#Tourism : Lagos State hands over #TheNationalTheatre to #CentralBank

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#PresidentBuhari signs the Revised 2020 #Budget into Law in #July

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39.4 million #Nigerians May be #Jobless before year end — FG


First of all, how many Nigerians are there ? How many Nigerians are you a Vice President to? what calculation was done to come up with that figure, and on what basis was it done? Is this number deflated or inflated to suit a person or persons?

Since 14 years ago 2006 census (considered unreliable) that the census of this country was carried out, no one has given any reliable number of Nigerians living in Nigeria. We don’t even know how many people have left, died or been given birth to in this Country since then. Everyone is using a guess work estimate and boldly coming to declare it publicly. A lot of Nigerians have, are still and will lose their jobs due to this Coronavirus, but who can tell the number?

I’m Definitely not going to take any statistics coming out from this Country no matter the sector releasing it.

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The Federal Government has raised the fear that except something urgent is done, about 39.4 million Nigerians may be jobless by the end of the year as a result of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. . It also expressed the fear that millions more may slide into extreme poverty before the pandemic ends. . Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo painted the gloomy picture on Thursday while presenting the report of the Economic Sustainability Committee to the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.). . Buhari set up the committee on March 30, 2020 in response to what was then becoming a threat of the most severe economic downturn in the country’s history, largely caused by the pandemic. . Its terms of reference include to develop a clear economic sustainability plan in response to challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and to propose monetary policy measures in support of the plan. . Presenting the report to Buhari, Osinbajo noted that the lockdowns and social distancing measures put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19 had had a severe negative impact on farms and factories as well as on trade, transport and tourism. . He said the federation might experience a shortfall of about N185bn monthly in the amount available for allocation to the three tiers of government. . The Vice President said, “Several projections, including those done by the NBS on behalf of the Economic Sustainability Committee, showed a severe downturn in our oil earnings, as a result of which, even with oil price at $30 a barrel, we would still have a shortfall of about N185bn every month in the amount available for allocation to the three tiers of government. . “They showed that unemployment may rise to 33.6 per cent or about 39.4 million people by the end of 2020, if we fail to take prompt preemptive measures. . “They showed that millions more will fall into extreme poverty before the pandemic ends; and that GDP may fall to between -4.40 per cent and -8.91 per cent, depending on the length of the lockdown period and strength of our economic response.” —- Follow us for breaking news and videos. — #osinbajo #jobs #nigerians #covid19 #punchnewspapers

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#Blackbusiness : KanyeWest partners with #Nigerian #designer Ogunlesi

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Kanye West partners Nigerian designer, Ogunlesi —– American rapper, Kanye West, has revealed that Nigerian-born designer, Mowalola Ogunlesi, would be the design director for his ‘Yeezy Gap’ venture. . The rapper took to twitter to announce his multi-year Yeezy deal with Gap, using the hashtag #WESTDAYEVER with an apparent logo for the upcoming line set to debut in 2021. . Ogunlesi also shared the news via her Instagram page. . According to, the 25-year-old designer who moved from Lagos, Nigeria to England at the age of 12, graduated from Central Saint Martins just three years ago. . In 2017, Ogunlesi launched her eponymous brand and has since styled Solange Knowles for Dazed Magazine and Skepta for his hazy ‘Pure Water’ video. . She is also responsible for Naomi Campbell’s white halterneck gown, which featured a symbolic gunshot wound, that she wore this past London Fashion Week. . Ogunlesi worked on Nike’s Naija World Cup kit launch and Grammy-winning rapper, Drake had been spotted wearing a custom Mowalola jacket. . Her Spring/Summer 2020 show, in collaboration with Fashion East, has become one of the most memorable collections in modern-day. . Ogunlesi is known for her futuristic, sexy and out-of-the-box tailoring approach to fashion. —– Follow us for breaking news and videos. —- #Kanye #ye #mowalolaogunlesi #yeezygapline #punchnewspapers

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#Moneymoves : Meanwhile #Kyliejenner launches a facemask


With all that talk about no longer being a billionaire, Kylie is dusting it right off and pushing. Though embarrassed by the Forbes announcement, the 22 year old mother of one is not about to dwell in the negative while business opportunities pass her by during a pandemic.

Therefore to grab the hot green Benjamins from fans while scientists and CDC are still battling to find a vaccine for the #Covid19, the young entrepreneur has launched a two design and colour facemasks. If we know much at this point, we know that anything she touched turns to gold.

So with 181 million fans, she is expected to sell out in no time, or battle for attention with all other facemask manufacturers in the US. Congratulations to Kris the Benjamin lover..

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Tekashi 6ix9ine calls out JustinBieber, ArianaGrande and their management for Chart Manipulations

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Millions of Africans risk extreme poverty after Covid19 — Obasanjo, Boshe


Former President of Nigeria, 87 year old Olusegun Obasanjo, and Ex-Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Desalegn Boshe, have amongst other things warned that COVID-19 response should be focused on food security, agribusiness, and rural development.

Following the tumbling in the oil barrel price, and how much it has already affected the smooth operation of OPEC Countries and other oil dependent Countries, it is however obvious that other options have to be explored to keep the country or just half of it afloat during a time like this.

The Ex-African nations’ leaders gave the warning in a publication on the International Fund for Agricultural Development’s website on Thursday.

Foundation for Agriculture has long been laid, and it’s growth had been on a good track until Covid19 emerged. While it’s importance had been made known for the longest time, young Nigerians are taking advantage of it, either participating in it, or investing into it. But what is clear is that the foundation has been laid long before now, and Nigerians have embraced it.

It said, “Africa has so far escaped the worst health consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the continent looks like it could be the worst hit from the economic fallout of the crisis: 80 million Africans could be pushed into extreme poverty if action is not taken. And disruptions in food systems raise the prospect of more Africans falling into hunger.

With WHO saying that this pandemic might never go away, it is however scary for some people to continue with their routine, but going to the farm is social distancing and can actually be practiced, unless the means to get there involves mixing up with people.

“Rural people, many of whom work on small-scale farms, are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of the crisis. It is therefore vital that the COVID-19 response addresses food security and target the rural poor.

“Agriculture contributes 65 per cent of Africa’s employment and 75 per cent of its domestic trade. However, the rich potential of agriculture as a tool to promote food security and fight poverty is at risk from the effects of COVID-19.”

It added, “The effect of restrictive measures on food trade is especially worrying, in particular for food-importing countries, but also because of the shrinking export markets for the continent’s farmers.

“African governments have defined stimulus measures to mitigate national and regional economic impacts of COVID-19. As they do, they must remember that investments in agriculture can be up to five times more poverty-reducing than investments in other sectors.

“Small farms everywhere traditionally make a huge contribution to global food security. Around the world, small-farm dominated systems produce 50 per cent of all food calories on 30 per cent of the world’s agricultural land. In sub-Saharan Africa, however, the role of small-scale farms is even more significant: 80 per cent of farms are small in most of these countries.”

Data from the World Health Organisation showed that there are over 72,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases on the African continent.

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Gokada #Protests the #ban placed on them by the #LagosstateGoverment


The rather not thoroughly thought through decision by the Lagos State Governement to ban tricycles and bikes off the road has gotten the much predicted outcome in just the first day of it’s commencement.

Lagosian have now all pulled out their permanently parked vehicles from the residence and hopped onto the road for an easy get around.

But with Gokada being part of the ban, they are not however about to take it lying down since so many youths are involved in the bike ride to get people to their various destinations.

This is the very first day the ban is being effective, and the effect of their absence is weighing down on Lagosians who are now asking for a rethink into the decision by the state Governor.

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#LinkedIn User Claims Nigerian #footballer Ahmed Musa is set to spend N1Billion on #scholarship for 100 #students


According to a LinkedIn profile which goes by the user name Samuel Aboki, he is revealing that the gentle Northern footballer Ahmed Musa is set to spend N1Billion on scholarship for 100 students at skyline University , with an average of N2.5 million on each student.

He added that the football star built a N500million sport complex for the citizens of his state of origin in Kano state.

I have not heard of this, and even though the northerners love to be humble and low-key in their financial dealings, this is something involving such huge amounts and sweeping it under the rug is not nice at all. if he truly did this, then he sure needs to be shown some love. Wait, where is Skyline University? In the north I guess 🙄🙄.

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The #Sussexroyal makes a post in honour of the #InternationalDayofEducation


Reposted from @sussexroyal Today, on International Day of Education, we highlight the importance of access to education for all. The Duchess of Sussex has focused on this both prior to becoming a member of the Royal Family and now as patron of The Association of Commonwealth Universities (@The_ACU_Official).

Working closely with CAMA, both The Duke and Duchess recognise the benefit both personally and to society at large when a young girl has access to education. On their recent tour to Southern Africa, The Duke supported the initiatives of @Camfed on the ground in Malawi 🇲🇼.

Over the years, The Duchess has worked in developing communities, such as in Rwanda 🇷🇼 and India 🇮🇳 , to find the hindrances to girls’ ability to go to school and furthermore to stay in school. These can include lack of access to clean water, stigma surrounding MHM, cultural taboo, and many more reasons….

As President and Vice President of The @Queens_Commonwealth_Trust, The Duke and Duchess thank all those who are working to give access to education for all.Image © World Vision / PA / @mynamahila / SussexRoyal – #regrann

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#Gabunion sets aside her #WCW to honour the industry #blackwomen who have earned her respect


With her number of years in Hollywood, she has seen it all and knows where everyone will end up based on their persistence and attitude towards their trade and others. So when Gabrielle Union, Mrs Dwayne Wade, Mummy to Savage baby Kavia Wade, tells you that she is impressed by you, then you are doing something good.

For her WCW, she is shining the light on those who have not gotten enough light on them, but yet are doing so good that the light has no option than to find them and shine on them. For the part three wednesdays, here are the first three sets of people who have made the 47 year old woman proud.

from @gabunion This week’s #WCW goes out to a mother-daughter power duo — @zoeisabellakravitz and Lilakoi Moon. I wanted to highlight the bond between mothers and daughters as I try to make my way as a new mom with babygirl.

I’ve always admired the obvious love, respect and nurturing village Zoe’s parents created and how beautiful it has been to witness as a mom just trying to figure it all out. Talk about two strong and talented women.

Zoe is the daughter of beautiful Lilakoi and is truly making a name for herself. From being the lead of her band Lolawolf to landing meaningful roles on the big screen she has been a legend in the making for the past few years now.

Let me also point out she is a flat-out fashion goddess and got it from her mama 😉. Lilakoi has inspired me for years with her class, effortlessly cool style, and kindness. Leave it to this mother daughter duo to steal your heart…@kaaviajames look forward to these type of moments! Let us lift them up in the light of goodness and hold them there.

Reposted from @gabunion This week’s #WCW is the stunning and dynamic South Sudanese-Australian model, Adut Akech Bior. She spent her early years in a refugee camp in Kenya, and she attributes this life of violence and fear to what taught her the power of gratitude .

In school she was bullied for her skin tone and her gap, and now she has owned those aspects of herself and  made  it into a brand of self love!  She started her modeling career at 16 years old, and just three years later has graced the cover of countless magazines and has garnered awards and honors like: , 2019 BFA – Model of The Year, 2019 Industry vote – Model of The Year, 2019 Time – 100 NEXT List… just to name a few.

Beyond her beauty, she is set to work with the U.N. to help refugees at her former camp, and one day she wants to build a school, a hospital, or a modeling agency in South Sudan. Keep on shining. Let us lift her up in the light of goodness and hold her there. – #regrann

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#Uriel dishes business advise as Nigeria becomes one of the two African Countries with the highest #entrepreneurial Activities


This goes to show that the Nigeria youths, though with jobs and all, will always have one or two side hustle that the Country’s leaders have no idea. As for this reason, they are quick to say that the Nigerian youths are lazy. it is not fair, and we will finally be recognised now, since the Economist has said so, the country people will not believe in it

from @urielmusicstar – Pls Read!!!! 2020 A New breed of entrepreneurs shall rise those that thought of business ideas in 2019, Finally this is their Year. This is the year where beyond reason No reason is needed to succeed. The Ability of your Success lies in one simple motion taking the right steps. And just like a car drive like No tomorrow. 2020 A New Breed of millionaires will be born they might be sisters brothers,fathers,bae or besties, Mothers who feel their time has past, but just like that, A Chance!!! Many doors will be Opened this year, but remember any door opened may also bring unwanted Guest who’s tongues breed distraction,confusion, self doubt. Be woke be smart,be vigilant but most of all Be successful. 2020 A New breed has be born, people who have overcome No matter how small. Greatness is built with time.
Written by Uriel Oputa

Hair by @uriellondonwigs pixie

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Sister in-law to Nigerians and #Burnaboy ‘s girlfriend #Stefflondon just now reacting to the usual #power outage we have come to terms with


Seems it’s been a while since this aunty came to her boyfriend’s home to visit. She is not in anyway use to this crazy situation like we are. After all the calling out of leaders, protests, up and down promises by the leaders, outrageous sums of money invested into the power sector, embezzled money meant for power improvement, investors up and down, and the recent promise again.

Nigerians have indeed faced something else to do with their time other than protest for a constant power supply. It is however a point of sober reflection for Nigerians to see yet another person from a more organised part of exustence, wondering why the country is not having a constant power supply like they are expected to.

Aunty Steff, if you must have our Burna, then you have to really come to terms like we have, will the the fact that light situation in the country won’t be changing to suit you. Better get use to generator, which is now the oga of the sector as far as we know it. Let them on your Gen so you can continue your flexing.

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#Davido Irrelevantly inserts himself into the #US – #Iran Saga


When people who have no other home but the United States are scared for their life as Iran vows to revenge the killing of their general, people are finding the issue exciting and somehow inserting themselves into he case just for pleasure.

The black Twitter is however making a large humour out of the predicament, all getting creative with issue, as some are in support, and others are just silent and incredibly livid with President Trump.

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#FirstBank releases Official statement in line with the POS charges of #CBN


Following the statement released by the CBN on the order to reduce the POS charges being levied upon the unsuspecting citizens and residents of Nigeria who are being charged unnecessarily high whenever they use the POS.

Since the bank has now officially released the statement to comply with the order from the CBN on the charges. First Bank has now released the new charges it will from now on charge 👍 Nigerians around the world.

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End of year #crime rate has officially overwhelmed the #Nigerianpolice


While we are happy to be doing things and being grateful for all that we are given despite not being up to whatever it is that we planned, and we are finally closing in on the end of 2019, then let us look at the pros and cons of the festivity. The horses are closed so importation is seized so that Nigerian made foods can be bought, promoted, consumed and improved upon. But then again a hand full of individuals are fighting this plans and setting markets all over the country ablaze.

The Nigerian rice that we were asked to patronise are now as unbelievably expensive. As expensive as the imported would have been if they’re were allowed into the country. This is how you know that economic sabotage is such a huge thing is this country. I mean who are we kidding? No one monitors the prices of goods and services, no one stops these misbehaviours and unnecessary price hikes. People are islands and they do whatever the heck they want with prices and services and we have no option than to patronise them nevertheless.

As we draw to the end of the year in Nigeria, so many people especially the youths are without any source of income, and those who do, have little or nothing to show for it because so many family members are relying on them and asking endlessly for assistance due to the rate of poverty the country people are dealing with.

The high number of people without jobs are confidently going into crime and they are doing it with so much lacknof fear of the police.

A friend of mine was robbed amid so many other people I know that have equally been robbed in a space of one month. She went to the police to officially report and get an assistance with tracking her phone but they were more interested in extorting her with things so unbelievably stupid as making her pay for police report, charging her double for affidavit and constantly telling her she is a big girl to have been using such an expensive missing phone. This friend of mine was constantly reaching the criminals through her missing line, but the police man started avoiding her phone calls.

There are so many Nigerians turning to all sorts of crimes to survive, or even make ends meet so desperately. They are attacking, killing, robbing and ruining the already stressed out workers in the society. People are robbed at every single time of the day and at every single place possible even at their homes. The police are overwhelmed and thereby avoiding victims. Don’t think you are not robbable dear readers, so while we can’t rely on the police of our country to protect us, then here are some things that we can do to help keep ourselves safe while we survive this season, governement and time.

  • Drop your ATM with plenty money at home and carry the one with only small for your day
  • Delete Bank transaction messages from your phone
  • Drop your expensive phone at home if you must go out at night
  • While in traffic at night, control your urge to go on social media so you don’t attract criminals with your phone light
  • Resist making money calls in public to avoid giving ideas to criminals
  • If you go to work in the early hours of the day, then avoid dark and scanty places and stand at the a well lit places
  • Be very vigilant at all times.
  • Limit the show of affluence in public
  • Try to go back home before night fall as many of these crimes at done in the dark
  • Becareful with entering private vehicles and letting strangers enter yours
  • Letting strangers into your home at night is a
  • While driving , always look into your rare view mirror to know when you are being followed.
  • Avoid the bank and have all transactions done fast
  • Do not have phone apps in your phone since you can do transactions with bank USSD code. This is because you will be forced to make transactions.
  • Don’t go arguing, challenging, threatening and fighting with an armed robber. Don’t be stupid.
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