Cultural dance serenade Pres. Buhari as he returns to #Nigeria🇳🇬 from #London


The President of the federal republic of Nigeria received a warm welcome (not sure why), after he spent some time in London, United Kingdom. Coming back to his country and getting a warm welcome is something we (by We, I mean me) will appreciate at one time or the other. Why can’t I get a musical group dance from various Nigerian cultures welcome me back to work when I make it back to work after my annual leave.

After the President was accused of belittling the office of the Vice president who was suppose to take officer affairs whole he was aware, but instead a document was taken to him all the way in London to be signed while on his private visit, while the VP was left without a responsibility.

This week, a video surfaced, showing an angry group of Nigerians in London protesting the President’s unimpressive visit to London while the country was left in no one’s care. With everything left in a horrible condition, the group of Nigerian protesters asked him to go back home and fix the country like he promised during his campaign. And now he is back in Nigeria with these cultural groups welcoming him home. 🙄

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#KhloeKardashian looks away as #LamarOdom engages his girlfriend, Sabrina Parr


Seems someone is out to get the last laugh in Hollywood California (in my opinion 👏) Lamar who has has sat through and complained about the various athletes and Celebrities who Khloe had dated in the past, just like she had watched as well through out his own ordeal with various women and baby mamas.

While many thought Khloe was finally exercising her freedom when she separated and eventually divorced her Estranged husband Lamar. Lamar who fought to take back his wife and change his drug and alcohol behaviors, moved on to Sabrina when he was unsuccessful with winning Khloe back.

One thing is sure, all three characters share a common factor, which is their love for fitness. While Khloe took her to the next stage where she is making some money form hers, Lamar and Sabrina just bond through theirs while they invite the rest of the world into their healthy live affair (so it seems for now).

Many have commended the basket baller for assisting his addiction and staying focused on his recovery, they hope he stays that way since Sabrina seems like a positive light in his life.

While the whole world thought Lamar was going to be the “saving yes factor” for Khloe during her public break up moment, and probably uplift her spirit, when his Ex wife Khloe was emotionally tormented by the man she has a child with. She had suffered through the devastating break ups and downs with her family by her side to show massive support while Tristan was still Tristaning and untrustworthy to her, memes were made of how Lamar was going to run back into khloe’s open arms and love her like he did before, we found out that he had actually moved on and out of her life and way.

Lamar who been seen all over Instagram putting his new relationship out there for the world to see and stop assuming that he wants Khloe back. Now he has popped the question and a willing Sabrina said “Yes”. Now the hopeful ones and like 😒😒 as That slashes the hopes for a reunion for the former couple. Congratulations to whom it is due.

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Years after having the only American all girls quintuplets, Danielle Busby reveals side effects


Reality star, wife to Mr Busby and Mother to the only (my favourite ever ) American all girls quintuplets Danielle Busby, have revealed that she is left with a health condition after having her beautiful all healthy and all girls quintuplets of the US. The family with a huge fan base and a r set akity show titled “Out Daughtered” on DSTV’s TLC channel 135 are widely loved, and for that reason, a huge support system has risen to psychologically support Danielle, who has revealed she is only going to feel better by having a hysterectomy. We wish her a quick recovery from this life changing surgical procedure. Read her post below:

from @dbusby – Well…it’s been three years and I have finally got to the tipping point with all my pain. I am so proud of my body for being able to actually carry quintuplets but physically, my body after having quintuplets has been going through a lot of on-going pain…making me completely miserable, days where I can’t get out of bed with constant belly and back pain …for years! This last year it has just gotten so painful and i really needed to stop putting off “fixing it”.

The solution to most of my issues was to have a hysterectomy. So today was the day! We posted a video of our update Pre and post surgery on our YouTube channel. ::LINK IN BIO::: #itsabuzzworld #momofquintuplets BBB – #regrann

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Two-year-old orders furniture with mother’s phone 😂


This little girl is going to love shopping that’s for sure. I mean, I know shopping online doesn’t just happen by the push of a button. How this little girl managed to press on the right buttons from beginning till she completed the process of purchasing a sofa, is still a mystery to me.

I know this could be upsetting for the parents who have to go through the return/purchase process, but She did such a good job to be honest. How adorable is this?

Mum-of-two Isabella McNeil had no idea what happened until she was told her three-piece sofa was on its way.

When it comes to finding an interior designer to remodel your home, a two-year-old probably wouldn’t be the first person you turned to.
But that’s what one mum was left facing after her daughter accidentally ordered a £350 three-piece sofa from Amazon, UK Mirror reported.
MacNeil had been in the market for a new couch and browsed through options on her phone when her two-year-old, Rayna, said, “Mama, phone. Mama, phone.”
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Soldier cuts off own leg to #save colleagues’ lives


How far can you go for your friends? How much pain can you endure to save a friend or friend’s life?

As seen on Instablog, An American soldier has done so much for his friends that he is now being recognized for his incredible devotion to friendship. Read his story below:

A 21-year-old American soldier, Ezra Maes, had to cut his own leg in order to save his colleagues during Exercise Atlantic Resolve in 2018. ..Maes and two other soldiers had fallen asleep in their tank after a week-long training exercise in Europe. They woke up to find the tank speeding down a hill…“I called out to the driver, ‘Step on the brakes!’” Maes said. “But he shouted back that it wasn’t him.” There was a hydraulic leak in the tank and it was going about 90 miles per hour. ..The tank later crashed into an embankment, throwing Maes across the vehicle. His leg caught in the turret gear. Gunner Sgt. Aechere Crump was bleeding badly from a cut on her thigh, and driver Pfc. Victor Alamo suffered a broken back…But Maes was determined to help, so he amputated his own leg. “I pushed and pulled at my leg as hard as I could to get loose and felt a sharp tear,” Maes said. ..He was losing blood fast. He used his own belt to form a makeshift tourniquet and began shock procedures on himself, forcing himself to remain calm and his heart rate down…“All I could think about was no one knows we’re down here.  Either I step up or we all die.” While radio communications were down, Maes was able to text for help using the only phone that survived the crash.

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11 years later #carrieunderwood Celebrates wedding anniversary with husband


The beauty of persistence, resistance and longevity. This s in the beauty of tolerance, forgiveness, turning a blind eye, loving, overlooking and then deciding to go on with the cohabition of couples. This is beautiful and we are here for it.

from @carrieunderwood – 11 years ago yesterday, I met the love of my life…patient, kind, the best dad, handsome, of course! Someone who accepts me and all my flaws…the same as me in many ways…opposite in some. But he is my match. The iron to sharpen me….tonight we celebrated at @delposto . A rare night out with amazing food and even more amazing company and conversation. Here’s to so many more years together. Love you, babe! 😘

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2 tough years later, Todd and Julie Chrisley get cleared of Massive Tax Evasion Charge


Congratulations to the Chrisleys. I live good news of any kind when people desperately need them.

from @toddchrisley – Since March 2017 we have lived with this storm of lies, fraudulent misrepresentations and betrayal regarding the false claims alleged against us with the Georgia Dept of Revenue, we’ve endured press standing outside our homes, agents confronting our kids in restaurants, and constant leaks to the press to bolster the lies that started this investigation, false claims of millions of dollars owed because the bigger the number the more people want to read about it, only to resolve the matter for pennies on the dollar…we have always relied on the excellent advice of accountants. This settlement and what we’ve been put through by the Ga Dept Of Revenue should be a wake up call to all taxpayers in the state of Georgia, these folks have the authority to raid your homes, businesses, confront you in public and harass your friends and family and do it with Confidence because they have no accountability unless you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to prove your innocence. I thank God for walking us through this part of the storm with grace, I thank our attorneys, Chris Anulewicz and Mike Bowers for closing the matter out and bringing to light the corruption within the Georgia Dept of Revenue and for everyone that has believed in us from the beginning and also for those who didn’t because your comments have made us stronger…

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The breed of “I don’t eat out” Men Nigerians Ladies are just now Realizing


A new dawn has come for the ladies of the world. A certain egg has hatched and it has pushed out a new type of men in our society. Ladies have now started communicating and the new thing here is, the new breed of men who are known as the “I don’t eat out” are now growing so fast that they are wondering if these men now attend a meeting that they come out with the new line that says “I don’t eat out

New Men Alert

The reason for this is that men don’t want to keep eating out, while women are now loving the idea. They say they don’t eat out because they don’t want to be see as a scrounge who doesn’t like to spend money, and they don’t want to use that opportunity to make a girl cook for them so they can judge her cooking skills.

The judgement women levied upon men for eating out, has now become something the men are judging the women with. While ladies are freeing themselves off the kitchen stress because they are now becoming bread winners who have little or no time, the men are embrassing the kitchen stress because they are becoming less and less or a bread winner. It is a normal thing for a man to eat out while sometimes light make food at home. So when they are sticking it to you that don’t eat out, because very careful with them. Cos they could be hiding from something, broke, or just being a major shrewd.

So dear ladies, when you meet a man, endeavor to find out which one of them he is doing. Ladies are going higher on the ladder of financial responsibility, while men are dropping faster than a meteoroids 🌚🌠🌟⭐

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#keke_wyatt and husband are expecting the 10th addition to their family


Reposted from @keke_wyatt – My husband Zackariah Darring and I are so happy to announce that we are expecting our new bundle of joy! We are excited to welcome the 10th addition to our beautiful family. Stay tuned for the release date & information for my new YouTube Series “The Keke Show” where you will see me balancing Wife, Mommy and Artist!!! Trust me.. it’s never a dull moment with my family. Love ya sugars💋💋💋 photo credit: @keever_west Styled/Designed by: @keever_west Asst: @freddyoart

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Billionaire Femi Otedola donates 5 billion naira to #SaveChildrenNG


Reposted from @officiallindaikeji – Mr Femi Otedola should be father and humanitarian of the year. OMG! He just donated N5billion to Save The Children Foundation through his daughter @cuppymusic foundation for children in need in Nigeria. Was so overwhelmed I had to post it here. Massive thank you to him on behalf of all the children that will benefit from this. Incredible! Dangote also donated N100million #inspired #livealifeofservicetoothers #postanddelete

from @instablog9ja – Billionaire Femi Otedola donates 5 billion naira to @cuppyfoundation project with @SaveChildrenNG. .
Tonight in Abuja, @CuppyMusic put together her foundations inaugural event #CuppyGoldGala to raise money to support the initiatives of Save The Children Foundation in Nigeria. Wow. 5 billion Naira.

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Toke Makinwa Celebrates her #TM@35 with friends in Lagos


from @tokemakinwa – 1st pic – When you bring your new man home to dinner and your besties can’t wait to give you all the 411 on the guy, @officialwaje X @lovefromjulez

second picture- turns out he’s not so new as everybody knows he is a lying cheating fraud 😌 – @iniedo X @fredafrancis 3rd picture- you ask the guy who hooked you up with the fraud why he didn’t tell you all about the guy, as always it has to be @officialbovi even @krisasimonye is shocked 4th picture – your long lost friend from high school tries to console you @toyin_abraham 5th picture- you see you’re not the only one he’s been lying to – @moetabebe Then your big sis @funkejenifaakindele steps in to handle the situation You meet another guy that same night looking fresh @oreziworldwide Your sisters @iniedo and @funkejenifaakindele are googling to check him out 🤣@officialbovi and his accomplice @alexxekubo who actually knows the guy from the hood try to escape and then you sit back and raise your glass to yet another crazy night you won’t forget in a hurry 🎉💰🥂💪📸🚀 cheers to #TM@35

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Meet the lady who has been to all Countries of the world


from @thecatchmeifyoucan – Still processing…⁣⁣

⁣⁣After celebrating 195 with a group of 55 I headed to another one of the Seychelles 115 islands. @fsseychelles on Desroches Island was the perfect place to unwind after a whirlwind 2.5 years of travel. The food was amazing and the residence we stayed in had a private pool allowing for extra relaxation and privacy! You can bike around the island and great the tortoises that live there. Check out my stories for more! ⁣⁣⁣⁣As I evaluate everything I have really been thinking about what my relationship will be with IG moving forward so I want to hear from you! What do you want to see on this page going forward?!? ⁣⁣#catchmein195 #catchmeinseychelles #catchmeintheseychelles #fourseasons⁣⁣


⁣⁣I’ve been to every country recognized by the UN – 193 members and two non-member observing states (Palestine and Vatican City) – 195, I have also been to 9 territories. Look for my trips by searching #catchmeinCOUNTRYNAME, e.g. #catchmeincuba. If you can’t find a country it means that I didn’t post it. ⁣⁣⁣⁣Took my first international trip when I was 4, when I graduated high school I had visited 7 countries, before I had IG I visited 32 countries and lived in 5, at the “start” of my journey to visit every country, with a deadline in mind, I was at 60 countries. ⁣⁣⁣⁣I visited 135 NEW countries in 32 months. I have been to 37 countries more than once and eight more than five times. I travel on both a Ugandan and US passport. I visited 45 countries on six continents on my UG passport. Passport privilege is alive and well, but UG passport holder have visa free or visa on arrival access to 73 countries!! I traveled to 89 countries solo including 10/12 of the US State Dept Level 4: Do Not Travel countries. I entered 46 countries by land. I did not spend the night in 11 countries. ⁣⁣⁣⁣I DO NOT HAVE A FAVORITE COUNTRY. I like sooooo many countries for sooooo many reasons. I estimate that I will revisit about 150 countries more than once in my lifetime. ⁣⁣⁣⁣I DID NOT HAVE SPONSORS. I worked to pay for the majority of this journey. I was working full time when I visited the first 80 or so countries. I run @globaljetblack and @thisisthecatch, and as my following grew I started doing brand partnerships via IG. This amazing community here donated $28,000 towards my journey. I had a ton of hotels, tourism boards and tour companies who gave me complimentary stays and tours in exchange for promotion on social. You can find the full list of donations and in kind at⁣⁣⁣⁣I am going to answer some questions below. Some of my followers can feel free to jump in and answer for me if you know the answer. 😊 ⁣⁣⁣⁣Take a screenshot of the video and put the country that you get below. Shoutout to @simpluence for this amazing video. #catchmein195 – #regrann
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Doctor shares Last words from #Stevejob before his death


Did you know what the world renowned billionaire Steve Jobs realised before his death? Well let’s thank the dentist who has taken time out so many months later after the actual death, to remind us of the smart realization that the smart Steve Jobs made before exiting this world of give and take.

If you are a regular Bible reader, you can also say that what Steve said before his death, is somewhat similar to what King Solomon and David and everyother smart man who has lived in this world realised before exiting it.

from @cynthiabailey10 – #repost @drricoshort

Steve Jobs dies a billionaire, with a fortune of $7 billion, at the age of 56 from pancreatic cancer, and here are some of his last words… 👇👇👇 “At this moment, lying on the bed, sick and remembering all my life, I realize that all my recognition and wealth that I have is meaningless in the face of imminent death. You can hire someone to drive a car for you, make money for you – but you can not rent someone to carry the disease for you.

As we get older we are smarter, and we slowly realize that the watch is worth $30 or $300 – both of which show the same time. Whether we drive a car worth $150,000, or a car worth $2000 – the road and distance are the same, we reach the same destination. If we drink a bottle worth $300 or wine worth $10 were drunk

Five Undeniable Facts 💥

1️⃣ Do not educate your children to be rich. Educate them to be happy. – So when they grow up they will know the
value of things, not the price.

2️⃣ Eat your food as medicine, otherwise you will need to eat your medicine as food.

3️⃣ Whoever loves you will never leave you, even if he has 100 reasons to give up. He will always find one reason to hold on.

4️⃣ There is a big difference between being human and human being.

5️⃣ If you want to go fast – go alone! But if you want to go far – go together.

With all these said, you can now go ahead and live your life like a professional. Lol, not really.

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#Yarashahidi sends her #Baba the cutest birthday wish


Nobody can convince me otherwise that Yara Shahidi didn’t have the most adorable baby face when she was growing up with guga (little blank) as the little psychic child of Eddie Murphy who had helpful invisible friends.

Years later, puberty and college takes its beautiful turn on her and she is wishing her real Iranian Dad a happy birthday.

Reposted from @yarashahidi (@get_regrann) – ❤️ Baba ❤️ Happy Birthday @afshinashahidi ! I’m forever grateful for that day in Minnesota when mommy turned the corner, saw you, and said “omigoodness that’s my husband”. I’m even more grateful for the following years of dating that ended with you saying “omigoodness that’s my wife” (paraphrasing, because I know you were much more eloquent). And I may be biased, but I’m particularly grateful for the almost twenty years I’ve gotten to be your daughter❤️ Thank you for the adventures, philosophical talks, and artistic guidance. And a special thank you for our shared sense of humor. Even if the other members of the Shahidi family beg to differ, we will always know we are the funniest 🤪

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#Karrueche congratulates herself for staying focused thus far


Amidst our daily and hourly hustle in this life of give and take, we are never convinced by self appraisal, because compliments are best valued from a person other than ourselves, which to be is true. But how often do we really relax and appreciate how far we have come? Let me just say that it is not at all a normal human behaviour to appreciate our own effort and mention it coming from our own mouth, and when you find someone who beats the norms to do this, you just have to appreciate that one perosn who is beating the odds.

How often do you tap yourself in the back and say to yourself “you are doing your best and it is good”? How often do you do that? Give it all up for #Kerrueche for taking time out to give this special gesture to herself. I remember when Wendy called her out for not having anything doing while she was dating Chris Brown.

Reposted from @karrueche (@get_regrann) – I recently purchased a beautiful yet simple diamond necklace. When I wrapped filming @claws season 3, I wanted to congratulate myself on working hard and staying focused. So, I decided to reward myself in the most satisfying way possible. I knew for something as special as this moment in my career, only a natural diamond would do. Diamonds are the ultimate symbol of authenticity and life’s most precious moments. #ForMeFromMe #RealisRare @realisadiamond #sponsored TY @hauteliving @sethsemilof for the feature ❤️

Beauty and the Beast focused

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Having a daughter at 17 is no joke — #blacchyna ‘s Mum #Tokyotoni


from @mstokyotoniasap – I raised a beautiful strong young lady. Come to find out she’s just like me. Everything about this kid speaks Tokyo. Keep in mind having a baby at 17 years old is not a joke. I was on the job 24 seven. Not every woman young like that can say that but I most certainly can. Love conquers all. Love is patient and love is kind. Forgiveness is always in order even when you don’t know why! To be readily available for anyone constitutes and constructs loyalty. Keep in mind loyalty is not a given it Hass to be proven this is a Tokyo quote! I never push the envelope I just seal it. I’m a very strong person and I will never allow anyone to come in between me and my family again. If something goes down it’s because we did it not the next person. Mothers and daughters go through the most but at the end of the day that’s still your mother and that still your daughter. The end times speaks on the destruction between the two. So stay prayed up and use my life path for a blueprint on what you should and should not do as a mother or a daughter. I am very proud of myself to be able to hold On and contain myself as to who I am as a individual! I sit behind no shadows of anyone because I am the background!! I raise my daughter to the best of my ability and got dammit I did a good job can’t you tail. My daughter never had a babysitter except my niece Tamieka Briscoe! My brother’s family is where my daughter would spend the night no where else could she ever say she spent the night at someone’s house I never played that shit. I raise my daughter to the point that she has no scratches on her body I didn’t play that run around fall down shit! My daughter has so many of my Waze even as far as putting over 5 to 6 different soaps in the shower I peeped that too LOL and I heard her tell somebody that it was so funny. My daughter knows old school music because I used to play it while cleaning up and cooking. I love my daughter with all my being but at the same time she loves me right back. I’m glad to be the encouraging one to those who are discouraged through family quarrels!!! Be mindful your mother brought you here and without your mother you would not be in existence. #tokyotoni

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