone to be the person you need them to be. Even if it’s for their own good!! Sometimes the person you want most is the person you’re best without.

😩😫 You have to understand… some things ARE supposed to happen in your life, but they just are NOT meant to be. Damn… It took me so many years to understand that.

Don’t lose yourself by trying to fix what’s meant to stay broken. God always has a plan even if we can’t understand it (or don’t want to understand it) Even in the darkest of places… Our Lord sees His vision.

We might not understand it at the moment but I promise you, your future will always bring understanding & clarity of why things didn’t work out. Don’t put your happiness on hold for someone (family, friend, partner) who isn’t holding on to you.

“A Girl once told me… Be careful when trying to fix a broken person. For you may cut yourself on their shattered pieces” – #obyorijiblog

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Wendy Williams reveals she’s been living in a sober house due to her struggles with cocaine.

no thumb

Wendy Williams has been quietly focusing on her sobriety, she revealed on-air Tuesday.

“I have been living in a sober house. … You know I’ve had a struggle with cocaine in the past,” she said on The Wendy Williams Show. “I never went to a place to get treatment … there are people in your family, it might be you … I want you to know more of the story.”
She added that her husband Kevin Hunter was the only person who knew she was seeking treatment.

It took a lot of heart to share her secret…Send good vibes to Wendy …Sound Off👇 📽

#Agbaya Too much money is disturbing this one here. You are an woman battling cocaine problem? Wow. Sending sense her way. This is not the time to send love and light and recovery her way, because she can get all that. If at 51 she is having this issue, then she needs sense. After all you need money to get addicted to cocaine. She sure has that. So we wish her better days .

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Nigeria’s Dangote climbs to world’s 64th richest person after gaining $5.8bn in 24hrs


Alhaji Aliko Dangote has significantly moved up in the world billionaires’ list as he emerged 64th richest person in the world, with an estimated worth of $16.6 billion, as against his previous ranking of 103rd in the world.

Dangote, who remains the richest man in Africa for the 8th year running, was the only Nigerian on the list of the top 500 billionaires, as released by Bloomberg in its yearly billionaires list.

The index also revealed that Dangote’s net worth increased by 23% from $13.5bn on February 26, 2018, to $16.6bn

Jeff Bezos remains the richest in the world with $136 billion, while Bill Gates and Warren Buffett followed as second and third respectively with $98.4 billion and $83 billion. – #obyorijiblog

Via: instablog

My Opinion

Congratulations to this hardworking  winner right here. As a normal human in business,  You will always pray for the growth of people in that same thing,  if you have an idea what they go through to keep their dreams alive. May you grow from strength to strength Sir. #winning

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After 17 years of being the first Mexican actress nominated for best actress, Salma Hayek #yalitzaapariciomtz on board


Reposted from @salmahayek – In 2002 I became the first Mexican actress nominated for best actress.

I’m very moved that today I am no longer alone. Congratulations @yalitzaapariciomtz for your so well deserved nomination.

I hope this time you win. En el 2002 me convertí en la primera actriz Mexicana en obtener una nominación al oscar en la categoría de mejor actriz.

Me emociona mucho saber que a partir de hoy no estoy sola. Felicidades Yalitza por tu merecida nominación ojalá que está vez tu si te lo lleves. #Roma #oscars #mexico – #regrann

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ASUU Suspends Nationwide Strike After Three Months


BREAKING: ASUU Suspends Nationwide Strike After Three MonthsAcademic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) on Thursday suspended its nationwide strike after three months.

ASUU National President, Professor Biodun Ogunyemi, announced this at a press conference in Abuja, the nation’s capital.

The union suspended the industrial action following its latest meeting with representatives of the Federal Government led by the Minister of Labour and Employment, Senator Chris Nigige

BREAKING: ASUU Suspends Nationwide Strike After Three Months


National President of the union, Professor Biodun Ogunyemi, announced this on Thursday during a press briefing at the Nigeria Labour Congress complex in Abuja.

The striking lecturers took the decision after a meeting with representatives of the Federal Government led by the Minister of Labour and Employment, Senator Chris Ngige.

The meeting came hours before Professor Ogunyemi announced the decision of ASUU to suspend the strike.

It had in attendance leaders of the union and government representatives such as the permanent secretaries at the ministries of Education, as well as Labour and Employment, and some directors from the ministries.

According to the ASUU President, the government has demonstrated a commitment by meeting some of their demands.

He added that the government has signed a new agreement that would fast-track the revitalisation of universities, one of the critical demands of ASUU which led to the protracted industrial action.

ASUU suspended its industrial action three months since the lecturers went on strike in early November 2018.

The union went on strike following an emergency meeting of its leaders at the Federal University of Technology, Akure, the Ondo State capital.

The lecturers had accused the government of failing to address its demands.

They also raised concerns over the poor funding of Nigerian Universities, the alleged plot to increase students’ fees, introduction of an education bank, as well as non-implementation of previous agreements, among other issues.

The government, on its part, said it was worried about the action of the union which has paralised academic activities in universities where ASUU has a presence across the country.

This prompted the call by individuals and groups to the government to ensure the students return to school without any further delay.

Meanwhile, the government has held several discussions with the union leaders, in its bid to end the industrial action.

Signs of hope began to emerge on Friday last week following a meeting between the government and the union.

The minister and the ASUU President had told reporters at the end of the meeting that they were making progress to address the issues raised by the striking lecturers.

Although they did not give any specific detail, they had promised to address a press conference at the end of today’s meeting which resulted in the suspension of the strike.

Read the full statement issued by the ASUU President below;



Friends and compatriots of the Press, On Sunday, 4th November, 2018, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) resumed its strike action which was conditionally suspended on 14th September, 2017.

The action of 2017 was suspended following the signing of a Memorandum of Action (MoA) in which the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) promised to address the contentious issues within a timeline that was to end in October 2017.

While announcing the suspension of the nationwide action, however, our Union made it categorically clear that “ASUU will not hesitate to review its position should government renege on the signed Memorandum of Action”.

Predictably, Government implemented the MoA in the breach, thereby forcing ASUU to resume the suspended strike action.

Comrades and compatriots, as we have always argued, the last thing ASUU members love doing is to cause disruption in smooth intellectual engagements with colleagues, friends and students right on our university campuses.

This has nothing to do with the dubious advertorial of “non-disruption of academic calendar” by proprietors and administrators of some cash-and-carry universities and other self-styled enemies of ASUU.

Rather, it is about deep-seated pains members of the Union undergo to prevent strike actions and the equally painful consequences strike situations bring to all who are genuinely averse to the mercantile disposition to university education.

Why Strike Action? The question has been asked time and time again: Why does ASUU like embarking on strike action that causes disruption and dislocation in the universities?

However, ASUU is strongly convinced that if academics fail to fight the cause of university education, the fate that befell public primary and secondary schools would soon become the lot of the public university system in Nigeria.

ASUU’s advocacy on the need to stem the continued slide into rot and decay in public universities since the 1980s has fallen on deaf ears. Our experience, as a trade union, shows that successive governments in Nigeria always entered into negotiated agreements only to placate those pleading the cause – be it education, health, transportation, employment or any other issue of meaningful living.

This proclivity of the Nigerian ruling class, irrespective of which wing of the insensitive stock they belong, must be continually be tracked, engaged and resisted by all people of goodwill.

ASUU ‘s action strike, which started on 4th November, 2018, was situated in the context of accumulated records of indifference and lackadaisical attitude of Government to negotiated agreements with the Union.

At our media interaction in University of Lagos on 23rd  December, 2018, we highlighted the outstanding issues in the crisis to include the following:

– Funding for the revitalization of Public Universities based on the FGN-ASUU MoU of 2012, 2013 and the MoA  of 2017

– Reconstitution of the current Government Team to allow for a leader and Chairman of the FG-ASUU Renegotiating team who has the interest of the nation and the people at heart.

– Release of the forensic audit report on Earned Academic allowances (EAA), offsetting the outstanding balance of the EAA and mainstreaming of same into the 2018 budget.

– Payment of all arrears of shortfall in all universities that have met the verification requirements of the Presidential Initiative on Continuous Audit (PICA)

– Provision of a platform by the federal government for ASUU to engage Governors on the proliferation of universities, underfunding of university education and undue interference in the affairs of the universities

– Release of PFA operational license to NUPEMCO

– Payment of EAA to loyal ASUU members at the University of Ilorin A new Memorandum of Action and Our Resolution To date, ASUU has had a total of ten (10) interactive meetings with representatives of FGN which have culminated into a Memorandum of Action of


Highlights of the MoA include the following:

  1. In addition to the N20 billion for 2018, the sum of N25 billion only would be released in April/May 2019, after which government would resume full implementation of the MoU of 2013.
  2. Part-payment of the outstanding arrears of the earned academic allowances; defraying the balance up to 2018 in 4 tranches within 36 months; and mainstreaming further payments of EAA into the annual budgets beginning from 2019 budget.
  3. PICA verification and the release of the arrears of salary shortfall at the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi, not later than 15th February 2019.
  4. Strengthening the Consultative Committee on State-owned Universities (CCSOU), inaugurated on Monday, 28th January, 2019 to look into the issues of proliferation, underfunding and governance to consistently deliver on its mandate.
  5. Payment of the outstanding EAA arrears of all eligible staff in the University of Ilorin, especially the loyal ASUU members whose appointments were illegally terminated by today, 7th February,2019.
  6. Acknowledgement and appreciation of Government for facilitating the release of the final letter of approval for the granting of operationallicense to NUPEMCO.
  7. Visitation to all Federal Universities would commence tentatively by 11th March, 2019.
  8. Provision of documented guidelines on procedures and roles of parties in the process of renegotiating FGN-ASUU Agreement of 2009 which would commence not later than 18th February 2019 and end by Friday 29th March 2019.

Based on the initial proposals from Government, the Union made extensive consultations through its various organs. The final level of consultation was the meeting of the National Executive Council (NEC) which took place 6th-7th February 2019.

NEC resolved that: Following a careful review of the report of engagements with the Federal Government on proposals for addressing all outstanding in the 2013 MoU and 2017 MoA, NEC resolved that the current strike action by the Union should be suspended conditionally with effect from 12.01 a.m on Friday 8th February 2019.

However, should Government fail to fulfill its part of the agreement as reflected in the 2019 Memorandum of Action, ASUU shall resume its suspended strike action as the Union deems necessary.


ASUU notes, with serious concern, the covert and overt roles of some vice-chancellors in the management and application of funds attracted by our Union to Nigeria’s public universities.

Consequently, we condemn, in the strongest terms, Vice-Chancellors who have made efforts to undermine and, in some cases, attempted to break our patriotic struggles for the revitalisation of public universities in Nigeria.

ASUU will not shy away from taking headlong those Vice-Chancellors who are reputed for acts of impunity, nepotism and other forms of conduct which are antithetic to university culture and the progressive development of our universities.

Our union will compile all their shenanigans and forward them to relevant authorities for further action.

Finally, ASUU acknowledges the understanding and support demonstrated by patriotic Nigerian students and their parents all through the strike period.

We equally appreciate the comradely assistance from the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), represented by the newly re-elected President, Comrade Ayuba Waba, who has stood by us throughout the struggle.

We also acknowledge the solidarity of the civil society organisations, especially the Joint Action Front (JAF) and the Education Rights Campaign (ERC), and members of the progressive wing of the media who have consistently partnered with us in our mission to rescue Nigerian public universities from imminent collapse.

While we put a closure to this phase of the struggle, it is our hope and desire that the Nigerian governments (Federal and State) will play the roles expected of them in order to make the new Memorandum work.

We shall never abandon our obligation to ensure the survival of a sound university system.

For ASUU, the struggle certainly continues!

Thank you for listening.

Biodun Ogunyemi


7th February 2018

Via: channels

My Opinion 

After three months of doing absolutely nothing in the case Nigerian students, they responding differently to the newsender of suspended strike in different ways.

The ones who have moved on with their life in different forms have little or no interest to come back, those who have been praying and crying for this to happen, are having a swell time, while those who have been taking and see long pants will now have a wider range of target.

The teachers and lecturers will have been fighting this battle for years, to have the Federal government  pay attention to the educational section of  the nation. while taking their kids out of the country to school, what then becomes the fate of the children who don’t have such an opportunity?

This seems to be the reason why ASUU is fighting on their behalf, but we all know that deep down, it is always more than this. No one really fights for these people without looking out for themselves too. So, let’s just celebrate the call off, and pretend we all don’t know a thing or two.

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“This is Wickedness” – Nigerian Students to ASUU and Federal Government


The idle Nigerian Students that have been made to stay back at home by the Federal Government and ASUU since October 2018, have come out to dissociate themselves from the government and the ASSU that has said to be fighting on their behalf.

They have said that they have been at home for a long time now, and don’t even hope to be back in school for God knows how long.

While Ray Power correspondent  went to the ASUU members to ask for their opinion on what the students have said about the ongoing ,  they responded by saying that the students should have patients and give ASUU a chance to fight their battle for them.

They said the fight and strike  is for the students and the children to come. Not only for the now. But the Federal government has not said anything about the students calling them out.

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Why are Lagos parents boldly paying ‘Developmental fees’ to Private schools without investigating?


If we as Nigerian masses are not part of our problem in this country, then neither is the Government. How can a group of people who have been tortured and extorted by their leaders for over half  a century turn around and become their own problem. A friend of mine just informed me that they have just had their young daughter enrolled into a primary school on Lagos Island,  and the fees were incredibly mind burgling. She spotted one of the high fees tagged as a developmental fee, along side tuition and other fees. She made to find out from one of the mother in that school,  and the woman told her that it has been this way even before she had her first child enrolled that  school.

Not sure what the school meant, she went ahead to ask for the meaning of a developmental fee from a staff, and she got the shock of her life, when she as told it is to improve the school. What on earth does that even mean? It is a very clear case of deception and extortion,  putting on a very fine gown of disguise.  The school had no project at hand, and there wasn’t any visible part of the school in need of urgent fixing.  This has been like this for years.  Parents paying for developmental fees, without challenging the school,  just doing it because the school asked for it. How can you tell me that you parents are in the right place? You would scream and tear down doors with this petty traders on the street of markets at you neighbourhood, but you cant stand your ground when you are being deceived by a white collar pen holding human. Just as long as a name is assigned to the money,  you are ready to pay without investigation. You don’t want to complain so the school won’t see you are receiving a broke parent. Just because others are blindly paying, you have decided to equally pay since others are doing it. You parents have to sit up to this country.  You can’t change the system of the country from the level of Presidency,  you start with where you find yourself. You children’s school is one of those places, your work and home. Dark parents,  pay more attention to the he payments you  make at school.  You might not have a problem paying it, but you are the hope of those who can’t see you it, and need you voice to say “No” to the educational extortion. Just because it has a name doesn’t mean that it is legit fee. Stay woke out there..

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