#Happybirthday #Jagaban: Lagos State Celebrates its Owner/Landlord as he turns 68 years

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It is indeed with great pleasure and joy, that I join millions of avid admirers and followers (me inclusive) to felicitate with our National Leader for the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, on his 68th birthday, today Sunday March 29, 2020. What do you say about a man of many parts on his birthday? A visionary, a leader with exceptional abilities in different areas of human endeavour, An epitome of humility and humanity, a welfarist and a cheerful giver. Indeed your achievements are almost impossible to capture in a book, how much more in a single statement. You are indeed a great leader, who achieved greatness through hard work, perseverance, foresight, humility and generosity. You are a rare leader who is just and fair to his associates and followers alike. Your strength lies in your firm belief in a united and indivisible Nigeria that is devoid of religious and ethnic bigotry. Asiwaju as a pathfinder, navigated and charted the developmental course of modern Lagos, you singlehandedly raised the bar of governance and public service in the State. You are a leader who has built more leaders than followers and yet, you are never threatened by the achievements and attainments of your protégés, whom you have groomed to become great leaders as well. You are an astute politician whose name would be boldly written in gold whilst telling the story of Nigeria’s democracy. I wish the Jagaban Borgu, a birthday full of joy and good health, even as we battle the ravaging COVID-19 in Nigeria and the rest of the world. As you march on to higher pedestal in life, may the Almighty God go with you in every step of the way and support you to accomplish more in the service of humanity. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASIWAJU BOLA AHMED TINUBU Igba odun, Odun kan.

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#JustinTimberlake grants #Jessicabiel ‘s wish for her 38th #birthday

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Happy 40th #Birthday to Sensational Actress #RebelWilson


I think aging is a blessing and a beautiful thing to every one who attains it, but I just can’t believe that this happy, bubbly, actress is 40. When ? How? Wow.. Happy birthday Rebel.

from @rebelwilson Just got home and opened the best birthday present a girl could ask for! Letters from my dear family, friends and colleagues all collated into a book 💕 I sat on the couch and read them all tonight, with tears often streaming down my face but also huge smiles at all the good memories. I’m so grateful to have such wonderful people in my life, thank you 💕 anyone who knows me knows how sentimental I am and this truly means the world to me. Rebel 4.0 here we go!

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Introducing the Mammoth Bitches 🤣 #Don’tMess

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#marsaimartin celebrates hitting 2 million Instagram followers like a #Boss


from @marsaimartin 2 Milli⚡️
Thank y’all so much from the bottom of my heart. The fact that there’s so much love and support around my family and I is truly heartwarming. Can’t wait to share more of my journey with everyone. Love y’all ♥️ -MM

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Happy #Benjaminbutton 50th #Birthday to #Niecynash


Teach the way to the root of the tree which gives youthfulness Niecy. We won’t rush you, we just want a sip. Happy birthday you 🎂🎂🎉🎈 breath of fresh air.

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About last night… 🎂

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Carol Denise 🎂

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Heyyyy Auntie….. 😉

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Thank you to the Most High for giving me #adesuaetomi — #BankyW


from @bankywellington Thank you to the Most High for giving me @adesuaetomi. Thank you Susu for being such a blessing to my life. Never thought I deserved you… but you are indisputable evidence that God loves me, and I’m going to spend the rest of my life trying to make you happy.
Thank you @tolubally for putting her in this dress.

Thank you @juyindemuren and @eventdesign.studio_ng for the incredible decor!! Juyin remains one of the best event planners on the planet! Thank you Aunty @moabudu @ebonylifeplace @whiteorchidhotellagos for everything!!!

The food, the venue, the suite, the service, the staff (Aduke in particular), everyyyy thing was absolutely incredible. Thank you @ikagu101 and my Diageo gang for the support. Thank you @t.alamodebeauty for the glam up! This was our best weekend in years, and her best birthday EVER.

Thank you to our friends, family and staff that helped plan, and celebrate. Can’t name each person or I will end up in trouble but We LOVE YOU!!! Highlight video of #SusuDay coming soon.. for now please enjoy the view of this masterpiece… this beautiful person created by God.

The only thing that can rival the beauty of her face, is the beauty of her heart. I’m a blessed man. This is what “hitting the Jackpot” looks like.

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#KrisJenner sends the most adorable birthday message to the #kardashian family friend #Jonathancheba aka #foodgod


Honestly when this guy came in board the Kardashian friendship ship, I was one of those who he wasn’t going to last, due to his enthusiasm as a friend and his “Oh yes” power. He is still there, after he has endured slaps, call outs, and name calling from Kourtney and many others. He is said to luck Kim’s boots to remain relevant, and all I say is: If it is worth it, not hurting God and Man, just do it. Happy birthday you happy glutton.. But how you remain so fit after all that consumption? you must have an Asian blood flowing through your veins.

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#OlakunleChurchill uses Son’s 4th birthday to give update on Custody battle going on between him and Ex-wife #Tontodikeh


from @olakunlechurchill It is with the deepest and sincerest love, not just as a man, but as a father that I celebrate the one after my heart. Today marks the blessed day that my son King Andre breathe his first air in this world.

I therefore pray for the goodness of God upon your life to blossom, his protection, guidance and good health, continue to grow in the unprecedented grace of almighty God.

On this special day, there are some things I’d like to share….. even though my heart feel so heavy to say this but it’s basically to shed more light to the darkness created by bitterness… son its is very imperative to speak to you at this point.

It’s important to know that no child came into this world by the means of one entity; it’s always through the coming together of a man and a woman (parents). In addition, I want you to know that you have a father and he’s right here with you. I AM HERE FOR YOU IRRESPECTIVE OF CHALLENGES AND SITUATIONS between the union of my self and your mom.

The same blood runs in us, nothing can change that. No one can change your name or turn your face away from me, you are my blood and for ever you will be mine.

I remembered winning the judgement in court to have access to you two days before your 2nd birthday in 2018. The court insisted that your mother should grant me access to see you whenever I want through a Nanny, you can even visit me on holidays and other special events, also I was given your international passport and all your credentials after showing payment proves.

The condition was fine by me as a caring father, even though I have always wanted to have you by my side all day and all night, play together, tell tales and assist in your home works, instill the needed discipline but the situations at hand couldn’t, because we need to respect the judgement to avoid contempt of the court.

Unfortunately my dear son, the agreement was breached by for flimsy excuses, I couldn’t forget in a hurry the the fun we had together the last time we met; but today I must reiterate that all the excuses for the denial is basically unacceptable to me because I can’t imaging the saying that you have no Nanny till this present moment simply because the court said we should always meet through the nanny.

I’m taking my time to see that the court’s judgement is handled without troubles, I hope the court will have to review those conditions again .
King, you are my son and the love that exits between us is immeasurable and inseparable.
This is my prayer for you:

  • Nothing in this world will deprive you of your kingly entitlement, and nothing can change who you are.
  • You shall not be used as a tool of envy or hate. You are a loved son of his father.
    -You will grow and be nurtured in the way of God and nothing can dim your shining light.
  • I pray that you shall live to be a king, and follow the Godly footsteps that I’m laying for you today. I named you KING ANDREA for a purpose; because you’re royalty.
    -May the Almighty God continue to bless and keep you safe, my dearest son.

I love you with every fiber of my being.
I promise to continue the fight for you because it is a good fight and by the grace of God we wining.
All the best in your pursuits
Happy Birthday, Son.
Your Dad, Churchill.

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#Michellewilliams wishes #Kellyrowland a happy 39th birthday


Reposted from @michellewilliams One time for the birthday girrrrrrrrl
Two times for the birthday girrrrrrrl
Three times for the birthday girrrrrrrl! Happy Birthday my Kelly!! I pray #39 is one of the best years of your life!!! I love you!!!!

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Happy 40th Birthday to rapper #Guccimane


from @keyshiakaoir HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my fine ass husband @laflare1017 !!! just wanna thank God for u!! Wow!! Such an amazing MAN! U are my everything & everyday is your day ! I will always cater to u, make sure u are happy, well taken care of, fed, f’d & most of all LOVED! U are the perfect husband for me & I LOVE u so much babe!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY #MrDavis🤍

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Happy beautiful 20th #Birthday to #Yarashahidi


Our girl is growing up way too fast, it I do say so myself. Black-ish, Grown-ish and adorable-ish star Yarashahidi, has finally turned 20 years today 10th Feb 2020. The child actress who is now becoming a full blown adult had spent so much time in our very eyes, going from being the most adorable 🌟 to be behold on my TV, to a super stylish young lady, a whole force to reckon with, but only just turning 20 years. Who would have thought she can have this much impact on the youths and their entire choice of looks, and perception when she wasn’t even 20 yet?

The adorable actress has had such a beautifully long movie life so far, with many more to go.

And is really the young face of the industry with her mixed race look that comes from her black and Iranian heritage, channeling her black hair vibe, and a whole mood.

She is getting all the birthday messages from her Co-stars aka movie sister, fellow Hollywood actresses, fans and friends. Happy birthday Yara.

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Happy 2nd #Birthday and Launch to #Stormiwebster and #Kyliejenner


They say you can’t have Kylie run out of names for her cosmetics colours. With stormi turning 2 years (can you oh believe that?), Kylie is launching a collection in her behalf, and butterflies are in our stomach for that.

Happy birthday 🎉🎉🎉 🎂🎈 to that beautiful baby girl. You mama sure loves you honey, and she makes sure we know that.

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Stormi x @kyliecosmetics

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from @krisjenner Happy second birthday to my beautiful precious Stormi! You are such a bright light and so full of joy and song. Your smile and energy lights up a room… I cherish every moment we spend together, what a blessing you are!! You are such a huge part of my heart and I love you to the moon and back!!!!! Xoxo Lovey ❤️ #HappyBirthdayStormi

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Happy 38th #Birthday to Nigerian #Youtuber and mother to the #Mccluretwins Aminat


Reposted from @just_aminat Happy Birthday to ME…One time for the BIRTHDAY chic! Oh what a time to be alive…38 and I feel great! Enjoying every moment of this thing called life. I am blessed beyond measure and it feels so good to say I deserve it. #LiveLoveLaugh #itsmybirthday
📸 @jkmcclure

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With just one photo #Dovecameron shares how she spent her 24th #birthday


Happy beautiful birthday Dove. You are a friend beautifully talented woman now, and it is nothing short of beautiful.

from @dovecameron only photo evidence of an UNbelievable birthday of adventure & surprises orchestrated by this earth angel. 17 hours of cake, crepes, balloons, flowers, water sports on a private boat/lake, arcades, pizza, ice cream, a whole laser tag course to ourselves (surprising me with loads of my friends/family, some of which i hadn’t seen in a year or more, all there to laser tag🥺 cause i fucking love it) finishing the day at my favorite little (secret) late night cafe for apple cider & pool. drove me all over LA, keeping me in the dark until the very last min, organized to the very last detail. i mean, whatta guy. what i ever did to deserve this kinda love, i’ll spend my whole life wondering

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