#Jaruma gets called out after Neo washes Vee's #undergarment in the #BBNaija house | Oby Oriji Blog

#Jaruma gets called out after Neo washes Vee’s #undergarment in the #BBNaija house


Since the ego impeded in African men has given them the unrecorded impression that a man who washes undergarment for any lady is under a Vudu spell, it is now considered a big issue for the lockdown house mate Neo, who is said to have washed fellow housemate and crush’s undergarment on national TV.

His state men are however blaming the harmless act on a Jaruma, many are insinuating that the female housemates may have gone in their with love portion that has crippled the decision taking ability of their brother Neo, that has caused him to go as far as washing an undergarment for a female on national TV.

Being a fan of all kinds of publication, Jaruma is neither confirming not denying her involvement in the matter, but is however proud to be trending due to the issue (smart girl).

Dear Nigerian men, washing of an undergarment doesn’t reduce you and your ego. #justsaying

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