#Mothersday #Message : #Beautiful #KaitlynHarris shares her special message with all three of her #Babies | Oby Oriji Blog

#Mothersday #Message : #Beautiful #KaitlynHarris shares her special message with all three of her #Babies


Amongst all the people I follow on Instagram, KaitlynHarris is definitely one of my favourite. Being an adoptive mom Kaitlyn makes the time spent in her page worth the while. From her beautiful babies updates on growth and development, outfits, mom life and good and bad perception of people about her and her beautiful babies. I always drop by to check for a new post on her page, and today is one of those days I decide to repost on the blog. With all three of her children obsession with her and her husband Reed (The confident cook), healthy set of babies always happy to see the couple, and even making much more progress than even the couple expected. Well done Kaitlyn Harris, on this special day, I will like to say that you are the real MVP of this earth, including that good Dad Reed. Happy Mothers day to you .

from @kaitlin_harris There was a period of time I didn’t know if I would ever become a mom. Then I thought I was missing out on so much of motherhood because I didn’t birth my children. The longer I’ve been a mom I’ve come to realize the real magic of motherhood for me is in the everyday moments. Becoming a mom has been a sacred experience I hope I never take for granted. It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever done but also the very best. Most days it’s still hard to believe I have 3 beautiful kids calling me mom but these 3 are shaping into the person I hope to become.🥰

If you’re still in the wait I know how hard it is but I hope you feel loved today. My heart goes out to you because I too was there not that long ago.
Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful ladies out there! There are so many women that have helped me, inspired me and taught me so much. Couldn’t do it without you. 💜#harrisporchpics

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