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#Alcohol leads #Cardib into sharing a Private View as she lay right beside #Offset


If you here for a photo of Cardib’s Nip-Slip then you are in for some disappointment as the 28 year old Bossom can’t be shown here due to the standard maintained.

Apparently Cardib was so turned up for her birthday and even more turned receiving those gifts, especially the one from estranged husband to be or not to be #Offset, that she allegedly went on Instagram live with a bare chest. Timely fans were able to screen grab it fast enough and spread it all over the internet using the hashtag #cardibtitties. Though many are trying to describe the Bossom which they believe isn’t normal looking due to a rather large areola, most women are coming to her defence claiming that it is infact a normal looking titties and it goes to show just how in- exposed these men are, and how fast they are to criticise the faults in women.

Dear men, The women will love to let you know that large Areolas are a thing, and making fun of it won’t change anything as your daughters or future wives might just have it. So stop picking on it just because it is on Cardib.

Cardib however is going ahead to state that she blames no one but herself for the slip, and that she was laying right beside offset when that happened.

Fans are then asking if this means that she will be withdrawing the divorce she filed to anull their marriage? We guess we just have to wait and see. ” Though this may not be the first time of it happening, it always ends the same way. ” Fans predict. She always ends up forgiving offset.

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