What EXACTLY is #Lagos doing to prevent the #spread of #Coronavirus


While many countries are going about it the very obvious way, fighting the entrance of the disease, protecting their points of entrances, blocking their boundaries, and treating those who have contacted it, some are just relying on the efficiency of these serious countries to prevent the spread.

We all are expected to have heard of the deadly coronavirus that has become a big problem for humans of the world. With over 17 thousand cases and over 300 deaths, which is Said to have brought into existence from the consumption of bat by these Our food exploring brothers in China.

In the name of all that is good and Satisfying, who eats a bat soup? This so not even a time of war and famine, just an ordinary human decided to voluntarily eat a bat soup. And videos of these soups I have seen so far, are those of dead bats that weren’t even sliced into an attractive size before consumption, but were cooked as a whole. As in, the bats are looking straight into the eyes of their consumer with wings spread apart.

Now we have this problem coming from that creepy act, all because someone decided to get curious and find out how a creature and unfriendly as a bat tastes.

While I have seen videos from scared and serious Countries spraying passengers who just landed into the country with a certain chemical mix to prevent the spread of the deadly virus, all I hear from Nigeria my Country is just the constant irrelevant TV, Radio and Newspaper articles about how they are protecting the Country. How exactly are you doing this please? Everything and time is not for clout chasing. what exactly are you doing in clear details?

Ordinary picture or even video of them actually doing something in real life, we can’t and haven’t seen. Ask these guys talking up and down about the chemicals that are being mixed to spray dead the virus in other Countries and they won’t know.

Now all we are relying on🤦🏾‍♀️ , is the scary fact that this virus will ahev mercy and won’t simply find its way into the country. Someone told me yesterday that her neighbour who just landed Nigeria from China, is in his house lounging.

How can you airport health guys tell he doesn’t have the virus yet, when he has not elapsed the quarantine period?. Imaging the Governor of Lagos State pleading with people to stay for quarantine when they arrive Lagos. Do you see what we are dealing with here? Imagine how many others are home from China in Lagos still chilling without any confirmation that they are safe? what makes you think that anyone will want to voluntarily stay for the quarantine when they can be stigmatised and maltreated and made to think they are dying while in there?

something this serious requires a serious readiness and not begging people to stay when you are not upping your game of restricting them and compulsorily protecting the rest of the country people? Dear God, help us in this Country named Nigeria. And to think that those in China are asking to be brought back home at a time like this? You have to understand that we don’t have what it takes to protect ourselves. We please with a cherry out Nigerians out there to let yourself get quarantined along with others. you don’t want to effect the whole country do you? Please do what is asked of you out there.

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#LinkedIn User Claims Nigerian #footballer Ahmed Musa is set to spend N1Billion on #scholarship for 100 #students


According to a LinkedIn profile which goes by the user name Samuel Aboki, he is revealing that the gentle Northern footballer Ahmed Musa is set to spend N1Billion on scholarship for 100 students at skyline University , with an average of N2.5 million on each student.

He added that the football star built a N500million sport complex for the citizens of his state of origin in Kano state.

I have not heard of this, and even though the northerners love to be humble and low-key in their financial dealings, this is something involving such huge amounts and sweeping it under the rug is not nice at all. if he truly did this, then he sure needs to be shown some love. Wait, where is Skyline University? In the north I guess 🙄🙄.

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The #Sussexroyal makes a post in honour of the #InternationalDayofEducation


Reposted from @sussexroyal Today, on International Day of Education, we highlight the importance of access to education for all. The Duchess of Sussex has focused on this both prior to becoming a member of the Royal Family and now as patron of The Association of Commonwealth Universities (@The_ACU_Official).

Working closely with CAMA, both The Duke and Duchess recognise the benefit both personally and to society at large when a young girl has access to education. On their recent tour to Southern Africa, The Duke supported the initiatives of @Camfed on the ground in Malawi 🇲🇼.

Over the years, The Duchess has worked in developing communities, such as in Rwanda 🇷🇼 and India 🇮🇳 , to find the hindrances to girls’ ability to go to school and furthermore to stay in school. These can include lack of access to clean water, stigma surrounding MHM, cultural taboo, and many more reasons….

As President and Vice President of The @Queens_Commonwealth_Trust, The Duke and Duchess thank all those who are working to give access to education for all.Image © World Vision / PA / @mynamahila / SussexRoyal – #regrann

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#Gabunion sets aside her #WCW to honour the industry #blackwomen who have earned her respect


With her number of years in Hollywood, she has seen it all and knows where everyone will end up based on their persistence and attitude towards their trade and others. So when Gabrielle Union, Mrs Dwayne Wade, Mummy to Savage baby Kavia Wade, tells you that she is impressed by you, then you are doing something good.

For her WCW, she is shining the light on those who have not gotten enough light on them, but yet are doing so good that the light has no option than to find them and shine on them. For the part three wednesdays, here are the first three sets of people who have made the 47 year old woman proud.

from @gabunion This week’s #WCW goes out to a mother-daughter power duo — @zoeisabellakravitz and Lilakoi Moon. I wanted to highlight the bond between mothers and daughters as I try to make my way as a new mom with babygirl.

I’ve always admired the obvious love, respect and nurturing village Zoe’s parents created and how beautiful it has been to witness as a mom just trying to figure it all out. Talk about two strong and talented women.

Zoe is the daughter of beautiful Lilakoi and is truly making a name for herself. From being the lead of her band Lolawolf to landing meaningful roles on the big screen she has been a legend in the making for the past few years now.

Let me also point out she is a flat-out fashion goddess and got it from her mama 😉. Lilakoi has inspired me for years with her class, effortlessly cool style, and kindness. Leave it to this mother daughter duo to steal your heart…@kaaviajames look forward to these type of moments! Let us lift them up in the light of goodness and hold them there.

Reposted from @gabunion This week’s #WCW is the stunning and dynamic South Sudanese-Australian model, Adut Akech Bior. She spent her early years in a refugee camp in Kenya, and she attributes this life of violence and fear to what taught her the power of gratitude .

In school she was bullied for her skin tone and her gap, and now she has owned those aspects of herself and  made  it into a brand of self love!  She started her modeling career at 16 years old, and just three years later has graced the cover of countless magazines and has garnered awards and honors like: , 2019 BFA – Model of The Year, 2019 Industry vote – Model of The Year, 2019 Time – 100 NEXT List… just to name a few.

Beyond her beauty, she is set to work with the U.N. to help refugees at her former camp, and one day she wants to build a school, a hospital, or a modeling agency in South Sudan. Keep on shining. Let us lift her up in the light of goodness and hold her there. – #regrann

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#LSUfootball team celebrate their #Nationalchampionship at the #whitehouse


I can’t get over her choice of facial expression. it is definitely everything and more.

The Louisiana State University football team had a blast dancing to their chosen dingbat the white House. President Trump however didn’t pass off the chance to create his cute top secret jokes with the little celebration scene. The white woman slaying that sing is just the mood I want everyone to start their day in.

They chose the right place to celebrate being the National Champions.

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The #Greatest Way to doubt #yourself is by comparing yourself to others — #TontiDike


from @tontolet – The greatest way to doubt ourselves is by comparison to others, if we’re constantly looking at what others are doing we’ll surely stray from our own paths and find ourselves living someone else’s life. ⠀

Our dreams were given to us so that we could bring them into reality rather than let them die in favour of doing what everyone else is doing because it’s easier to be accepted than it is to be original. ⠀

The comparison we entertain have been embedded in us from a young age but this isn’t an excuse that allows us to continue engaging in this dysfunctional behaviour – it’s a pattern that can be broken and it starts with forming a new habit. This new habit might consist of acknowledging when we’re comparing ourselves and saying “I’m doing it again” and reminding ourselves of the journey we’ve chosen to embark on. ⠀

It will take time but we can also surround ourselves with the people who will support us on our path to make these new habits easier to form. Who do you have around you that drains you and why are you still entertaining your relationship with them?

KINGTONTO – #regrann

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#FirstBank releases Official statement in line with the POS charges of #CBN


Following the statement released by the CBN on the order to reduce the POS charges being levied upon the unsuspecting citizens and residents of Nigeria who are being charged unnecessarily high whenever they use the POS.

Since the bank has now officially released the statement to comply with the order from the CBN on the charges. First Bank has now released the new charges it will from now on charge 👍 Nigerians around the world.

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#UberDriver graduates college after one of her #passengers paid off her debt


According to CNN, the dreams of graduating college for an Uber driver has been made to come to pass as a good Samaritan passenger pays off her debt.

Latonya Young a 43 year old singer mother was said to have been remembered specially by God himself after sending her the one and only saviour.

Ms. Young said she picked Up Kevin Esch in Atlanta Georgia and while they were on their trip to his destination, they got talking, and she shared that she had to drop out of the University because of the debt she couldn’t pay.

Without at expectations or suspicion, a few days later, she was she was informed that’s he could register for classes as her debt has been off by Mr. Esch.

Both of them kept in touch and Mr Kevin Esch even made the physical effort to attend her graduation ceremony in December. what a beautiful way to end the year.

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9 year old Belgium Genius Laurent Simons set to graduate college


How do you handle a smart child? How do you take credit our baby’s curiousity and harness it into something so wonder and have them benefit from their smartness in this world of give and take? if at nine he is almost done with studying Electrical Engineering, then he is indeed going far with that smart head of his.

Reposted from @cnn – Laurent Simons is studying electrical engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, and he’s only 9. He’s on course to finish his degree this year and then plans to embark on a PhD program in electrical engineering while also studying for a medicine degree, his father told CNN 🎓Ultimately, he wants to develop artificial organs. How does Laurent learn so quickly? “I ate a lot of fish during the pregnancy,” his mom joked. (📸: Alexander Simons) – #regrann

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End of year #crime rate has officially overwhelmed the #Nigerianpolice


While we are happy to be doing things and being grateful for all that we are given despite not being up to whatever it is that we planned, and we are finally closing in on the end of 2019, then let us look at the pros and cons of the festivity. The horses are closed so importation is seized so that Nigerian made foods can be bought, promoted, consumed and improved upon. But then again a hand full of individuals are fighting this plans and setting markets all over the country ablaze.

The Nigerian rice that we were asked to patronise are now as unbelievably expensive. As expensive as the imported would have been if they’re were allowed into the country. This is how you know that economic sabotage is such a huge thing is this country. I mean who are we kidding? No one monitors the prices of goods and services, no one stops these misbehaviours and unnecessary price hikes. People are islands and they do whatever the heck they want with prices and services and we have no option than to patronise them nevertheless.

As we draw to the end of the year in Nigeria, so many people especially the youths are without any source of income, and those who do, have little or nothing to show for it because so many family members are relying on them and asking endlessly for assistance due to the rate of poverty the country people are dealing with.

The high number of people without jobs are confidently going into crime and they are doing it with so much lacknof fear of the police.

A friend of mine was robbed amid so many other people I know that have equally been robbed in a space of one month. She went to the police to officially report and get an assistance with tracking her phone but they were more interested in extorting her with things so unbelievably stupid as making her pay for police report, charging her double for affidavit and constantly telling her she is a big girl to have been using such an expensive missing phone. This friend of mine was constantly reaching the criminals through her missing line, but the police man started avoiding her phone calls.

There are so many Nigerians turning to all sorts of crimes to survive, or even make ends meet so desperately. They are attacking, killing, robbing and ruining the already stressed out workers in the society. People are robbed at every single time of the day and at every single place possible even at their homes. The police are overwhelmed and thereby avoiding victims. Don’t think you are not robbable dear readers, so while we can’t rely on the police of our country to protect us, then here are some things that we can do to help keep ourselves safe while we survive this season, governement and time.

  • Drop your ATM with plenty money at home and carry the one with only small for your day
  • Delete Bank transaction messages from your phone
  • Drop your expensive phone at home if you must go out at night
  • While in traffic at night, control your urge to go on social media so you don’t attract criminals with your phone light
  • Resist making money calls in public to avoid giving ideas to criminals
  • If you go to work in the early hours of the day, then avoid dark and scanty places and stand at the a well lit places
  • Be very vigilant at all times.
  • Limit the show of affluence in public
  • Try to go back home before night fall as many of these crimes at done in the dark
  • Becareful with entering private vehicles and letting strangers enter yours
  • Letting strangers into your home at night is a
  • While driving , always look into your rare view mirror to know when you are being followed.
  • Avoid the bank and have all transactions done fast
  • Do not have phone apps in your phone since you can do transactions with bank USSD code. This is because you will be forced to make transactions.
  • Don’t go arguing, challenging, threatening and fighting with an armed robber. Don’t be stupid.
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#KimKardashianwest as a law student has fans reacting


Well, they are not applauding because of the look though cos that is not a student look if you ask me. They are clearly applauding the business woman, law student, a wife to someone like Kanye, and then the mother to four little kids. Kim is one of those women who doesn’t let what is said stop her form pushing it forward. From not being smart (they say), she went ahead to hit so much deals it made her a millionaire in 100s. Form not being with any talent, she has and is still counting the various businesses that have seen the light of day through her active and constantly functioning brain.

Being this relevant and pushing their family reality show for a decade and proudly counting, while many have caused out their family and tagged them some very demeaning things, yet they watch them and purchase their products and make them the wealthy family that they have come to be.

Kim might not be your in there girl, but there is no denying that this lady is a dreamer who has the rare genes of bring her dreams to reality. She is going after all that’s he had been told that she can’t do. She is the one and only kimkwest and she is not backing down, not with age or being busy or just being exhausted. Kim should be studied in the US and Armenian colleges. Look at her serious face as she heads for school in that photo.

School Girl Kim

Now a law student, it is only normal to once in a while hjev honour to whom honour is due.

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Reason you should read legal documents sitting on the toilet.

Woman signing a contract

Have you ever had a read a legal case, an investment or even just reading to through a legal document for the mere sake of understanding for yourself, your friend or even a family member who needs a break down for an easier message relay, then you will have no problem stating that you came across words or phrases too hard for you to comprehend at the every point, then this goes to show that you need to be in a Serene place since it is the document that you are not Conversant with, that will encourage your concentration while equally enable your sleepiness, which is a contradiction to the very reason for sitting in the toilet in the didst place. Reason being that the toilet is a place where we are most relaxed in our daily basis, because that is where most of our instagram cidoez(funny or not), and watched. We are on a total peace with ourselves when here, and for that, we tend to have the “All is well” mindset when we are in the toilet.

Google photo: legal documents.

So for a legal document, being one of the the most difficult documents to enjoy reading, will require a great deal of attention and interest to atleast  get what the message is trying to say. Known to always hide a huge meaning in a phrase, legal documents are by far the most thought provoking read. Now these two places will go hand in hand and end up on a good note for their reader.

I sat on the toilet just four days ago and read through a legal document that was coming from a good place. I remember trying to just rush through the document (which is highly not advisable) and realise that with everyone talking to me, and something things  needing my attention in between the short read, I realized that I was reading one line atleast 5times and not making any sense of what I was reading, until I made it to the toilet, sag down there and ready the shit out of that document. So when next you find yourself in that similar situation, do well to go straight to the toilet, or perhaps have a lawyer explain in details for your understanding. Why do you stress your self when you can just pay someone to read and understand then explain to you in a lame man’s language.

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#India: To prevent Exam Malpractice, School makes students wear perforated cartons during exams


We believe schools were always doing their best to prevent exam malpractice but apparently they weren’t doing enough to the stop it. This is what doing your best looks like. Who would have thought this would look so possible? Only getting a few cartons enough to go around and have them put it on. I wonder if head sizes were considered before the cartons were handed out.

According to the beautiful educational news Indian school located at Haveri in Karnataka is in hot water for making students wear corrugated box to stop them from cheating during exams.

On October 16, students of the Bhagat PU College were handed specially modified cartons to cover their heads. .

The cartons were the school’s solution to prevent examination malpractice. However, Deputy Director of Pre-University Education, S.C. Peerzade, visited the college to stop the practice after he was notified.

I seriously don’t see anything wrong in that act. Not like the school had them wear it without the cut outs. The school shouldn’t be call out for that. I think it is the samething that has been the source of man peoples problems that has befallen them. If this school simply did this on a low without all those photos being taken and they had their students have their exams and finish their exams peacefully, then we would have not been seeing this act in n this view. Just saying.

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Economic potholes: Central Bank of Nigeria, the giant #shrewd that keeps on taking


There is always that saying that those of dish it out, hardly take it in.when a person is said to be a leader of a group of people, they are always advised to pratice what they preach. All that money being taken from Nigerians on a daily and monthly basis is going to pockets that we might never know about, but then a gain, isn’t there some spare change in all these money that just might be enough for central bank to do one development program for Nigerians youths annually. Why isn’t central doing the very least to help out with the current poverty stricken life styles of over 200 million Nigerians. Imagine the amount that banks make on a monthly basis, then imagine the amount that central bank being a collector takes.

You will hardly find central bank sponsoring shows, programs whether tv or radio. When it comes to going after a bank that has  fallen short in the course of maximizing profit, or those that have escaped  From the trap of central bank once again and stand the change of a construct. One would think that their it is a witch hunting of people in this situation especially the uniform man.


If you look at the ways these Nigerian banks keep coming up with ways to capture the attention of their customers, giving them the chance to win one thing of the other, mostly the money and mouth watering gifts, you would think that their brother as big as Central Bank of Nigeria, would be even more to have to help better the lives of  Nigerians, but then a gain, that is something that Nigerians have not come to see in the longest time now.

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Shocking truth: Some graduates can’t recite English alphabet – NYSC


If ever there is a time for you cotpers to redeem yourself, then it is now. They have said that you people can not read and write. And while it is not really EVERYONE, it is a hand full of graduates. So many of them can’t really do some  things that are expected of a graduate. The National Youth Service Corps has concluded whole revealing, that it will now hand over unqualified graduates to the police for prosecution, and this can only be dictated by the simplest tasks. And that will specifically be about asking them to recite the English Alphabet. Lol😅😅 They have added that some of the graduates cannot recite the English alphabet and do not know a bank statement.


The NYSC Director-General, Brig. Gen. Shuaibu Ibrahim, stated this on Thursday in Abuja at a press conference, noting that according to the NYSC Act, such fake graduates are liable to two years in jail.

Ibrahim also noted that 4,644,804 Nigerians had participated in the scheme since inception in 1973, saying the scheme had been able to achieve national integration. .

After all said and done, Nigerians simply want you to increase the allowance these corpers are given monthly.

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#khaleesi Writes: #Emiliaclarke reveals new book


Reposted from @emilia_clarke  – ERRRRYONE. This book is important. Not just because yours truly wrote down some home truths in it, but because in reading everyone else’s stories of overcoming pain I felt a million times better for being human.

@scarcurtis (🧚‍♂️💙) is the true genius behind this collection of words from 74 incredible voices such as @lenadunham my spiritual guide Dame Emma Thompson @elizabday @fearnecotton @samsmith and many many more.

I promise nothing but good feelings upon reading, and pages and pages of them. Oh and by the way….ITS OK TO FEEL BLUE. 👊🤝🙌 #itsoktofeelblue #💙 #scarlettisthetrueOG #keepfeeling #keepreadingpeople

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