#JustinTimberlake grants #Jessicabiel ‘s wish for her 38th #birthday

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#Witches Begone: #Bellahadid rocks a #Garlic neckpiece on the runway


Atleast they are going green and natural for their fashion, but I wonder the rhyme or reason why the choice to have this on the runway, but Atleast witches and wizard can’t come any closer. Yassss Gurl.. Rock that piece from the onion family and the spice it brings to edibles. YASSs..

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#marsaimartin celebrates hitting 2 million Instagram followers like a #Boss


from @marsaimartin 2 Milli⚡️
Thank y’all so much from the bottom of my heart. The fact that there’s so much love and support around my family and I is truly heartwarming. Can’t wait to share more of my journey with everyone. Love y’all ♥️ -MM

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Happy #Benjaminbutton 50th #Birthday to #Niecynash


Teach the way to the root of the tree which gives youthfulness Niecy. We won’t rush you, we just want a sip. Happy birthday you 🎂🎂🎉🎈 breath of fresh air.

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About last night… 🎂

A post shared by Niecy Nash (@niecynash1) on

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Carol Denise 🎂

A post shared by Niecy Nash (@niecynash1) on

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Heyyyy Auntie….. 😉

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Thank you to the Most High for giving me #adesuaetomi — #BankyW


from @bankywellington Thank you to the Most High for giving me @adesuaetomi. Thank you Susu for being such a blessing to my life. Never thought I deserved you… but you are indisputable evidence that God loves me, and I’m going to spend the rest of my life trying to make you happy.
Thank you @tolubally for putting her in this dress.

Thank you @juyindemuren and @eventdesign.studio_ng for the incredible decor!! Juyin remains one of the best event planners on the planet! Thank you Aunty @moabudu @ebonylifeplace @whiteorchidhotellagos for everything!!!

The food, the venue, the suite, the service, the staff (Aduke in particular), everyyyy thing was absolutely incredible. Thank you @ikagu101 and my Diageo gang for the support. Thank you @t.alamodebeauty for the glam up! This was our best weekend in years, and her best birthday EVER.

Thank you to our friends, family and staff that helped plan, and celebrate. Can’t name each person or I will end up in trouble but We LOVE YOU!!! Highlight video of #SusuDay coming soon.. for now please enjoy the view of this masterpiece… this beautiful person created by God.

The only thing that can rival the beauty of her face, is the beauty of her heart. I’m a blessed man. This is what “hitting the Jackpot” looks like.

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#KrisJenner sends the most adorable birthday message to the #kardashian family friend #Jonathancheba aka #foodgod


Honestly when this guy came in board the Kardashian friendship ship, I was one of those who he wasn’t going to last, due to his enthusiasm as a friend and his “Oh yes” power. He is still there, after he has endured slaps, call outs, and name calling from Kourtney and many others. He is said to luck Kim’s boots to remain relevant, and all I say is: If it is worth it, not hurting God and Man, just do it. Happy birthday you happy glutton.. But how you remain so fit after all that consumption? you must have an Asian blood flowing through your veins.

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#OlakunleChurchill uses Son’s 4th birthday to give update on Custody battle going on between him and Ex-wife #Tontodikeh


from @olakunlechurchill It is with the deepest and sincerest love, not just as a man, but as a father that I celebrate the one after my heart. Today marks the blessed day that my son King Andre breathe his first air in this world.

I therefore pray for the goodness of God upon your life to blossom, his protection, guidance and good health, continue to grow in the unprecedented grace of almighty God.

On this special day, there are some things I’d like to share….. even though my heart feel so heavy to say this but it’s basically to shed more light to the darkness created by bitterness… son its is very imperative to speak to you at this point.

It’s important to know that no child came into this world by the means of one entity; it’s always through the coming together of a man and a woman (parents). In addition, I want you to know that you have a father and he’s right here with you. I AM HERE FOR YOU IRRESPECTIVE OF CHALLENGES AND SITUATIONS between the union of my self and your mom.

The same blood runs in us, nothing can change that. No one can change your name or turn your face away from me, you are my blood and for ever you will be mine.

I remembered winning the judgement in court to have access to you two days before your 2nd birthday in 2018. The court insisted that your mother should grant me access to see you whenever I want through a Nanny, you can even visit me on holidays and other special events, also I was given your international passport and all your credentials after showing payment proves.

The condition was fine by me as a caring father, even though I have always wanted to have you by my side all day and all night, play together, tell tales and assist in your home works, instill the needed discipline but the situations at hand couldn’t, because we need to respect the judgement to avoid contempt of the court.

Unfortunately my dear son, the agreement was breached by for flimsy excuses, I couldn’t forget in a hurry the the fun we had together the last time we met; but today I must reiterate that all the excuses for the denial is basically unacceptable to me because I can’t imaging the saying that you have no Nanny till this present moment simply because the court said we should always meet through the nanny.

I’m taking my time to see that the court’s judgement is handled without troubles, I hope the court will have to review those conditions again .
King, you are my son and the love that exits between us is immeasurable and inseparable.
This is my prayer for you:

  • Nothing in this world will deprive you of your kingly entitlement, and nothing can change who you are.
  • You shall not be used as a tool of envy or hate. You are a loved son of his father.
    -You will grow and be nurtured in the way of God and nothing can dim your shining light.
  • I pray that you shall live to be a king, and follow the Godly footsteps that I’m laying for you today. I named you KING ANDREA for a purpose; because you’re royalty.
    -May the Almighty God continue to bless and keep you safe, my dearest son.

I love you with every fiber of my being.
I promise to continue the fight for you because it is a good fight and by the grace of God we wining.
All the best in your pursuits
Happy Birthday, Son.
Your Dad, Churchill.

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Happy 40th Birthday to rapper #Guccimane


from @keyshiakaoir HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my fine ass husband @laflare1017 !!! just wanna thank God for u!! Wow!! Such an amazing MAN! U are my everything & everyday is your day ! I will always cater to u, make sure u are happy, well taken care of, fed, f’d & most of all LOVED! U are the perfect husband for me & I LOVE u so much babe!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY #MrDavis🤍

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#Shakira and #Jlo make a Latina #superbowl history


The hip work on Shakira is something something we have to be proud of. This mother of two has kept her petite agile self this whole time in the entertainment . While finally sharing a Superbowl halftime stage with her Latina sister Jlo, both women are putting teenagers to shame with their body work, despite both being above 40. These girls did me proud.

Reposted from @nytimes Shakira and Jennifer Lopez were Latina superwomen in their sparkling Super Bowl halftime show. They sang, shimmied and thoroughly outshone the brief appearances by their guests, Bad Bunny and J Balvin, both reggaeton stars. “The show was a no-nonsense affirmation of Latin pride and cultural diversity in a political climate where immigrants and American Latinos have been widely demonized,” writes Jon Pareles, our chief pop music critic. Tap the link in our bio to read our review of @shakira and @jlo’s performance. @nytmills took this photo. – #regrann

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Happy 2nd #Birthday and Launch to #Stormiwebster and #Kyliejenner


They say you can’t have Kylie run out of names for her cosmetics colours. With stormi turning 2 years (can you oh believe that?), Kylie is launching a collection in her behalf, and butterflies are in our stomach for that.

Happy birthday 🎉🎉🎉 🎂🎈 to that beautiful baby girl. You mama sure loves you honey, and she makes sure we know that.

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Stormi x @kyliecosmetics

A post shared by Stormi Webster (@stormalooo) on

from @krisjenner Happy second birthday to my beautiful precious Stormi! You are such a bright light and so full of joy and song. Your smile and energy lights up a room… I cherish every moment we spend together, what a blessing you are!! You are such a huge part of my heart and I love you to the moon and back!!!!! Xoxo Lovey ❤️ #HappyBirthdayStormi

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Happy 38th #Birthday to Nigerian #Youtuber and mother to the #Mccluretwins Aminat


Reposted from @just_aminat Happy Birthday to ME…One time for the BIRTHDAY chic! Oh what a time to be alive…38 and I feel great! Enjoying every moment of this thing called life. I am blessed beyond measure and it feels so good to say I deserve it. #LiveLoveLaugh #itsmybirthday
📸 @jkmcclure

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#Lizzo takes a trip down her #Career journey


from @lizzobeeating This decade is off to a soul shaking start. These extreme highs and lows are like a rollercoaster and we are all strapped in, helplessly waiting for the next loop. I can’t help but to feel connected to everyone… can you? From what I’ve seen lately—the jokes, the memes, the grieving, the hopelessness as our planet heads to a fever— it’s like we’re all crying out hoping somebody hears us. I pray you feel seen and I pray your voice is heard because that’s precisely the tool we need if we’re going to make it through this. It’s time to speak up but most importantly show up. Our collective heavy hearts are searching for the light in this world.. it’s there, but we have to march through the darkness to reach it. Every act of love is an act of defiance to hate. How will you love today?

from @lizzobeeating 2009 was the year my daddy died.
2009 was the year I lived in my car and cried myself to sleep on thanksgiving.
2009 I was a girl in Houston Texas with no plan, no hope, no will to carry on.
2019 is the year my album and song went number 1.
2019 is the year I told my mama ‘I can buy you a house’. 2019 I am a woman with a 20/20 vision of the future.
Anything can happen in a decade.
Tomorrow is the beginning of your anything.
Thanks for the ride 2019. Here we go 2020!

Reposted from @lizzobeeating “I’ve been doing positive music for a long-ass time. Then the culture changed. There were a lot of things that weren’t popular but existed, like body positivity, which at first was a form of protest for fat bodies and black women and has now become a trendy, commercialized thing. Now I’ve seen it reach the mainstream. Suddenly I’m mainstream! How could we have guessed something like this would happen when we’ve never seen anything like this before?” – story for @time by Sam Irby – #regrann

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How cute are the #Kardashian cousin #triplets


For Chicago’s 2nd Minnie Mouse birthday party days ago, families showed in and out for the celebration as usual. Chicago is an adorable baby of the next Kardashian generation, but that includes the rest of the group members known as thr cutie Stormi and the sweet babygirl True.

I’m not a Sooth Sayer, but year cuties will grow up together, and will sweep the world off their feet like their mothers are doing now.

I know Kourtney will equally have the fourth child in the future, and we hope she finds a cousin fornher child. Cos then maybe Kylie or khloe will hsve another one to be cousin and friends with Kourtney’s new born.

But before then, let us simply enjoy the adorably cuteness in these three cousins turn sisters and abiut to turn best friends.

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🎀 My baby Minnie Mouse 🎀

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

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#KenyaMoore #highlights the High of her life as she turns 49 years


Babies are so adorable. They bring in the blessing, the love, the light, the strength to keep that hustle going and the bag coming. Most people who don’t want them will only look at what they will cost you, but what about the good side of them?

With her first born coming in at 47, Kenya is revealing that she is just now finding out that she needs her child more than her child needs her. so a sweet thing to hear from someone who never thought they needed something only to find out that the baby is her whole life.

Reposted from @thekenyamoore Happy Birthday to Me! Whew this has been quite a year! Despite the turmoil there has been a constant positive force of love and light in my life.

God brought this Angel into my world who is the miracle known as Brooklyn and everyday is my birthday. How did she get here? Why did she choose me? She knew I needed her far more than she needed me.
You are my life Brooklyn, my happiness, my joy, and the unconditional love I waited my whole life for. You have my grandmother’s spirit. She left me so I could have you.

I live my whole life for you. You are everything that is good in me and you inspire me to be better everyday. You are my legacy.

My only birthday wish is may God continue to cover you and bless you forever and always.
I pray for these things Jehovah in the name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen. ❤️👶🏽 #miraclebaby #babybrooklyn #unconditionallove

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#Gabunion sets aside her #WCW to honour the industry #blackwomen who have earned her respect


With her number of years in Hollywood, she has seen it all and knows where everyone will end up based on their persistence and attitude towards their trade and others. So when Gabrielle Union, Mrs Dwayne Wade, Mummy to Savage baby Kavia Wade, tells you that she is impressed by you, then you are doing something good.

For her WCW, she is shining the light on those who have not gotten enough light on them, but yet are doing so good that the light has no option than to find them and shine on them. For the part three wednesdays, here are the first three sets of people who have made the 47 year old woman proud.

from @gabunion This week’s #WCW goes out to a mother-daughter power duo — @zoeisabellakravitz and Lilakoi Moon. I wanted to highlight the bond between mothers and daughters as I try to make my way as a new mom with babygirl.

I’ve always admired the obvious love, respect and nurturing village Zoe’s parents created and how beautiful it has been to witness as a mom just trying to figure it all out. Talk about two strong and talented women.

Zoe is the daughter of beautiful Lilakoi and is truly making a name for herself. From being the lead of her band Lolawolf to landing meaningful roles on the big screen she has been a legend in the making for the past few years now.

Let me also point out she is a flat-out fashion goddess and got it from her mama 😉. Lilakoi has inspired me for years with her class, effortlessly cool style, and kindness. Leave it to this mother daughter duo to steal your heart…@kaaviajames look forward to these type of moments! Let us lift them up in the light of goodness and hold them there.

Reposted from @gabunion This week’s #WCW is the stunning and dynamic South Sudanese-Australian model, Adut Akech Bior. She spent her early years in a refugee camp in Kenya, and she attributes this life of violence and fear to what taught her the power of gratitude .

In school she was bullied for her skin tone and her gap, and now she has owned those aspects of herself and  made  it into a brand of self love!  She started her modeling career at 16 years old, and just three years later has graced the cover of countless magazines and has garnered awards and honors like: , 2019 BFA – Model of The Year, 2019 Industry vote – Model of The Year, 2019 Time – 100 NEXT List… just to name a few.

Beyond her beauty, she is set to work with the U.N. to help refugees at her former camp, and one day she wants to build a school, a hospital, or a modeling agency in South Sudan. Keep on shining. Let us lift her up in the light of goodness and hold her there. – #regrann

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