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#ChadwickBoseman ‘s Agent reveals details of the late star

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Longtime agent Michael Greene reveals how the 'Black Panther' star's ethics guided his acting choices: "We never did really dark movies or movies that were just people shooting everybody and perpetuating darkness." In 2008, Chad had written and was going to direct a movie called Deep Azure, and two of my clients at the time, Tessa Thompson and Omari Hardwick, were up for it. I called him, and he goes, "How did you get my number?" I said, "It’s on your script." He laughed, and I guess he liked that I was pursuing him — he flew out the next day and we started working together. Within a week, he got his first job, and he never stopped working for about 12 years. We talked almost every day, about why to take a role and how important it was if he was taking a part. Even with Get On Up, they offered James Brown to him and he said, "No, I want to test for it." And they were like, "What are you talking about? We’re offering it to you." He said, "No, no. I want to make sure that you all think that I can do this because I have to do my own dancing." Two weeks later, we saw a tape and it was like, "Oh, yes, you can." He needed to talk to the James Brown family; before he did Marshall, he had to talk to John Marshall, the son. Because he was dark-skinned and didn’t want a lot of controversy, Chad wanted to make sure his son was OK about it. And his son wrote a letter that he’d be honored. Chad always made sure of the integrity, the ethics, the morals. I’ve represented a lot of clients, and started a lot of clients. His commitment and loyalty was amazing. It’s not typical in Hollywood. It’s typical that actors do a $100 million film like 42 and everybody’s after them, and it’s not easy to keep those clients. But he was honorable and felt that we could absolutely do it together and that all the other smoke and mirrors were not really real. The amount of time that we strategized over whether he should do a role for the betterment of humanity — it was always about utilizing his platform. "How can I give back? How will this be valuable to the Black community, and the community at large?" (Contd in comments)

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