Blessing on blessings: Photos from Jlo’s 50th Birthday


Reposted from @jlo (@get_regrann) – It’s been a birthday to remember. I can truly feel the love from all of you. ❤️ Yesterday was a dream. I have watched your beautiful birthday videos and I must’ve cried 20 times. It was just another great reminder of how thankful I am for all the beauty and love I have in my life. Thank you all for being a part of this great feeling! @arod, Benny, @quayaustralia, @prettylittlething and so many more! 🎉🍾🎂 The party continues tonight!!! #itsmypartytour 📸: @walik1 & @stevengomillion

from @50cent- Happy Birthday to @jlo still looking amazing all that dancing got her body still looking crazy. #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac

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Big 6: Happy 6th birthday to Prince George


from @theroyalfamily  Happy Birthday to Prince George who is six years old today. 🎂

To honour the occasion The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have shared three new photographs of the Prince.

The photographs were taken by The Duchess of Cambridge, two of which were taken in the garden at Kensington Palace and another whilst on holiday.

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The Kardashians Mark MJ’s 85th birthday without a single picture of her


The mother to the kardashian/Jenner matriarch is again alive to see yet another birthday. This is nothing short of blessing for the woman who has lived  to see it all.

The woman who billionaire  Kylie thinks is her identical role Model following the fact that they both got a man as teenagers, had turned 85 years old. The girls have all gathered with friends of the family to mark yet another MJ birthday. Happy 85th birth MJ…

Reposted from @krisjenner (@get_regrann) – My squad celebrating MJ’s birthday! #love #family #rideordie ❤️

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Gratitude: Cardib details flaws at daughter’s first birthday Party in appreciation


from @iamcardib

– The fact that I wanted my daughter party in 42nd street instead of Jersey and to my fucking luck New York had a power outage right on that Deum area!!BITCH THE DEVIL! 😒😒😒😒😒but WOW how a negative situation turn into a LITUATION !!!Omg I had soooooo much fuckin fun and my daughter as well .Thank ya sooo much everybody that came ,I know my daughter won’t remember this day but when she older and have her kids this will be a good story to tell lols.I will be daydream this day for ma long ❤️❤️❤️❤️.Ok I’m exhausted nobody hit me till like 2pm😩.

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Rapper T.I literally sweeps his wife #majorgirl off her feet birthday



from @majorgirl– More surprises yesterday frm the King him self @troubleman31 this was definitely a surprise didn’t expect this. Funny how @giftedtalents got that big GT in the bckground but missed my nice birthday collage that was on the screen. 🤨 Anyway thank you so much baby. This has been one of the best birthdays ever & he’s still going. Headed to take on another country I’ve never been to!! #IFuknLoveU my single is going up as well!! Thank u to all the radio stations & fans that has supported my music..well really my whole movement cause it’s so much to ya girl. Life is great..& I’m just thankful!’ Make sure u live life it to the fullest. Make beautiful memories & amazing accomplishments along the way!! Be Blessed.. @eclass1982 @thatshekinah @niti85 can’t wait to meet u on the other side! 🙏🏽👑♋️💯🙌🏽🎂


from @troubleman31  – Most people will only see the 💰….
But it’s reall the thought,time,& effort that makes this sh*t DOPE. Anybody can spend a bag & run up a check… It’s the attention to detail that makes it special. And that’s why… #NobodyDoesitLikeBigDaddyHarris Happy Birthday Mrs.H👑 The Best is Yet to Come!!!😉

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Cast and Crew of #fastandfurious present Actress Michelle with a cake for her birthday on set


from @tyrese

Yeah…… Day 15 into filming #Fast9 let’s be real Vin, Michelle aka Letty- Jordana and Paul started this franchise 18 years ago!!! ( were the true Archetechs of domestic and international diversity in Hollywood…… Michelle could of easily said today is my birthday I’m going to sit this one out..? Nah.. She came in and honestly most of her days work was OFF CAMERA work ( for non-actors this means she was NOT on camera today she was sitting behind the camera feeding lines to us who was on camera ) so humble, so cool and she has ALWAYS moved with ALL HEART!!! Happy birthday to our QUEEN OF HEARTS Michelle Rodriguez!!! Legend!!!!!!! #FastFamily #2020 we’re coming……. #Fast9 #FanLove

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Happy birthday to Rita Dominic



from @michelledede

Happy Birthday @ritadominic no need for the long sermon, I said the important things to you yesterday.

We’ve been through 13 years of laughter, tears, dancing, arguments, falling out, break-ups, make-ups, more laughter, less tears, and most importantly friendship. This year, This Year you will smile and dance differently IJN🙏🏽. Love you yellowwww 💋 ❤🍾🎉🎉 .

Swipe for more from last night/this morning .

from @k8henshaw

ReeeeeDeeeeeee … @ritadominic
The Most Yellow of them all mbok…💜❤💜
Sweet potato pie….💓
Fashionista toh quality…👗👠
Style queen….
Happy happy birthday sugar…..🎉
I pray the goodness and mercies of God over you always…
I pray long life and prosperity over you….
Have an amazing day darling… 😍😍😍😍😍💜💜💜💜

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Jaden Smith’s adorable 21st birthday wishes from Mom and Dad


When your first born finally turns 21 years, you and you husband will pull out all the words in  your dictionaries to make his day as special as possible. This superb the case of Jaden and his birthday wishes from Jada pinker the Smith and Will Smith.


to  from @jadapinkettsmith (@get_regrann) – After my first trimester… being pregnant with you were some of the happiest moments of my life. You were tangible joy. When you were born you became my first experience of tangible love. You have taught me so much about love and kindness. You have been a powerful teacher in my life. I feel so blessed you chose me to be your mom. Happy 21st to one of my dearest treasures. I love you Jaden✨

from @willsmith (@get_regrann) – Jaden is 21 today!! The equation still astounds me… Love + Tequila = a Person. 🙂 Happy Bday, J-Diggy. I can’t believe you’re 21?!? 📹: @westbrook

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Penelope Disick gets the most adorable 7th birthday wish from GrandMa Kris


Reposted from @krisjenner

Happy Birthday to my beautiful granddaughter Penelope!!!!!! You are the sunshine of our lives and I am so blessed to have you to love and watch you grow up!!! Thank you for bringing me so much joy and being the best sister, daughter, granddaughter and cousin!!! I love you so much my little P … #happybirthdaypenelope #lovebug #love

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Gratitude is a must: Kevin Hart grateful for the turn out at his 40th birthday party


Reposted from @kevinhart4real (@get_regrann) – Words can’t explain how amazing my 40th B Day party was….The room was filled with nothing but good vibes and love. Major thank you to @taola for allowing me to take over the Resturant & turn it into a Night Club for the night. Also thank to Bonnie Walker Events for helping me pull off such an epic party. This pic explains so much because I got so fucked up that alot of the night is nothing but a blurr 😂😂😂….I had to leave my own party at 1:20am because I felt like I was about to fall. I told my wife that we had to get the fuck out of here before I embarrass my damn self…the tequila got the best of me again 😂😂😂 I love and appreciate everyone that came out and celebrated with me. It was a STONE COLD GROVE PEOPLE!!!!! My little ass is 40….And at this age the best feeling in the world is self happiness….All I can say is THANK YOU GOD!!!! #LookAtMyEyes #iThrewUpInTheCar #NikoThrewUpFirstTho #MyBodyDontRecoverTheSame #FuckDrinking …..I blame @michaelrubin ….You did this to me man 😂😂😂😂

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Series of not so ‘Short’ birthday wishes dropped in for Kevin Hart at 40


Our black comedian Kevin has officially joined the 40s league, but simply turning the big 4.0. The father of three looks nothing like 40 as he stand not so tall, but well built and proudly successful. Happy birthday Kevin Hart.

Reposted from @therock (@get_regrann) – Happy Birthday, son.
Daddy loves you and is very proud of all you’ve accomplished in this big ol’ world 😂🌎
Grateful you born @kevinhart4real! Our silly jokes aside, I’m proud to call you my brother and you’re a shining star example of what “being the hardest worker in the room” exemplifies.
Welcome to the 4th level club.
Now let’s get to work.
Love ya. #ohana 👊🏾 – #regrann

Reposted from @michaelblackson (@get_regrann) – If 30 is the new 40 Neega you 10, since you only 3 ft tall imma keep this SHORT. I remember when you worked at this LITTLE shoe store and got paid UNDER the table, you’ve always been GROUNDED and DOWN to earth and kept your head ABOVE water. You have a SHORT temper and always end up on the SHORT end of the stick. At the end of the day it’s the SMALL things that count. Happy bday little broda. – #regrann

Reposted from @enikohart (@get_regrann) – HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY BABE! 🎉
to the man, the myth, the LEGEND. @kevinhart4real💋
My husband/BFF/partner in crime/overly sensitive ass cancer that drives me CRAZY! ♋️.. LOL! But i wouldn’t change it for the world.. /The yin to my yang/The other half that makes me whole… the list goes on, u made it to 40! Celebrate LIFE..🙏🏽 (You’re not OLD)🙄 embrace it! We are celebrating you all weekend honey! ITS.ABOUT.TO.GO DOWWNNN! 😂💃🏽 – #regrann

Reposted from @kevinhart4real (@get_regrann) – It’s the little things that make me the happiest…These T Shirts were amazing. #Harts – #regrann

Reposted from @kevinhart4real (@get_regrann) – I swear I’m so in love with this movie…when the idea of me doing this film came u I jumped & grabbed it. The reason why is because I wanted to show the world an amazing image of a black man as a father….I feel like this film will inspire so many men period to be better fathers. I personally take fatherhood very seriously. There is nothing better than being a dad….my characters emotional journey of ups and downs is unreal & it’s all based off of a true story! I can’t wait for you guys to see this film….. #FatherHood #HittingTheatersIn2020

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The Mowry twins Tia and Tamera opt for a low key 41st Birthday


It is that time of the year when Tia and Tamera mark their adorable birthday. They are 41 now can you imagine? But what made them  adorable is that they are having a low key birthday this year.

from @tameramowrytwo

Tia. My ride or die since birth. 💕 So grateful God chose you as my life partner from the beginning. You are the yin to my yang. The perfect team. I love when we have our sister time; laughs from the gut, reminiscing our childhood or just having epic drinks together, we are always creating beautiful memories. I love you darling. #happybirthday @tiamowry. #sisters

from @tiamowry #happybirthday to my womb mate! We’ve been in this thing together since conception. The bond that twins have is unexplainable. Our journey here on earth has been an amazing one. God has kept us close. We’ve been right by each other’s side through trials and tribulations as well as our triumphs. Love you Sis! So happy I get to go through life with you! Here for you and will always be!

from @tiamowry

Yesterday was amazing. Thank you @coryhardrict for making my #birthday special. I can’t believe how fast life goes. You know, many people ask me why are you so giddy? I simply reply, “where there is appreciation all things flow”. I appreciate LIFE and where I happen to be in that given time. I try and focus on the positive. Yes, embracing and recognizing your tribulations will help you move through them. However, I do not let it define my joy. I feel blessed. 🙏🏽 📸- @coryhardrict

from @tameramowrytwo (@get_regrann) – This is 41… Accepting #love, and #peace. Anything else… Byyyyeeeeeeeee. 📷 @andrearegalado 💕

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With the help of Jhene Aiko’s adorable song Tamera Mowry wishes daughter Ariah a happy Birthday


from @tameramowrytwo – You make my world better my love. Ariah Talea Housley, I’m so grateful God chose me to be your mommy. You are a beauty on the inside as well as out. You make me laugh, smile, feel, and just so happy. Mommy loves you. Happy birthday. #mybaby #happybirthday 🎶 credit @jheneaiko – #obyorijiblog

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Jasmine Sanders gifts herself a new house and Brabus for her 28th Birthday


Terrence J’s ex girlfriend jasmine sanders, that  goes on the name Golden Barbie on Instagram and other social media handles, has surprised herself and her her fan by punchanging a new home and a car, after she allegedly split ways with her man Terrence for a car bash related case. She sure turned 28 on a very good note. Happy birthday and a big congratulations to her.

from @golden_barbie – Home sweet home! I’ve kept this secret for about three months and I’m so excited to finally share with all of you that I bought a house! I’ve seriously dreamt about this day my entire life and I’m so blessed to finally call myself a homeowner at 27!! I can’t wait to put my touch on it!! 🏠💕 – #obyorijiblog

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Happy 6th birthday to North West



Reposted from @krisjenner – Happy Birthday to my little Angel Northie!!!! What a bright light you are and such a blessing to our family!! Your magic and sunshine lights up every room and I adore how creative and smart you are. You are so kind and loving to everyone you know and have a beautiful heart and soul…I love you so much precious North and it is a pleasure and a privilege to be your Grandmother. I love you ❤️ Lovey xo #HappyBirthdayNorth – #obyorijiblog

from @kimkardashian – Happy Birthday my sweet girl! The last 6 years have been the best of my life raising you and seeing you grow up. Mommy loves you forever and beyond! – #obyorijiblog

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