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#ReginaDaniels laments being #surrounded by unreliable #fakefriends


When people say things like this, it usually comes from a place of hurt. Regina Daniels is lamenting being a better friend to her friends than they are to her. She believes no one can be right there for her like a family can. I wonder what is happening to her at this point.

she has been a good keeper of information and updates, so when it gets to the point where she says things like this, someone has definitely done something to her. We can do nothing but wait to know what it is when the times comes.

Come to think of it, she is aost always surrounded by all these hype girls whenever shr makes videos and no one ever knows these girls. So if she sees the need to say this after all these ride along friends, then they are basically just friends for fame and food just looking to associate with success.

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