#Royal #Racism : #MeghanMarkle breaks the #internet, revealing the concerns of the #royals for Son #Archie's #black #skin | Oby Oriji Blog

#Royal #Racism : #MeghanMarkle breaks the #internet, revealing the concerns of the #royals for Son #Archie’s #black #skin


The revelation that has been rocking the entire internet has been the one viral video of Oprah interviewing Meghan Markle where all kinds of spilling were some from the heart of the royals to the ears of the world. With all the love and support the royal family is showing to the world people of different colours, it is not however known the depth of racism thriving hard in that family.

Meghan and Harry are exposing the family of royals and dragging them through the mud of racism and colourism down to the heart of Oprah Winfrey.

Little beauty Archie was already at the receiving end of racism from his very own Great-grand mother and father and entire family of royals, just because he comes from the black linage of his mother. While the royals seem non judgemental and accepting of all persons from the world, it is no surprising that this is coming straight from the heart and mouth of their son Harry and his black wife.

How can you worry about your great grandson’s skin colour even before he was born. Meaning he is coming in stain your ever pure white blood. He is a mud blood and you are already making him realised that even before he comes into the world.

Notice how Meghan was still restricting h take from spilling everything she has been through and which she knows, because of the royal homes and all who worship them. Notice her not calling names but trying to help Oprah get the gist with saying a word.

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