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#Divorce : Non Controversial #Actress #ChachaEkeFaani announces split from #husband of 7 years


Well 2020 brought all shades of surprises and this has to be one of it. With the fine Nollywood Actress, Ex wife to Austin Faani and mother of three very well known to be private and family oriented, it is coming as a surprise as Nigerians woke up to an announcement from the star stating that she is done with the marriage, and she is leaving with her life. A statement that insinuates a possible case of domestic violence.

Though she has since deleted the announcement video from her Instagram, fans and friends alike are worried. She is not responding to comments and many including a psychologist are saying that they had suspected abuse in the marriage since last year when the Actress stopped using makeup and cut her hair.

After seven years and three children, many are wondering what the next step is for the star. Whatever the case maybe, we wish them well. Divorce is never as easy path especially when children are involved.

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