Happy concealed birthday to Joselyn Dumas


Keep hiding that birthday girl. Your life your age you concealing..

from @joselyn_dumas  – ….Dear God, for the woman I’m becoming and for everything…. I’m thankful.. happy birthday to me 🙏🏽 31.08 #LoveAbounds 👸🏽♍️🧡🖤 🚀


|| Stylist: @officialkelvincent || Makeup: @makeupbyzulky ||

|| Jewelry: @trufacebygrace || Dress: @laurenhautecouture || Videography: @frozzensecond || Crown: @avonsige_ ||

📸: @joshsisly ✨

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Adedamee reminisces on Son’s day of birth as he turns 5


With all that she has been through with her Ex husband, it is save to say that the young boy is her consolation.. How adorable is this? Well us healing his mummy’s heart alright, and doing so by growing fast and healthy. Happy birthday Brian..

from @adedamee – MY BABY IS 5!!! It seems just like yesterday. At “chuck e cheese” with some friends. Feeling so restless and uncomfortable. Not knowing you were much closer than we expected. The unbearable pain birthing you. Those seconds we couldn’t hear your heart beat. The nurses tried to stay calm but I could tell they were worried. And then all of a sudden, the little thump thump of your heart filling the hospital room. Separated from you for days while you were in the ICU. Separated from you again during one of the most trying times of my life…. Truth is, maybe we didn’t get off on the greatest of starts. Motherhood is a journey. A learning process. It’s been 5 years and I don’t have it all figured out yet. But I promise to love and protect you. To fight for you, to be your pillar of strength and support. To walk closely by your side every single day. To bring you up in the way and doctrines of the Lord. You will grow up to be a fine man. You will be a bright light in your generation. A king amongst men. I decree and declare God’s blessings and favor on you every single day of your life. Mummy loves you so so much Brian. Happy birthday to you my Son❤️

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Scott Disick gifts Sophia Richie an Aston Martin for her 21st birthday


Credit to from @theshaderoom  – PressPlay: SofiaRichie was gifted an #AstonMartin for her 21st birthday by ScottDisick MustBeNice

Credit to from @sofiarichie – My Birthday is tomorrow! This is how I’m feeling about 21 🦄🥳🥳

Credit to from @hollywoodlife – Happy Birthday, Sofia! Sofia Richie is turning 21 today and has so much to celebrate. Read more on how she’s got a loving boyfriend in Scott Disick who gives her enough space to accomplish her goals in life in the link in the bio! ⁠(📸 @themegaagency) – #regrann

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To wish his mother a happy birthday, Gideon Okeke reveals how much she has done for him

Credit to from  – TRUE STORY :

After primary school (at TADE Nurs/Pry APAPA), there came a huge government clamp down on Bromate Flour. Bakers were BANNED from touching it. What did you think gave “Agege Bread” the weight? BROMATE. This meant that over 500 bags of My father’s Baking Flour were put to ruins. They all had BROMATE!

That was when My father’s Bakery business rolled to a grinding stop. Not a dough was milled. My father reduced to a 3rd of his original size. Diabetes showed up like rain.

You braced what we now call Domestic Violence,

at a time it was claimed to be the rights of Patriarchy. You stayed for the Child.

At this point, Secondary School Education was NOT SURE for your ONLY child.

That was when you got suited and booted up! You showed up like a super hero Mummy. WHAT???


From Bread to Puff-Puff , to Chin-chin to beer parlour to scaling ALL ur Abada and trinkets (1 by 1)

to Mama Nonso…..omo the story loooong.



To be a Man is not a day’s job.

To Be a WOMAN, is to give LIFE.


Ps: to the few people who know her (My life brothers) @olpa38 , @rickodiablo call Mumsie make una do Her as una dey do. FOR ME. Blessings brothers.

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How the Obamas poured out love for Michelle’s Mom on her birthday


Michelle Williams aka, The former first lady of the US got her mother’s birthday wishes hitting the fragile heart as former president Obama pours out love for Mama Williama.

Credit to from @michelleobama (@get_regrann) – Whenever I see this picture, and the look in my mother’s eyes, I wonder if she has any idea what’s coming in the decades ahead: Real love and real loss, children and grandchildren who’d keep her on her toes, a wild ride to places she’d only read about or seen on television. But I also see something else in those eyes, something that guided me every day from the moment I was born—her unflappable belief that whatever came her way, she’d manage it. And because she’d manage, we all would, too. Happy birthday, Mom. I love you!

Credit to from @barackobama (@get_regrann) – Over the years, you’ve probably seen Michelle’s mom, Marian Robinson, in photos with our family at inaugurations, Christmas tree lightings, Easter Egg Rolls, and a whole lot more. But what you haven’t seen is the way she’s been there for us every day—not just for Michelle and our daughters, but for me, too. I’ve always appreciated her steadiness, her perspective, and the way a wisecrack from her reverberates around the room. Happy birthday, Marian—here’s to many more. – #regrann

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Happy 30th Birthday to Romeo Miller


Boy… He is a now a hunk.. Dirty 30 baby..

Credit to from @romeomiller  – I’m just the guy who studies and prepares for the moment. Work hard in silence let your success be the noise. Another big 💸 announcement on the way, and tune into my hit MTV show @exonthebeach Thursday’s 9/8c, it’s a fun one.

Credit to from @romeomiller  – Dear Mom and Dad, I know August 19th is my day, but I’m only here because of you. I think the best gift and most beautiful thing in this world is to see your parents smiling, and knowing that you are the reason behind that smile. I will never let you down, you raised a king. – The Birthday Boy 🎈♌️ #MyBirthday #LeoGang #Blessed #BonAnniversaire

Credit to from @romeomiller  – The beauty of getting older is becoming more wise. I’ve learned this year that everything has to have meaningful purpose, from your friendships to relationships. Birthday one day away, but somewhere in the world we are already celebrating. More Life. ♌️🍔💕💡#foodforthought #leoseason #august19

Credit to from @romeomiller  – Me: Dear future Wifey, I know it’s early but get that ass over here and come work out and give me a kiss too. 💦😻💍 Under the weather but No days off. Training for #Monstah. #MOOD. #Gains.

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Davido throws a major appreciation post for Special Spesh


Credit to from @davidoofficial  – I’m on the plane right now just thinkin of how this whole movement started. I was 13 that year and one day I was like ‘Special please take me to DBANJ’s (Mohits mansion Maryland). You took me there and told them that your little cousin David would become one of the biggest names in African music! Through you I met Wande, Prince, Kayswitch… I remember when you’d leave B red, Shina and I in your room and follow Wande for shows and come back with plenty bar and say no worry our time go come we go run am well! Too many memories man … ! Remember when my Dad’s driver didn’t want to take me to Silverbird that year and you told him ‘David go grow, blow now all of u go hear wehn 😂😂’. Bottom line, if not for you brother I’d probably not be in this position! I love you man!! BALL ON DEM CUS IF NAH US DEM GO BALL ON US!!! Happy birthday @specialspesh ! TODAY NAH DIE 😂😂 also u gave my first t*t* 😂😂😂

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Happy 35th Birthday to this beautiful human Eniko Hart


Screaming Happy birthday to my girl Eniko Hart.. 💕💖💕💖💕💖

Credit to from @kevinhart4real – Screaming Happy B Day to my wife @enikohart ….I’m better because of you…Love you to the moon & back!!!!! Thank you for all that you do….we celebrate you today!!!!!! #Harts #GettingOldIsDopeAsHell – #regrann

Credit to from @enikohart  – No place i’d rather be..This is 35!

“EDAY” 🤗

#blessed 🙏🏽

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Healthy Girl: Angela Bassett opts for a 61st birthday Broccoli instead of cake


While many weight-loss enthusiast will work all year and spoil themselves rotten in their birthdays, Mrs Angela is not one of them. She is letting us know that the cake is not coming into her mouth this time around. If at 61 she looks this good, then you know there must have been so much sacrifices to get that body and that perfection. Happy 61 birthday Queen.

Credit to from @im.angelabassett  – Annie Mae might be eating cake, but not me! But hey! I’m still getting my birthday party on! Come on through Birthday Broccoli! #thisishowwedoit #gonnahavemorebirthdaysthisway #stillkindawannapieceofcakethough

Credit to from @im.angelabassett – Hey Everybody you good? Feeling good this morning w/my sweet girl Piper & loving my new birthday sneakers from @cykling_trainin7 making me feel like a birthday princess! Thanks Taz! Y’all go on & make it a great day! xoAng

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Minglee Simmons sends the most adorable Big Sister Birthday Message to her sissy Aoki Simmons


Credit to from @mingleesimmons  08/16/2002 the day I thought you ruined my life. I was so good at being an only child, I literally got everything I wanted and I never had to share. But as soon as mom put you in my arms I loved you so much. Big sisters are supposed to protect their little sisters but as we grow up I think our roles got kinda of mixed up. Thank you for always helping me with my homework and fighting the bullies for me. I’m actually in awe of the things you were able to accomplish by the age of 17. Happy Birthday my Love 🖤 – #regrann

Credit to from @kimoraleesimmons – Happy happy 17th birthday to our bright shining star @aokileesimmons !! Mama loves you so very much! Thank you for making our lives so much sweeter! I love you with all my heart!😘💘☀️🍰🎉

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An ever ready Kris Jenner once again dishes out her familiar birthday message to billionaire Kylie


from @krisjenner  – Happy Birthday to my baby!!! @kyliejenner I can’t believe you are 22…It is the greatest joy and blessing to be your mommy and watch you grow into such an beautiful woman inside and out. You are the most amazing daughter, sister, friend and mommy…. watching you with Stormi has been such a wonderful blessing. I am so proud of you… You are truly an old soul and such an inspiration to everyone. your creativity, generosity and huge heart is truly remarkable! You are an angel girl and I love you more than you will ever know. 💕mommy #HappyBirthdayKylie – #regrann

Reposted from @kyliejenner (@get_regrann) – 22 🌻💗✨✨

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Kylie, her family and friends take center stage in Capri ahead of her 22nd birthday


Louo big or go home us something Kylie has. Mastered through out the years. The soon to be 22 years old has picked up her team, family and friends all the way to Capri to mark her 22nd birthday. It s funny how time fliesas Kylie who was just celebrating 21st birthday is about to celebrate the 22nd. Being the youngest billionaire, Kylie is still going hard on her bag Security with her birthday makeup collection gearing up to launch on her birthday August 10th.

She is living her best life, and we are here for it.

Two days ago, Travis covered her home with red roses in preparation for her birthday..

Reposted from @kyliejenner (@get_regrann) – My house is covered in ROSES! @travisscott and it’s not even my birthday yet!!!!! Omg ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😭😭😭😭

The Kardashians/Jenner and their crew have taken over the waters surrounding #Capri ahead of #KylieJenner’s 22nd birthday 📷: Splash News   and pagesix…

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Jlo stages a 13th birthday surprise for a shy Alex Rodriguez


Less than a week after celebrating hers, jlo is now retaliating the same birthday surprise with her family on her stage for her man Alex Rodriguez. Alex who was unconcealably shy, was happy for it anyway. Men don’t like surprises.

from @jlo  – Celebrating you today and everyday my love… you are one of a kind, my hurricane and my calm in the middle of the storm…thank you for being such a beautiful light in my life… wishing you the most beautiful birthday ever!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY 13!!!


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The Kardashians finally share MJ’s photo for her 85th birthday


from @krisjenner  – Happy Birthday Mom! You are truly my inspiration and such a joy and a light to all of us. Thank you for raising me as a strong independent woman like you… you are the best Mom, Grandmother, friend and confidant, and I am so blessed that God chose you to be my mommy!! I love you so much Mom!!!! 🥰❤️🙏🥰 #love #family #happybirthdayMJ

from @kimkardashian  – Happy 85th Birthday to my hero, my grandma MJ! I am so grateful that you have been such a strong force in my life and always there to guide me and give me the best advice. Spending this last week with you has been a dream come true traveling and showing you a little bit of my work and just spending some quality time with you. I will cherish this forever! I love you so much!!! – #regrann

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Photos from Michelle Williams’ 40th birthday party


from @michellewilliams

Well honey #thisis40!!!! 💕 Ow Owwwwwwwwwwww!!!! —————————————————
I said @stylistjbolin what are we going to do? He said, you’re gonna put this @michaelcostello dress on, @mo_storyteller is going to capture you and @rosestylestudio and @unfilteredbytaye will add to the slay for 40!! I’m blessed and I feel great!!! I don’t know what this age is supposed to feel like but I feel like a kid!! 💕


Reposted from @michellewilliams- My birthday celebration was a perfect evening of friends and family. One person that was there has known me since I was 7 years old. Many tears were shed because I’m so grateful for life. A BUNNNNNNCH of laughs because the core of people that surround me LOVE to cut up and bring the shenanigans!!Thank you @wrightprods_ for such a BEAUTIFUL evening!! I won’t name other names, y’all already know the part you play in my life and the part you played in making sure my 40th was beautiful. I really just wanted to stay home and binge watch Judge Judy episodes but I have great friends that push me out the house….LITERALLY!! More pics to come!! 📸: @madworksphoto

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