#DJSwitch has the #Dictatorship #Nigerian #Government by the balls – #CharlieBoy | Oby Oriji Blog

#DJSwitch has the #Dictatorship #Nigerian #Government by the balls – #CharlieBoy


Reposted from @areafada1 Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you,the gorgeous lady who has the dictatorship Nigerian government by the balls right now and she is squeezing extremely hard. Her name is DJ Switch and boy, is she switching on the heat on the repressive government of Buhari.

At the recent #EndSARS PEACEFUL protest, whilst bodies were dropping around her like flies as a result of gun shots emanating from the guns of Nigerian soldiers, she retained the bravery to honker down and ensured she screened the massacre of unarmed people by their own government live on Instagram. She was also running commentary simultaneously.

The CNN interviewer asked if she had sought asylum in Canada as reported and her answer? Heck no, I just want the entire world to hear my story and then I will go back to my country and if they want to pick me up, then so be it. #bravery101

Please reach out to her or me if you can get her on BBC,ITV,RTL,SKY News, FOX et al because that is only way we can keep her safe.Her story is inspiring. This will mean a lot to me and my compatriots, thank you.

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