#Graphic , #Inhumane, #Horrific : Governor Sanwoolu's deployed Soldiers Shooting, #killing and hiding #corpses of #EndSars Protesters in #Lagos | Oby Oriji Blog

#Graphic , #Inhumane, #Horrific : Governor Sanwoolu’s deployed Soldiers Shooting, #killing and seizing #corpses of #EndSars Protesters in #Lagos


With a curfew imposed on the city of Lagos this day by Governor Sanwoolu of Lagos State on 20th October by 4pm following the hijack of the peaceful protest by the Hoodlums deployed by th government, a group of soldiers were deployed into town to impose the curfew on the protesters.

While this may sound normal, it was gathered that upon arrival of the soldiers, CCTV and streetlights were automatically put off by the government, right before the soldiers started shooting at the protesters and night.

Those who took cover watched and those who were running started to fall down when hit by the bullets. Injured victims were taken to the closet hospital which is Reddington VI.

The shocking part of the event is that those who were killed by the soldiers had their corpses seized, put in the military trucks and taken away by the soldiers to an unknown destination in a bid to conceal the crime against humanity. This is to bring it to the notice of all organization out there seeking to know what is going on and what went down this evening in Lagos Nigeria. Find and carefully watch videos and photos evidences below.

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BUHARI MUST GO! "To call for the end of Buhari means that you are trying to dig your grave and next week will be battle week. We will eliminate anyone that says or carries the sign of "end Buhari" within Abuja or elsewhere"- Maiwada A. Mohammed (maiwada_muhd), Twitter, 17th October 2020. We take note of this misguided young man's irresponsible, reckless, dangerous and provocative words. We deem them to be a clear and unequivocal threat to life and an ominous expression of intention to maim, kill and destroy those of us that believe that Buhari ought to resign. Yet we are not intimidated and I take this opportunity to say it again loudly and clearly that the resignation of Buhari from power is the only way forward. I say this because it is painfully obvious that there can never be any meaningful reform of the police and security agencies and neither can #endsars truly occur and endure unless and until Buhari leaves power. You cannot change the cruel mindset of an unforgiving, bitter, vengeful, bellicose, banal, unenlightened, insular and provincial 80 year old war veteran and General and the crude and thuggish thinking of a violent, vicious, retrograde, backward and oppressive antedelluvian dinosaur. You cannot compel such a creature to reform the instruments of coercion which his very survival depends on. As credible, laudable, vital, noble, necessary and important the #EndPoliceBrutality and #EndSARS protests and initiatives are to every right thinking, reasonable and rational person they are nothing but a mild irritation and meaningless slogans to a man who has not only proved to be totally deaf to the yearnings and blind to the sorry plight of his people but also a man who derives nothing but sadistic pleasure in watching his citizens and compatriots suffer and who has displayed nothing but repressive, oppressive, brutal and savage instincts and practices throughout his adult and public life. Tyrants, whether democratically-elected or not, have little respect for the will of the people and do not bow to reason. (CONTINUED๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡)

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Just watch this Rubbish and Heartbreaking video.

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Posted @withregram โ€ข @georginaonuoha Mr Governor @jidesanwoolu . It is against international law to order your police to shoot at peaceful protesters at the Lekki toll gate in Lagos Nigeria. You ordered your men to turn off the security cameras and street lights in order to kill innocent protesters. Mr Governor you are committing war crimes in engaging in such tactics against innocent and peaceful protesters. Call on your officers to back down and stand down. For almost two weeks now our protesters and protest have been peaceful as being observed by the international and global community. We will not hesitate to start a petition against you and this inept government for human rights violations with the international criminal court of justice. You politicians have paid and bribe thugs and hoodlums to infiltrate peaceful protesters to cause mayhem and anarchy. Youโ€™ve hired arsonists and anarchist to disrupt our peaceful movement in order to justify the use of force since this movement have no leader you guys could bribe as usual. Mr Governor order you men to stand down and go after the hoodlums. Your swift response is expected and thanks in anticipation. . . Dear Nigerians share this Repost this. Tag everyone and every international organization for human rights. We must end this brutality. @shaunking @jidesanwoolu @unitednationshumanrights @unitednations @cnn @cnnafrica @aljazeeraenglish @cnnafrica

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at Lekki

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#endsars #endpolicebrutality

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GOD! ๐Ÿ’”

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