#PriyankaChopra sends #NickJonas an adorable message for his 27th birthday


Reposted from @priyankachopra  – The light of my life. Everyday with you is better than the last. You deserve all the happiness in the world. Thank you for being the most generous loving man I have ever met. Thank you for being mine. Happy birthday Jaan. I love you @nickjonas


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Happy 35th Birthday to Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex


from @sussexroyal – – Wishing a very happy birthday to His Royal Highness Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex!


A birthday message from The Duchess of Sussex:

“Your service to the causes you care so deeply for inspires me every day. You are the best husband and most amazing dad to our son. We love you ❤️Happiest birthday!”

Color Photos © PA Images

BW photo: Chris Allerton © SussexRoyal

Reposted from @theroyalfamily  – Happy Birthday to The Duke of Sussex – 35 today! #HappyBirthdayHRH

🎉 📸 Press Association

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#happybirthday : #TylerPerry gets in his feelings as he clocks #50 years


Happy Birthday Tyler Perry, and 50 is a blessing. God bless you.

Reposted from @tylerperry (@get_regrann) – My first sunrise at 50


Reposted from @tylerperry  – My last sunset at 49

Reposted from @tylerperry – To all the incredible people of the Bahamas who have welcomed me and called me an adoptive son, I want you to know that I am watching closely, and as soon as I can, I will be there to do whatever I can to help you rebuild stronger and better. You’re not only in my heart and my prayers, you’re in my blood. God bless you. Stay Bahamas strong. The sun will shine agin. #HurricaneDorian

Reposted from @tylerperry – Woke up and went out on my deck and realized that I was above the clouds. What a metaphor for life. Live above anything that blocks or tries to stop your vision. God bless you today.

from @tylerperry – I hiked this mountain to get a better view of my next 50 years!! Thank you for all the birthday wishes.

from @tylerperry  – Driving into work today I saw these signs on the highways being changed. My eyes filled with water knowing what God has allowed to happen in my life.
Atlanta has truly been the promised land for me. I came here with nothing, lived off Sylvan Road, ended up homeless and starving, but I was always praying and believing. I was always keeping the faith, knowing that if I worked hard, did my absolute best, kept my integrity, honored every blessing, and remained grateful through it all that everything would work out. And it has, thank God.
But to all of you looking at my life now, I want to share a scripture/prayer that helped me keep going from St. Mark 9:23-25. It’s a simple prayer by a man who had faith, a man who believed, but still had doubts. He said, “LORD I believe but help my unbelief.” Even in my darkest times when I wanted to give up, I kept believing, and I asked God to help me to believe past any naysayer, any doubt, and any problem.
Just know that it is possible to believe in your dream and still wonder how or when it’s going to happen. Stay the course. Pray, work, believe and repeat. You’ll get there. Just believe for as much as you can, and ask God to help you believe for the rest!

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#Happybirthday : Nazanin Mandi turns 33 gorgeously topless


Reposted from @nazaninmandi – This is 33✨On my Birthday my captions are usually very extensive (Shocking Lol) But this year only one word comes to mind … GRATITUDE. I honestly do not know what I did in my past life to be worthy enough of this one. But one things for sure … I never take my blessings for granted nor do I take any shortcuts to achieve them … if it be maintaining my relationships and/or my many goals … a hard lesson I’ve learned time & time again is NOTHING WORKS UNLESS YOU DO & my 33rd year will be no exception🖤Ok okkkkk … this is getting extensive once again😭 lol I’m off to start my month long celebration yasss MONTH LONG … because you know how us Virgos do💁🏽✨

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Photos from Magic Johnson’s #EC60 party


from @magicjohnson  – Cookie and I are so excited to celebrate the final night of #EC60 with our family and friends.

from @thecookiej – We had SO much fun ending this epic celebration called #EC60 at a historic site, the Citadelle De St. Tropez – dressed beautifully, topped off with a incredible concert that only my husband could have envisioned!! A huge THANK YOU to all who contributed to the celebration including the amazing artists that performed, it was an unbelievable concert (can’t believe you kept that a secret @officialjeffreyosborne!). WHAT. A. NIGHT! THANK YOU to everyone who came all this way to help Earvin & I celebrate our 60th birthdays in St. Tropez!!! #EC60

#Blessed #Grateful


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Breaking: Zimbabwe’s One and Only Robert Mugabe dies at 95


Before we continue, I would like to state that that man lived a ripe old age because 95 is such a beautiful age.

The very first post independence President of the one and only Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe dies at 95

He was aged 95. He died after battling ill health. Mugabe was ousted from power in a military coup in November 2017, ending his three-decade reign and then seeing into power very first president since the reign of Mugabe.

Just like most other Afican Presidents his extravagant and illegitimate possessions were listed which includes his gold interior home that had all kinds of golden items in it.

May his soul rest in peace with the Lord, and as far as we know, he has lived a good life on earth.

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AdorableAnniversaryBEAUTIFULbirthdayBODY BODY

Tina Lawson, Kerry Rowland join fans in wishing Beyonce a happy 38th birthday


from @kellyrowland  – “Ain’t no mountain, ain’t no sea”…

“Keep my sista ‘way from me!”

❤️I love you a BiG piece!❤️

🎈Happy Birthday my BB!!🎈 – #regrann

from @mstinalawson – 38 years ago today you came into my life and i know without a shred of doubt that God sent you!!! I had recently lost my mom and never thought that i could feel that particular kind of love again but .7 months later i was pregnant with you (39 years ago people) The moment i saw you i knew that that was IT !!!! We’ve been the best of friends since then . You have brought me such Joy and pride and love and friendship !!! Your heart is as big as Texas !! You are one of the best moms ever ! And I love you soo much ❤️❤️❤️🎂🎂🎂❤️❤️Have the best birthday EVER!!!! Mom


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Happy 53rd birthday to super gorgeous Latina Actress Salma Hayek #happybirthday #salmahayek


You are a whole mood Salma, and I never knew a body like that could be seen on a 53 years old.. Share the secret please Dear Salma. She made this post and yesterday and we still can’t believe this woman is 53 years old. Wow…

from @salmahayek  – Yes, tomorrow I’m 53. So!? Si, mañana cumplo 53. Y!? 🏝🎈🎉👙🍾🧜🏼‍♀️😎💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

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Happy 2nd Birthday to Olympia Ohanian


#obyorijiblog from @serenawilliams  – The last 2 years have been my greatest accomplishment

from @serenawilliams – #ThisMama tries to spend as much time with @olympiaohanian as possible. She keeps me going especially during tournaments. Although the popcorn machine has her attention here, I know she’s watching and learning to see how I persevere in challenging and rewarding moments. #ThisMama keeps going, how do you?

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#Marathoncontinues : Nipsey and Lauren’s Son Kross turns 3.


The beautiful Lauren London is celebrating hers and Nipsey hussle’s Son Kross’s birthday 3rd birthday. The cutie who clearly isn’t aware of his daddy’s demise just yet, is coming very close to realizing that as he gets older. Now 3 years Olds, he is the physical love evidence his mother has with her late lover Ermias Asghedom, which is why he was named Kross Ermias Asghedom. Happy birthday cute baby.

Miss London posted the message on her Instagram wishing him a happy birthday saying “you are the Light that shines in darkness, you are everything we prayed for and more. Continue to shine”

from @laurenlondon – Today is my warrior baby’s 3rd Birthday.

Kross Ermias Asghedom.

You are the Light that shines in darkness

you are everything we prayed for and more. Continue to shine Sun 🏁🙏🏽💙

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Ubi Franklin gets candid about his baby mama as he wishes his first child a happy 4th birthday


from @ubifranklintriplemg – It’s been four years already my little smart and energetic zee mama.

Last four year has been about your mum and she really deserves an award for everything she has been doing and if we have to share responsibility she has done 50% of mine and adding to 100% she brings to the table.


The world may have a different view of how I have had you and your two brothers and in my heard I am wondering the best formula to live well in life and be a good father.

Many are in unhappy marriages and many fathers don’t even take care of their kids who live with them in the same house. Many fathers don’t even take responsibility for their children or even try to have a cordial relationship with their mothers, here am I doing all round to make sure you and your brothers live well,and we still have people who think I have committed an abomination for taking care of my kids and playing my role as a father and a very good one at that.

This is not an excuse for anyone reading this, I won’t wish my enemy to be in my shoes because I have to live with emotions of three different women (happy/sad).

This has taught me more patience, makes me double up the hustle to give all my Three kids a happy life and that’s my priority now and I don’t think there is a better way for a father to act.

My daughter you will become a better woman from the way you talk and how energetic you are I have no doubt you will make a big sister to your brothers and will always make me proud in everything in life.

You will excel in your academics, and when you grow old enough to read this, one thing is important and that is people will always want to confine you to live a certain way while covering their own sin to make your look so bad.

Everyone reading this has something they are hiding and will sit on social media to troll others and that’s the sad world we live in now where we cover up our own and talk about others.

One thing you took form me is, we don’t like food 😂😂.

Your emotions grew right alongside of you this year. While they are big and overwhelming at times, they are letting us get an even bigger sneak peek into the person you are >>>>>


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Happy concealed birthday to Joselyn Dumas


Keep hiding that birthday girl. Your life your age you concealing..

from @joselyn_dumas  – ….Dear God, for the woman I’m becoming and for everything…. I’m thankful.. happy birthday to me 🙏🏽 31.08 #LoveAbounds 👸🏽♍️🧡🖤 🚀


|| Stylist: @officialkelvincent || Makeup: @makeupbyzulky ||

|| Jewelry: @trufacebygrace || Dress: @laurenhautecouture || Videography: @frozzensecond || Crown: @avonsige_ ||

📸: @joshsisly ✨

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Adedamee reminisces on Son’s day of birth as he turns 5


With all that she has been through with her Ex husband, it is save to say that the young boy is her consolation.. How adorable is this? Well us healing his mummy’s heart alright, and doing so by growing fast and healthy. Happy birthday Brian..

from @adedamee – MY BABY IS 5!!! It seems just like yesterday. At “chuck e cheese” with some friends. Feeling so restless and uncomfortable. Not knowing you were much closer than we expected. The unbearable pain birthing you. Those seconds we couldn’t hear your heart beat. The nurses tried to stay calm but I could tell they were worried. And then all of a sudden, the little thump thump of your heart filling the hospital room. Separated from you for days while you were in the ICU. Separated from you again during one of the most trying times of my life…. Truth is, maybe we didn’t get off on the greatest of starts. Motherhood is a journey. A learning process. It’s been 5 years and I don’t have it all figured out yet. But I promise to love and protect you. To fight for you, to be your pillar of strength and support. To walk closely by your side every single day. To bring you up in the way and doctrines of the Lord. You will grow up to be a fine man. You will be a bright light in your generation. A king amongst men. I decree and declare God’s blessings and favor on you every single day of your life. Mummy loves you so so much Brian. Happy birthday to you my Son❤️

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Scott Disick gifts Sophia Richie an Aston Martin for her 21st birthday


Credit to from @theshaderoom  – PressPlay: SofiaRichie was gifted an #AstonMartin for her 21st birthday by ScottDisick MustBeNice

Credit to from @sofiarichie – My Birthday is tomorrow! This is how I’m feeling about 21 🦄🥳🥳

Credit to from @hollywoodlife – Happy Birthday, Sofia! Sofia Richie is turning 21 today and has so much to celebrate. Read more on how she’s got a loving boyfriend in Scott Disick who gives her enough space to accomplish her goals in life in the link in the bio! ⁠(📸 @themegaagency) – #regrann

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