Paris Hilton serves feminism while promoting her new Rose Rush fragrance



Reposted from @parishilton – Don’t be a Queen waiting on a King. Be a Queen busy with her Kingdom until her King arrives. 👸🏼 Living my fantasy & you can too ✨ Take your game to a new level with my amazing Rose Rush fragrance. 💕 (Link in bio) – #obyorijiblog

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The Duke and Duchess Introduce their Son to the Queen and the World with a significant name..


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have gracefully allowed their days old baby boy Archie Harrison MountBatten- Windsor to make his first outing honouring ther traditional baby introduction in the Kingdom, Meghan in a very realistic body (still bloated) accompanied her husband who had baby Archie in his hands as they introduced the baby to the world. The announcement and accompanied photo was posted on Instagram and the adorable set of reaction poured in from fans around the world.

Reposted from @sussexroyal – Today The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are delighted to share their first public moment as a family.

They are so incredibly grateful for the warm wishes and support they’ve received from everyone around the world, since welcoming their son two days ago.

Photo cred: Chris Allerton ©️Sussex royal – #obyorijiblog

from @theroyalfamily – The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh were today introduced to the newborn son of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex at Windsor Castle. The Duchess’s mother, Ms Doria Ragland was also present. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are delighted to announce that they have named their son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. 📸 Chris Allerton/@sussexroyal – #obyorijiblog

from @sussexroyal – The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are pleased to announce they have named their first born child:

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor

This afternoon Their Royal Highnesses introduced Her Majesty The Queen to her eighth great-grandchild at Windsor Castle. The Duke of Edinburgh and The Duchess’ mother were also present for this special occasion.

Photo credit: Chris Allerton ©️SussexRoyal – #obyorijiblog


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Hypocrisy: Fans Gush over Cardib’s Surgically enhanced body while calling out Kim Kardashian.


Just yesterday, we announced that Kim had come under fire for her perfect body to the MET Gala 2019. Despite the backings of her trainer who said that Kim may have been a very regular body doctor’s girl, but that the body she flaunted at the MET Gala, cane from consistent workouts she had with him prior to the day.


Fans are not having it, as they are still calling out Kim (Read Here)  for always going extreme with th body goals. Saying she never goes average, thereby putting undue pressure on mothers and new moms, toare swift recovery after birth, which is leading to all kinds of issues for these mothers.


While Kim is yet to respond to this rather reoccuring complains from fans and females of the world, the same fans are turning right around and praising the same kind of body done on Cardib.


Without impunity or shame, Cardib has openly divulge the information to who it may concern that she had Surgically ducked out her Post-Pregnancy Pounds after baby was born, and has equally just of recent, remodel her boobs after baby Kulture got nurtured with them.


So the hypocrisy trending now is that Kim and Cardi are both mothers. Infact, Kim had gone through it twice though having three kids and about to have the fourth one. What then makes it OK for Kim to be freely criticised while Cardib is hailed for the very same thing? The answer is Hypocrisy. You fans are always ready you tear Kimk west apart while seeing Cardib as deserving and cute.

Stop that shit you guys.


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Breastfeeding: Hilary Duff announces her daughter’s wean as the Sixth Month ends


Reposted from @hilaryduff – THIS ONE’S FOR THE LADIES Just a few thoughts that I wanted to share on Breast-feeding.
Last week was my last week nursing Banks (my six month old)
I am a working mom of two. My goal was to get my little girl to six months and then decide if I (and her of course) wanted to keep going. Let me tell you. Pumping at work sucks. I had zero down time and am usually pumping in a hair and make up trailer while four hands work to get me ready for the next scene with lots of other people around. Even if I had the luxury to be in my own room, it’s not even considered a “break” because you have to sit upright for the milk to flow into the bottles! Plus you are having your damn nipples tugged at by an aggressive machine that makes an annoying sound, that echoes through your head day and night (I swear that machine and I had many conversations at midnight and 3 am)! Ttttthen having to find someplace to sterilize bottles and keep your milk cold (ok I’m done with that rant lol)! Anyway, I didn’t know this because with Luca I didn’t work until he was about nine months old, so I didn’t pump very often. Your milk supply drastically drops when you stop feeding as often and lose the actual contact and connection with your baby (😞). So I was eating all the feunugreek goats butt blessed thistle fennel cookies/drops/shakes/pills I could get my hands on! It was maddening. (Does fenugreek make anyone else smell like maple syrup and rubber gloves?…not chill) With all of this complaining, I want to say I enjoyed (almost) every moment of feeding my daughter. Felt so lucky to be so close to her and give her that start. I know many women are not able to and for that I am sympathetic and very grateful that I could. For six wonderful months. But I needed a break. I was going to break. With the stress of a dropping milk supply and a baby that was getting bored or not caring about nursing when I was available to. I was sad and frustrated and feeling like a failure all of the time. When really I’m a bad ass rock star. Moms get high on feeling like superwoman…because we are! Doing too much, because we can! KEEP READING in the comments below 👇🏼♥️ – #obyorijiblog – #regrann

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Days after making a joke about still being pregnant, Amy Schumer welcomes her Son.


Just days after making a joke of still being pregnant after such a long time to fans, Amy Eventually stopped being pregnant as the occupant of her tired body made an adorable exit. How Cute?

37 year old Amy has finally given birth to her cute baby boy along side her 39 year old husband Chris Fischer.

According to her announcement post, where she revealed  that at 10:55 pm last night. Our royal baby was born. The baby’s name was equally revealed  almost immediately as Gene Attell Fischer.

from @amyschumer – Oh yeah does it feel to everyone like I’ve been pregnant for a long time? It must be getting annoying to you all that I’m still pregnant Well imagine how I feel mother fuckers!!!!!! #soblessed #hatemondaysloveweekendstho – #obyorijiblog

from @amyschumer – 10:55 pm last night. Our royal baby was born. – #obyorijiblog

from @amyschumer – Gene Attell Fischer And his dad Chris. 🥰 – #obyorijiblog


The  actress who recently revealed her husband’s medical condition that helped her understand some of his weird reactions to things of life, has these to say.

“I knew from the beginning that my husband’s brain was a little different than mine,” she tells the crowd during the special, which was filmed in Chicago. “I have to start this over because I really want to get this right because I love him very much.” “My husband was diagnosed with what used to be called Asperger’s. He has autism spectrum disorder. He’s on the spectrum. And there were some signs early on,” Schumer says, before telling a story of how her husband reacted abnormally to her falling down during a walk together. “Once he was diagnosed, it dawned on me how funny it was, because all of the characteristics that make it clear that he’s on the spectrum are all of the reasons that I fell madly in love with him,” she says in her Netflix special. “That’s the truth. He says whatever is on his mind. He keeps it so real. He doesn’t care about social norms or what you expect him to say or do.” #NeuroDiversity #AutismSpectrum #Aspergers #ASD #Awareness @amyschumer via: @etcanada #AmySchumer – #obyorijiblog


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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have welcomed their Son.


With no name made available or public, the Duke has happily announced the arrival of their baby boy today Monday 6th May 2019. Unlike Kates style, Prince  Harry however made the announcement alone with his family or wife,unlike will William who always had his  wife with the new born whenever the announcement was beige made for all three kids.

Though no name has been made mention, Harry indicated that he was proud of his wife Meghan.

They made the announcement on the instagram handle.



from @sussexroyal – We are pleased to announce that Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed their firstborn child in the early morning on May 6th, 2019. Their Royal Highnesses’ son weighs 7lbs. 3oz.

The Duchess and baby are both healthy and well, and the couple thank members of the public for their shared excitement and support during this very special time in their lives.

More details will be shared in the forthcoming days. – #obyorijiblog

from @sussexroyal – This afternoon, His Royal Highness The Duke of Sussex shared the news of the arrival of his and the Duchess’ first born child. Their son was born early morning on the 6th of May, 2019 and weighs 7lbs and 3oz.

Their Royal Highnesses thank you for your support and kindness during this exceptionally joyful time in their lives as they welcome their baby boy. – #obyorijiblog

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A Boston Marathon runner writes Boston a lovely letter.


from @run.sweat – 📍 Boston Marathon| Dear Boston, You are everything. You don’t know me well yet, but I love you. This is me. I raced my first in 2017. It was the most moving event I’ve ever witnessed. More than Kona. Even more than Chamonix.


You pushed me to the the best race of my life and I fell in love. A few months later, I fell hard and fractured my lower spine. 10 dark months of healing. The most difficult part was not being able to be on the starting line in 2018.


It has been exactly one year since I’ve been able to run again. I learned this morning that I’m still a fledge. I’ve imagined this morning’s starting line during every run of this long, slow build. I wanted to run even faster. That’s what we do as human beings.


We strive until we succeed, and then we strive some more. Everything was perfect. I held back the reigns & came through the half exactly where I wanted. But then, the wheels started to fall off. Around mile 14 my legs started to seize up. First my calves.


Then my quads. I was dying. Not because of the pain – although it hurt like hell and only got worse with each step – but because I was flying, and aerobically I’ve never felt better. It was the easiest effort I’ve ever experienced, but my legs continued to seize. Trapped in my body. I felt it coming and tried to push it away, actually talking out loud to my legs, “No, no, please no.


Not now. Not here.” I could do nothing about my legs, but I still had choices. Pity? Not a chance in hell. Dropout? No, we can’t have that. Then what? I chose to love it. I stopped my watch and didn’t look at another split. Then poured my whole soul into it, loving every moment as my legs seized tighter with every step. I have too much respect to quit. The history.


The racers. The spectators, and volunteers, and organizations, and servicemen and women. I rung everything out but you broke me. I’m not weak, but you showed me how to become stronger, & I love you for it. Thank you for lifting me, and inspiring me.


To all of your beautiful fans- I can’t express the gratitude I feel. Happy tears and a full heart. I’ll return. As long as I’m breathing, I’ll keep coming back. Thank you for everything. So much love – Rivs 📸 by @t – #obyorijiblog

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Fans realise Blac Chyna’s Dream and Kim K’s Saint are identical

The resemblance between Baby Dream and Baby Saint have been identified by the fans. The two babies have been identified to have the same smile, and the same face shape.

Both 3 year old and incredibly cute. Take a good look and identify. Could it be that the we  exaggerated the resemblance or do they really do so much and like with their cute smiles?



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Actress Kristen Stewart and her girlfriend seen running errands on Saturday.


Our Twilight star and her girl,  have been hanging out boldly and happily outside of instagram. They were seen running errands down town California and they didn’t care one bit what we ask have to say.

And since your girl will always bring you the news, here she is beautifully and confidently making her strut with her Bae  Sara Dinkin. I love love.

She was said to be stock up on Evolution green juices while out on Saturday morning. Guess she is going green like you all should be, instead of taking pictures of her and sending to me. Which by the way I find very useful.
Photo: BackGrid – #obyorijiblog

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Eddie and Nikki Murphy’s Daughter goes to Prom


Seems like daddy Eddie is proud to see his baby girl go to prom this year. Unlike her peers she is more appropriately dress than most prom gals we have seen lately.

Bella was seen putting on blue satin dress covering places even though her cleavages were seen, she isn’t as extremely dressed as her peers, who are going above and beyond for heir prom this year.

Everyone’s favourite girl Nikki who just turned 51 and is still as amazing as ever, posted the photos of her child and baby daddy taking heir photo before the prom move.

from @nikimurphy – My beautiful baby girl heading to Prom
Wow! @bellazmurphy you look absolutely gorgeous… #mybabygirl #prom #bellamurphy #stunning – #obyorijiblog

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With North west rocking her mum’s heels, Kimk shares family photo from True’s Birthday party.


North is currently going through the “I want to be like mummy phase”. The cute 5 year old is currently learning sad rocking her mother’s heels, and that seems to be a stage she us not ready to let go of.

When the clan gathered for khloe’s Baby True’s first birthday  party, North was spotted rocking Kim’s heels despite the discomfort and over size, that didn’t stop her from caring her baby sister Chicago around, running errands and playing . Kim could be heard cautioning the young lady, but she didn’t even flinch.

After weeks of taking the pictures, Kim is only releasing her family photos from the event.

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Tia Mowry in disbelieve as daughter gears up to turn a big 1.


from @tiamowry – Tomorrow you will be 1! I still can’t believe it. You were so tiny. Man, we are so happy you are in our lives. Our little family feels complete. Mommy and daddy loves you very much 🙂 ❤️ – #obyorijiblog

from @tiamowry – #FBF Wow! Wow! Wow! I can’t believe you will almost be 1. Time flies. I remember being so sleep deprived and overwhelmed but I was filled with so much joy to have brought you earth side safely. You have been such a blessing to us. We love you #cairo We can’t wait to celebrate you. Mommy 🎀💕 – #obyorijiblog

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Kylie and Stormi seen out last night in New York 


Kylie and Stormi out last night in New York. The 21 year old mother of one, and her baby girl were seen in new York.

Who Kylie rocked a rare looking suit, her baby girl was seen in her usual black leather pants and a black jacket. Just days after Travis turned 28. How adorable are they?

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