#BBN 's Mike shares story of his elder brother's #childhood death due to poor #healthcare in #Nigeria | Oby Oriji Blog

#BBN ‘s Mike shares story of his elder brother’s #childhood death due to poor #healthcare in #Nigeria


With everyone sharing their endsars ,end police brutality and end bad governance stories, bbn’s Mike is revealing how his brother died at 10 years due to complications from sickle cell anemia that wasn’t attended to back in Nigeria due to a bad governance that led to Bad healthcare in the Country.

The sad part of this story is that after two decades of even more, the bad governance and the bad healthcare is still very much happening right here. So sad..

He Wrote :

My older brother Matthew lost his life during a sickle cell crisis in Nigeria when he was 10 years old to think if he would have been in a country with better healthcare support that his life would be saved today is heartbreaking. The fight to End SARS is our cry for help after years of corruption and bad governance #endsars #healingNigeria

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