#Divorce : FFK submerged in deep explanation after evidence of #domesticviolence On #Estranged Wife surfaced | Oby Oriji Blog
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#Divorce : FFK submerged in deep explanation after evidence of #domesticviolence On #Estranged Wife surfaced


When they say people’s inside life is jumping out to meet the world these days, they weren’t lying. Weeks after the news of their separation hit the internet, manu thought it was bloggers again trying to feed on the peaceful home of former Aviation Minister.

Married to a young vibrant Igbo girl Preceious Chikwendu for the third time which didn’t turn out to be the charm, Femi faani Kayode was blessed with four beautiful sons, and many thought he had found what he didn’t get from his previous two marriages.

But after cheating and domestic violence accusations were levelled on each other by the couple, weeks later a video is just now surfacing showing the couple in a heated argument as Precious was recording the incident. A wind up Femi was seen approaching her in the short video that ended abruptly.

He however went ahead to explain that he has never been one to hit a women and that what he did was to collect the phone was his Ex wife. Precious who is now an orphan has been showing signs of a troubled marriage for the longest, but recently had to leave her matrimonial home after the seperation. We can not verify that there was infact a physical altercation as the phone camera was turned away after he approached Precious. Peep the video and the explanation from the former Minister.

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