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Read the Story of #EugeneGoodman the Brave #Black #Capitol #PoliceOfficer


from @shaunking Eugene Goodman.⁣

That needs to be a household name.⁣

This brave Black man works for the Capitol Police and we now know his full story. ⁣

As he stared down this mob, they were only about a hundred feet away from reaching congresspeople. ⁣

They had not been secured yet. So this man TOOK ON THE WHOLE MOB of Trump supporters and led them on a wild chase away from the congresspeople. ⁣

Have you seen the video of them chasing a man? This was Eugene Goodman. ⁣

He did it on purpose. He turned a corner and saw that the congresspeople weren’t secure, then sent these goons all around to keep them safe.⁣

As you may know, all he had was a club against a mob. AND THIS MAN SAVED SO MANY LIVES. ⁣

Beyond words. ⁣

📷 by Ashley Gilbertson

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