#Rihanna reportedly asked #Shaggy to #audition before putting him on her 9th #Album


According to story making headline from #entnewsflow, the legendary shaggy revealed that he asked by Rihanna to audition before he is out on her Album.

According to the post, Shaggy explained why he had to turn down her invite. She reportedly asked him to audition for a role, and sounding absurd to the singer he felt insulted and refused to carry on with the deal.

The Jamaican reggae legend Shaggy, revealed he turned down Rihanna’s invitation to collaborate on a song for her long-awaited ninth album.

According to the two-time Grammy Award winner, he refused because she asked him to “audition.” “They approached me for the Rihanna project, yeah,” the musician reportedly told Britain’s Daily Star. “There’s a lot of great people involved, but for me, I didn’t need to audition to be on the record. I’ll leave that to younger guys. But from what I hear, it should be good.” Despite turning the chance to be on the album, Shaggy still had some positive comments about Rihanna’s ‘Caribbean dancehall-inspired album.’ …

Via: @thelucipost

I hope this isn’t what she meant because this just goes to show that Riri is being very very professional, or not working with anyone’s past glory. Should we then go right ahead and assume that everyone who is a musical legend on her album was made to audition? Damn Riri…

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Lagos transport workers get #arrested after honouring a meeting #invite


A story has made headline in Lagos State Nigeria, after a group of transport workers showed up for a meeting with a certain MC Oluomo who invited them, only for them to be arrested.

The story however turned confusing a whole table of Arms and amunitions were displayed by the men of the Nigerian police who claimed that an over night criminal crime that resulted in the death of someone, was committed and they (The transport men) were the suspects to be interrogated.

In that case, the men were actually lured into an arrest by their head who invited them for a meeting. well, that’s cold Judahs.. And that must have been mortifying for them, even though that doesn’t seem to make any difference right now. They either snitch on the person responsible for this crime, or face the wrath of the law together.

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. . Video Credit: Punch

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Air #France suspends flight over #Iran, #Iraq


France’s airline Air France said on Wednesday it has suspended flights over Iraq and Iran airspace after Iranian missile strikes hit United States bases in Iraq. “Flight plans are adjusted in real-time according to the decisions of the French and regional authorities, throughout the world, in order to ensure the highest level of flight safety”, Air France said in a statement.

Iran’s action early on Wednesday was suspected to be retaliation for the US drone strike that killed its top military commander, Qasem Soleimani, in Baghdad.

The development has further heightened fears of a fresh crisis in the Middle East.

At least two airbases housing US troops in Iraq were hit by more than a dozen ballistic missiles ostensibly fired by Iranian forces.

READ ALSO: Air France leaves Nigerians stranded in Paris

The US Department of Defence said two sites in Irbil and Al Asad were hit by the missiles.

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Oprah shares a #Girlpower moment with #Ladygaga after singer narrated her #sexualassault ordeal at 19


Reposted from @bellanaijaonline – after the singer opened up on being raped at 19 by someone she knew
and developing PTSD after because she never fully processed the trauma.

Lady Gaga also revealed a deposition triggered her “psychotic break” in the candid interview hosted by Oprah tagged, “2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus” in Fort Lauderdale.

According to TMZ, the singer told Oprah she’s battling chronic pain, “Even sitting here with you today, I’m in head-to-toe pain.” She connected the pain to fibromyalgia, a disorder that causes muscle and bone pain.

Watch the full interview on

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#Newzealand sends help, while #Britain sends ‘thoughts and prayers’🙄 to victims of #Australiafire


Talk about the significant item sent. Maybe u am being too extra, but what exactly can these victims do with thoughts and prayers? can thoughts and prayers help them start up life? can they now rebuild what’s lost and save more lives with thoughts and prayers? #damn

from @kensingtonroyal – We continue to be shocked and deeply saddened to hear about the fires that are destroying homes, livelihoods and wildlife across much of Australia.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the people and communities who are affected by this devastating event.

We send our deepest condolences to the families and friends of those who have tragically lost their lives, and the brave firefighters who continue to risk their own lives to save the lives of others.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Image courtesy of @nytimes

from @theroyalfamily – Her Majesty The Queen has sent a message of condolence to the Governor General of Australia, Governor of New South Wales, Governor of Queensland, and Governor of Victoria and to all Australians: “I have been deeply saddened to hear of the continued bushfires and their devastating impact across many parts of Australia.
My thanks go out to the emergency services, and those who put their own lives in danger to help communities in need.
Prince Philip and I send our thoughts and prayers to all Australians at this difficult time. Elizabeth R”

from @hilaryduff – The next photo is absolutely gut wrenching. The fires in beautiful Australia are covering the entire country 14.7 million acres have burned. That is an unfathomable number. Half a billion animals GONE. Burned alive. 💔💔 its a strange feeling of guilt to be enjoying my honeymoon in South Africa in a similar landscape where the animals are healthy and free and such devastating circumstances for others occurring at the same moment. Homes burned, people displaced and unfortunately some lives lost. @Matthewkoma and I are coming up with a number that we feel comfortable with to donate and will keep you posted on that. Please do what you can

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Updates: Troops from both sides head out, #US intensifies warnings, #Iran flies war flag in mourning, General’s remains paraded in rage, world fear confirmed


Updates of the happenings in the lands preparing for a face off. Troops from both sides head out, #US intensifies warnings, #Iran flies war flag in mourning, General’s remains paraded in rag e, world fear confirmed. We pray this doesn’t go as bad as it looks, but the good Lord words shall never go back unaccomplished. But we can still pray for it to be 🙏 to be less intense. The Lord is a merciful God, and he listens. So with that being said, read what both sides are planning for the nearest future.

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Iran vs U.S: Trump blows hot

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from @time – As the evening traffic unfolds in #Tehran, a giant digital billboard displays an image of Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani, following his killing in Baghdad, on Jan. 3. In the long-running shadow war across the Middle East, the U.S. and #Iran have avoided direct confrontation at all costs. Their tense and unpredictable conflict has unfolded instead in covert operations through proxy forces, subterfuge and sabotage. So President #Trump’s order to assassinate Soleimani in a drone strike plunged the two adversaries into uncharted territory. Soleimani helped build, organize, fund and deploy constellations of Shi’ite militias mounting insurgencies in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen. He projected an image as master of the Middle Eastern chessboard, posting selfies from battlefields across the region. Venerated among legions of devotees, he cultivated an international following that eclipsed terror leaders better known in the West, including Osama bin Laden and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The death of a man considered a hero by millions is a tectonic event that carries unknown consequences for Washington and Tehran and risks igniting a wider conflict that could engulf the Middle East. Read more at the link in bio. Photograph by @kavehjan

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#Australia suffers a devastating #Bushfire


This is such a disturbing natural disasters being placed upon this beautiful country called Australia. I honestly hope that they get to recover and survive this horror.

from @cnn- Dressed in a kid-size uniform and holding a pacifier in his mouth, the 19-month-old son of a firefighter killed while battling Australia’s bushfires received a medal to honor his father’s bravery. During the funeral for Geoffrey Keaton on Thursday, the local fire service’s commissioner kneeled down to pin the medal on the boy’s shirt. Keaton was one of two firefighters who died last month when a falling tree hit their vehicle.
(📸: NSW Rural Fire Service/Facebook) – #regrann

Reposted from @shanigrimmond – ⚠️ OUR COUNTRY IS ON FIRE – URGENT HELP IS NEEDED ⚠️ This is absolutely heartbreaking 😩 19 people have lost their lives and dozens of people are still missing, with thousands of homes already destroyed. 5.9 million hectares have been burnt (this is four times bigger than the amazon fire) and half a billion animals have been estimated to have lost their lives. To put this into perspective the total area of land destroyed by these bushfires is larger than the whole country of Belgium. Hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated due to worsening conditions this weekend.

WE NEED EVERYONE TO SPREAD AWARENESS – we need help!! You can donate here – @salvosau, @nswrfs, @wireswildliferescue, @redcrossau 🙏🏼 EVERY cent counts. – #regrann

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Fire engulfs a part of the popular Ogbete market in #Enugu


Can this inferno/arsonist behavior end already in 2019? Can believe people have still refused to come to terms with the border closure, and accept their fate. This whole market fires is getting out of hands and surprisingly no one is doing anything about it. Just the shop keepers get to bear the loss and the governement definitely won’t be supporting them in any way possible.

Somethings just never change. If there is anything Nigerians are good at, it is how to survive on their own. No government assistance in anyway possible. Nigerians are a strong people and that’s a fact.

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Nigerian #Soldiers park right in the middle of the highway bringing traffic to a complete halt and yelling ‘bloody #civilians cannot do anything’


I understand that many of us to things from a reason. It doesn’t have to be a tangible reason, some times it doesn’t even make want sense whatsoever. But what exactly were these soldiers aiming for, but flagrantly disrespecting the well reputable entity they represent.

While we bloody civilians are constantly praying for men of the Nigerian Army and their families who get to suffer it firsthand whenever they end up in some kind of disturbing situation or the even death, due to the fact that they get to go to war fronts and protect a people of persons.

At what point of boredom did it seem very ok for these soldiers to go to the middle of the road to park their cars and curs out the civilians who have done nothing to them?

Is this a thirst for power, a sugar rush kind of situation, a thirst of the depth of impunity they are granted as uniform men. How is it even ok that not one person, but a whole significant number of uniform men where found doing this and none of them call others to order? Well let’s see what this is about first of all.

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#Train headed for Abuja gets attacked by #Bandits in Kaduna State


Seems the new year is bringing in some form of desperation and lack of funds in the North part of Nigeria. Though with brokage being a very perculiar part of January, one would think the South will show more desperation than the North, since the North is considered a more content and less money driven side of the country. With Kaduna being a Northern Nigeria state, it was assumed that they will not exhibit such behaviour. But then again, they did.

Today Thursday the train was said to have been attacked at the northern state. As the train headed for Abuja was attacked near Katari village in Kagarto Local Government Area of Kaduna State .The bandits has guns in their possession as they were siad to have really destroyed part of the train.

With the south generating much income of the country, one would think trains and other mode of transport would be directed towards the South. But it was rather taken to the North where they are now being destroyed and attacked. This is what you get.

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If I reveal what is happening in Nigeria, nobody’ll sleep again – Danjuma


What ever this may be, he better let us have a peaceful Christmas before he starts scaring our with an information no one asked for. He probably doesn’t that Nigerians live in an absolute fear of the future and economy.

talking about how we will lose sleep if he told us what he knew. Hi round the entire nations and see the number of families that don’t have a roof over their heads, those who don’t have any hope of feeding, those who don’t know what Christmas has in-store for them. And suddenly you think whatever you have to tell us will be the stroke to break the camel’s back. That camel’s back has long been broken brother.

A former Minister of Defence, retired General Theophilus Danjuma, says if he reveals what is happening in the country, Nigerians will no longer sleep.

He spoke yesterday at the University of Ibadan during the launch of a book. He stated: “In Yorubaland, everybody seems to have lost their voice, scared. And people appear not to care about what is happening.

If I tell you what I know that is happening in Nigeria today, you will no longer sleep. So, Chief Ayo Adebanjo’s warning and advice is very timely. If you want details, I will give it to you privately. .

We are in a big hole as nation. And people who put us in this hole have continued today. So, we’ve to wake up. Only we can save ourselves. .

The fifth columnists’ activities going on among your people are not helping matters. May Almighty God continue to bless this country, but only we can save ourselves from ourselves.”

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How I became a billonaire at 25 – Gov. #Umahi


Stop whatever you are doing at the moment and reading this speech that I’m not sure what exactly it is about is just fine. Because I don’t think I get it at all, I need someone to help interpret to me. Because If a Governor can be so wealthy at such a gender age in a state so ridden with poverty so much that it’s people are known around the country, then everything is not alright. Read message below:

Ebony state Governor David Umahi recently shocked the world, especially Nigerians with his revelation about his early wealth accumulation in life.

Gov. DavidUmahi of #EbonyiState has revealed how he became a billionaire at 25 years of age due to hard work and commitment to duty.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that Umahi made the declaration while interacting with leaders of #Abakpa main market in #Abakaliki.

He debunked social media reports that he owns shops at the market and built his house within one year.

“I work very hard, I am not a poor person but a very, very rich person. You can’t use the state’s money and still do all these things (projects) we are doing, I don’t have any shop or any interest in the market,” he added.

My people, did you understand how he did that? Did you see what I can’t see? Maybe you read a part where he talked about how he made it happen, because I didn’t. Talk about a grown up weirdness. If you weren’t intending to explain the way this whole talk was beneficial to us all, why then did you even start it? The EFCC should carefully look into this talk and have him explain himself very well to them because we don’t understand it.

Openly saying this whole your fellow state men and women lavish in abject poverty is disturbing and unbelievably bold in a time like this where the fear of EFCC is the beginning of wisdom.

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Nigerians baffled by a man who demeaned Actress Nse Ikpe Etim for not having a child at 45.


There are such mean things being said to people on a daily basis on social media and it is just hurtful to see. Why will you take time out to project your life’s insecurities on some other person due to your lack of control on meanness. Just look at what a normal man is sending to his fellow him a being as if he is God. What kind of rubbish talk is this? This woman has been open about his medical conditions and others things that have prevented her from being a mother and yet someone felt the very need to say these things to her on her 45th birthday? You can imagine what’s kind of life this man has. He is miserable and disappointing himself at his achievements so far. This is just horrible.




from @nseikpeetim – Some say I am a strong woman
Some tell me I am a brave woman
Some think I should be more of a woman
Some will tell you I’m a good woman
While some think I’m not much of a woman
Or at all like any woman they ever knew
And that I could be so much more

But all I am is a woman
All I am is my woman
I am the woman I can be
The one I want to be
Not the one I should be, could be, would be
Not so much more, too much like, or nearly so – Absent Wryta 📸: @kunmi.owopetu
Creative Director: @misteradeyemi
Styled by @flostyling
Hat by @urezkulture
Jewellery by @theofficialpandora
Makeup by @houseoftuns

#BirthdayBehaviour #BigAnnouncementSoon #TheSilentTsunami #LoveAndLight #NseIkpeEtim #OctoberBaby #FortyFive #FortyFine –

from @nseikpeetim – I think growing is beautiful once you’re on a journey to self-actualization and constant self-evaluation but my birthdays have become rather normal every year. Not because I don’t get “Prezzies” or throw parties but because it’s a constant reminder of my journey; where I am and where I’m headed possibly.

I really don’t care how long, truly; I care about how well I’ve lived and the things I would have done. Everyday I’m thankful. I don’t look forward to birthdays, it’s funny that I actually forgot it was October and thought we were in November because I blurted it out. I guess I’m just thankful for every single experience and every single person that’s come into my life.

I probably don’t have enough gratitude so I’m just saying thank you. My family and friends are my backbone. I really don’t know how I feel about being 45 by the way; I don’t feel anything, really; just grateful to continue the journey.

I’ve learnt not to take life for granted, that’s my greatest lesson and because of that I live it deliberately, because it’s an amazing gift and I think for where I’m at now, I’m happy that there are people who I’ve affected by my work, and I think that’s one of my greatest joys. I’m grateful for that. That is what helps me to be truly who I am. And yes I might have little deposits of different people inside of me which is okay because I’ve been through all kinds of characters. But Nse is still a little shy inside, Nse would still hurt but Nse will love even when she’s hurt because as I cry so would I laugh because life is indeed too short, and we should maximize each moment and what it brings because we may not have many of them, and these moments all contribute to the robust experience of expressing all of ourselves and being all we can be, so that life doesn’t end in regret and what could have been.

That’s really my philosophy.

Ps. Watch this space for a big announcement this week. 😉 📸: @kunmi.owopetu
Creative Director: @misteradeyemi
Styled by @flostyling
Hat by @urezkulture
Jewellery by @theofficialpandora
Makeup by @houseoftuns

#BirthdayBehaviour #TheSilentTsunami #LoveAndLight #NseIkpeEtim #OctoberBaby #FortyFive #FortyFine

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Reno omokri solicits financial assistance for victims of #OnitshaMarketFire


The horror that was served to the ever busy, ever ready business Men and women of Anambra state famous market in Onitsha, has gotten the attention and empathy of Nigerians, especially the direct sufferers of the market who had their shops burned down to the ground in a space of hours, and it is Said to be  heightened by a tanker explosion.

The video which was posted to soicial Media had many people reacting out to showing support, expression disappointment in the governor Willie Obiano, who uptill now I still can’t relate why the fault is going back to him. The video showed a very disturbing fire engulfing stores in the famous Onitsha market.

Just as you can see in the photos, the fire destroyed alot of store items, and many have concluded that a life was lost according to the body bag being lifted away from the scene of terror.

However, famously expressive on apolitical exile Reno Omokri, is coming out to ask for help from well meaning Nigerians who have more than enough to spare for the hopelessness of a fellow human. The facial expression of this couple will however tell you that all hope has been lost to this incident.

Some insentive fellow store owner who made one of  the videos that have been going viral, was weird enough to mention that he is glad it didn’t get to his shop. I Mean, everyone can tell that you are glad it didn’t get to your store, but despite your gratitude, your expression can be interpreted into something more of mean and mocking. You just didn’t have to express that right at that point whike  making a video of someone’s shopping burning down to the ground. That’s my thought I don’t know of yours.

The issue of road worthiness for nigetian vehicles is a total case for another day, as the road Marshalls and patrol officers are falling short of expectation in keeping unbelievably damages vehicles off the road. A little bribery to these people will go along in ensuring thag their vehicles are kept on the road. This si the second tanker horribly breaking down in the Nigerian road this week. The first was the Lagos mile 2 tanker that got its content spilled all over the street, and people were seen scooping petrol to their bikes and vehicles. That was the scariest event of the week, and now this went to the main market where people were seated and unsuspecting.

from @renoomokri  – I urge all those who very kindly gave huge sums of money to Tacha of #BBNaija, to please consider doing same to someone in genuine need. Uchechukwu lost his life’s possessions. He is not glamorous like Tacha, but he matters to God. My God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in Christ, as you do this act of love. In Christ’s name.

Uchechukwu Ukaepu Diamond Bank 0074695758


Reposted from @channelstelevision (@get_regrann) – On Wednesday, October 17, 2019, a fuel tanker exploded in Onitsha, Anambra State in southeast Nigeria. Two casualties – a mother and her child – have been reported so far with several buildings and lock-up shops damaged.

Reacting to the incident, President Buhari in a statement signed by his Senior Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu said: “I am profoundly touched by the sight of the charred remains of an innocent mother and her child who are victims of this tragedy.” “I also extend my sympathies to other victims of the explosion whose houses, shops and other property were destroyed in the mishap.” The President, however, called for urgent precautionary measures to be applied to steam the tide of frequent road tragedies. “While I express sadness over this tragedy, I must at the same time call for urgent action on the part of those concerned to stem these frequent fatal disasters on public roads. “Safety precautions and routine maintenance are taken for granted by vehicle owners.

For more, visit

Photo: UMUKORO OTOBORE / AFP – #regrann

from @renoomokri  – To God be the glory, I have found him. His name is Uchechukwu Ukaepu. We video called to confirm he is the one. I thank Osita Chidoka, who just made a donation to add to mine. I urge Nigerians to assist him directly at Uchechukwu ukaepu Diamond Bank 0074695758. Please do it for God and because I am begging you. #OnitshaMarketFire


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Famous #Warri Clergy Remanded In Prison Over Alleged Rape


Pastor Joshua Mone was on Thursday remanded in prison by a Magistrate Court sitting in Ekpan-Warri, #DeltaState, for alleged rape and indecent assault.

According to, the General Overseer of Voice of Liberty Church is facing a three count charge bothering on rape, indecent assault and obtaining by false pretence of a member of his congregation, Miss Ojaruwedae Emarieta.

In the suit with Charge No: MEK/62c/2019, Prosecuting counsel informed the court that “the defendant allegedly deceived the said victim that he wanted to see a fellow pastor requesting her to accompany him.

The unsuspecting victim followed him without suspecting any foul-play. He took her to Jovi Garden located at Udu road, where he allegedly put a certain substance in her drink which left her drowsy and he allegedly raped her. .


When she regained consciousness he threatened her that if she reports to anybody she was going to die and that the person she reports to will die also. He, thereafter, obtained monies from her regularly under the guise of sowing seeds.”

The Magistrate ordered that Joshua be remanded in prison custody and then adjourned the matter till October, 15, 2019, for a return date and for filling of information.

Via: Instablog

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Shocking truth: Some graduates can’t recite English alphabet – NYSC


If ever there is a time for you cotpers to redeem yourself, then it is now. They have said that you people can not read and write. And while it is not really EVERYONE, it is a hand full of graduates. So many of them can’t really do some  things that are expected of a graduate. The National Youth Service Corps has concluded whole revealing, that it will now hand over unqualified graduates to the police for prosecution, and this can only be dictated by the simplest tasks. And that will specifically be about asking them to recite the English Alphabet. Lol😅😅 They have added that some of the graduates cannot recite the English alphabet and do not know a bank statement.


The NYSC Director-General, Brig. Gen. Shuaibu Ibrahim, stated this on Thursday in Abuja at a press conference, noting that according to the NYSC Act, such fake graduates are liable to two years in jail.

Ibrahim also noted that 4,644,804 Nigerians had participated in the scheme since inception in 1973, saying the scheme had been able to achieve national integration. .

After all said and done, Nigerians simply want you to increase the allowance these corpers are given monthly.

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