#Shoe #problems: #Billionaire #Blogger #LindaIkeji and #shoefreak Hottie #Coco complain about a heels of their #comfortably slayed pair of designer shoes | Oby Oriji Blog

#Shoe #problems: #Billionaire #Blogger #LindaIkeji and #shoefreak Hottie #Coco complain about a heels of their #comfortably slayed pair of designer shoes

Designer Freak and Shoe Freak

The battle of wealthy shoe lovers is something I particularly appreciate, since we are talking about two significant women, who are slaying their self created niches in this world if give and take. while some may consider it a rich people’s problem, I for one know it is a good problem, and I love good problems.

This high heel ( really high) #katiebiltoft shoe which was rocked by linda in the photo above, was infact not as appealing, but because if it look or cost, but because of its comfort. Know to be a shoe freak herself, Linda Ikeji rocked her jean shoes so well, but complained about the height. If Linda can complain about a high heel then who am I? She expressed herself saying:

How any shoe designer thinks it’s ok to create heels this high for women to wear is beyond me! But as they’ve created it nah, we must wear it.

Linda Ikeji

Meanwhile on the other hand, Coco had a very similar problem with the same pair of shoes in two different sides of the world. Know to have one of the most beautiful shoe rocking feet in the game, Coco expressed herself saying:

What do you do with 1000 pairs of heels? You put them on and admire them.. These mules are so high it’s like walking on your toes! My favourite kind of shoes 👠👠👠. #shoefreak #shoeporn #feetfetishworld #feetlovers

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