The world stays analyzing the #mood, #colours and #fashion of the #royalfamily #attendees at #PrincePhilip 's #funeral | Oby Oriji Blog

The world stays analyzing the #mood, #colours and #fashion of the #royalfamily #attendees at #PrincePhilip ‘s #funeral


The funeral of the Prince of Edinburgh, Prince Philip was attended by family and pushy well wishers, paparazzi and news crew of the royal home,if not for anything for the mere fact that they will like to see a reaction to the scandal oprah helped Meghan and Harry ignite.

While it may seem like the royal family is all mourning hurt by the passing of it patriarch, it doesn’t stop the fact that there is indeed tension between the family members as to why their boy Harry the son of charles, the grandson of Philip would nail the much respected family.

The Queen is indeed a Queen 🐝, and why will anyone be saddened by the passing of the Prince when all the anthems they sing is about God saving blessing the Queen. not once did it occur to them that the Prince just might need that same song for blessing. Phew .. talk about when you are in the second place of a race, all attention goes to the first place.

And Meghan didn’t attend that funeral, because Sis is not about to let herself be trapped into a corner of a room filled with the Royals in the name of grieve and mourning. Harry however is the tru son of the soil, and had to do the needful by attending.

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