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#Mom : #LeaMichele shares her after #birth #insecurities


Reposted from @leamichele Last month I shared my experience with my pregnancy for the first time. It was a very scary 9 months and I’m so grateful everyday now looking at our beautiful son. ❤️
Shortly after finding out I was pregnant I experienced some complications that began minutes before going on stage to perform. I haven’t sang since that night in December 2019… until today:)
Every day as a mom you are faced with a new insecurity.. why doesn’t my body look the same? Am I doing a good enough job? So of course watching this video I see every single flaw from how I look to how I sound. But becoming a mom has instilled a kind strength and faith in me now that I’m very grateful for. So here it goes. Now I just hope I don’t wake my baby up from his nap🙏🏻

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