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Cynthia Bailey announces her 2020 wedding date after getting engaged


I live the limitless mindset these women always have for life. They have gone through alot and have come out of the other wide of the tunnel in the best way possible. She is out to get love and she is gunning for it the way she wants.

Announcing her wedding is such a beautiful thing and she is indeed happy especaillynfor the picture.

from @cynthiabailey10  – SAVE THE DATE💍

this time & day next year 10/10/20, I will officially be Mrs. Cynthia Denise Bailey-Hill!

@itsmikehill #CHill #2020 #headoverhillswedding #letschill #godswillnotours #chillwedding2020

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Breaking: Nicki Minaj is officially married to Kenneth


Stand down all you Nicki Minja fans who called Nicki out for her choice of man. A non famous, non successful hustler, an ex convict and a man who is simply known as Nicki’s man.

After all said and done, Nicki explained that it was never about his non existing fame status, or his lack of impressive  financial status or the size of his equipment (actually she didn’t say that) . She has known and liked her when she was broke, not famous an din the hood. She was back then just a neighbor and a friend. Now that he is back in her life, it feels like home to her and she is happy and content. That’s about it. She is happy and that’s what matters. They tied the knot yesterday 21.10.2019 as seen below and we couldn’t be happier for them.

Reposted from @nickiminaj  – 👰🏽🤵🏽😢🙏🏽🎀 Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty 10•21•19 –

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 I’m leaving my marriage because my husband rapes me ― Actress Bose Oladimeji


This sj just a crazy revelation. People are always showing off their relationship and you just wonder what really goes down behind closed doors. A yet again revelation is coming out as Bose Oladimeji from the yoruba speaking side of Nollywood has revealed that she is about to leave her husband reasons being that he abuses her sexually and physically. According to her, he rapes and beats her up when he comes home drunk.

During a recent interview with Vanguardngr, she revealed that after two years, she has decided to leave her husband who she claims beats and rapes her regularly. She said the brutal violence and domestic abuse has become life-threatening and she has had enough.

“Yes I’m ready to go, in fact, I’m not with him right now. I just have to run for my life, my life is very precious to me. I can’t just allow someone to kill me like that and I want to address some ladies out there that they should not love a guy because of what he gives them. .

They should be sure the love is genuine and not be fooled by money and comfort. I’m leaving right now, I need to run away for my life. I need to save myself. My life will be in danger if I continue to stay with him, so I’m leaving right now,” she said. .

Recounting her experience, she said; “Whenever he’s drunk he’s out of his senses and starts misbehaving, beating me. He acts very crazy. .

Any weapon he sees around he uses it on me but when he is sober he starts to regret whatever he has done. What I’m saying is that in the process of beating me what if I collapse and die or get injured, what will people say?”

So she was ready to conitune with this until it became life threatening? That’s just scary to believe. God have mercy in his children. After two years she is finding out that he is a perpetual drunk and sex offender. They say a man will definitely show signs of his real self even before marriage. Does it mean that he didn’t do all of these things before marriage? 😒😕

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Learning the Simple act of detaching yourself from someone you care about


Before we proceed with our chitchat on this matter, I will like to say that as a lady,  young or old, if your whole life is about taking care of your man and your children then there is something wrong. Many will say I am just saying it because I don’t feel fulfilled like they do having to take care of their family.

If as a woman your parents, mentor, role models and friends don’t teach you that you can do/be so much more than a mother and a wife in this life, then the Hollywood and Nollyowod women must have thought that. As a mother you can have a proper family and still run a successful business and career.

Being at the Beck and gall of another human being will most definitely leaving being taken for granted and insulted (it must happen). Setting out a time for all the things, including human beings, that need your attention in life is just the best thing for you. Find that job, craft, activity and interest thag you love almost as much as you love your life and start/continue in it hard. For a woman to balance her life, you have to have a life and work balance for the betterment of your mental health. With Oct 10th being the mental health awareness month, I know for sure that this is now a major problem with out society. As a girlfriend and wide you should know thag with the happenings in the world right now, no marriage or relationship is save from the possible rock from the explosion of a divorce or Breakup.

Not all breakups have stayed broken and not all separations have led to a divorce. They all are reversible and mendable. But Somethings need time, and when a relationship is at thag time when it needs this break, the only thing that will let you give the expected time and still retain your dignity enough to them miss you, is when you channel all your time and effort to the work/career/entrepreneur activity you have been building.

The difference between having the career running even before the Breakup and strating it after the Breakup is that, you must have gone through the difficult starting stage when your mind was right and not broken and you were so happy with your life , which makes it even alot easier to go through the hard stages of starting a business or a job. This might not be so easy for someone starting after a divorce or Breakup, but thag does not make it impossible to do.

Always have your “me time” even when in a beautiful relationship and family with kids, so you don’t end up in life feeling like your whole life is centrered around taking care of children and a husband who don’t appreciate you. This will make you feel unfulfilled with a supposedly beautiful life.

When a relationship needs a break without any decision as to what it might turn out to be then give it the break it needs.

Begging and asking to be forgiven is a hood move, but doing it at the wrong time will make you extremely repulsive to someone who is already tired of you. Maintain your composure. You might send someone to find out what is Going  on in the low, but never present yourself as desperate to a man who is done being with you. Ladies supporting ladies is what we encourage on this blog.

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Shocking: I get affected when my wife is too sexy — #kanyewest tells #KimKardashian


As for this case between kimk West and Kanye, I will sincerely give opinion. The fact I will be neutral and see things like they are, will be a factor to uphold. First of all, a 10 year old child in this world now, will know the Kardashians and Jenners, and the type of life style they lead. These girls have become famous for their bodies and their choice of outfit, their reality shows, their business savvy ways, and their creativity.

I am not saying that the nudity and all is very OK, but who am I to judge these beautiful creatures. After all, they look that way to show it off. You can’t work so hard or richly  on your body just to cover it up with some Abaya.

Having said that, Kanye has always known t he kind of lifestyle Kim has before he agreed to make her the mother of his kids and marry her. After these longs years you are sudenrly realizing that you are affected by her life style, when her life style puts food in the table and keeps the family circle running when daddy is incapable. This is the type of things that I say a big “No, No” to. You are a very sane same man who clearly made his choice. Why are you now making a big deal out of it.

You wnat Kim to become a house mother and a stay home mum who has four kids to look after without a career. Kim is not getting any younger, and she needs to go the extra mile to remain relevant to the world. There are billions of humans fighting to take her place in the lime light. Breaking her down now that she has gone so far, is what I don’t understand.

The video above shows Kanye bitterly complaining about the extent of Kim’s sexy pictures. A sexy photo is now suddenly bothering Kanye when Kim has snapped and shared with the world every inch of her private body parts. Is Kanye suddenly considering his kids and their mindset to mummy’s looks? This is so ridiculous as Kim has said. He must be joking thinking his tantrum can change anything. I just hope this doesn’t get blown out of proportion by the Couple, because a little crack Should never be over looked. Being the only sister who is married right now, she just might be tempted to live the wild and free life. Kany and Kim better work this out, because they have disappointed so many people for years by remaining married for this long, and it will only hurt so many when they let something this simple to tear them part.

I still can’t believe Kanye west said that to Kim. The last thing she really doesn’t need is you and that energy you are putting forward at a time sge needs money for the four kids.

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Blossom Chukwujekwu confuses Nigerians the more as he gives the advantage of a broken heart.


Just when we thought our fellow bloggers are blowing things out of proportion by rumouring that blossom and his beautiful wife #redvigor are done for good. The marriage which has been producing all kinds of pda on their individual Instagram account has rocked the hearts of fans when the news broke that the pair have called it quit.

While the marriage hasn’t yet yielded an offspring,  anominous individuals are saying that it isn’t about kids. But I am saying that it has a part to play in it as Africans. But then again #red has don’t responded to the rumours as expected, instead she is talking about her brand new business idea that suddenly came to light during this trying times. Another interview of blossom’s showed him saying that “The Lord doesn’t accept divorce, and that it is never an answer”. We were happy that he felt that way and hoped for a reconciliation sooner than later, only for him to shake us with a caption on his Instagram today.

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Sarah Hyland’s romantic comedy #theweddingyear which she Starred and produced is finally out


28 year old Modern family actress Sarah Hyland who was recently engaged to her boo and is now planning a wedding with him, has announced that  the very first movie she has starred and Executive produced is now out.

The actress who also revealed that movie happens to be the very first time she is playing such dual role on. Being the actress and the executive producer of a movie, is something that many have considered very challenging and tasking, and those who believe in the glass being half full, will always find a way to achieve their dreams and Sarah seems to have followed that route. She posted the photo of herself and the star of #Everybodyhateschris sitcom James Tyler Williams on her in stage am and made the announcement as but where featured on the movie.

She equally added  that the movie a romcom is now in select theatres and VOD..

from @sarahhyland- Smiling cause @theweddingyear is OUT NOW!!!!!! My first time starring and executive producer-ing a #romcom 😍 in select theatres and VOD!!!

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#LPBW: The last child of the Roloffs #Jacobroloff ties the knot


Reposted from @audreyroloff (@get_regrann) – We loved celebrating Jacob and Isabel this weekend and watching them dance in the rain on their wedding day, so in love, not a care in the world, and full of joy. You both beautifully embody what it means ‘to find and still seek, now that is love.’ Keep on seeking each other and dancing in the rain💗 Love you both! 😍 @jacobroloff45 @isabelsofiarock pc: @moniqueserraphotography

from @amyjroloff – Congrats! They’re MARRIED! What? My youngest is married? I couldn’t be happier. Isabel is a beautiful full of heart and love young women. 🌻❤️🌻. The day was a wonderful beautiful lovely and eventful wedding celebration. 🎉❤️🎉 and the rain added even more excitement 😄 for the sun came out from behind the clouds in the end. These two are amazing together. I’m so proud of the man Jacob continues to be and look forward to see where their life journey together takes them. This mama’s heart is happy and full of love for them both. 🎉🌻❤️❤️🌻🎉. #moniqueserraphotography

#rockandroloffwedding #amyroloffssecondact #rolofffarms #loveceremony #allaboutfamilylove #allaboutfamilyandfriends #beautifulwedding #lifejourneytogether #foreverandalways – #regrann

Reposted from @jacobroloff45  – The past 4 days have been completely filled with love and family ♥️ September 5th on the cliffs of Neakahnie I married my love, @isabelsofiarock.
The 6th we soaked it in on the coast and headed back to the farm to get ready for our reception on the 7th. Just perfect.
I could write a long post I’m sure, but I just love so much this lady of mine, my WIFE, and this video will say a lot by itself. I’m still treasuring the freshness of it all.
My sister @mollyjosilvius and her husband Joel were our witnesses and Isabels brother our officiant; it was … again … just perfect.
Very very grateful for @moniqueserraphotography and @goodcostudios for capturing the ceremony for us forever ♥️

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Marriage Crisis: News of Blossom Chukwujekwu’s alleged troubled marriage rocks the internet


from @officialstelladimokokorkus – Actor Blossom has moved out of the home he shares with his wife Maureen and blocked her on all social media. Blossom’s ex babe Actress lilian is rumored to be pregnant for him but she denies it and says they are not back together ..blossom has informed Maureen’s parents that he is no longer interested in the Marriage. Na wah. For more info on this gist. Go to

@officialstelladimokokorkus  – Please note that actress @lilianesoroo is not responsible for the marriage breakup of actor Blossom CHukwujekwu and Maureen Esisi. I said it is whispered and she denied it and I am still digging….
Tomorrow I will do an exclusive of what really led to the crash of the marriage and if there is anyone pregnant at all. The details of the marriage crash will shock you. Lilian is only suspected to be involved but I have confirmed that she is not and she is not pregnant. I hope this clears it. …wait for tomorrow. This amebo work sef na wah but it is always good to balance a story🎤🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️

from @9jamitv- Aye ooooo…Could this be true??? Reposted from @officialstelladimokokorkus – Actor Blossom has moved out of the home he shares with his wife Maureen and blocked her on all social media. Blossom’s ex babe Actress lilian is rumored to be pregnant for him but she denies it and says they are not back together ..blossom has informed Maureen’s parents that he is no longer interested in the Marriage.

#nollywood #marriages #9jamitv

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Actress Monalisa Chinda reveals in details reason why she left her first marriage


Can you belive someone married this beautiful actress, famous in Nigeria, and still beat the hell out of her for a whole five years? Someone men have a very serious problem that their ancestors have ruled out as a problem, because they did it and it was normal to them. How normal is it for a beat to beat up a person he married? Could it be from disagreement, or from simple need to establish the head of house thing?

Because if you have a lot going on for you as you hustle hard in life, then there won’t be a time for all these mess. Beating up a women is normal for a frustrated man who has no life ambition and no future plans. If you are a wack ass and you have failed yourself in life, you take it up with a woman who considered you worthy of marriage and you beat her up? A lot goes on in this life, and we can only pray that the good lord has mercy on us and divert us from such horror of life.

How do you even recover from this when all you wanted to do in a marriage  was love, support, and raise a family with a man you thought was worth it, and all he wanted to do was beat you at the slightest provocation. Who can endure that?. She has revealed that her marriage ended because she didn’t want to be killed by domestic violence so she packed up and left. Now in another marriage, and years later, the actress is revealing in details what had transpired up until the exit of her first marriage.

Opinions from Media, church, friends, family and neighbours cannot be a reason to remain in an abusive marriage period.

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Miley Cyrus finally reveals the real reason behind her divorce from Liam Hemsworth


They say don’t judge a book by its cover, and that is what is going on here. We have always known Miley to be the wild weed smoking and Nude dropping hillbilly that she is, while her man Liam Hemsworth  is very reserved and chilled. Knowing Miley is always the one to be blamed for everything that tends to destroy them, it is easy to over look the fact that Liam could be the one with the drug and alcohol problem, and this could be the reason why he has always loved Miley, hashing to live off her very well known life style, while hiding under the umbrella of being the victim here.

According to her Revelation (you can read blow), she is admitting to have been trying out the drug and alcohol party kind of life before now, but being a grown woman, she has decided for herself the things she wants to continue in life and those she needs to quit.

So with Drugs and Alcohol being the ones she wants to quit, she Is not going to let anyone pull her back into that life style. She understands just right how easy it is for her to be seen as the bad guy.

From Miley’s point of view, we knew she want going to be quite for long, even though she new song is being used to turn lemon into lemonade, being sucking fans while they hear of the

Credit to from @mileycyrus

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BREAKING: YouTube Couple and parents of two Nikki and Jamie Perkins announce their Separation


The hearts of followers, subscribers and fans have been broken following the speculation of separation between  YouTube sensation  Jamie Perkins and Nikki Thot for a while now. News of the separation  has been lingering for a while now, until today when Nikki finally announced it.

They say YouTube couples are always breaking up, it just might be because of the constant Lack of privacy in their lives as a result of their chosen trade/career. This could have been expected of everyone and not of these two, because they portray love and beauty in marriage. The absence of Jamie in Nikki Perkins Instagram post has caused some speciation amongst fans who belive the lovey dovey couple could only be going through something to be this far away from each other.

Nikki who has been on and about lately  with feminism and what a woman is capable of, only worsened the suspicion fans had. While this is on going, Jamie was spotted having their biggest fan of his life around their resident country Australia with his friends and without his family.

Nikki posted this today and got the support of fans.

“To everyone who has reached out and expressed love and concern  over the past month, we would like to say thank you. Your constant support over the years has meant so much.

This has been an extremely difficult Time for our family, hence why we have remained silent.

Jamie and I have made the painful decision to separate and would like to thank you in advance for respecting our privacy.

We both would also like to clarify that the rumors surrounding our separation are false.”

While she made the announcement, Jamie has not spoken to anyone or made any form of annoucment to back it up or deny it.



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Not again: less than a year after wedding Iheoma nnadi and footballer Emenike unfollow, delete each other’s pictures from their IG pages.


Less than a year after their wedding, ex-beauty queen Iheoma nnadi and footballer Emenike unfollow, delete each other’s pictures from their IG page .

Less than a year of wedding  and more than a year after welcoming their daughter together, this two love birds send out a very bad signal to the world after their love story encounter after large hurdle.

The 2014 beauty Queen whof just turned 24 this month, seems to be moving on just fine after deleting her exstrange husband’s photos from her  IG, just as he had done.

While Nigerians wonder why another young marriage is just about to Crash, they can’t help but ponder on the very unforgiveable reason for this. Can’t couples these days have a problem a don work on it? Must it lead to this? This site not good. These people should learn to forgive eachother. It is natural to have altercations, but what’s with all these unforgiving spirit roaming around and into people’s hearts? My goodness.

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To wish her a great shoot, Justin Bieber writes wife Hailey a peom


Reposted from @justinbieber – Sunlight falls into the Abyss
Just like i fall into your lips
Waves crash onto the shore
My love for you grows more and more
Sound of the crickets a true meditation
I think about you, Gods greatest creation.

As i fall into this blissful state
I ponder on how you’re my one true SOULMATE
Its getting dark to dark to see
A chilling breeze embraces me
The smell of camomile fresh from the garden
My life is a movie that both of us star in.

Speaking of stars I’m starting to see some
They light up the sky, reminds me of my freedom
How big and how vast our world is around us
So grateful for god we were lost but he found us
So i write the poem with him always in mind
Things all around us Just get better with time.

I fall more in love with you every day! You have walked hand and hand with me as I continue to get my emotions, mind, body and soul in tact! You have given me so much strength, support , encouragement and joy.

I just wanted to publicly honor you, and remind you that the best is yet to come! Have a great shoot today my love! – #obyorijiblog

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos still World’s Richest Person after divorce As Ex climbs to Third Richest Woman


Nearly three months after the world’s richest couple announced their split, the multibillion-dollar divorce between Amazon’s  wealthy couple Jeff Bezos and the scorned wife, MacKenzie Bezos, has been finalized. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
On Thursday, MacKenzie took to Twitter to break the news, as she expressed her satisfaction in retaining $35.6 billion in Amazon stock and a portion of their $149 billion net worth, which has increased by 12 million since January, according to TMZ. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
“Grateful to have finished the process of dissolving my marriage with Jeff with support from each other and everyone who reached out to us in kindness, and looking forward to next phase as co-parents and friends,” Mackenzie said. “Happy to be giving him all of my interest in the Washington Post and Blue Origin, and 75% of our Amazon stock plus voting control of my shares to support his continued contributions with the teams of these incredible companies. Excited about my own plans. Grateful for the past and I look forward to what comes next.” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
According to CNBC, as part of the divorce, MacKenzie will keep about 4% of Amazon’s common stock, which will land her among the biggest shareholders at the company, only behind her ex and Vanguard. But, as MacKenzie becomes the world’s richest woman, Jeff will remain the richest person in the world.
“I’m so grateful to all my friends and family for reaching out with encouragement and love,” Bezos said in a separate statement. “It means more than you know. MacKenzie most of all. I’m grateful for her support and for her kindness in this process and am very much looking forward to our new ….…to read the rest log on to (clickable link on profile) – #obyorijiblog

There is no way she won’t be happy after all that she has gotten. After all she knew his man when he wants the world’s richest man. Could it be that money changes people? Or the marriage was through already before the act was revealed. Whatever the answer may be, both parties are happy.


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