#Mother of 3 #okeogheneobasi Continues to seek the help of well meaning Nigerians as battles Hodgkin's Lymphoma #cancer | Oby Oriji Blog

#Mother of 3 #okeogheneobasi Continues to seek the help of well meaning Nigerians as battles Hodgkin’s Lymphoma #cancer


Reposted from @okeogheneobasi_ This is an urgent plea to help Oke survive Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer.

These last few months have been filled with ups and downs, challenges and victories, and definitely miracles on all sides…

Oke left Nigeria for the US on Friday, April 30, 2021 to further her medical treatment rather than India which had become impractical due to the rising COVID issues and the expertise required to handle her case. She is currently receiving treatment at the Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

Due to this change in location, the cost for the Bone Marrow Transplant treatment has increased significantly and we require additional funds in order to continue to meet up with her ongoing treatment. We ask and encourage you to give and share the GoFundMe link (link in the bio) as we pray through this journey to beat cancer.

There are 3 ways to give

• 0128938936 Duke Obasi (Spouse) GTBank (Naira Donations)

• Visit https://www.saveoke.help (Card donations).


We want you to know we are super grateful to everyone who has helped financially, with prayers and encouragement and in other ways. Words are not enough to express our gratitude and we pray that in your time of need, God would send you help swiftly. If Oke counts her blessing, I am sure you are up on her list. Thank you for the immense support, encouragement and help. We are sure of victory because God is with us and we trust God to complete His work in her life.

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