#Nigerians drown in confusion after #PresidentBuhari tells them to expect "continuity" on arrival | Oby Oriji Blog

#Nigerians drown in confusion after #PresidentBuhari tells them to expect “continuity” on arrival


This one of those things you would have preferred wasn’t said, because it deepens your shallow understanding of the matter. With how put together the arrival of the president of the federal republic of Nigeria was, you wouldn’t expect that he would drop this hit pot of ponder on the anticipating minds of Nigerians. When he gave the welcome speech and asked Nigerians to expect “continuity”, that was when I know baba is infact a smart politician unlike Daddy trump whim we have deeply missed since February.

Continuity of what exactly Sir? What are up the remaining part of that speech? what isn’t their a verb after that word “continuity”? Well I hope with this few points of mine, you too can see that Baba is a smart man.

from @channelstelevision President Muhammadu Buhari has told Nigerians to expect continuity from his government after he returned from a medical trip to London, the United Kingdom.

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