Gratitude: Cardib details flaws at daughter’s first birthday Party in appreciation


from @iamcardib

– The fact that I wanted my daughter party in 42nd street instead of Jersey and to my fucking luck New York had a power outage right on that Deum area!!BITCH THE DEVIL! 😒😒😒😒😒but WOW how a negative situation turn into a LITUATION !!!Omg I had soooooo much fuckin fun and my daughter as well .Thank ya sooo much everybody that came ,I know my daughter won’t remember this day but when she older and have her kids this will be a good story to tell lols.I will be daydream this day for ma long ❤️❤️❤️❤️.Ok I’m exhausted nobody hit me till like 2pm😩.

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Live-action Little Mermaid is creating a perfect Cast list


Look at that perfection. Leave it to this guy’s for some perfection,  or they really want to have a person fr each race representing and catching their attention for a good view and review.

from @perezhilton

Look at this casting. Isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you say the live-action Little Mermaid is gonna be lit? Harry Styles is reportedly in early negotiations to play Prince Eric! He’s def got the hair swoop and cheekbones.


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Tyra Banks shows current trends she had rocked last century


from @tyrabanks – Oh, and some of you thought fanny packs were a new trend. Here I am with legendary model Helena Barquilla shooting a make believe backstage scene for @ElleUSA. #90s

from @tyrabanks  – Nearly nude. But not quite. Back in the #90s, trying to find “nude” colored clothing in my shade was nearly impossible. I am so thankful for the myriad of creatives today that service all skin. 👍🏻👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿
VH1 Fashion Awards ’98.

from @tyrabanks -Before millennial pink was a thing. Or as the French say, “Tyra Banks au défilé Lolita Lempicka, Prêt-à-Porter, Collection Printemps-été 1995 à Paris en octobre 1994, France.“ So, how much of that did you understand?

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Sofia Richie elated to be included by kylie in the #Kylieskin Girls trip


You know there is only one room for one enemy at a time right? This is what is happenine here. If you are not clear with this story, lemme help out.

Since you guys know that Billionaire  Kylie is no longer talking  to Jordy woods. Now while she has all these new bunch of thirsty and supposedly loving friends, she is constantly changing these girls and looking for atleast one to give her half the loyalty and support Jordan had given her through out their friendship. While it is a sign of weakness and defeat to say or insinuate that this gap might be finding a substitute anytime soon, Kylie will rather pack up a pile of vacation loving females who will hang with her and her new jet and multiple cas so the world can imagine her life is amazing with other Jordyn.

While Sofia Richie was dating Scott Disick, the entire Kardashian/jenner girls stayed away from her, because she was 19 dating a man in his 30s,  that happened to be the baby daddy to a sister of the girls.

The girls completely stayed away from this lady for as long as it took. Now that there seem to be a hold on the relationship, Kylie who was sofie’s former friend, decided to reasorb her into the relationship again. After all, She wasn’t the one that surprised the world with her line crossing abilities,  Jordyn was the main enemy of the clan.

So the fact that Kylie even thought it ok to invite Sofie’s while leaving Jordyn behind, is a strong sign that Jordyn is not willing to give two cents to.

Kylie went all out for the girls trip that was a form of product testing,  kylieskin launch vacation, a promotion of kylieskinline, and a “Go F**k yourself Jordyn” move.

Kylie doesn’t have the energy for all these enemies of hers, so she decided to strategy forgiving them based on their transgressions. On the list of that, Sophia Richie, daughter to Legendary Singer  Lionel Richie, was at the top. So this reconciliation balances the energy and vibe, Kylie needs to continue with the malice she is keeping with others who have done far greater things to her and her family. Notice how happy Sophia is, to be included. 😉😉






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Superstition: Nigerians declare war on Supereagle’s dark green Jersey after a devastating defeat by Algeria


Seems we will rather Blame our defeat on a liveless object than on the people who played.

Nigerians are showing a very good sign of spirit of sportmanship unlike before, when they will ter them apart by blaming the SuperEagles defeat on the choice of Jersey the Eagles had on while they were defeated. Unlike before when they will quickly and freely blame the players for incompetence.

Despite own goal, Nigerians will rather blame a helpless innocent jersey for a free and fair defeat on the players. The superstition of Africans will always be the one thing to maintain its originality till the end. Atleast they are not in denial.

The defeat by Algeria on SuperEagles yesterday has got to be the most peaceful defeat in the history of Nigerian football.  Nobody cried or felt miserable, they only blamed that beautiful green Jersey. 😆😅 I love the colour, and I love jerseys on players. Who would have thought it ok to blame the innocent jersey.

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9 ways to constantly improve yourself — Nazanin Mandi


from @nazaninmandi

Have you done at least one thing today to better your life and further your current situation?? Getting started is tough but persistent drive & consistency is what we tend to struggle w/ the most. Personally, I tend to get overwhelmed but over my current period of growth have learned to take things one step at a time & just DO not overthink … Remember you will never always be motivated, so you must learn to be disciplined … Tag anyone that would appreciate these 9 simple steps❤️



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The Royal moment Beyonce and JayZ met with the Duke and Duchess at the #Lionking premiere in London


Beyonce has clearly stopped exercising, cos she is now having all those famous ‘Christian Mother’ upper arm and a step or two to  the big girl side.

from @hellocanadamag (@get_regrann) – Prince Harry + Meghan meet Queen Bey + Jay-Z 👑 #TheLionKing Photo: @gettyimages

from @theshaderoom When royalty meets royalty!! #PrinceHarry and #MeghanMarkle met #Beyoncé and #JayZ at the London premiere of #TheLionKing!! 🙌🏾 (📸: @gettyimages)

from @hellocanadamag  – The way they look at each other is just 😍😍😍 Jay-Z and Beyoncé were all loved up on #TheLionKing red carpet in London and it made our day ❤️ Photo: @gettyimages

 from @oprahmagazine  – @Beyoncé and Meghan Markle finally meet. That’s it, that’s the caption. Tap the link in our bio to find out what Bey told Meghan about Baby Archie! 🦁🦁🦁

from @oprahmagazine  These two just radiate joy! It’s a date night for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry as they attend the @lionking premiere in London tonight. Stay tuned for pictures with @beyonce 👀👀👀

from @sussexroyal – This evening, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended #TheLionKing European premiere in London at the Odeon Theatre.

In celebration of the film’s release, The Walt Disney Company announced #ProtectThePride, a global conservation campaign to support efforts protecting the rapidly diminishing lion population across Africa. As a part of their commitment to this cause, Disney also made a donation to The Duke of Sussex’s upcoming environment & community initiative which will be formally announced this autumn.

The Duke and Duchess are committed to advancing conservation efforts across Africa and around the world, and working with communities to ensure a sustainable future for the planet.

This evening Their Royal Highnesses had the pleasure of meeting the cast and creative team behind the film, as well as supporters of @africanparksnetwork, of which The Duke is President.

Photo credit: PA images / Getty images – Chris Jackson

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AFCON semi-final: Eagles fight hard for the cup


Nigeria and Algeria will clash for the 21st time at senior men’s level on Sunday (today) night in an AFCON 2019 semi-final encounter that promises lots of fireworks at the Cairo International Stadium.

The winners proceed to the final, also billed for the Cairo International Stadium on July 19, against the winners of the first semi-final between Senegal and Tunisia. Both sides clash at the 30 June Stadium in Cairo.
Three-time champions Nigeria are looking for their fourth title since winning their first on home soil at the expense of Algeria in 1980, while the Algerians are looking for their second gong since their only title won on home soil at the expense of Nigeria in 1990.

Previous encounters between the Super Eagles and the Desert Foxes have always provided tremendous sparks, and the nature and balance of the rivalry is reflected in the record, which shows that Nigeria has won eight of the previous encounters while Algeria had won seven, with five drawn.


Via: Punchnew

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Richthekid gets a birthday surprise on stage in Switzerland from his family


I guess we all have to be honest with the fact that we love surprises but depending on when and the time.

Kid was so surprised by his gang that he had to share this on the gram.

Reposted from @richthekid (@get_regrann) – B day vibes mom & tori surprise me with the cake spending time with family & fans thank you guys 🖤

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Fans disappointed at Former #bbnaija star Uriel’s reaction when she met her Crush Anthony Joshua in Nigeria


Our girl Uriel is still the one who got the latest laugh. She is and will always be infatuated by boxer Anthony Joshua and now meeting him face to face in Nigeria, it is now expected that she will take advantage of the situation and shoot her shot .

from @urielmusicstar

Today was a Blessing in so many ways. I got to cook for The Children from the makoko community. @slum2school . Keep up the good work. AJ thank you for being so welcoming to the children.
Everyone enjoyed my food. I feel so blessed.
P.S I’m bloated.
@UUskitchen order your food it was a Hit today
Hair by @laposhair

Outfit @1310boutique – #regrann

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KimKWest blesses our timeline adorable photo of baby Psalm


Kim shares photo of her fourth and supposedly last baby Psalm as he shone so bright through the family cloth colour that is intentionally made not so colourful.

The Wests have successfully taken baby Psalm into the ‘no bright colours’ code of the West.

By the way,  isn’t baby Psalm so cute? I wonder how many maids he has, and I also wonder if he is now her new favourite child, since Saint was the one just months ago,  and Chi was through the out her first 13 months, and like North West  was throughout infancy.

All I know, they are playing god, and it is working. 😉

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Tia Mowry shares adorable video of daughter cairo walking


The beauty of life, health and growth can never be overshadowed by that of travel, fame, wealth and shoppong  (not exactly). I don’t know why I started this with a rather senseless adage. “I’m sorry you guys”,  let’s start again.

41 year old mother of two and twin to Tamera Mowry has shared the most adorable video on her instagram handle, of her beautiful daughter Cairo taking some adorably shaky steps towards her videoing mother.

Tia who was making those usual baby talks while urging her daughter to approach was elated, but it had nothing to the pride the little baby had while reaching that milestone in life. Congratulations baby cairo.

Reposted from @tiamowry (@get_regrann) – Someone’s walking 🙌🏽 #cairo #firststeps #motherhood – #regrann

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94 year old Cicely Tyson takes center MaryJBlige’s Strength of A Woman brunch at #Essencefest


How blessed can one person be? Still looking this good send going about her daily activities,  legendary Black actress Cicely Tyson, loved so much by Tyler perry, was seen on stage sharing her God given wisdom with fellow black women who needed to know.

The oldest and most astonishing woman in the room, had this to say when she went on the humble stage.

Reposted from @balleralert (@get_regrann) – #CicelyTyson is 94 years young! We had the pleasure of attending #MaryJBlige’s Strength of A Woman brunch at #EssenceFest. Tyson received the Humanity of Connection Award. Here are a few words from her powerful speech. She is amazing. ❤️❤️❤️

Reposted from @marlohampton (@get_regrann) – It felt amazing to soft launch my wig line @her_hair_collection at Essence Fest and have @theevernonmartin come by my booth because his client the legend Cicely Tyson saw my wigs and choose @her_hair_collection to wear while being honored at the Essence Brunch🙌🏾! OMG – She looked freaking beautiful in the “Afroista” Wig (can you believe she’s 94?)! It’s only my soft launch and I’m already on royalty 👑. #iamher #humbled #strengthofawoman #cicelytyson 📸 (Wakil Goshorn) pre sale now – #regrann

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Kris Jenner, Grandchild Stormi, and current favourite money bag grace the cover of Harpers Bazaar Arabia


You all know kris us all a bit the money right? The momager and bad ass hustle has no restrains in clearly showing who her favourite  child is at this point. With Kim collaborating the story, that her mother now like Kylie the most, because Kylie is the richest of the girls.

Kim made the announcement while equally announcing that her most favourite baby is Saint.

Kris came along with Kylie and baby stormi to cover the harpersbazaararabia. Check out how excited kris is.



Reposted from @kyliejenner  brb building an empire 👑👑 @harpersbazaararabia

Reposted from @kyliejenner (@get_regrann) – Here’s to STRONG WOMEN! May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them. 👑🖤 @harpersbazaararabia

Reposted from @kyliejenner (@get_regrann) – Harpers Bazaar Arabia cover with my favorite person 👑👑 @HarpersBazaarArabia
Editor-in-Chief: @salmaawwadofficial
Photography: @morellibrothers

Reposted from @krisjenner (@get_regrann) – Thank you so much @harpersbazaararabia!! Such an honor to be on the cover of the July/August issue… three generations ❤️❤️!!! @kyliejenner  @HarpersBazaarArabia
Editor-in-Chief: Salma Awwad @salmaawwadofficial
Photography: Morelli Brothers @morellibrothers #Repost @harpersbazaararabia: “Women On Top: @krisjenner and @kyliejenner have permanently transformed our cultural landscape and unapologetically influenced modern-day life with their profound impact on pop culture. But what’s their magic formula? The Instagram juggernauts reveal all in the July/August issue of #HarpersBazaarArabia. Tap the link in our bio to read the full interview.

لقد غيرت كل من كريس كايلي جينر معالم مشهدنا الثقافي بشكل دائم وتركتا بكل جرأة أثراً في حياتنا اليومية المعاصرة. وذلك من خلال الأثر العميق الذي تركتاه في ثقافة البوب، فما هي خلطتهما السحرية؟ تكشف هاتان العملاقتان في عالم الإنستغرام كل ما بجعبتهما في عدد مجلة هاربرز بازار أريبيا لشهر يوليو وأغسطس. لقراءة المزيد الرابط في أعلى الصفحة

Editor in Chief: @salmaawwadofficial
Photographers: @morellibrothers
Stylist: @gemmalouisedeeks
Calligrapher: @angelabardakjian”
Glam by @etienneortega and @jorgeserranohair


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Silvery Looks from the Lion king World Premiere


Following the much anticipated #lion king premiere, stars came out in their must silvery wear to celebrate the remake that has got the black community salivating for the end result.

We are indeed proud of the very hand selected members of cast that have graced the set of the animation remake. Since its announcement in 2017, fans are not even going to say much, while the white can’t wait to say their “I told you so”, while the black community is looking to crop off their last nickels to go watch this at every stage and level required,  especially the beehive.





Beyonce brought right along  her little cub BlueIvy for the premiere of Disney’s TheLionKing in Hollywood.

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