No #arrest no #Consequence : With utmost #impunity #Trumprioters storm the #UScapitol to the bewilderment of the whole #world | Oby Oriji Blog

No #arrest no #Consequence : With utmost #impunity #Trumprioters storm the #UScapitol to the bewilderment of the whole #world


Reposted from @balleralert TRIGGER WARNING

14-year Air Force veteran and MAGA rioter #AshliBabbitt, of #SanDiego attempting to breach a barricaded section inside the Capitol. She died with a #Trump flag wrapped around her neck.

Reposted from @shaunking Not only did Josiah Colt from Boise, Idaho break into the US Capitol, then break into the House Chambers, and stand up in Nancy Pelosi’s podium…he then got online and admitted it all.

Reposted from @shaunking Powerful 60 seconds of truth from Joe Scarborough on MSNBC this morning.

Reposted from @shaunking There she is. This is what I saw yesterday. She just stormed the US Capitol…and was given a sweet walk down the stairs by the police. I’m assuming she went home and was not arrested.

Reposted from @shaunking That man right there is an ELECTED OFFICIAL. ⁣

That’s Derrick Evans- a State Representative of West Virginia – literally breaking into the US Capitol.

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