#Ritaora, #Haileybaldwin, #Lavernecox, #janellemonae all get a #Adidasxivypark from 🎅 #Beyonce


She is generously giving. How much are these generously produced collection? I hope these blacks will have it affordable for them, because the celebrities who can easily pay for it, are getting it as gifts from Beyonce. She is giving the a new year gift, or a very late Christmas gift.

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“Life is Good” #future captions lovely pool photo with everyone’s fave #Loriharvey


Do you consider yourself a Savage young lady ? Do you think you really don’t get moved by what anyone especially the media says about you? Do you say you want and will date whoever you want and go right ahead and do just that? Have you read all that is said about you and still you are too calm to utter any damn word? If all answers to these questions are “YES”. Then Congratulations.. Cos you are officially a Lori Harvey.

She is a girl that doesn’t care about her family image or name, family talks and family dissatisfactions over her decisions.

She is the only girl who will never ever respond to a call out from any media outlet. Could it be that a guy hurt that lady and she is on a girly mission, or she is simply impressively thinking like her man, which by the way, I like.

She was recently seen with a significant rapper and everyone thought they were together, but that was after she was linked with that same rapper’s son before then.

Now, the king of #BMamas is seen with her in a pool captioning the photo #LifeisGood. Clues: He doesn’t shoot blank, he loves kids, and he is not afraid to increase their numbers.

Dear Readers, Do the maths..😊🤔🤦🏾‍♀️🏃

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Life is Good ❤️🦅

A post shared by Future Hendrix (@future) on

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#Beyonce ‘s Mum slays her #ADIDASXIVYPARK gift


While everyone who means something to Beyonce is suddenly being surprised by the sudden orange wardrope gift that showed up at her house and turned out to be hers, courtesy of her daughter Beyonce.

While so far Beyonce’s favourites have all gotten theirs, and that’s includes 19 year old Yarashahidi.

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#Natgeo shares a significant Photo from a #Surgical moment that speaks volume


Have you every wondered what it is like to have moment in-between surgery, when the doctors will take a photo of a real lifeless face of a human being, after it was taken out of the donor and before it is given to the recipient.

The photo by Lynn Johnson @ljohnphoto shows a special moment when a face has no owner. The face that was taken out of its original owner to be given to a Katie Stubblefield is something that we don’t get to see often.

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#Nigerian Ladies rated the biggest visitors of #Pornhub in #2019


Seems I have been registering my presence in the wrong website. Since statistics doesn’t always lie, it is safe to say we Atleast believe what this site says, since it has a very good tracking system for it’s visitors. I believe many will assume that this means the single women alone. This is infact not so true. The married ones, the single mums, the separeted ones, those who have their husbands working in a different state and country. Those who are ghosting their wives, to be with their other wives.

With the men now jilting and extorting these ladies left right and center, it is safe to say that their smartphones were put to good use. These women had ways to meet their needs both physically and emotionally. They infact had the best part of the year if I do say so myself. Many will be converts who will visit that site after reading this, those already going will go even more often after this.

Married women are losing their hypocritical husbands to men and women alike sexually in this pretentious country. The women have been taking care of their pockets, homes, kids, and body. Thank you to this rather successful site for the meaningful statistics released. I am sure as you read this, many more Nigerian rice omen are currently on that site. Since it is 8:31pm in Nigeria, the Harmattan has been significantly deep, and alot of women have been jilted in the just ended Christmas and New year holidays. So they have even more reason to be on that site. Now go fo some counting #Pornhub

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9 year old Belgium Genius Laurent Simons set to graduate college


How do you handle a smart child? How do you take credit our baby’s curiousity and harness it into something so wonder and have them benefit from their smartness in this world of give and take? if at nine he is almost done with studying Electrical Engineering, then he is indeed going far with that smart head of his.

Reposted from @cnn – Laurent Simons is studying electrical engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, and he’s only 9. He’s on course to finish his degree this year and then plans to embark on a PhD program in electrical engineering while also studying for a medicine degree, his father told CNN 🎓Ultimately, he wants to develop artificial organs. How does Laurent learn so quickly? “I ate a lot of fish during the pregnancy,” his mom joked. (📸: Alexander Simons) – #regrann

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#KimK joins forces with #sisters to roll out a new and exciting #kkwfrangrance


Despite all the public and show enhancing altercations, misunderstandings, fights and competitions the Kardashian sisters are not one to let go of a business opportunity due to a bad relationship with a sibling.

They have proven for over a decade now, that they have what it takes to be the most interesting family in the world. Even the wealthy middle eastern families have got nothing on these girls and they are definitely not showing any signs of stopping.

Business Woman

Now, that’s what I call the strong woman trait. They came from something small, and now they are here. Despite the beauty and class, they have converted the hate and mockery thrown at them into something everyone wishes to emulate. Just take a look and Kim juggling Motherhood and business like a pro.

Mistresses of the Trade

To me, in my opinion here is never going to be another family of our generation with such collective strength and tenacity to stay so on point consistently for just a long time. Kim, now a mother of four herself is a household of businesses all to her name and still counting.

This is only a prove that you can actually do everything you want in this life to be honest. Kim is an inspiration despite all said and done over the years, because this family will teach you the good, the bad and the ugly, and only you can decide on which of these lessons to take home.

Look at the beautiful choice of hair… 👌💣🙆‍♀️

One advice I have for every girl out there today, is to just monitor the business minds and ways of these family and leave the other aspects that is not exactly admirable.

Mimick the business ways of the Kardashians/Jenners and see if this won’t work for you — Oby Oriji

From your favourite blogger

The way they are constantly releasing same things in different ways and still having fans rush at it is admirable and this is down to prevent seeming boring and uninteresting to their young hearted fans.

Come onnnnn Girls… 😋😋😋

With that being said, Kim is changing up the bottle of her perfumes with new contents and making a big announcement to get fans back on her site buying it like a hot cake. But do you think it can work? The answer is “Absolutely” . The same thing Kylie does for her cosmetic lines and same goes for other things they produce in that family. You go and check it out. They have something to teach everyone entrepreneur and I am Learning. Believe me.

from @kimkardashian – Beyond excited to announce the new @kkwfragrance Diamonds Collection by Kourtney x Kim x ME! Creating the KKW Fragrance Diamonds Collection with Kim and Kourtney was so inspiring. I wanted to create a fragrance that feels feminine, sexy and strong when I wear it. It’s such a dreamy scent with a mix of sweet florals and musk that can be worn from day to night. I’ve been wearing this non-stop and love it more and more every day. Launching on 11.08 at 12PM PST at KKWFRAGRANCE.COM #DiamondsCollection

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#Rapper #MIabaga boosts his career after a clap back diss track


MI seems to have revived his career by simply picking on vector at the right time for his a revenge on beef track. The silent rapper seems to have chosen the time of almost an album release time for his revenge beef song. Now suddenly all his albums are now automatically revived on Apple music.

Days after He released the dis track, he is now reaping the devidends of his move and be announced the beginning by posting:

“I am holding back tears!!! My major reason for responding to snake 🐍 was he insulted my fans!!! You guys defended me and supported me for years and I just saw that all my albums… All of them just entered apple music 100..I’m not worthy… But thank God 💎I love you guys.

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#Blackhollywood : #Iyanlavanzant proudly attends #TylerPerry studio opening built on the land where #slaves were once held


Tyler perry an epitome pride for the black community. He builds, he entertains, he promotes, he teaches the balck community how to fix and quit, how to work and wear the cloak of creativity that will take them to the very spot of happiness.

Life coach Inyanla reveals with all pride in the her as a friend to descendants of a Slaves that’s she was attending the opening of Tyler Perry’s studio. The amazing part is that the studio was built on a  land that slaves were once held. Read her expression below.

from @iyanlavanzant – Heading over to a historic event…. the Opening of Tyler Perry’s new studio on land where they once held slaves. Now a descendent of slave owns a studio where other descendants of slaves can make movies and television. God is an Awesome God! Hair makeup #geishaboii styled by #michelelopez_llc hair by #urhair365 and #geishaboii life by #LoveandPrayers2

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Sarah Hyland’s romantic comedy #theweddingyear which she Starred and produced is finally out


28 year old Modern family actress Sarah Hyland who was recently engaged to her boo and is now planning a wedding with him, has announced that  the very first movie she has starred and Executive produced is now out.

The actress who also revealed that movie happens to be the very first time she is playing such dual role on. Being the actress and the executive producer of a movie, is something that many have considered very challenging and tasking, and those who believe in the glass being half full, will always find a way to achieve their dreams and Sarah seems to have followed that route. She posted the photo of herself and the star of #Everybodyhateschris sitcom James Tyler Williams on her in stage am and made the announcement as but where featured on the movie.

She equally added  that the movie a romcom is now in select theatres and VOD..

from @sarahhyland- Smiling cause @theweddingyear is OUT NOW!!!!!! My first time starring and executive producer-ing a #romcom 😍 in select theatres and VOD!!!

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21 year old Bella Thorne takes a significant step into the ever busy world of #pornhub


Reposted from @bellathorne – Ahhh thank u for the glowing review ❤️❤️

”And indeed, the twenty-one-year-old Thorne brings a novel cinematic vocabulary to the XXX world, in which she envisions the sparingly depicted sex as an accessory to a grander thesis about connection and volatility that she’s developed across multiple platforms over a course of years.

Regardless of the format, regardless of platform, regardless of medium, a work by Bella Thorne can only ever be that — a work by Bella Thorne, nothing more and nothing less. What she might currently lack in discipline she more than makes up for with sheer creative assurance. She has an eye and she has ideas, and she’s learning how to express them at an angle through the mediating influence of narrative (as opposed to the directness of her unlocked-diary writing, or the bluntness of her songcraft). She’s growing into an identity as a true multimedia artist, all the more captivating for her intimate imperfections. #thelifeofawannabemogul

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Fashion meet charity : #Cardib and #Badgalriri Unite on a common ground


Reposted from @iamcardib – Everybody want to look good ,everybody want to look sharp but to go where ? How genius is it to put fashion and charity together ?ITS FUCKING GENIUS ! And one more small little thing… @shaunking don’t get the credit he deserves.He go so hard for minorities ,communities and advocates so much for voting for @badgalriri to honor him and put that light on him that he deserves is a amazing and beautiful thing !

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Duchess of Sussex collaborates with #smartworkcharity to launch capsule collection


from @theroyalfamily  Today The Duchess of Sussex, alongside @smartworkscharity launched #thesmartset capsule collection.


The five piece collection of workwear essentials will help equip Smart Works clients with the classic pieces they need to attend interviews and enter into the workplace. “I am excited to celebrate the launch of another initiative of women supporting women, and communities working together for the greater good” – The Duchess of Sussex.


@smartworkscharity helps long-term unemployed women regain the confidence they need to return to employment, by providing high quality clothes for interviews, one-to-one interview training and professional and personal development, through the Smart Works Network. In fact, with the charity’s support, 64% of clients to on to get a job!


The Duchess became Patron of Smart Works in January this year. During several visits to the charity, Her Royal Highness noticed that donations to Smart Works were plentiful but were not always the right choices or sizes. As a result, The Duchess initiated the Smart Set, Smart Works Capsule Collection.


The Duchess of Sussex and @smartworkscharity have convened four British fashion and retail brands who have created #thesmartset Capsule Collection to equip women with classic wardrobe pieces to help them feel confidence as they return to the workplace.


For every item purchased, one will be donated to Smart Works.


Scroll ⬅️ to see behind the scenes photographs of The Duchess surprising Smart Works clients during a capsule collection photo shoot @jennyzarins, photos from today’s launch and The Duchess’s previous visits to @smartworkscharity.

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Rihanna explains reason behind her recently rolled out collection #SavageXCLF


Reposted from @badgalriri (@get_regrann) – Limited Edition #SavageXCLF styles are out now at …. I started @claralionelfdn because I believe in people having a chance at a better life through health, education and proactive measures to emergency response. You can donate and contribute to our mission simply by picking up these exclusive @savagexfenty pieces- out now! – #regrann

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