Tia Mowry in disbelieve as daughter gears up to turn a big 1.


from @tiamowry – Tomorrow you will be 1! I still can’t believe it. You were so tiny. Man, we are so happy you are in our lives. Our little family feels complete. Mommy and daddy loves you very much 🙂 ❤️ – #obyorijiblog

from @tiamowry – #FBF Wow! Wow! Wow! I can’t believe you will almost be 1. Time flies. I remember being so sleep deprived and overwhelmed but I was filled with so much joy to have brought you earth side safely. You have been such a blessing to us. We love you #cairo We can’t wait to celebrate you. Mommy 🎀💕 – #obyorijiblog

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Happy birthday to the one and only Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.


from @therock – Since today’s my birthday – my annual “birthday clang and bang” workouts are always special.
Labored in sweat, grit, spit, cuss words, laughs, loud music and some other sexy shit 😈

But it’s mainly labored in the most important thing of all ~ gratitude.
Grateful to have these two hands to put in the hard work and take some more cracks at success as we go down this wild & blessed road of life.
#birthdayclangandbang #gratitude #cleanupyoursweatdammit – #obyorijiblog


Reposted from @therock – Birthday/Workday.
Jumpin’ on this eagle and flyin’ to my filming location for the day.
Work & sweat til the sun goes down.
Get back on this bird 🦅 go wheels up, wheels down and hop back into my truck tonight and get my ass on home to my waitin’ ladies.

All in a birthday day’s work and somewhere in all this crazy schedule I’ll remember to breathe and slap @kevinhart4real in the face. – #obyorijiblog

Reposted from @therock – Thank you to my flight crew for making this birthday boy feel special with this surprise!
Go on and ZOOM IN on my birthday cake.. hunks of chocolate chip cookies on top of an insane chocolate chip cookie cheesecake.

And to top it all off, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, so I got no problem having a drink of my tequila at 10am and toasting y’all around the world.
Wheels up and off to work I go.
Thanks guys for all the birthday love 🖤🥃 – #obyorijiblog


Reposted from @therock – Daddy’s birthday.
My 🖤 sings with joy every time I grab and pick up my lil’ chocolate biscuit son @kevinhart4real.
Thank you to our entire JUMANJI production crew for making my birthday so special.
Love you guys.
#SmashTheCakeInHisFace 😂🎂 – #obyorijiblog

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Happy 4th Birthday to Princess Charlotte


from @theroyalfamily – Happy Birthday to Princess Charlotte on her fourth birthday today. 🎂
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to share three new photographs of Princess Charlotte.
The photographs were taken in April by The Duchess at Kensington Palace and at their home in Norfolk.
@kensingtonroyal – #obyorijiblog

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Jordin Sparks reminiscences over son’s birth as he turns One.


from @jordinsparks – Flooding your timeline because DJ is 1 today! 😭😭😭 HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIL MAN! We love you so much!!! 🦋 #DJisnumber1 #TBT #happybirthday – #obyorijiblog

from @jordinsparks – Look how small! 😭 It didn’t matter how snug the swaddle was, he always found a way to get his hand out. #DJisnumber1 #TBT #happybirthday – #obyorijiblog

Reposted from @jordinsparks – We had so much love for him even before he was earth side. 💙 📸: @itstroyjensen #DJisnumber1 #TBT – #obyorijiblog




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Happy 1st Cutie Birthday to Prince Louis.


The third child and second son of Kate Middleton, has turned one. Prince Louis who was born on 23rd April 2018 just weeks before the royal wedding between Prince Harry  (of then) now the Duke of Sussex, and Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan who on her own, is expecting her first child with her husband Harry, is heavy and preparing to welcome her baby. Baby Louis is now a year old and incredibly a look alike to his big brother. They look so much alike.


from @theroyalfamily – Happy Birthday Prince Louis!
To mark Prince Louis’ first birthday today, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to share three new photographs.
The photographs were taken earlier this month by The Duchess at their home in Norfolk.

from @kensingtonroyal – Happy Birthday Prince Louis! 🎉 The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to share this new photograph of Prince Louis ahead of his first birthday tomorrow. – #obyorijiblog

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Shad Moss celebrates as daughter turns 8


The joy of fatherhood is Shad As his baby girls becomes a grown one. He posted the birthday message with the pride and joy that comes with fatherhood.


Reposted from @shadmoss – Daughter – watching you grow up has been many things, joyful, impactful, and even stressful. Above all though, it has been the most meaningful part of my life and i love you so much! Happy 8th birthday to my princess. Shai shai aka phat momma #happy8bday #wepartyingtoday – #obyorijiblog

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Happy 93rd Birthday to Her Majesty The Queen!


The longest reigning Queen, has turned 93 years. The Queen who  was on April 20th had gotten wishes for the 93rd time dance her birth on earth. Search below for some of her messages.

from @kensingtonroyal -Wishing a very happy 93rd birthday to Her Majesty The Queen!Credit: 📸PA – #obyorijiblog

from @sussexroyal – Happy Birthday Your Majesty, Ma’am, Granny. Wishing you the most wonderful day! 🎈Harry & Meghan

Photo credits: Glenn Harvey (CP), Adrian Dennis (Getty), Chris Jackson (Getty) – #obyorijiblog


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With Exs present, a Kardashian Girl turns 40. Happy Birthday Kourtney 👑🎂🎁🎀🎉🎊


With Kourtney Turn 40 this weekend, she must have had a change of heart along with her sister khloe as fans could see  their EXs younes Bendjima and French Montana were in attendance of the party held in LA. Along with friends and fans, she received birthday messages from her family as well.


from @krisjenner – Happy Birthday Kourtney!!! I can’t believe you are 40!! I love you more than you can ever imagine…you will always be my baby.


I am so blessed beyond words to be your Mommy and have you by my side in this precious life…you are my heart and I am eternally grateful for all of the memories that we cherish. I love you. Mommy xoxo @kourtneykardash #happybirthdaykourtney #love #familyiseverything #firstborn ❤️ – #obyorijiblog

from @khloekardashian – Happy birthday sweet @kourtneykardash!!! I am completely obsessed with each and everyone of my siblings. Still blows my mind how blessed we are to call each other sisters.


You and I have an incredible rare bond that no matter what, it can never be broken. You’re my best friend, one of the rare few I can count on most in my life. I’m so thankful for that.


I know that so many people go through life without their sister as their best friend, or without a sister in general and I don’t know how they do it. Honestly, without you my life would be boring and not as full.


Today and every day, I pray that your soul is awakened and from your core, you’re happy! You deserve only magical things for the rest of your life! In all of the lifetimes before and in all of the lifetimes after, I will love you! To the happiest of birthdays my sweet sister!! Jane or Suzanne (I forget who’s who) I love you! – #obyorijiblog


from @kimkardashian – Happy Birthday @kourtneykardash I honestly can’t believe the life we have lived! It’s such a dream to go through it all with having a sister like you by our side! You have taught me so much throughout life. You’re such an amazing mom and friend! Can’t wait to celebrate you tonight! I love you beyond what you could imagine ✨ – #obyorijiblog


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Nicki Minaj sends the most beautiful birthday wish to her baby brother


Reposted from @nickiminaj – Happy Bday weekend to the love of my life. It seemed like once Mommy brought you home from the hospital I could never let you go.


I understood what you were saying b4 you could even talk. Heard you pronounce your first words, taught you your address, phone # & birthday when you were 2.


You always loved learning. You couldn’t pronounce Onika so you called me Ahka 😩 A sweet, loving, caring, intelligent, talented baby brother. So glad God chose us to be your family. 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️ #Caiah – #obyorijiblog – #regrann

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TI and Tiny’s 7th Child Heiress turns 3.


Reposted from @troubleman31 – Happy Birthday Scooter Poots🛵💨
I can still remember how small you were when you were born (6-7weeks premie)small enough to fit in my hand when you curled up.

We had to stay up at the hospital and make sure you drank 3oz of formula so they could remove the tube from your nose & you could grow to be big enough and strong enough to come home with us.

When we got you home I was more frightened to hold you and sleep with you than I’ve ever been with any of the other Harris babies (because you were by far the “Tiniest”😉)….


Before long you were a full grown boss baby running the house,commanding attention,& doing it your way!!! We listened to prince “purple rain” when you cried and read bedtime stories even when it wasn’t bedtime.


We did our ABC’s and 123’s far before anyone would’ve expected you to…& now we’re on to singing & dancing to @itsjojosiwa , watching Duck Tails after your bedtime, & whippin’slime like a big girl!!! I can’t express how much love,joy,& happiness you’ve brought me & this whole family!!!!

We’ll ALL BE HERE for you to help you & watch you grow,learn,&conquer the world!!! You’re always gonna be Daddy’s Baby!!! We LOVE YOU DEARLY Scoots!!!! Oh and @teamtipuk thx for keeping up with all the memories!!!! – #obyorijiblog

Reposted from @majorgirl – Happy birthday to my PHD @heiressdharris I shoulda known when u kicked me in the 🐱 6wks too early that u was gonna be EVERYTHING I coulda dreamed of & more!! 5lbs even & look at u now!! Smartest little 3 year old I know! It don’t take much to know how crazy,head over heels in love I am with u Tootie!! It’s your day..we turnt!!! My ☀️ #Lucky7 #HeirBear #HeiryTurns3 👑😘💜🎉🎊🎂 – #obyorijiblog – #regrann

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TI wishes his step daughter a happy 23rd birthday.


Reposted from @troubleman31 – Daaaaamn @zonniquejailee I can’t believe you’re 23 years old baby girl 😱!!!! I’m soooo super proud of the beautiful,intelligent,talented young lady you’ve grown into. It’s been an honor to witness your artistic & personal metamorphosis. I’ve always been pleased and impressed with your value of principle & the “silent strength “ you exude effortlessly. You’ve always been a great kid that never (got caught😉) getting in any trouble…. So I’m not surprised that you’re not having any trouble being a great young woman!!! I LOVE YOU TO NO END!!!! It’s a blessing being a part of your personal journey. Anxious to see how your evolution effects the next generation. Celebrating you every step of the way 🎊🎉🎊🎉!!!! Happy Birthday sweet baby!!! Love- Pops👴🏽 – #obyorijiblog – #regrann

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Amidst friends and family Ayesha Curry turns 30




Reposted from @ayeshacurry – Husband of the century right here. My heart is beyond full. Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate last night. I can’t believe it. Thank you My choochie, sher bear and TT and everyone else who made last night so perfect. What a beginning to the next chapter of my life! The story is just getting interesting. – #obyorijiblog – #regrann

Reposted from @tameramowrytwo – What an honor to be amongst 3 amazing women, who are beautiful inside and out. Happy 30th birthday @ayeshacurry. I’m so blessed to have known each of these women individually, and then hang with them all together last night. Fun facts: @gabunion I’ve known since Sister, Sister days 😊 Ayeesha I fangirled over while doing The Real, and am so happy we’ve become friends. And sweet @mrsmiawright, I’ve known since she was 7. Her mom Michelle managed me in the singing group ‘Voices’ back in the day. How awesome to see life come full circle. You ladies are awesome. #BayArea 😍 – #obyorijiblog – #regrann

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Kevin Hart shows bitter sweet moment as his daughter turns 14 years.


Reposted from @kevinhart4real – Screaming happy B Day to the most beautiful 14yr old girl on the planet. Your growing up so fast Heav….I love you unconditionally. The world is yours…You make me proud daily. daddy’s girl forever damn it 😂😂😂 I loves ya…. – #obyorijiblog

He is happy she is growing up, but he equally not happy that it is happening so fast. She looks like him. Sweet daddy-daughter moment.

Congratulations to her.

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Actor Pooch Hall elated to have his first child turn 21


Reposted from @iampoochhall – I would like to wish my oldest my daughter the #heartbeat of our family a huge #Happybirthday when @lindabaptistahall and I was blessed with Djanai our lives changed for the better. She is the female #MichaelJordan she makes our team better. Djanai can’t walk or talk, feed, baith or change herself but still remains happy hopeful and full of love. Doctors weren’t sure if she would see her high school graduation and here she is Celebrating her 21st birthday today Happy as kid in a candy store. I love her every being to my last breath and she loves me. When I start to complain or get bothered by some bullshit… I look at her smile and know things are goin to be alright. Happy birthday my love. We love you… 4ever and always… Rain sleet and snow… lol #aries #daddysbaby #princess #cpawareness #unbothered #livehappy #march #PoochHall #proudpapa to a #great #amazing #humanbeing that I call my #daughter #grandma #Cindys #twin – #obyorijiblog


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Linda perplexed as son Jayce turns 6months old


Reposted from @officiallindaikeji – Please guys, was it not just last week I was pregnant with baby J? How come he is already 6 months old? 😳. Gosh, I still can’t believe I’m a mum to such a precious and handsome little human. 😍😍 .
This lil man came to this world for a special purpose, that’s why he chose me as his mum 🤪. This world will be a better place because of his presence in it and his generation and generations after will celebrate him. Amen.

I say same prayer to your precious children also. God will take care of everything that concerns them and no evil shall befall our children. They will bury us, we won’t bury them, amen. Happy Sunday everyone! ❤
P.S: RIP to all the little Angels we lost last week in the school building collapse. – #obyorijiblog

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The Kardashians once again wish their MIA Rob a happy 32nd Birthday


Reposted from @kimkardashian – Happy Birthday to my one and only brother Robbie! I was looking through old pictures and all of the amazing memories came up. My best memories though are you as a dad and seeing what an amazing person you have become. I love you beyond 🍀🍀🍀 – #obyorijiblog – #regrann

Reposted from @krisjenner – Happy Birthday Rob!!! You are such a huge part of my heart. You have the most beautiful soul and I love you more than you can ever imagine. You are such a wonderful amazing caring and loving Daddy and it’s a joy to watch you with your baby Dream. I’m so proud of you Robbo and I love you more than you will ever know. Have the best day, mommy 💙💙💙💙 #robkardashian #happybirthdayrob – #obyorijiblog – #regrann

Reposted from @khloekardashian – Happy birthday to the best brother in the world!!! Firstly, I want you to know how proud I am to have you as my brother. You are my best friend! The funniest guy I know! Truly, I’ve never laughed harder than when I’m with you. I will support you through whatever life throws your way! Continue to find your best self. Continue to keep your head high as you find your way. Grow strong, powerful and independent. You got this Bob!

Always know that I am never far away. I will forever have your back! I will always answer any request, armed with advice, laughter, memories, and I guess some experience. Thank you for being such an incredible father, son and brother!! We are so lucky to have Dream and Dream is beyond lucky to have a daddy like you. Never change your sweet and hysterical spirit!! You are enough! You always will be!! I will love you forever and always – #obyorijiblog – #regrann

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