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#SocialMedia has made 23-year-olds think they have failed in life — Paul #Psquare


When you all go on social media without a closed mind on influence it just might have on you, but instead you allow yourself get intimidated by every single thing you come across, ranging from relationships, possessions, and people’s lifestyle then this is for you even if your are way older than 23 year.

Children are in a haste to arrive their destination in life die to social media of watching those who are way older and have paid their dues in the aspect of their lives and effort towards achieving it.

Learn to pick the humour, inspiration, business contacts and ideas from social media and dump the intimidations, the fake luxury life, and the pressure to jump steps in their step by step achievement of fame and success.

Not being the first or second or even the last one to state the obvious fact about social media, The other peas to the pod of the Psquare duo, Paul is right now saying it again. Adults as young as 23 years now feel like their lives are over because they couldn’t achieve what they want at the shortest space of time because they have engaged in comparison with people they know and do not know, and get depressed by the process that they sometimes assume taking their own life is the only option.

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